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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 30

Contract with the Devil

After crossing the wall of the seal, Pedro was relieved in two ways.

The first is that, as expected from the outside, the seal did not refuse and let them in.

This seal is composed of a high-dimensional magic circle that even Pedro cannot analyze. He only spoke confidently, but he also had no confidence in safety.

Even so, it was only because of his son, Martin, that he came in without hesitation.

The second feeling of relief came after seeing Martin sitting in the distance.

‘It’s all right.’

The blood stains on the back of the hand bother me a bit, but luckily there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

It is true that I was worried about the reaction of the devil who would have been trapped here alone for an unimaginably long time of 5,000 years.

Because I didn’t know the devil was chained like that.

In the worst case, the crazy demon would not attack Martin at all, that was what I was most worried about.

But Martin… … .

Instead of fighting, he was sitting on his buttocks on the floor, talking excitedly with the devil.

You don’t even know you’ve come in.

‘He’s really… … .’

No matter how confident you are that you are not attacked by demons, you can sit down and have a conversation like that.

He’s a really unique guy. No, should I say special?

Cedric, who was just as bewildered as Pedro, said.

“Martin’s affinity is truly amazing. Talking to that ancient demon like a friend I’ve known for decades.”

“That’s right. It looks like you’re talking serious, so please wait for a while.”

The conversation between Martin and the devil was heard in their ears as they were superhumans of 9 and 8 stars, respectively.

– You know what’s going to happen here and come so fearlessly.

When I heard those devil’s words, my face turned red, albeit slightly.

Even to Pedro himself, it was not like Young himself.


‘This must be infidelity.’

Thinking like that makes me even proud of myself.

By the time Pedro let out a small cough, the conversation between Martin and Horn was running towards the end.

* * *

[Are you telling me, the devil, to become your ally?]

“There is nothing I can do. Honestly, don’t you feel sorry for the other demons?”

Horn didn’t answer.

He stared at me for a moment, then asked.

[The power that can kill me, is it possible to build such power?]

“I can.”

Karma makes all things possible.

[I didn’t die when I was forced into Roden, but I lost a lot of power. It may not be of much help to you.]

“Still, isn’t it more than a dragon?”

[Even if it’s weak, it’ll be enough.]

“That’s it. And you.”

[…] … ?]

“I have no intention of forcing you to do anything, so don’t worry unnecessarily. lets think. How will the world see me if I go around and do something with you?”

Wouldn’t they see me as the devil’s minion?

Being like a previous life is an absolute specification.

[Then what do you want from me?]



“They say you can’t fight two hands with one hand. There are two places I must protect. You are insurance for such times. don’t think it’s hard You just have to live comfortably without appearing in the world until I call. You’ve been lonely all this time, haven’t you?”

I have lived here alone for thousands of years.

It must have been so difficult that I couldn’t even compare myself to my previous life.

At least because he’s like me, he can understand Horn a little bit.

“When you really need it, so… I will not look for you unless an enemy I cannot handle appears or demons or demons from another dimension invade.”

Of course, I knew that such beings would definitely come to Roden, but I didn’t bother to say it.

After staring at me for a moment, the strangely affectionate devil Horn opened his mouth.

[Can I trust you?]


[good night. I believe.]

“Let’s write a contract or something instead.”

[contract? Are you talking about the contract of the soul?]

“Yeah, honestly, you are too strong. It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I think there should be at least a minimum safety device in the eyes of the world.”

[Are you preparing for when the contract you and I made spreads to the world? That makes sense. But who in this world can force my soul? I don’t think Lamune is currently inactive.]

Are you saying that Lamune is possible?


I pointed my finger at the ceiling.

“Roden, the soul contract will be drawn up under the mediation of the god Roden. Even if you break the contract, you won’t die, but I’m thinking of putting a restriction on you to receive more terrible pain without stopping. Both for you and for me.”

A saintess would be able to conclude such a contract.

And that… … .

‘I should ask Arias.’

Because I have no contact with the saintess.

If Arias felt sorry for me to some extent, he would listen.

[Roden god… … . If it doesn’t disappear, it’s possible.]

“Wait patiently until I can break the seal. Then come back with the contract.”

[Instead, I will also make a condition.]

“Condition? what?”

[I will make a silent contract, so tell me about the method you said. Maybe I can help.]

That’s not a bad thing.

“I get it. Then I’ll be gone. Your father is waiting for you.”

[Was it your father? It definitely looked a bit like him.]

Where do we look alike?

He was a demon who could speak empty words.

“Take care until we meet again, Horn.”

[Waiting is what I do best. See you again.]

Horn closed his eyes, and I got up from my seat, hiding the smile I was trying to make again and again in a good mood.

I turn to see my father smiling and waving.

‘It makes me feel at ease.’

This is why I approached my father thinking that my family is good.

“No, where did you come from?”

“My son is waiting for me, he must come.”

“under… … .”

I want to tell you not to do this in the future, but my mouth won’t come out.

Because I also know that if my father was in danger, he would have come this way.

The time we spent together was short, but our bond was deep.

“What are those bloodstains?”

“Oh, is this?”

What the father pointed out was the bloodstains on Horn’s face from a single blow.

“It was a little scratched and broken, but I’m fine now.”

