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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 34

Unexpected gift

The identity of the culprit who behaved obscenely in front of Aline was a pleasant man whom I liked.

Pleasant man sneaked closer to Aline and pretended to have his feet twisted for no reason and lay down in front of him. Then, with a pitiful expression on his face, he held out his hand to Arlene, as if to ask him to lift him up.

‘That crazy guy?’

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Goosebumps all over the body.

‘Am I playing tricks?’

Of course, Aline is thirteen years old.

Under current law, this is the age at which marriage is possible.

But that’s not going to work for a kid the age of Ramba!

The fun guy didn’t spill alcohol on Arlene’s dress or anything like that, but I got really hot in a different area.

What Arlene was laughing at.

Although I was covering my mouth with my hand, I could see all of Arlene’s eyes curved like crescent moons.

‘I can’t do that!’

You should meet a serious man!

Feeling dirty, I quickly ran over and stepped on the back of the pleasant man lying down, trying to cut his spine into 12 pieces.

But there was someone who came before me… … .


It was my father.

‘I think I just heard the sound of drums?’


I looked forward to the real education scene.

Would you like to step on it?

Shall I put you in a fantasy prison for a day or two and show you hell?

What kind of true education will my father give to that pleasant man!

Even my heart beats with anticipation.


My father, far from giving true education, was reaching out to a pleasant man lying on the floor.

“Your Highness, isn’t it time to stop playing around like this?”

I was surprised.

‘Tell me?’

The pleasant man who had been lying down laughed awkwardly and got up.


“It’s been a while, Your Excellency. How have you been?”

He politely bowed his head to his father.

It looks like people have changed.

The father also lowered his head toward the pleasant man and said,

“Congratulations, Your Highness.”


That jovial man is none other than Armin Parmer Talon!

Prince Il, the next powerful emperor of the Talon Empire and the protagonist of this banquet.

‘Somehow it was a bit strange.’

If you walk around the banquet hall with cheap rum, which is not suitable for a party, any aristocrat with a bad temper will come out and shout, ‘Bring him out right now!’ I was just watching.

The reason was because that pleasant man was a prince.

After greeting his father, the prince, unlike a prince, put his hands together and apologized to Arlene over and over again.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were bored, so I played a joke. ah! Don’t get me wrong. I have a daughter like you.”

At the prince’s sincere apology, Aline nodded and accepted the apology.

Upon closer inspection, Arlene didn’t seem too upset.

‘Certainly not a bad person.’

Just when the feeling of betrayal that had been creeping up slowly subsided, Prince Il approached me again while drinking rum.

“It’s so-delicious.”

“If you are the prince, please keep your body in shape.”

“It’s my birthday, so I can’t even drink as much as I want! By the way, you unintentionally hid your identity. Are you surprised?”

Probably not.

I have to say something.

“little bit. But what the hell have you done to my brother?”

The prince laughed shyly and scratched the back of his head.

“Did you see it?”

“… Of course I saw it! Do you think there are people here who haven’t seen it?”

“I see. I think the young lady is kind of bored. Still, it’s a party open for me, but I can’t let the guest get bored, can’t I?”

“You said you were bored?”

“Didn’t you know? He secretly yawned.”

I didn’t know… … .

I didn’t want him to be nervous, but he was yawning.

‘ah! Was that why he smiled?’

I understand now.

Allin was genuinely bored.

Enough to laugh at that ridiculous body gag.

Apparently, Aline had a bold side that I didn’t know about.

“What… Well done. thank you.”


“Haha, something like that. Playing with children is one of the things I do best.”

It seemed like he was playing well when he fell over.

“I thought he was an unusual person, but to hear that he was a prince. You were a better person than I thought.

“What is the prince so great about? More than me, people like you and your Excellency are truly great people. More than anything, aren’t you the one who said ‘f*ck’ to the prince? haha.”

“… Anyway, let me formally greet you. This is Martin Lamott.”

“This is Armin Parmer Talon. It is an honor for the family to meet the first EX-class superhuman in person like this.”

If it’s your family, it’s the imperial family.

Is it okay to say things like that?

“this… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m sorry.”

I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t do that, so I kept my mouth shut.

is not it? Did I say just now?

“As expected, the joke is worth it.”

I guess I really said what I was thinking inside.

Even so, if it happened like this, I put an iron plate on my face.

“Because my father always told me to be confident.”

“Well, he has lived his whole life proudly like that. You are the one I respect more than my father. Your father is an unprecedented person who made a mark in human history.”

Thank you for looking up to my father so highly… … .

‘Your father is the emperor.’

This is a remark that, if done incorrectly, could even embarrass the father.

Like an immature prince!

I approached him and looked around to see if anyone had heard.

“Are you crazy?”

“Such nonsense… You are getting better.”

“Is that a problem now?”

Oops, the words came out short without me knowing.

But the prince didn’t mind my short talk.

“It doesn’t matter if His Majesty knows. Even my father admits that part. You may not know it, but if His Excellency hadn’t been there, all the members of the royal family in the palace would have died the day the flame demon broke into the palace.”

“… well, if so Anyway, be careful with your words. Will you get fired then?”

“What? got fired? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

After holding his stomach for a while and laughing, he straightened his back and looked at me.

Five… eyes are shining

His body emanates from his body, which is so strong that it is impossible to believe that it is the body of an ordinary person without any magical powers.

“I hate to say this, but all my brothers are idiots. I want to get fired, but I can’t get fired. It’s not because I’m doing well, it’s because my younger siblings aren’t doing well.”

