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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 79

Mission No.4 Reunion (09)

Ewald’s clenched fists trembled.

Zelena was also unable to utter a word while standing behind Ewald.

However, Elif, completely terrified, held onto Ewald’s sleeve and opened his trembling lips.

“Daejangnim, this is all Schheim.”

Exactly 18 Shuheim.

The murder weapon was filling this wide space.

Ewald revealed it to Shuheim, which was flawless as if it had just been produced.

Ebalt quickly began measuring the amount of mana in the magic circle engraved on Schheim. In fact, he was just at the level of feeling, but Ebalt, who had a better understanding of mana flow and arrangement than anyone else, began to spit out swear words.

If you add up all the mana deployed in Shuheim, it was almost the same size as Dvahur.

That made Ewald’s face distort mercilessly.

“… Oh my god.”

Zelena also came to Ewald’s side with a very nervous expression.

Convinced that Dvahur is present in the duchy, Ebalt’s head is dazed at the greater threat.

Several moderately strong Schheims are much more threatening than one enormous Shuheim.

If you lead all of Shuheim into the empire that is spreading the front line to the east, it is obvious that it will be a mess.

And since the Principality of Sarmus invaded the Empire more than 10 years ago, it has been regarded as the main enemy in the Empire.

Ewald’s lips twisted badly.

“Zelena, buy me some time. And Shupea.”

“Just talk, mister.”

Ewald nodded and took a step toward Schheim.

“I will send a signal right before I use magic, so as soon as I use magic, deploy the strongest shield you can create in front of me.”


“And Fionir.”

“Tell me.”

Ewald pointed his finger at several places.

“Put some smurefni where you pointed.”

Slip magic that any 1st class wizard can use. Fiornier, who was quickly calculating the formula for smurefni, also known as ice formation magic, was sure that Ewald in front of him would never have asked him to use magic in a plain or simple way.

“How wide is it?”

“Enough to fill up here.”

Then it is.

“I’m sorry, but it would be nice if you could tell me what kind of magic you’re going to use. A smurefni this wide would take some mana.”

“I will use Útrýmingu.”

In an instant, the blood drained from Pionir’s face.

“Are you going to write the commandment of annihilation?”

Ewald’s head nodded quickly.

“If you want to do all of this, wouldn’t that magic be a bit lacking? Because Schheim basically has magic defense.”

Ewald, who said that he would summon magic that could change a castle here, turned around as if it were natural.

There was only one emotion that came to Pioneer’s head.

If you let go, you die.

Ewald’s declaration that he would use útrýmingu, which is more famous by the name of ‘World of Extinction’ than the official magic name, in this small space – of course, a huge space, but quite small compared to the effective range of útrýmingu’s magic – made Fiona feel dizzy. Was about

“Daejangdaejangnim, if mana misses even a little, dukedom will be erased?”

“If you miss a little, is operability a problem? We will be swept away too.”

Ewald, who dared to say such a dangerous thing, drew a devastated smile on his lips.

“So you just have to make sure you don’t miss it.”

Even if it’s crazy, it’s firmly crazy. What kind of human being is making a fuss to walk the boundary between life and death so precariously.

“Okay, how long do I have to wait, Ewald?”

Zelena twirls her shoulders and turns her body toward her only entrance, and she says so.

“Five minutes is enough.”

“Are you crazy?”

Pionir vomited his astonishment with sincerity.

Of course, he made an expression of regret, but Pionir looked at Ewald with a face that didn’t know what to do.

And Ewald smiled and tapped Pionir lightly on the shoulder.

“Did you know that now?”

“No, Captain, that’s not it…”

“Okay, start installing smurefni.”

Ebalt began to gather mana rapidly.

“I’ll show you something cool.”

* * *

‘This person is really crazy.’

Fionir shook his head, as the simple 1st class smurefni magic formula was about to shake because of Ebalt’s magic formula that spewed out like a rapid-fire burst.

However, while combining that terrifying amount of magic formulas, in the middle, things like ‘get the third formula right’ or ‘mana is dragged in. Slow down It was Ewald who blows up the map with corrections such as ‘About half of it’ or ‘Adjust the range correctly’.

This is an absolutely insane concentration.

In the end, Fionir closed his eyes tightly and focused only on his magic formula.

And behind Ebalt’s back, a monstrous battle was taking place.

“Protection, shield!”

As soon as several soldiers rushing into the entrance were hit by Spear’s shield and bounced back, Spear retracted the shield, and as soon as the shield emptied, Elif and Eccrine grabbed their scabbards and swung full swings.

“Strong and strong protective shield!”

Fully amused, Supera grabbed his opponent’s collar with a protective shield and began to shake it. And if you think you’re going to lose your mind, remove the shield and Elif and Eccrine swing again.

The soldiers who tried to get in between them somehow got hit by Zelena’s regime and fell one after another.

Even so, the soldiers of the Principality were beaten miserably through a narrow aisle.

Lafon, whose driving time for Kamache was over, was watching the current situation intently, sticking his head out from behind people because of his gaze at the height of his waist.

While his crew was making time like that, Ebalt’s magic formula ran toward the end.

It is crazy that 7 classes of destructive magic can be completed in just 5 minutes, but it is even more crazy that útrýmingu, which can be said to be a representative example of ultra-wide magic with a radius of only a few hundred meters, is put together in a space of just over 100 meters. It’s a thing.

Destructive power will increase in a narrow area with the same mana, but it is natural that control becomes difficult.