“… Good thing. By the way, is there any way to kill that demon named Horn?”

You must have heard me talking to him.

How long have you been here?

“How is your father? Could you kill my father now?”

My father immediately shook his head.

“It might be possible to explode your head or smash your heart. The problem is the curse of immortality that Horn suffered.”

“Right. Even if you get rid of your body, you won’t die completely, or even if you die, there’s a high chance that you’ll be resurrected.”

Because it is immortal, not immortal.

In order to ignore the immortal body and kill Horn, you need a different ability than strength.

For example, the authority of the monarch that Horn spoke of.

If I hadn’t been able to deal with karma, I would never have been able to say that I could kill Horn.

‘As expected, stacking is the answer.’

I feel once again that I was right in thinking that I should not blindly pour into combat power.

“First of all, we have to find a way to break down that wall.”

“I don’t think that would be too difficult, actually.”

Wouldn’t even a dragon be able to break down that wall if he made up his mind and worked hard?

“The problem is that chain.”

Father, cheers said with a smile.

“I think I can handle that. It will take some time.”

“… how?”

“It’s much simpler than the wall.”

… It must be a simple thing for my father.

Anyways, good.

Because the seal can be broken at any time.

“Now I just need to prepare a contract with the saintess.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem either.”

For some reason, my father’s smile feels evil.

Maybe it’s because of the mood?

* * *

Coming out of the seal was easy.

It’s because you just need to touch it like you did when you entered.

As soon as my father came out, he made up his mind and longed for Arias, who greeted us brightly.

Why do you talk politely, but there is such a thing as stabbing the facts.

“I trusted the Queen and entrusted my son. To be honest, this almost cost me, my son, and Cedric’s life.”

“Ah no… It’s you and Martin. Even so, Cedric… … .”

“stop! Does it matter now?”

“no… But I want you to know that I risked my life.”

Arias said that he made an oath of the dragon to guarantee my safety. Such a strong oath that if you can’t keep your promise, your life will end.

If her father hadn’t figured out how to get through the sealing wall, she would have destroyed it to save her own life.

‘I didn’t know that things would turn out like this, well.’

I nodded because I understood her.

On the other hand, my father’s face and voice were still as cold as ice.

“My child’s life is more precious than mine. Somehow it went well, but I would like you to solve the other problems that this has created.”

“Another problem? what is that? I’ll do anything I can.”

“Please meet the saintess. A copy of the Soul Contract is required. The target is me and the devil.”

Arias was stunned, and I was stunned enough to have my heart drop.

“Ah, a contract with the devil?”

“father! Why is my father signing a contract!”

My father spoke to me with a face very mild compared to when he saw Arias.

“I want to do that much for my son.”

“If I can’t fulfill my contract, I’d rather suffer the pain than die.”

“Are you not going to keep your promise to him?”

“I have to keep it.”

“That’s it. Nothing has been done to you in the past 14 years. Let a father do this much for his son.”

He speaks as if I were my father’s son from birth.

Something snapped! and choked my throat, so I couldn’t say anything.

* * *

As a result, Arias decided to take responsibility for the contract with the saintess.

‘To beat a dragon with words.’

I think I saw my father’s terrifying side today.

After the negotiations, Arias opened the black passage and sent us home.

While I was handling the rising earthenware, my father implemented a new fantasy gate on the spot.

“Don’t go.”

“Do well and come. And uncle.”


“Rain will be fine.”

In his previous life, Cedric often talked about Lane.

He said that his grandson was better than his children, and that even without him, the Count Lu family would be fine for the next hundred years.

So, there will be no chance that Rain will die from the curse that he is currently suffering from.

“Thank you.”

My father and Cedric, who smiled at me, passed through the illusionary gate to Count Lou.

After a while, the door of the mansion opened and the children ran out.





for a moment!

I guess I just said something strange?

Taking a peek, I see a fat guy mingling with the kids and calling me.

‘Colsen Calling?’

At that time, he was the guy who decided to become my disciple at the bakery.

I stroked the boys’ heads and gestured to him.

Then Colsen rushes forward.

“Did you call!”

“… When did you come?”

“I came a little while ago, Master!”

“Why have you changed so much?”

Have you become very polite?

“I told my parents, and they told me to treat Master the way you treat them.”

“I see… … .”

They didn’t seem like that kind of person, but could it be that your father has already met them?

Anyway, sorry about this guy.

Because I’m going to be a bit busy for a while.

“Hey, I’m sorry, but your magical awakening will take some time… … .”

I shut my mouth at the sudden thought.

『Colsen Colling (13 years old), the one who opposes evil (A) (taste)

Stats increase in proportion to the opponent’s evil karma.』

Both the “seeker of evil” in my previous life and the “seeker of good” in my current life, I awakened my characteristics while killing.

If so, wouldn’t Colsen, who has a unique characteristic of ‘one who opposes evil’, awaken after experiencing a similar kind of experience?

For example, seeing villains who can be called evil right in front of their noses.

“Why, why are you looking at me like that again?”

He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and asked.

“I’m going to go somewhere soon, do you want to go too?”

“There… Where are you?”

As if anxious, he rolled his eyes and answered with a grin at the questioning student.

“Nice place.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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