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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 48

Mission No.3 Little Devils (08)

“Distribution over land is impossible and the front is still winter. Until the rest of the harbor thaws

It will take at least three months, and even if the iron ore distribution is blocked during that period, the army will greatly weaken. Our military has no sea power, so this strategy will be the most effective.”

This analysis is exactly what Marcus told Ewald.

“Wouldn’t there be a defense force?”

“It is in the southern part of Seleco Harbor. The defense of the port itself is not strong. It is blocked to the west by the Chiraq Mountains, and to the west of these mountains is the Kur people’s sphere of influence. We can’t distribute our forces widely, so we’ll block the only land route, the coast. However, due to the large detour of the Chirac Mountains to the south, the Kurs would not have put up much defense. Deploying troops just for the defense of Seleko Harbor is overspending. If you block it in a narrow passage, you can buy a lot of time.”

“Then the purpose is to capture Seleko Port?”

“Perhaps, I think. After capturing Port Seleko, we will conduct a defensive war for as long as possible.”

“But if it was a cavalry unit like that, it would be easy to spot. The Kurs also have eyes.”

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“I think they will probably do a night operation. There are rumors that the Magic Society has recently completed magic that can be seen in the dark.”

“… Aha!”

“If the cavalry disperses the camp, of course the infantry is sent in. Kur will also focus on the second attack. Except for a few cavalry units, they will bypass the battlefield to confuse them. At least it will lay the groundwork for fooling the Kur guys.”

“What about supplies?”

“hahahaha, I’m not the unit commander…”

This is already the level of insight of a unit commander.

“If it were me, I would take the horse.”

“A horse?”

Fionir nodded his head.

“Because they are herbivores, they can be eaten raw. Besides, it’s still winter, so there’s no big deal on storage. It will hurt your teeth if it freezes, though.”

“So you’re saying we can bring victory to the war?”

“It is temporary.”

Fiornier said so.

“But we will take the lead for the next half year.”

“It’s plausible.”

Ewald was thrilled. Marcus Schilling, the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army, sat gazing into the strategy devised while rotting his head.

However, Pioneer, who had clearly seen the charter, raised his beer glass with a confident smile somewhere.

“It’s just my guess.”

hahahaha, you went too deep for guessing!”

Loud laughter broke out and the men drank. But there was no further talk of war. Everyday talk, women’s talk, and life’s story came pouring out.

Ewald quietly brought his beer to his mouth.

He is a brilliant man. Her mana management is artistic. She and she hadn’t even been deployed to the battlefield yet.

Then, Ewald had only one thing to do.

He laughed and chatted for a while while drinking, and Pionir stood up first.

“Let’s go in first. I have to go to the magic group tomorrow.”

“Oh, yes, I see. You did a good job today.”

“It was nothing.”

Fiornir, who woke up completely sober, said goodbye to a few people and left the store.

Ewald quietly raised his glass.

There is a smile on his lips like that.

* * *

Returning to the tent, Ewald drew his sword. Ewald, who had drunk a little too much of his beer and was a little drunk, but happy at the thought of a young man named Pionir, grinned and put down his gear.


And at that word, Ewald woke up. He picked up his gear and turned around.

“You are late.”

“Be, Xelzedeus!”

As if it were some kind of magic, Ewald said that first. He was Ebalt who wanted to shout that he still had about 2 years and 10 months left, but Ekrin in front of him nodded as if he knew.

Did you hear me?

“I know, Mr. West.”

Did you really hear?

“I know you are carrying such a burden, so I cannot force you to marry me.”

‘… Oh, thank you.’


Ekryn, who hesitantly put her hands together with her large size, spat out a shy voice.

“I think I can attend.”

“No, no. Stop.”

“… West.”

Ekryn, who was only ten centimeters shorter than Ewald, came forward. Of course, looking at it objectively, she was pretty, well-proportioned, and had a nice figure, but Ewald had numbness in her hamstrings.


“I also have circumstances.”

“So do i.”

It is Eccrine who does not back down even one step. If you do well, you will be able to attack. Ewald hesitated and stepped back. Eccrine moved into that space.


“… West.”

It is a word with great destructive power. Besides, if you throw out lines like that with such a shy face, your head will go blank. Ewald wanted to curse at least.

Oops, I don’t know Ewald slammed the equipment he was holding onto the floor. Then, with strides, he walked toward Ekryn.

Ewald walked right in front of Eccrine and grabbed Eccrine’s shoulders with both hands. Eccrine’s eyes trembled from side to side at the force exuding masculine beauty.

However, Ewald shook Ekryn’s shoulder slightly.

Then he spat out the words he couldn’t bear to put in his mouth.

“I want to protect you.”

“… Yes?”

“Because it’s not something important to touch.”

“… West.”

“I want you to understand how I feel.”

Ekryn’s eyes trembled violently. The desire to jump right into Ewald’s arms rang in Eccrine’s head. However, Ewald finished his lines with shriveled limbs.

“Got it?”

“… Yes.”

Ecrin’s head, which lowered her head while suppressing her heart’s beating, landed on Ewald’s large palm. Then he stroked it.

It was a rough touch, like stroking the heads of the neighborhood kids, but Ekryn, who already had thick bean pods clinging to her eyes, raised her head in surprise at the kindness.

