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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 51

Mission No.3 Little Devils (11)

“Sir, excuse me.”

Peonyr, who had been looking around like a pooping puppy in front of the tent, put the backpack he was carrying heavily on his back on the floor.

As if he had really organized his life, he brought only a few supplies and looked around nervously.

This is the barracks of the Continental Speer led by ‘Magic Swordsman Ewald Kitsuka’.

Fionir, well aware of the heaviness of the name, was even feeling a strange sense of reverence for him.

That’s because Ebalt was a divine being to adventurers in their 30s and older.

A unit led by such an Ebalt would be a tremendous force. Fionir grabbed his pounding chest and opened the tent door.

And his pot flew.


Pioneer’s head, which had been hit right between the eyebrows, was thrown back.

Fortunately, his head, which had fallen so violently that his neck might not have been broken, was blown back along with his body, and he fell while being entangled in the tent.

Fionir, who eventually let go of his far-away spirit, fell to the ground.

“Oh, I did it, I did it.”

“Isn’t that what happened because you avoided it?”

“What do you know? Do you know?”

Usbel, who arrived at the scene of the incident first, hopped around Piornir, who was lying on the ground with crab foam in his mouth. Usbel, who confirmed that he was still breathing, clapped his hands with a dazed expression,

“Let’s abandon it quickly.”

She said scary things.

Hulking Ekryn came quickly to Usbel’s side.

“Are you still alive?”

“Um, uh, breathe. Rest hard.”

Upon hearing Usbel’s answer, Eccrine firmly nodded her head.

“Cutting off the breath is easier to abandon.”

“… Don’t kill me carelessly.”

Ewald appeared as he climbed over Pionir’s sprawled body.

“… Hi go.”

Ewald, who put down the backpack containing the potion, lifted the entangled Pionir with one hand and slapped it lightly.

The action quickly began to dilute the bubbles, and Fionir, who began to gradually return to reality from the hill where Morr’s grandfather waved his hand, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Eh, Mr. Ebalt!”

“Your brain doesn’t seem to be injured. Are you okay?”

“Okay, it seems to be fine.”

“I’m glad.”

After freeing Fionir, Ewald stood near the entrance to the tent.

Ewald, who felt miserable that the number of people who started with Usbel had grown to seven before he knew it, but he cleared his throat feeling a new feeling.

“Everyone pay attention.”

Six people’s eyes turned to Ewald.

Come to think of it, it is safe to say that this is the first official meeting since the Continentaler Speer unit was created. However, Ewald felt it was time to introduce himself and each other to these humans.

“It’s new, but I’m Ewald Kitska, who has been entrusted with the vice-captain of the Imperial Special Forces Continentaler Speer.”

Clap clap clap!

“Let’s start with a brief introduction of the unit members. Usbel is the one hopping around in that long dress. According to records, he is the most recently descended demon king in Middle-earth. It’s not dangerous, so let’s be friends.”

Ewald moved his hand to face the bed.

“The blonde lady lying on the bed over there is Elif Karossa. He has tremendous swordsmanship skills, but he is a fool who cannot hold a sword against people or animals.”

Everyone stopped breathing.

“And the red-haired girl lying amicably next to him is Adele Meles. It is a bard that appeared after six generations in the Meles family, the birthplace of bards, but he is tone deaf enough to fight and win against Mandragora.”

Fionir’s face was strangely distorted.

“The lady next to him with braided hair and wearing a priest’s uniform is Supera Geresbek. As you can see, he’s a bully, but he’s a Valkierian priest who can only use a protective shield. So you must keep in mind that you should not get hurt recklessly. In the event of an emergency, you may end up dying without being treated by the priest.”

So he always has to carry plenty of potions.

“And that big girl with a ponytail is Ekryn Kirsch. She is a former freelance mercenary and has great knife skills, but is a prosecutor with a severe lack of social skills.”

Therefore, the shackles must be severely filled.

“The last friend you guys tried to abandon is Pioneer Schwartz. He is a mage who has been in the 1st class for 27 years. As a bonus, he’s the kind of friend who can’t use any offensive magic.”

Ewald, who explained so calmly, looked at the faces of the crew members with a face that was not unusual.

“The above is the composition of the Continentaler Sphere. It is difficult to control more than six people, so there is no additional staff unless there is an unavoidable situation. Any questions?”

Fionir hesitantly raised his hand.

“It’s your first time here, so let’s talk.”

“… Lieutenant Commander Ewald Kitska.”

Pionir, impatient, opened his mouth, and Ewald accepted his words calmly.

“Don’t be shy, just call me the captain.”

“I understand, chief. I’m sorry, but how much are you serious and how much are you joking?”

It’s a serious face. However, Ebalt twitched his lips and replied boldly.

“Are you all serious?”

“But this is a ridiculous staffing, isn’t it?”

“Huh. Didn’t you talk?”

With an evil smile, Ewald opened his mouth.

“This is hell.”

It seemed that the room was getting dark.

“So you better get used to it quickly.”

“That’s not too difficult, but I have a few questions.”

Ewald was genuinely impressed.

I thought I was going to collapse when I looked at the members of the chain bomb after I pulled out Ebalt, who had a lot of nerves.


“Are these people the captain’s preference?”

It’s a beanball aiming for his head.

“No, I’m not talking about women’s preference, it’s a question of ability.”

“After pulling it out, it looked like this?”

“I don’t understand. By any chance, Captain, do you use single use of force as your basic tactic?”

“I do the risky things. However, I picked it at best, but I have no intention of teasing you with a ball.”

