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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 73

Mission No.4 Reunion (03)

Returning to the inn, the only men, Ewald and Fionir, sat on their respective beds.

“Good job. Get some rest.”

“I am, chief.”


Ewald’s gaze turned to Fionir.

“I’m talking about what happened a while ago, but why are you making a puzzled expression?”

Ewald pondered, then pointed his finger at my chest and tilted his head.

“A puzzled expression?”

Fionir nodded.

“I’m talking about when I said you can use leita Mana without any reagents or magic tools.”


This time, Ewald nodded.

“It’s a bit strange, I mean.”

“Is that strange?”

“… I came up with a hypothesis.”

It was Ebalt, who kept making more and more incomprehensible sounds.

But soon Ewald shook his head.


Ewald said.

“Is not it?”

But he opened his mouth again.

It was the first time Ewald, who was extremely far from being indecisive, was at a loss like this.

Thanks to this, Pionir couldn’t say anything and quietly looked at Ewald’s reaction.

Then Ebalt calmly brought out his words.


“Yes, chief.”

“Try using class 2 magic tomorrow.”

“Class 2?”

Fionir’s brow furrowed slightly.

That was understandable, because it was certain that you couldn’t learn the magic of the second class without mastering all the magic of the first class.

Class 1 magic consists of magic that is the basis of all higher level magic.

Whether it was offensive magic or auxiliary magic.

This is why 1st class magic is so important.

It is easy to understand the reason if you consider that the phrase written on the first page of each magic book is ‘The foundation will make everything perfect’.

But now, Ewald is telling Pionir to go beyond the basics.

“Would that be possible?”

“Usually impossible. By the way, didn’t you say that you mastered all secondary magic?”

“Brenna is not yet available.”

A magic brenna that heats the target to a considerable level.

Of course, to say it’s a considerable level, it’s a temperature that’s enough to burn a person, but Ewald shook his head.

“Anyway, it’s magic that doesn’t even distinguish whether it’s offensive magic or auxiliary magic. Don’t worry, from tomorrow, when you’re alone, stick to the 2nd class.”

“… All right.”

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At Pionir’s answer, Ewald lay down on the bed casually.

But his mind was completely messed up.

There is only one reason.

This is because Peonir created the magic leita mana, which cannot be cast without reagents and magic tools, with his bare hands.

* * *

“Look, Felix.”

“Yes, Yannick.”

Putting the papers he was holding on the desk, Felix approached Yannick.

Yannick touched his chin with a somewhat dark expression, then quietly opened his mouth to Felix.

“Something… It’s just that an absurd problem has arisen.”

Felix made a rather puzzled expression.

“Is it an absurd problem?”

Yannick, who brought out his words, also had a puzzled look on his face.

“The person who created this magic ceremony. Didn’t you say Ewald Kitska?”

“That… It is.”

“I looked at Schheim’s own driving magic formula, but it was a bit strange.”

“It’s very strange…”

“First of all, the magic formula that activates the fljúga magic to the extreme is imprinted in order to launch this Schheim into the air. Besides, it’s not just fljúga, it’s a mix of several Wealthy Magics. Activating multiple spells at the same time isn’t much of a problem, but there’s something odd about it. No, it should be called absurd.”

Unsure of what to say, Felix just waited in silence for Yannick to speak.

“I’m sure Ewald Kitska didn’t participate in the development of Schheim?”

“… I know it is not.”

“Then it’s even weirder.”

What was strange was that Felix began to feel frustrated.

“Therefore… To put it simply, the magic formula imprinted during the development of this Schheim is not a human method.”

For a moment, Felix’s eyes sharpened.

“Human’s… Isn’t that the way?”

“To manifest different types of magic at the same time, you need a connection point that governs the distribution of mana. It is a key device that opens water and adjusts the amount of mana according to the type of magic imprinted in the magic formula. In fact, the reason why the unit price is so high when imprinting magic formulas on objects is the ‘connection point’.”

Yannick licked his lips and continued.

“The role of the connecting point is the ‘Magic Stone’. It is not only extremely difficult to obtain magic stones, but it is also not easy to engrave finely tuned values, so it is worth calling the magic stones necessary for a permanent magic ceremony. Magic stones that go into a magic ceremony of this scale will need a capacity that can control a million polumens ridiculously. I’ve never seen a magic stone like that before.”

“But what do you mean the problem?”

“Not a single ‘magic stone’ was used in the magic formula created to launch this Schheim into the air.”

“… Yes?”

An absurd voice came out of Felix’s mouth.

“Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve seen a magic ceremony that didn’t use magic stones. I wonder if this makes sense. From the main gun firing magic, to the flight-related magic, to the search magic I discovered today, no ‘magic stones’ were used. Instead.”


“All the ‘mana connection points’ in charge of magic stones were treated with ‘magic’.”

“If there is a magic that distributes mana, wouldn’t it be okay to use magic?”

Yannick shook his head.

“Think about it. In magic, the caster ‘controls the flow of mana’ and implements the magic formula into reality. Just like plants need water to grow. But it’s just like there are plants that water other plants. It means that the non-intellic is playing the role of the intellect.”

