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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 33

The fun man at the banquet hall

“Five… Is that the rumored one?”

“I heard you stopped the devil’s descent by yourself?”

“It’s not the first EX class for nothing. In the superhuman community, more than 90% of the stories are related to him.”

“There are rumors that the saintess called him a saint.”

“This, your information is a bit slow. Didn’t you hear the rumor that the saintess ran away at night to meet him?”

“Were there any rumors about that?”

“Yes. Even though it looks peaceful on the outside, the inside of the church is very upset right now.”

eww… I can hear you guys!

But did the saintess run away at night? what else does that mean?

‘Ah, that doesn’t make sense.’

What kind of person is the saintess?

In the first place, in a tight country like Seongguk, there was no way the saintess would be allowed to escape at night.

But curiously, the nobles here seemed to believe such nonsense as fact.

‘Even if they’re nobles, they’re not that different from commoners, are they?’

Anyway, too much interest.

It’s not as quiet as before, but it’s true that many people’s eyes are still on me.

‘It’s not that I don’t understand.’

After revealing the characteristics in the prosecutor’s office and throwing bait at the villains, he went straight to meet the devil.

After that, I came back and played with the children to recover my exhausted mind and body.

He also adapts to his 5-star body.

As I went through many things like this, I had forgotten about it, but in fact, less than a week has passed since the day I revealed the characteristics.

A week is too short a time to forget those facts.

‘Still, I didn’t know that more attention would be drawn to me than to my father.’

Perhaps the fact that I didn’t do any interviews played a big role.

That’s why even now, stories with imagination added to imagination are flowing out.

According to what they are saying now, I am an extraordinary hero from birth, sent down by God himself to save the world, raised amidst the great interest of dragons, and adopted by the Lamot family.

He’s a legendary figure that I don’t even know about.

“Martin, enjoy the party.”

this party… Will I be able to enjoy it?

Even though he had such doubts, he nodded and looked at Arlene.

“Have fun with Aline too.”

“Yes, brother.”

“If anything happens, tell me.”

My father laughed and intervened.

“I would be with you, what could happen?”

“Well, that’s right. Then I’ll see you later.”

Just as I was about to get a drink away from my father, I stopped when I saw someone approaching my father.

“Duke, long time no see.”

An aristocrat who salutes his father.

But why are your eyes looking at me?

The nobleman who happened to meet my eyes came to me after greeting his father.

“Five… I’ve heard a lot of rumors about Confucius. nice to meet you I am Count Hendrick Paulson.”

“Nice to meet you. This is Martin Lamott.”

“Anyway, there’s something I’d like to ask… … .”

“Tell me.”

“About that saintess… … .”


“I do not know!”

“uh… Why don’t you know?”

Try running away for 10 years avoiding the saintess’ wisdom.

I’m really a saint if I’m a high-spirited person!

Above all, I had heard the rumors of the saintess’ escape at night for the first time since I came here.

* * *

“Honestly, I don’t know if this is okay.”

At the depressed man’s tone, the woman raised her hand on her waist and shouted.

“God wants me to meet him!”

The man asked, narrowing his eyes.


The woman answered, avoiding the man’s eyes.

“Really… … .”

“How come your voice has no strength?”

“Because I’m tired, I’m tired! Do you think running away is easy?”

“Are you traveling alone? Rather, I’m doing everything I do to find the way and evade the pursuers.”

“Yeah, thank you for that. Anyway, why is Grandpa so stubborn?”

“There must be a reason why His Holiness the Pope stopped the saintess.”


The identities of these two people riding on a dark mountain road where they could not see an inch ahead were a saint and a paladin.

“There is no reason for that! I’m just wrapping myself up in case I go somewhere and get hurt!”

“That’s because if the saintess gets hurt, that ‘somewhere’ will be a mess.”

Seongguk doesn’t even have to step out.

Even if you secretly announce a statement containing an uncomfortable feeling, the place will be muddy by neighboring countries who will rush at you saying you are a good person. Except for super powers like the Talon Empire.

“But it’s true, I’m not a kid, so I think you’re overprotective.”

The paladin also agreed to that part.

But no matter how… … .

“Isn’t it a bit like running away at night? The name is the saintess.”

The rumor that ‘the saintess escaped at night!’, which was spreading across the continent, was based on the fact.

“I feel sorry for Leto.”

“Well, that’s fine. Because I want the saintess to be happy. Still, you must keep your promise that you won’t be judged later, right?”

“Of course! If Leto were to be burned at the stake as a trial, I would be there too!”

“… Then I will continue to suffer without dying because of the holy woman’s divine power.”

“Don’t even imagine that in detail!”

“That’s what drove me to become a first-class paladin at my age.”

Paladins are divided into five stages.

From the 5th class, which is the starting point of an official paladin, to the highest 1st class.

Leto was a talented superman who became a first-class paladin at the age of 30, unprecedented in the history of the kingdom.

“Anyway, are you still far away?”

“If you cross just three more mountains like this, you are at the border of Talon.”

“Hey… When Aunt Queen came, I should have begged her a little harder to take her away.”

He didn’t understand why the pope called the pope grandfather when he called the thousand-year-old queen aunt, but Leto passed on.

“The Queen respects His Holiness the Pope quite a bit. It probably wouldn’t have worked if I had been begging for more.”

The saintess pursed her lips.

