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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 78

Mission No.4 Reunion (08)


With a grotesque scream, the two soldiers soared into the air, ignoring gravity.

Ewald took a finishing stance with a neat uppercut.

If he had been Eccrine, he would have been able to attack in all directions as a linking motion, but Ebalt, who enjoyed the beauty of the blank space that occurred between attacks, leaned down, showing off his perverted taste.


Ewald’s fist, swollen to the size of a human head, was lodged in the soldier in front.

The soldier whose nose had collapsed neatly left behind a far-away scream, rising to the height of a person and flying off to the other side.

The soldiers, now in a situation where they could no longer even say, “He is alone,” Widened their distance from Ewald, like herbivores running around in front of a predator.

Of course, Ewald hated being bothered quite a bit,


Blows out a wide range of shockwaves.

I couldn’t even count how many people were flying in the sky today.

Ewald, who fainted the opponent without making even a fatal wound, squeezed through the crowd and jumped.

And the splendid beating began.


Soldiers who were hit in the stomach, abdomen, chest, face, and other not-so-good places were mercilessly thrown out.

The soldiers, who had lost the will to fight a long time ago, tried to retreat from Ewald, but their comrades holding on to their backs took away the escape hole and were struck by Ewald’s invisible fist.

Ewald’s exciting dancing continued.

* * *

“Everyone close your ears.”

The members of the crew plugged their ears to the depth of Adele’s monotonous, dry words.


Even with my ears covered, my brain still stung.

And those who couldn’t stop their ears were exposed to Adele’s terrifying screams.

Horrible screams and people fell to their knees in dismay.

Although the chil-gong did not spurt blood, at least mentally, the people inside the building collapsed, feeling fear, frustration, and despair as if they were going to vomit blood all over their bodies and die.

Of course, the crew members were on the verge of collapsing, but seeing people fall apart without having to use swords, I desperately wanted to endure it a little longer.

But the problem was Adele.

He started to run out of mana rapidly after launching sonic attacks on several floors.

Even so, it was a sonic attack that consumed a lot of mana, so Adele quickly became exhausted.

Zelena gave the fearsome bard a slight grip on the shoulder, then turned her head to Fionir.

“Hey, skinny bachelor. Are you still far away?”

“It seems so. Mana is being felt underneath her.”

How many floors has she already been down and she’s still going to be down there? Zelena fell out of school with this ridiculously sized facility.

However, unlike Balt’s story, she grumbled that she was gathering only rumors, and she was experiencing bard barding for the first time in her life – rather than mental attack using sound waves – Zelena became curious about the identity of this group.

Besides, Zelena, who had no idea what that cute-looking dwarf girl really was, turned her head around at the sound of footsteps coming up her stairs.

And Lafon, a dwarf girl unknown to her, summoned her Kamache.


As soon as the clatter disappeared in a matter of seconds, the strange mechanical doll jumped past Zelena.

Before she could perceive that something like a white flame was shooting behind her, Lapon’s kamache twisted her body in the air.

And the fire rained down all over her.


“… Hey, bachelor?”


“… What are you guys really like?”

Fionir scratched his head with a strange expression.

“That’s good for us too…”

Kamache was literally running amok.

The people who jumped up at the sound of the emergency bell were thrown out of nowhere by Kamache’s attack without even being able to tell what was going on.

I don’t know how to operate it, but Kamache just throws something, shoots it, chews it, bites it, tastes it, and enjoys it.

And sheathed knives were thrust down over the heads of those who narrowly avoided the attack or missed the attack.


It was Elif and Eccrine.

After hitting the opponent’s head with his eyes tightly closed, Elif showed a bizarre pattern of narrowing his eyes slightly, then widening his eyes full of surprise, then closing his eyes again and hitting the opponent’s head.

Now, what was in Elif’s hand was actually not a sword, but a club.

However, a huge fireball was created outside the range of the rampaging Kamache and the two swordsmen.

It burned up all the air and clumped together with blue flames, and attacked the crew with terrifying speed.

“Foot! Key! To! Le! Sir!”

But Shupea was fast.

Brilliant golden spheres exploded from Shupea’s fingertips faster than fireballs.

Zelena followed Supera’s shield with her eyes, oblivious to what was going on, but was not even surprised by the strength and power of the shield.

The golden protective shield that Shupea shot engulfed the blue fireball and began to crumple.

Even just moving the holy shield freely is shocking, but it’s not enough to block magic with a shield, so now you’re trying to destroy it?

Zelena involuntarily gaped her mouth.

And whether or not Zelena pulled her chin out, as she spread her hand toward the shield she fired, Shupea clenched her fist confidently.

At that moment, the fireball inside the shield exploded to pieces.

The fireball exploded with an eardrum-paining sound, tearing through the protective film and ricocheting out in all directions.

But already, Shupea smirked and shouted loudly.

“Thank you so much!”

It was the unholy priest’s protective shield deployment to the extent that if Valkier had heard it himself, he would not have been angry.

