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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 50

Mission No.3 Little Devils (10)

Ewald, who informed Fionir of the garrison’s location, gave the order to come to the garrison with the necessary items.

Of course, Pionir, who understood with the words, ‘Close up your life and come’, quickly departed for his hometown, and Ewald thought about returning to the base, and remembered what Marcus had asked him to do.

“It’s a substitute war…”

I asked for an investigation on the priest, so I’ll have to get that too, and I have something else to ask the high priest of Pediem.

Ewald turned his foot towards me instead.

* * *

“Hey, new groom.”

“… I will kill you, Marcus.”

“Are you well, Jesu?”

“… Do you want to lose?”

“I will decline that.”

Giggling back, Commander-in-Chief Marcus barely suppressed the laughter that leaked out.

Then, Grand Master Pe Diem made a save.

“How is your sister-in-law?”

“Kill it, you bastard Pedi!”

“If you want to get married, say something. You don’t have to give a congratulatory money.”

Ewald jumped up from his seat to counterattack at Peddiem’s ​​attack, but Peddiem’s ​​additional blows flew faster than him.

“Did you suddenly feel sorry for not being able to pay the congratulatory money?”

“… Ha, these.”

“I’m glad, I’m glad. I thought I would die after living alone for the rest of my life because my temper was dirty. Isn’t your brother good too? Is there a thirty-year age difference?”

It’s a crime. That is definitely a crime. However, Ewald, who had no intention of getting married at all, slapped Peddiem on the back of the head and sat down. Peddiem scratched the back of his head and handed him a bag that made a clicking sound.

“The principality’s personal statement? This is a potion. I took care of it, so feel free to use it.”

“It is extraordinary.”

“Let’s use this as a congratulatory money.”

Ewald showed this.

“Sure, sir.”

“Uh huh, there should be enough money to celebrate.”

“Shut up!”

“Ouch, that’s scary.”

Peddiem backed away with a not at all frightened face and sat down on the long sofa.

“By the way, when I heard about Marcus-hyung, I heard that he asked for information about the priest?”


It was.

“It’s about Shupea, to be exact.”

“Did Gya try to hit you?”

“… I’m dying, really.”

“Gya is a priest, so you can’t touch him. And you already have a sister-in-law? After hearing Marcus-hyung’s story, he’s young and has a very good body… Whew.”

Ewald gritted his teeth once and shook his head.

“I can only use a protective shield.”

It’s about Spea. Of course, Peddiem, who was aware of Shupea’s every move, smiled.

“Isn’t it?”

“… Did you know?”

“Hey, if you don’t understand them, you won’t be qualified as a high priest. Of course I knew that.”

“But did you pass it on to me?”

“You were in a hurry, right? Not great for something rushed.”


But that’s not why he came.

Ewald let out a tsk and opened his mouth cautiously.

“Speah used strange things.”

“Anything strange?”

“It wasn’t magic. But even if it seems like divine power…”

Pediem, with a curious face, came closer to Ewald.

“Tell me in detail.”

“So I don’t know if that’s accurate.”

Ebalt cleared his throat once and opened his mouth.

“Knung Rivera North. Obsecco, Domine Me. Yes compundase no sire.”

Peddiem’s ​​mouth fell open.

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“… I beg your pardon?”

“I don’t remember all of them, but it was something like that.”

“Sir, are you sure?”

“… Ah, why is it dialect again? Are you scared, Peddy?”

But Pe Diem shook her head vigorously with a serious face.

“Sir, please speak clearly. Did Shupea really talk like that?”

“Roughly. I’m not sure I remember exactly.”

“Then, didn’t something strange happen after Shupea said that?”


Recalling his memories, Ewald slowly opened his mouth.

“There was something like a very soft wind coming out of Shupea. It was a white light, but I can’t remember the details, but I do remember that it was very cozy and warm.”

“… Hi Goo!”

“What is that?”

“That’s a holy song.”

* * *


“It is a temporary power that sometimes occurs when a priest is pushed into an extreme situation. How often to display great divine power. No one knows what form it will take.”


“Didn’t Shupea say that the wound healed when he wore it?”

“It did.”

“Then it seems that the chant performed at that time was focused on healing. According to the records, regeneration, shielding, and even resurrection were possible.”

“Boo, Resurrection?”

