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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 29

I will write

The power of the source that stayed in my hand is disappearing.

Since it was disposable, it would be natural for it to disappear.

But why is it disappearing so slowly?

‘The power of the source, divine power.’

The power of the source that was converted into karma did not disappear all at once.

That would mean that I couldn’t fully use all the source powers to defeat the demons.

I looked at the power of the source that was still in my hand.

It was slowly fading away, all the while taking away the pain in my throbbing fist and putting the bones of my broken fist back together.


The power of Roden’s source is not a power specialized in eliminating something from the start. Rather, it is a power that is used more to heal the injured or bless someone.

However, I had been thinking of that power only for offense until now.

‘Why was I so obsessed with this power?’

From the beginning, I didn’t even think about finding a power other than divine power to deal with the devil.

Then why was I obsessed with such stereotypes?

Finding the reason wasn’t too difficult.

‘Because I saw the effect.’

Because the power of the source converted into 60 points of karma prevented the descent of demons.

That thrilling experience covered my eyes.

‘It’s still a long way.’

Still have a narrow field of view

Even though everything has changed after returning, I still haven’t gotten out of the status of a fugitive in my previous life, who was struggling to survive day by day.

I was not able to properly utilize the omnipotent karma I already had and was looking at the world with a narrow perspective.

‘Okay, let’s learn and realize one by one like this.’

I raised my head and looked at the devil.

[Your eyes look better.]

He was looking at me with an interesting face, taking off his gloom from a moment ago.

“Thanks to.”

In any case, the opponent provided me with an opportunity to realize.

If I hadn’t met this demon, I would still have been obsessed with the strange stereotype that divine power, that is, the power of the source of Roden, was the best when dealing with demons. And one day I might have died because of that thought.

Even if it’s a demon, I should show my gratitude to those who helped me.

I slightly bowed my head to him.

“Thank you. It made my eyes a little brighter.”

As if he hadn’t anticipated my behavior, the devil opened his eyes wide and started laughing like a madman again.

The guy who laughed for a long time, until he calmed down a little, opened his mouth.

[Humans are fun too. No, are you the only one like this?]


There is only one human being he can speak to besides me.

“Are you talking about ramune?”

[Yes, he was also a very strange human being. He had no hesitation in dealing with me, a demon, and confidently begged for his life even after he was defeated by me.]

“Are you begging for your life?”

[He said he would give me death someday, so he asked me to save him. so he saved Then, a week later, he attacked again. Even then, he just went back after being defeated. After the second fight, they didn’t ask for help.]

Aren’t you the weird one who kept it alive?

[That’s how he came to visit me at intervals of a week at the shortest and a month at the longest. It was about five years after we first met that he beat me.]

The boy closed his eyes with a nostalgic look on his face.

[It was a very interesting fight.]

these guys are really weird

Lamune and this guy are just as weird.

“Is that why you got caught? Can it be sealed like this?”


“Don’t you think you were tricked by Ramune?”

[He is not the one who will deceive me with lies.]

I have an incredibly firm belief in a subject that has been fighting for only five years and has been locked up for thousands of years.

“Why do you want to die?”

[Because I want to die.]

“Then why not just kill yourself?”

[You can’t die like that, so you’re trying to borrow someone else’s help, right?]

I can’t speak.

“Let’s ask one thing.”

[Tell me.]

“After looking at the power of the source of Roden, you said it wasn’t a bad choice, right?”

[It did.]

“You mean it’s not bad, but it’s not good either?”

[You know that now, right?]

“There must be demons stronger than you in Hell, right?”

[Of course. Most of the Five Horned Prime Demons are stronger than me, and the Six Horned Lords are no match for me. What are you asking? Are you wondering why you didn’t ask them to send you death?]

I don’t even care about that anymore.

“Tell me what abilities they use.”

[…] What?]

“You see, wow! Isn’t that ability really a joke? If I get hit right, I’ll go to the goal, right? I don’t think he has the ability to do that. why? no?”

[…] have.]

“Then tell me something like that.”

[Is it meaningful to hear that?]

“At least it means a lot to me.”

[Will you kill me if I teach you that? Do you think it’s possible?]


He looked at me without expression for a moment and said.

[Sit down. It will be a short story.]

“Keep it as short as possible.”

As we sat across from him, his story began.

[The first is the Lord of Flames. His fire is the planet… … .]

* * *

A girl, Arias, jumped out of the blackened floor.

Her face, which always showed no emotion like a doll, was imbued with urgency.

“I’m sorry, Pedro. I think we should go right now.”

“All right. let’s go Cedric will go with you.”

The feet were stained black, and the three came together.

After the Guardian’s inspection, the three enter the place where the seal is.

Arias quickly explained what had happened, and when she finished, Pedro asked.

“You mean I just touched it and it got sucked in?”

“Yeah, Martin didn’t do anything in particular. Judging from the look on his face when he gets sucked in, I don’t think Martin thought that would happen either. And originally, I could barely see the demon in there, but after Martin entered, I couldn’t see it at all.”

“Do you have any information about the demon inside?”

“Well… Do you know what kind of person I am?”

“I’m guessing it’s probably a dragon.”

“right. Then it will be easier to explain.”

Arias began to tell the legend of demons.

A demon that suddenly appeared one day without any sign.

At that time, the Dragon Lord noticed that the devil had appeared, and went to solve it alone, but was defeated in the end.