“That word…”

“It means that when someone created this Schheim, they used magic unknown to humans and completed the magic ceremony. That too, by using ‘magic’ that fundamentally distorted the ‘mana flow’ itself, which is the most fundamental of magic. Such magic doesn’t even exist. ‘Mana that controls other magic’ is absurd.”

Yannick opened his mouth again to Felix, whose expression was hard to understand properly.

“But, obviously, there is magic that acts as a magic stone in Shuheim. No, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the magic stone is mimicking that magic.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be comfortable to think that such magic existed in the first place?”

“That’s right enough. It’s magic that definitely exists, but just because humans didn’t know about it doesn’t mean that existing magic disappears. But there is the biggest problem.”

Only then did Yannick spit out the biggest question he had in his heart.

“The magic formula created by Ewald Kitska is overlaid on top of the magic formula deployed in Schheim.”

A moan-like sigh escaped Yannick.

“And even Ewald’s magic formula has the magic that humans don’t know about.”

“… I beg your pardon?”

In the end, Felix looked at Yannick with his brow completely twisted.

“Are you saying that Ebalt also didn’t use magic stones, but used magic that serves as the connecting point?”

Yannick nodded very slowly and let out a trembling voice.

“That is a powerful magic enough to chew and eat the magic formula imprinted throughout Schheim. The basic magic imprinted on Shuheim is great, but the magic imprinted by Ewald is engraved with the magic that controls all other magic.”

At Yannick’s words, Felix shut his mouth.

And Yannick opened his mouth in a completely subdued voice.

“… I wonder who the hell Ewald learned magic from.”

* * *

“Do you have a room?”

A hooded woman opened the door to her inn.

“Come on. Did you come alone?”

The innkeeper, who was cleaning her bathtub, approached her lady, wiping her hands.

The woman nodded her head and turned her gaze away. And the woman took some of her coins out of her pocket and she laid them on the table.

“Do you need anything else?”


The woman paused her words for a moment, then she shook her head.

“No. Show me your room.”

The woman lifted her hood and she followed the innkeeper.

She was Zelena.

“Hey, the bath is being cleaned because the previous guests used it a little harshly, so you can use it in about an hour.”

“It doesn’t really matter…”

Boo woo.

At that moment, Zelena’s words stopped.

Even the innkeeper, who had climbed ahead of her, glanced back at Zelena.

A strange sound was coming from around Zelena’s waist.

At the same time, her Zelena’s face hardened like a stone statue.

“Guest, what’s wrong?”

There is no way an answer will come out.

Zelena cautiously passed the innkeeper and went upstairs. Even in the midst of that, her booming sound continued to flow from Zelena’s waist.

“Hey, guest?”

Finally, Zelena brought her hand to her waist, lightly gripped the sounding object, and lifted it up to her chest level.

“Are there any adventurers among the guests?”

“Adventure… I don’t know if it was Cain, but groups of guests did come.”

Zelena looked down at the device, which was destabilizing her sound, and began to get a little nervous.

A few days ago, the mana meter she had obtained after hearing from the wizard she had been struggling to find said that mana was gathering in the direction of the principality had exceeded the limit, and the sound was throbbing enough to stop.

The mana possessed by a normal wizard is about 300,000 polumens, but this meter can measure more than 1 million polumens.

But the fact that this meter is about to stop breathing…

It was said that mana that far exceeded 1 million pole lumens was condensed.

Whether it was a person’s mana core or an object that accumulated mana abnormally.

Thus, Zelena’s hard face turned serious.

If more than one million polumens of mana were accumulated in a human body, only wizards of at least 7th class or higher would be able to do so.

And there are less than 50 such people on the continent.


And finally, the measuring instrument stopped moving because it could not stand the excessive measurement.

“Are other people staying at the hotel besides the group?”

“Oh, no. Only them are here today.”

Zelena, who couldn’t bear to ask where she was staying, was staring at her room door.

If it was a person that contained this kind of mana, it would be fortunate, but if it was an object, it would be very complicated.

In addition, as I had checked in the Kingdom of Stett, considering that there was a strange flow of mana in the direction of the principality, it was not something that could be overlooked.

That was scratching Zelena’s heart.

‘If he has a mana core of over 1 million pole lumens, he might be able to get some help.’

At this point where finding a wizard was so difficult, Zelena decided that if she could find a wizard who could help her, she would be able to proceed with the task with ease.

It was still too early for her to go to sleep, so she stopped worrying about her anymore and went to the door closest to her.

“What? What are you, what are you?”

Who are you and what are you?

At her strange honorific, Zelena stopped her hand knocking on her door and turned her head in the direction she had come when she heard her voice.

There, she was wearing a princess-like outfit that didn’t suit an inn like this, and a girl with her hair in pigtails was staring at her Zelena.

She was Usbel.

“Are you trying to knock? Are you trying to knock? Is that our master’s room?”


Does a girl dressed in such an aristocratic style have someone in this room whom she would call her master?

Zelena looked at Usbel with a wary look on her face.

Then, suddenly, the door to her room opened.

“Who are you talking to?”

She naturally turned Zelena’s gaze to the open door,

“Who came…”

Zelena momentarily thrust her dagger into Ebalt’s chest.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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