“Well, it’s incredibly rare, but I know it happened a few hundred years ago.”

“Awesome! Can’t you use that often?”

“Is this an issue that will drive Shupea to the brink of death every time?”

“… Aha!”

“You see?”

It was good.

“You saw something precious. I’ve never even seen one.”

Ewald scratched the back of his head shyly.

“So, brother, did you come to ask about that?”

“Yeah, what. It must have been involved in the identities of the members.”

“Heh heh, it seems he’s acting as the captain in an unexpectedly steady manner?”

“Ah, I’m going to die. In many ways.”

“You must have suffered a lot.”

“What can I do?”

Ewald licked his lips.

I came here to ask for advice because it’s a strange phenomenon, but it’s a temporary phenomenon, so I can’t reproduce it.

Everything that could be salvaged was salvaged. If I took this much potion, it would be enough. All that remains is to finish preparing to invade the principality.

There was no time to hang out here.

“Then go.”

Ewald, carrying a backpack full of potions, quickly stood up. Marcus held out the bottle to Ewald, who hurriedly stood up.

“If you’re not busy, why don’t we have a drink?”

“I haven’t lost yet, man.”

“Have you ever been drinking while watching the time?”

“… I don’t have time for that.”

“You must be full of heart to go see a pretty maid, but you should wake up, bro.”


“Have you prepared a bridal chamber?”

“Pierce the left atrium!”

“Ooh, that’s scary. Valquier-sama, save me. Looking at the reaction, the curtains look like they are not pink?”

“… Ha!”

I’ll go crazy after a while. Ewald scratched his head and ran out of the room.

The door closed and his footsteps receded.

And the next moment, Pe Diem, his face flushed red, spat out a curse word.


Marcus’ face immediately hardened and he called the high priest’s name.

“… Pediem.”

“I’m sorry, sir. But I just can’t stand it.”

“Are you okay, sleep?”

“Are you okay? Is it a chant?”

“… It can’t be okay.”

Even Marcus frowned.

“This story must never be circulated among believers, saint. It doesn’t matter since Saint Ewald went back like that, but even if it’s only a chance, if Shupea performs another chant and word spreads about it, it’s nothing to split the followers.”

“… I know.”

“I’m going crazy. Chant? Does it make sense, is this?”

However, after Peddiem’s ​​lamentations,

“Sorry for eavesdropping.”

Ewald opened the door and reappeared.

“Would you like to talk to me?”

* * *

Ewald, who pulled a chair and sat down, opened his mouth with a firm expression.

“What is a chant?”

Priest Phe Diem put a padlock on his mouth and closed it.

However, Ewald, who had no intention of looking at it, grinned and opened his mouth again.

“Do you want to build a new temple?”

I’m telling you to tell me before you hit everything. As a bonus, this Ebalt is a human enough to be left with. Peddiem opened his mouth with a bitter face.

“… The manifestation of abnormal divine power.”

“If it’s a manifestation of divine power, it’s an expression, but what’s abnormal? Do you distinguish between normal and abnormal?”

Peddiem let out a long sigh.

“Sacred power is manifested through ‘endless longing and devotion to God’. That’s the normal manifestation of divine power. But abnormal manifestations are the opposite.”

“The opposite?”

“It is not that man prays to God, but that ‘God causes man to be forced’.”


“That’s annoying.”

“Is it some kind of incarnation?”

“Not at that level. But ‘responding to something you don’t expect’ is the problem.”

“I didn’t expect it, but aren’t you thankful when you get a response?”

“… Sir, are you kidding me?”

“No. Are you serious?”

“This is the temple of the Lord Valkier!”

“… Don’t I know that?”

“Valkier’s love extends to all and is equal to all!”

“… Oh, why are you screaming and f*cking?”

Peddiem let out a roar with a flushed face.

“Emperor or slave, saint or murderer, high or low, it is Valquier-sama who takes care of everyone ‘the same’ with incomparable love!”

Ewald shut his mouth.

“And the priests are the ones who devoted everything to following the love of that Valkier! That’s why we priests exist on this land as vessels of Lord Valkier!”

Peddiem’s ​​words continued.

“But the chant is the opposite! It means that Lord Valkier himself ‘selects’ the priest and bestows his blessings on him! Do you know what that means?”

Phe Diem, who had been arguing, drew in his breath.