After returning with a severe injury, Lord immediately invoked the summoning of dragon guns.

It was an action made based on the judgment that it was possible to deal with him if he was not alone.

At the time when the dragons gathered one after another, a man came to see Lord.

The man’s name is Ramune.

He was a man who would later be called an ancient warrior.

Ramune asked Rod to take care of the demon himself, and Rod, who had a private interview with him, readily agreed.

That’s how the summoning of dragons was postponed, and it was five years later that Lamune reappeared.

– Caught the devil. I’ll keep it sealed for now, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do with it later. If you can kill it, try killing it.

Ramune sealed the devil in this space between dimensions, and suddenly disappeared like the first time he came to see Lord.

After that, Lord managed this place and entrusted the management to his successor before going to the bosom of nature.

The story of Arias ended with the fact that the successor was Keshin, and now Arias, Keshin’s daughter, is managing this place.

“It is said that Lammune appeared again when the gate leading to the Pandemonium exploded and disappeared after saving the world. It is said that the Gate Incident occurred 500 years after the demon was sealed, so it seems that he was no ordinary human.”

“That’s how it happened.”

Pedro ponders for a moment.

The two kept their mouths shut to avoid disturbing Pedro.

When he opened his mouth again, Pedro’s expression was much more relaxed.

“I think you can rest assured for now.”


“I don’t think the hero named Rumune sealed the demons without thinking. He probably had precognitive powers.”

“You deliberately kept the demon alive so you could meet Martin?”

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t that an out-of-the-box prediction? They say that the devil was sealed here during my grandfather’s time, so it seems difficult to understand, but that was five thousand years ago. It’s a very old thing. Do you think it is possible for humans to foresee what will happen five thousand years later?”

“How could an ordinary human being capture a demon that even the Dragon Lord could not kill without killing it? From that point on, it means that Ramune is an unusual person.”

“That, that… … .”

Arias was at a loss for words.

Pedro looked at her and put a small smile on his lips.

“Thank you for worrying about my son. But I’m not saying I’m just watching.”

“Have you ever found a way to get in there?”

“Even with my ‘eyes’, the magic circle that makes up the wall of the seal is difficult to unravel. But I don’t think it will be difficult to get in.”

Also Pedro!

Arias’ eyes sparkled.


“I have found the conditions to pass through there.”

“Condition? Was there anything like that? What are the conditions?”

“The one who tries to pass through the sealing wall must be a human.”

Arias screamed in amazement.

“What is it! Why did Ramune put such a condition on it?”

“I don’t know why. But this could also be a basis for his foreknowledge.”

“… He is a very strange person.”

“I think so too. Then I will go see my son.”

“uh… Are you just going like this? Without any measures?”

“Isn’t my son waiting for you?”

It was at that time that Pedro, who smiled at Arias, walked towards the wall of the seal and was about to touch it.

“Brother, let’s go together!”

Cedric rushes forward.

Pedro said with a puzzled face.

“You just stay here. Actually, I figured out the conditions, but the seal is so high-level that there may be traps I don’t know about.”

“So, shouldn’t I go with you?”

Pedro smiled lightly at Cedric’s determined attitude.

I think I took care of one of my stepsisters.

“Your life could be in danger. Will you still go with me?”

“What are you asking about? Not like a big brother.”

“Haha, is he like that too? Alright then let’s go together.”

Pedro and Cedric put their hands on the wall of the seal almost simultaneously.


shook- shook-

sucked inside

“… I want to go too.”

Arias, who was left alone, looked at the place where they were with a sullen face.

* * *

At first, I was hearing about demons’ abilities, but at some point, the topic of conversation changed to lamenting the situation of demons.

“So how did it go?”

[He cursed me with the power of God. If I don’t die by the appointed time, my soul will forever belong to him and I will suffer endless pain.]

“This is terrible… … .”

[More terrible is the curse of immortality that he put on me when he cursed me. I wanted to die before the time came, but I couldn’t die no matter what I did.]

“You should have gone to see another monarch.”

[Why didn’t I? But to no avail. The power he has is so powerful that other lords don’t want to intervene.]

It got really dirty… … .

[So what I came up with was the incarnation that ignored the process.]

“That’s why you suddenly appeared in Roden.”

[Yes. It was a very risky action, and that’s why I wanted to die in the process of incarnating. But the curse of immortality overcame even that… … .]


I never thought the day would come when I sympathized with the devil.

[But are they the people you know?]


I turned around and saw my father and Cedric staring blankly at me.

As I was also staring blankly at that direction, the devil burst out laughing and said,

[You know what’s going to happen here and come so fearlessly.]

“… I know.”

Somehow it makes me laugh

I saw the devil again.

“My name is Martin, what is your name?”


“Yes, Horn. There may be a way.”

He looked straight into Horn’s eyes and continued.

“But I don’t know how long it will take.”

[You can wait as long as you want.]

“Listen more. Because I haven’t finished talking yet.”

[…] … .]

“I intend to break the seal on you first.”

Horn’s eyes flickered for an instant.

It must have been an unexpected word.

“Don’t you know? This seal has already done its job by the time it met me.”

[…] You might think so.]

“Let’s break the seal first. That would be much easier than getting rid of the curse of immortality.”

[What do you gain by doing that?]

correct posture,

I said it with the most serious expression I could.

“Help me. Until it is possible for me to kill you.”

If I can’t kill it, I’ll use it until I can.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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