“Still, Aunt Queen likes me more than Grandpa.”

“… He knows what is right.”

“Leto, are you going to keep being so perverse?”

“Haha, sorry. It has become a habit to only speak the facts. Anyway, what are you going to do with that boy named Martin? Wasn’t the saintess originally this reckless style?”

That was the reason Leto helped the saintess escape at night.

The usual saintess was a person who was playful but never crossed the line.

Surely there must be some good reason.


The saintess who was walking side by side stopped and turned her gaze to Leto.

‘Five… … .’

The night sky, where nothing can be seen by her eyes, and all the stars that shine bright enough to clear away all the darkness hidden in the night sky exist.

Now, the saintess’ eyes were shining brightly, unlike anything she had ever seen before.

“I… I never met Martin.”

“It was.”

“But I’ve seen what he does dozens of times. The stories changed several times a day, but they all had one thing in common.”

“What is it?”

“He really cared terribly for his people.”

“Isn’t that the same for everyone?”

“If you had to choose between saving the world or saving people, what would Leto choose?”

Leto shrugged.

“Wouldn’t it be useless if the world were to perish even if we saved people?”

“You mean to save the world?”


“Will that person save the world even if I am myself?”


At Leto’s answer, the saintess’ gaze turned forward again.

“In all the stories I’ve seen, he’s never saved the world.”

“You mean you always saved people?”


“Who the hell is that person?”

“It is not fixed by one person. Sometimes it was a cheer, sometimes it was a younger brother, and sometimes it was a knight following him.”

I didn’t say anything, but in fact, there were people who came out a lot among them.

A woman who seemed particularly close to Martin.

Martin really did everything for her.

“So what do you mean?”

“just… I just want to see for myself what kind of person he is, a hero of this era, a saint chosen by God, who chooses people over the world.”

A mischievous look crept across Leto’s face.

“Hmm… I think I know what the saintess really wants.”

“really? What do I want?”

“Don’t you want to become a person who takes precedence over that world?”

“… … ?”

“The saintess is now in love with that boy named Martin, haha.”


“Is our saintess going through puberty too late?”

The saintess, her face flushed red, shouted.

“It’s not like that!”

“Yes, yes, you would. Come on, let’s go quickly. The pursuit team is coming.”

Leto who jumps forward first.

he thought

‘Can a person who can abandon the world for just one person be called a saint?’

* * *

Why are these aristocratic bastards so curious?

Why are you wondering if I like meat or noodle dishes?

My throat burns from talking so much.

Read at noblemtl. com


Why is this guy’s juice so bland?

Since it was a party hosted by the imperial family, I thought there would be something spectacular, but nothing happened.

Of course, it is understandable that they do this.

Am I pretty full now?

But even so, how the hell did a brain come from that guy who pushes a lamba-sized child at me and asks me if I’m not pretty?

I want to pierce my head and take a look.

‘after… Let’s take a deep breath.’

“Tsk tsk, you look stressed out. Well, it doesn’t look like a style that would suit a place like this. Try drinking this.”

“Thank you.”

I took a sip of the drink from the bottle in my hand.


It’s an amazing juice.

It’s just my style!

I looked to the side with a moved face.

A young man who appeared to be in his late teens was smiling at me with one hand resting on his chin.

“Does it taste good?”

“exactly. Honestly, this is better than the hundreds of gold juices that are scattered around here.”

“But doesn’t the way you talk sound like a child?”

“Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you have to act young.”

“You have the same thoughts as me.”

In what way?

“It’s a doctrine that thinks that just because I’m old, I don’t have to act like an old person.”

“You don’t look that old, though.”

“It’s just that they seem to eat less because of their family lineage. Actually, a lot.”

“So, at such a high-class banquet, you carry around cheap juices without being immature?”

“That is a bit different. The grapes in that juice are a specialty only in South Ordis!”

“If you say it’s a special product of Ordis, it’s a yawn that only commoners eat. Doesn’t it suit you in a place like this?”

“The knowledge and experience is also quite good.”

I feel like I’m constantly being criticized for something.

But strangely, it doesn’t feel bad.

It feels free-spirited, yet basic courtesy is tightly held.

I don’t think this kind of person is a true aristocrat.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes. I am not interested in men.”

“Damn it… … .”

Unbeknownst to me, an old way of speaking that didn’t go well with a place like this came out.

But the man giggled, grabbed his stomach and laughed.

“Haha, it’s the first time I’ve ever been cursed since I was born! I feel very lucky today to receive such a gift. Then have a comfortable time. Oh, drink that.”

The man took another bottle from his bosom and got up and went somewhere.

‘What happened.’

He was a crazy person, but at the same time he was a very pleasant person.

The only person who smells of people in this boring and noisy place.

It’s not bad.

Thanks to you, I had time to look around.

‘Alin… I’m fine.’

As his father said, there was no madman who dared to touch Arlene.

My father is making an impregnable mark next to me, so unless you’re a crazy person, you can’t do any repair work.

But after a while

that happened in reality.

The crazy guy who never thought he would actually exist lay down in front of Aline.

It seems that there are stars in the real world.

One sad fact is that it’s a guy I know.

Seeing my father staring down at him, I suddenly have a thought.

‘Is that guy doing that because he wants to die?’

If I really want to die, I just jump off the cliff at Odis Beach, which I love so much.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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