“You mean that Valkier-sama loves that priest ‘more than other priests’! It is a departure from the greatest principles!”

After hearing that, Ewald let out a laugh.


Peddiem’s ​​face contorted at once.

“That’s right, brother! It’s obvious what will happen if it becomes known to the world! It means that the very core of Valkier’s theology is shaken!”

“Is that enough to shake?”

“Brother, are you crazy?”

“It’s okay, go and take a bath in cold water, you little fella.”

“I’m really going to keep tempering you!”

“… Are you really going to cheer me up?”

“It is not such a problem!”

Ewald let out a long sigh.



A stream of water formed on Peddiem’s ​​head and gently fell on Peddiem’s ​​head.

Peddiem stretched out as much as his temper was stretched out in an absurd situation, but at that moment, the amount of water that seemed to be poured from a bucket hit Peddiem with a chugging sound.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“… Lord.”

“Do you want to be quiet and listen to your brother?”

“… Is this the mood to listen to?”

As Pe Diem trembled or shook his hand, Ewald set aside the kettle on Pe Diem’s ​​head.

“I’ll be able to listen, now.”

“Peddiem, listen to me for a moment.”

Marcus interceded.

Even so, the atmosphere was so overheated that Marcus, who was thinking of quitting once, made a impression on Ewald, who had been showered with water, and sat down for Peddiem.

However, Marcus understood Peddiem’s ​​feelings to some extent. Because there is no priest who can just sit and watch as his beliefs are shaken.

Moreover, it will be even more so if the center of the shaking is penetrating the very core of the doctrine.

Peddiem is the high priest of the Valkier religion.

However, Ewald, who was moving his chair from side to side and bobbing his head, had an expression made of only a sneer.

“Do you know where I went wrong?”

“… Can you tell me?”

“From the premise that you are a ‘priest’, everything is gone, you idiot.”

Marcus turned his gaze to Ewald with a face that seemed a bit harsh.

“Look, Ewald.”

However, Ewald just covered up Marcus’ gaze.

“Be quiet, Marcus. You’re talking to the high priest right now.”

“… Say hush.”

At the words of Pe Diem, who actually listened to the story, Marcus folded his arms and stepped back.

And Ewald’s story continued.

“Didn’t you say that a chant is when Valkier pinpoints a specific person and ‘exercises divine power without praying for it’, and that chant goes against the ‘doctrine’?”

“It could be.”

“The reason why it goes against the doctrine is that the Valkier ‘loves’ the human who performed the chant more?”


“Then, a priest who can’t use divine power even if he prays for the rest of his life is a human Valkier ‘doesn’t love’?”

That’s not it. For a moment, Peddiem’s ​​eyebrows furrowed.

“… No, my lord, that’s a little different.”

“Tell me differently “““`? Priests who can’t use holy power even if they pray for the rest of their lives are Valkier ‘abandoned’?”

“No, that…”

“This is the last one. Doesn’t it seem that Valkier ‘loves’ a priest who just spends his holy power when he prays for a short time than a civilian who can’t use his holy power even if he prays for the rest of his life?”

“That, that…”

“Do you get a sense of it, you arrogant bastard?”

“… Older brother.”

Ewald spat vicious words in the face of Peddiem, who was starting to feel sad somewhere.

“The fact that you can’t use holy power and think of this as Valkier’s ‘measurement of love’ is itself a mistake, you arrogant high priest bastard.”

Pe Diem shuts him up.

“It’s not that the chant is abnormal, but that you can’t use it must be sick to your stomach, you old bastard.”

Ewald kicked his tongue.

“They say you can’t see anything inside the organization, so that’s right. Do you know what it is usually called when the phenomenon of the chant you speak of happens to ordinary people?”

“… I don’t know, bro.”

“It is called a miracle.”

Peddiem, who had been hit in the head properly, looked at Ewald with a blank expression.

“You’re f*cking with nothing, really.”

Ewald stood up from his seat with an expression of disapproval.

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“Don’t make it complicated. If you are a follower of the Valkier and believe that the Valkier ‘loves all mankind equally’, just shut up and believe. If you believe you have to prove it, is that faith?”

The mace landed on Pediem’s ​​chest.

“You know what old Geresbek said to me, what I was most deeply grateful for?”

Ewald’s words fell to Peddiem, who was making a painful expression without answering.

“All sins begin with comparison.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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