Regardless of whether or not they were disrespectful, the hemisphere-shaped protective shield that had already appeared blocked all the blazing fireballs and gradually faded.

Everyone’s eyes moved toward the opposing mage.

However, Elif, who ran right in front of the wizard who was already hiding, sent a cool swing with his eyes tightly closed.

“I’m sorry!”

Blah blah!

The opposing mage was swept into the wall without even being able to let out a proper scream.

At the same time, Shupea withdrew her hand that was facing Elif, and the protective shield surrounding Elif scattered with a pop.

Zelena stuck out her tongue.

“… Ha, my life has been wasted.”

* * *

“Turn it off.”

Uth Bell, who was holding the collar of the man with foam at her mouth, threw him aside after confirming with his yellow eyes that her man had passed out.

Usbel, who strode out on her smooth outstretched legs, found another prey by gently flapping her scattered wings unique to demons.

However, only Prince Sarmus was the one who came to his senses at Usbel’s sight.

And, of course, Usbel walked slowly towards the next prey.


Uthbel, who looked captivating rather than alluring, licked her bright red lips with her sticky lips.

“Oh, my sister hasn’t played yet.”

The people who were lying down with the duke blocked by Usbel’s arm rolled like sheets of paper.

“My dear master told me not to kill anyone, but maybe one of them could die in an accident?”

The Gongwang’s eyes widened rapidly as he looked at her Usbel.

“What do you think, Sarmer…”


Usbel looked down as she watched something strange rise through her abdomen.

A human hand with unusually long protruding fingernails, covered in bright red blood, protruded from the lower part of her wrist.

At the same time, hellish pain hit her Usubel.

But another hand closed her Usbel’s mouth.

“It’s been a while”

As she lost focus on her excruciating pain, Usbel had to feel someone hugging her and bringing a face to her ear.

“Usbel Derosso Einehaman Kurosh Nilin Mahan.”

At the far end of her mind, the voice of someone calling her own full name pierced Usbel’s ear.

The mysterious woman whispered to Usbel, in a voice more stringy than her Usbel.

From noble mtl dot com

“I will take him.”

* * *

Ekryn quickly screamed as she ran down the stairs towards the end.

“Mr. Priest!”


A protective shield was created at the exit with a buzzing sound.

Zelena wondered why the shield was being built over there, but before she could finish thinking, Spea’s voice broke out again.


The shield exploded.

No, to be more precise, it swelled at a tremendous speed.

A strange scream erupted from the other side of the door, as if someone had hit the shield.

“A protective shield, please.”

Eccrine, who uttered that sound, jumped without hesitation toward the protective shield that came right in front of her.

“Me too!”

Elif also jumped in.

“… It varies.”

Supea raised her hand towards the shield, her face mixed with her irritation, and the shield jerked and sucked the two women.

Zelena, who looked as if she was both surprised and exhausted, followed the two women as they ran while surrounded by the protective film.

And Elif and Eccrine, who had escaped from the lower level of the stairs, jumped out left and right.

Shupea, who was adjusting her shield, frowned and spread her hands out to the sides, and her shield split in two as if splitting a rice cake.

“Do some work, you guys!”

Witnessing the crazy sight of the shield splitting in two, Zelena finally cleared her mind and jumped in the direction where Elif and Ekryn had not jumped.

“Why is Grandma again!”

The protective film is abundant. Zelena smiled as if she had lost her mind when she checked the shield that had surrounded her.

That priest is completely insane.

Otherwise, the shield could not be used to this extent.

But when Shupea saw a chunk of her machine flying over her head, he pulled out her swear words.


It was Lafon.

Supea glanced at the other shield at its limit, and let out her annoyed voice.

“You dwarf sh*t sack! Why are you even mad! You can’t make four!”


However, contrary to Shupea’s grumbling, the newly formed protective shield dyed Kamache golden.

“Oh, I’m leaving at this rate.”

The three men and one dwarf started beating every enemy in their way.

Adele listened to the voices of hell in their ears while looking for people who hadn’t fainted, and Pionir followed Mana’s direction.

Then Fionir suddenly lifted his head to the ceiling and roared in a great voice.

“Something is coming!”

The ceiling pierced with a pop.

Dirt and rocks scattered in all directions, making a heavy sound, but the crew began to laugh strangely at something that came down through the ceiling.

It was Ewald who broke the ceiling and appeared.

“It’s right below!”

In a fit of temper, Balt concentrated mana into his fist and slightly bounced her body up. Then he smashed the floor with his mighty fist.


Ewald disappeared downstairs, apparently not intending to use the stairs.

Just in time, the crew members who had knocked out all the remaining personnel jumped down one by one through the hole Ewald had made.

Zelena, who was the last to jump into the hole, landed feeling a throbbing pain.

Her expression frowned involuntarily, but Zelena quickly raised her body.

And a scene that completely overturned Ewald’s and Zelena’s expectations unfolded in front of the crew.

Completely astonished, Ebalt became the face of an enraged beast and opened his mouth.

“… What crazy!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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