He returned to his hanryang appearance before he knew it and said with a smirk.

“Of course, Arin is excluded. Because Arin is a smart and very lovable younger sister.”

“Are you Arin?”

Our SSS class Arin, who was embodied in the form of a vest inside a suit, flinched.

[Not me!]

‘… know.’

“Don’t you know Princess Arin? It’s pretty famous.”

“What are you famous for?”

“Well… strength?”


“You really don’t seem to know. He’s a famous hero. Some even put him as a candidate for one of the next five heroes.”

Five… He seems to be a very talented superman.

But I stopped paying attention.

‘Among the heroes who became famous in the future, there was no one with that name.’

Even if you have a lot of talent when you are young, who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one.

She would be like that too.

“I will remember it.”

“Yes, even though she is my younger sister, she is actually a child whom I regard as a daughter. I’ll introduce you later, so get along.”


“I think we’ve become friends to some extent now, shall we go right away?”

“Where are you going?”

“Didn’t the Duke say anything?”

“ah… … .”


The reason I attended this banquet today.

It was to meet the emperor.

“I seem to remember. then let’s go You are waiting.”

“I see.”

I nodded slightly to my father, who was looking at me, and followed the prince.

* * *

I passed through seven doors and entered a luxurious corridor.

‘Five… … .’

Artworks that look expensive at first glance are hung on the wall at 3m intervals.

But there was something that caught my attention more than that.

“Are you well versed in art?”


“I thought you were interested because you were staring at me so intently.”

“No, rather than that… … .”

I saw superhumans hiding in every corner.

Superhumans of at least master level, that is, six stars or higher, are ambushed here and there.

I could even see a few people approaching Leon.

‘The power of the imperial family is considerable.’

Of course, it won’t always be like this.

Since the emperor came, he must have followed.

Looking at them, there is someone who comes to mind.

‘Damn it… … .’

It is said that the villain named Yeomma broke through all of them and burned the imperial castle.

The prince even said that without his father, the royal family would not be able to survive.

From what I heard from my father passing by, it is said that even as a father, he was a man who could not handle it alone.

Unlike the other 5 villains, each of whom has great power, he is unique in his desire.

Still, he’s the 5th villain.

Just how strong is that… … .

I want to see him who is closest to the strongest among the top 10 superhumans on the continent.

“You are more capable than I thought.”


“Isn’t that the place you see, the place where the imperial bodyguards are?”

I’m running out of things to say.

It’s normal for me not to discover those who are hiding in my realm, but it’s possible because I have a fraudulent talent, 『Seeing Eyes』.

Well, ‘Eye’ is also my ability, so it’s not wrong.

“Well, it just stands out.”

The moment I said it, I felt sorry.

Just because of my words, how much will those crews roll back when they return… … .


After internally apologizing to the crew, I walked down the hallway talking with the prince.

He talked a lot about his family, especially about his daughter.

so I?

Of course, we were talking about our children.

Arlene is perfect, Tom is strong, Elise is fresh, Pierre is cheerful, and Lamba is cute.

My younger siblings can’t be bothered with this either!

Just as our boasting of our family was about to turn into an argument, a huge door appeared in front of me. In front of him stood a man clad in golden armor.

“Meet Your Highness.”

“It’s been a while, Lieutenant.”

That man must have been the vice-captain of the imperial bodyguard.

‘It’s strong.’

It seems to be on a level that can be compared to James.

If so, how much is the captain?

It naturally reminds me of a teenage superman.

Even the desire to pierce through all these people.

“Your Majesty is waiting for you. Would you like to have an audience right away?”


The prince nodded and the unit commander opened the door himself.

There is a throne at the end of a fairly large room.

And a middle-aged man sitting there.

He must be the sun of this great empire, Alfonso Pamer Talon.

When the door closed, the prince walked away, and I also followed him.

“Meet Your Majesty.”

I also got down on one knee following the prince and bowed my head.

“Meet Your Majesty.”

“Get up. And come closer.”

As we got up, the emperor waved his hand, and the lanky man standing next to him disappeared.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Arin Time has been activated again.”


“Your brother had another accident.”

The dignified emperor quickly turned into a man from the neighborhood.

The prince said the same thing, is it family inheritance?

“No, you said you had to go somewhere to train, so you didn’t even come to my birthday banquet.”

“They said that he beat up his boss during training. It seems that the superior was at fault, but it seems that the commander of the White Tiger Knights has become very horny.”

“Grunt… I will take good care of it.”

“Yeah, so that’s our first.”

The emperor smiled contentedly and turned his gaze to me.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Do you know why Jim called you?”

“I do not know.”

“Originally, there was no particular reason. Jim just needed an excuse to break the shackles he had placed on Duke Lamot, and he didn’t really want to see you.”

The word ‘original’ felt meaningful, but I didn’t bother to mention it.

“I see.”

“But the timing was right.”

“Looks like you have a reason to see me now.”

“Not too long ago, I received a call from Seongguk. It was about you.”

‘What do you have to say about me in the Holy Land?’

He raised his head and looked at the emperor.

He had a satisfied smile.

“Martin Lamott.”

“Speak, Your Majesty.”

“From now on, all countries on the continent that cooperate with the Holy Nation will support you. The same goes for our Talon.”

Support from all countries? What is this all of a sudden?

At that time, when I was not able to answer anything out of curiosity, the emperor’s thunderous words continued.

“Jim has decided. I will give you the relics of the ancient warriors kept in the imperial family.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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