And Ewald’s madness finally started absorbing environmental mana.

Ewald looked back at Fionir with sharp eyes.



Formed magic stretched out from Fionir.

The ten rays of light formed a lattice like a fire plate on top of a charcoal fire and left Piornir’s hand.

After confirming Pionir’s smurefni magic placed in the correct location, Ebalt began to draw mana in earnest.

Ebalt’s magic pulled mana with terrifying momentum to the point that a vacuum of mana was formed in an instant.

It was to the point that mana was sucked out of the mana core of Pionir standing next to him.

Fionir hurriedly stepped back, channeling the mana in his body around him.

Ewald raised his hands and began scoping.

Ewald, who was calculating the path for mana to flow over the vast expanse of Pionir’s magic, quickly turned his head back after estimating the amount of condensed mana.



Ewald nodded quickly and turned his gaze toward Schheim, lined up in front of him.

Then, he stretched out his right hand and released the mana he had gathered to the extreme.


Space began to vibrate.

Countless red lumps of light seemed to rise above the mana placed by Pionir, and then spread out in all directions with fierce momentum.

Those lights, which could have been the size of a man, drew bizarre patterns on the floor.

‘… It was possible to control Útrýmingu in that space.’

Gearco Fiornier has dropped out of school.

And the hundreds of light masses that Ebalt called out radiated a tremendous amount of light into the air.

The plot of annihilation to evaporate one castle without hesitation. That pure power of destruction…


From noble mtl dot com

I heard someone’s magic words. It wasn’t Ewald’s, it wasn’t Fionir’s either. However, as soon as the magic word, like an uninvited guest, fell, Ewald’s magic, which had been forming throughout the space, was torn to shreds.


And at that moment, a human shadow fell between the rows of Schheim.

Ewald covered his mouth in disbelief at what had happened before his eyes. However, when the magic that Ewald had summoned disappeared, the mana that was biting the magic turned its direction to Ewald.


A sudden backflow of mana shook Ebalt’s intestines. Along with the feeling of crying, blood full of fishy smell came up the esophagus.

However, even in the midst of that, Ewald followed the shadow of the fallen person with his eyes.

Although it was impatient, it could not be overlooked by the opponent who tore the properly completed útrýmingu in one fell swoop. However, the blurred vision made it difficult to find an opponent.

And then, a woman appeared in front of Balt and his crew as if drawn.

She is a woman with her black hair, which does not seem to reflect even light, hanging down to her toes, with bright yellow eyes shining softly with her eye smile.

Behind her back, wings resembling those of a demon swayed, billowing smoke.

Wearing a dress that made it impossible to tell whether she was wearing her clothes or covered in her blood, she gave Ewald a terrifying smile.

“It’s been a while.”

Her bright red tongue moved in her mouth.

“Brother Ewald.”

In the end, Ewald vomited up a handful of black, dead blood.

Showing ferocity, Ebalt held on, barely pushing his strength into his bent knees.

“… Who is your executioner?”

Ewald growled with a cracked voice, and the devil-like woman smiled brightly.

“Well, you betrayed us and ran away.”

At the same time, huge sparks focused on the woman’s right hand.

“I don’t know if you prepared for her death at any given time.”

* * *

Usbel grabbed her stomach, which was in excruciating pain, and lifted her upper body.

Usbel, who felt so empty under her left shoulder that it made her feel strange, glanced at her own left arm that lay across from her and sighed slightly.

“… Oh, I’m going crazy.”

Her arm was cut off

It also came off cleanly.

Pulling her body off balance to her right, Usbel unleashed her combat body.

She Usbel returned to her original cute little body, but she still had her left arm cut off.

But she Usbel walked toward her own loose arm with her trot.

“Do you want to stick?”

Usbel, bending her down and raising her arm, looked around at her own arm with her frown on her face.

“… It looks like it will stick.”

Throwing out a terrifying statement in a deadpan voice, she glanced around her.

And she Usbel she soon found one shivering man hiding in the corner across from her.

“Wait, wait.”

How terrifying was Usbel, who was walking towards her with her lively movements, her abdomen and her severed shoulder spurting her blood, and her soldier, who had maintained her mental state before fainting, eventually made her scream

But when she walked up to the soldier, she crouched down and tapped her soldier’s face with the arm she was holding.

“I’ll ask you a few, just a few. Are you fine?”


“Hey, don’t keep messing with your temper.”

“Mu, ask!”

Usbel gave her a quick nod.

“Did you see the b*tch who stabbed me earlier? Saw?”

The soldier hastily nodded her head.

“Where were you going? Won’t you tell me?”

“Tta, rather than going somewhere, it just disappeared.”

“Alone? Alone?”

“No. That’s it, grab the princess and go somewhere…”

Usbel smacked her lips.

“… It must have been the Gongwang who said he would take him. Anything else?”

“That, that…”

The soldier, holding back her desire to faint, stabbed her in the thigh, bringing her mind back to her reality.

“Cut off your fainting arm…”

“Ah, it looks like it was cut then.”

Usbel’s face contorted quickly.

“A b*tch like a compatible mama.”

The soldier, who wanted to ask who said that to whom, looked at Usbel with a face that looked like he was going to faint.

She opened her mouth as Usbel tilted her head.

“I’ll ask you one last question.”

Upon checking the soldier’s nodded head, Usbel put on a very worried expression.

“Has your prince hated the demons?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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