Fionir nodded his head.


That’s not too surprising.

“Then let me ask you one last question.”

And the most important question flowed from Pionir.

“What are you planning to do with this number?”

That’s a good question. Ewald brought out his words with a smile.

“According to the whim of the emperor, it carries out special missions.”

Of course, most of the troublesome things are cut off from Ewald’s line, and in reality, the main task is to be dragged along on adventures according to Ewald’s wanderlust.

“And as a personal hobby.”

Ewald crossed his arms with a confident face.

“I train you.”

However, as soon as the words were over, Shupea and Eccrine’s faces turned red. Shupea grabbed the studded dog collar around his neck and pointed at Balt.

“Joe, joe, training, what, what kind of trick is that?”

“… What?”

“If the West wishes…”

“… Yes?”

… These.

“Can you tell me what you mean by training?”

Pionir looked straight at Ewald with a serious face. Ewald simply opened his mouth with a gasping sound.

“You guys are in a slightly less serious state, but…”


“It has a lot of potential.”

“… Yes?”

At last, a look of bewilderment crossed Fiorinir’s face.

Potential power? Are you talking about talent?

However, something similar to Pionir’s bewildered expression appeared on the faces of the crew. That expression soon turned into a self-deprecating smile.

And Pionir’s mouth, which had been drawing the most bitter smile, opened heavily.

“… It is more comfortable not to have a talent that is not manifested.”

“Oh yeah?”

Ewald grabbed Fiornier by the shoulder. At the sudden action, Pionir tried to step back, but he couldn’t escape Ewald’s grip.

“Listen carefully, Fior.”

Looking straight into Pionir’s bewildered eyes, Ewald opened his mouth, painting a confident smile on his face.

“Potential is stronger than destiny.”

A single word, not very strong, pierced the ears of everyone present.

It seeped into the minds of the losers who were treated like idiots at home, in the military, by friends, and by superiors.

He struggled, shed tears of blood, clutched at his chest, and locked himself in the hearts of the suffering stragglers.

“If it is your destiny to be shunned and alienated, I will crush that irritating fate with your potential.”

Nobody said anything

But Ebalt finished his words with an evil laugh like a demon lord.

“And I will prove it through you guys.”

* * *

“Trenrich! Mr. Trenrich is there!”

Felix woke up on the bed. For three days he had not been able to close his eyes at all, but he had eyes that could not be seen by a man who had been down for four hours.

Felix, who was basically lifting the blanket with his murderous eyes, stepped back in amazement when he saw the girl appearing from under the blanket.

Felix, who had endured as if he was about to fall off the edge of the bed, sighed and quietly covered the girl with the blanket he had grabbed.

Felix, who sighed as if his life was about to shorten, quickly moved away from Laharp, who was mumbling with his thumb in his mouth.



Putting on a gown, Felix moved cautiously. Breaking Lahaf is a specification.

Quietly opening the door and leaving the room, Felix touched the laundry. As soon as the man who was desperately looking for Felix found him, he politely bowed and pushed in the papers.


“Clona doesn’t happen.”

“… Any problems with the manufacturing process?”

“There is no process problem, but the core is not formed.”

From noble mtl dot com

The core, which plays the most pivotal role in the generation of clones, does not occur. Felix nodded his head after a brief thought.

He got his hands on Schheim anyway, so Klonna is unnecessary.

“Stop it. Abolish all processes for manufacturing clones.”

“Are you sure?”

“It’s Rahaf’s order.”

“I will follow. But…”

“Any other problem?”

“Schheim is strange.”


Felix faced a new problem.

“The interpretation of the magic formula is proceeding smoothly, but the magic power is completely different from the formula.”

“What is the solution?”

“I am researching. However, in this state, it seems that in addition to the time required for analysis, more time will be needed for analyzing the deployment of magical power.”

“Pick more people.”

“But Mr. Trenrich, it is not easy because all the wizards have already been summoned.”

Felix shoved his papers into his man’s chest.

“Abduct, brainwash, or use mercenaries, whatever you want.”


“I will give you a month.”

Felix’s face went cold.

“Extract biometric information.”

* * *

A strange atmosphere hovers around the tent. Ebalt tousled his hair in a feeling that was both embarrassing and frustrating.

“The injured guys are doing their best to recover. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Now, wait a minute, Captain.”

Pionir, who had a dazed expression, called for Ebalt in a hurry, but Ebalt, who had already shook his hand, exited the tent. Pionir followed Ewald and left the tent.

Pioneer, who had followed Ewald, who had walked away before he knew it, approached Ewald with quick steps.


“Why? It’s done It’s past office hours.”

“That’s not important, but there’s something I want to ask you.”

“It’s the last thing you did. Let me rest too Can’t you?”

But Fionir had no intention of backing down.

“Is that true?”

Eventually Balt stopped and glanced behind him.

“… Subject.”

“Are you serious about what you just said at the tent? It means that you prove it through us. Is it true?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

After answering with a very natural look, Ewald gave Piornir a light slap on the back. The skinny Fionir staggered slightly, but he straightened his upper body with a satisfied smile.

“Don’t roll until you’re about to die and then run away.”

Instead of his stiff appearance until now, Fionir opened his mouth with a voice mixed with a slight laugh.

“I will promise.”

“Okay, in that sense, it’s the first mission.”

Ebalt, holding Fionir’s shoulder firmly, lifted his lips to one side.

“With this number of people, draw up an invasion plan for the Principality of Sarmus.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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