He met Ewald’s green eyes.


Ewald opened his mouth softly.

“Get out.”

“Have a good night, sir.”

Chicken flesh sprouted all over Ewald’s body. He said it himself, but wondered how he was able to say such a line. But Ewald, who must live and see first, nodded and removed his hand from Ekryn’s head.

“But, Mr. Seo, if you feel lonely, call me anytime.”

‘… Help me.’

“No, of course.”

Ekryn politely bowed his head once more and walked out of the tent. Of course, during that time, he looked back a few times with regret, but Balt patted his hand with a wide smile.

I mean get out quickly.

When Ecrine finally disappeared, Ewald sighed enough to make his lungs pop out, then sat down on the bed.

“… Hi-go!”

He passed a hurdle.

I won’t be running in this way in the future. While seriously thinking about what kind of karma he had in his previous life that drove him to this point, Balt held his head.

And a cold voice of jealousy flew in from outside the tent.

“Do some damn sh*t!”

“Yes, yes!”

* * *

Grabbing Usbel by the back, Ewald left the tent with a face full of annoyance. When he dug in, Usbel, who was sleeping in his arms again, was arrested as a red-handed criminal and held in the hands of Ewald.

As soon as he faced the bright morning sunlight, he threw away the Us Bell in his hand, and Balt spat out all the curses and packed his equipment.

However, even though he threw it quite far, Usbel opened his mouth as he jumped toward Balt.

“Master, Master! Were you comfortable last night?”

“… Go away.”


Usbel, who was hopping back to the way he came from, stopped right where he was.

“By the way, where are you going?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t you need to practice?”

“Will you need it?”

Ewald left immediately. Usbel followed from afar, but Ewald, who had dropped her thunderbolt twice, hurried her steps behind her Usbel, whose smoke was rising.

The destination was, of course, the magic group.

“Welcome. The pride of the empire, the magic group.”

You love your pride Ewald opened his mouth with just that expression.

“Do you have a leader?”

“There is. Did you make an appointment?”

“Let’s catch it now.”

“It’s a little difficult because we have a schedule right now.”

“You mean you’re inside?”

“Now, wait a minute! Look at this!”

Ewald opened the door to the director’s office without listening. Contrary to his expectations, Frederick Henrich, the head of magic, was sitting behind his desk, tilting a teacup.

The female receptionist who followed Ewald turned to Ewald with an angry face, but Ewald pointed at Frederike with a smirk.

“Hey, it seems like drinking tea is also on schedule, Ricky.”

The female employee blushed at Balt’s attitude, but he raised his hand and said “Excuse me” Lightly, shutting the door shut and waving gently at Frederike.


“… Lieutenant Kitsuka.”

After grinning at Frederike, Ewald slumped back in his chair.

“Are you busy?”

“You are busy.”

“Then let’s talk about the conclusion first, well.”

Ewald bent his body forward and put his two hands on the pods.

“I’ll take the wizard.”

“… I beg your pardon?”

Frederike put down the teacup and glared at Ewald with fierce eyes.

“Wizard, take me.”

“Are you here to inform?”

“Not to inform, but to let you know.”

Frederique, who was retracing with a grim face the difference between notifying and notifying, looked at Ewald with ferocious eyes.

“Don’t you know we’re at war? Do you think I will give it to you if you ask me to give you a wizard that is not enough on the battlefield?”

“Will you?”

Blood vessels gushed in Frederique’s forehead.

“Look at this, Commander Kitsuka!”

“It’s not like taking them from the battlefield. Don’t be salty.”

Frederique stood up from her seat. Her tightly closed mouth contained a fair amount of irritation, but expressing her emotions only by squinting her eyes, she strode toward Balt.

“You will have to give a good reason.”

Ewald spat out a legitimate reason.

“I need.”

“… You’re so stupid.”

“Well, I never said that.”

Frederike, who had been contemplating for a long time whether or not to slap Ewald, who was laughing so hard, sat down in front of Ewald.

“At least, there should be an explanation of why a magician close to class 9 is trying to take a wizard because he has something to regret. Also, doesn’t the commander have the demon king with him?”

“Is that so?”

“There must be no wizard who can use magic better than the Demon King. No, before you even go to the Demon King, you alone will be enough, right?”

“To be precise, we need a strategist more than a wizard.”

“If you need a strategist, you can ask the Knights!”

“If possible, he can even use magic, isn’t it the icing on the cake?”

Fredericke, whose resentment had soared to the tip of her head, wanted to put Balt’s wrapper on her right now, but since there was such a big difference in weight class, she just glared at Balt. Spilled out

“Do you think that such a person has not yet been put on the battlefield?”

“It’s because there are people who have seen it.”

Frederique’s eyes grew cold.

“If you are aiming for a mage who is on the move to be put on the battlefield, give up quickly. No one has the authority to remove a wizard from the battlefield with a single word…”

“Because I’m not trying to take it off the battlefield.”

What the hell is this stuffy person…

“All usable wizards have already been put into the battlefield. I doubt that the magician you see is here.”

“How many times do I say it’s not a battlefield?”

“No, so the mages you have now are up to your standards… !”

Fredericke opened her mouth, keeping her powers in her eyeballs.

“Ha, good. If you don’t take it from the battlefield, I’ll give you the mage right here. Even if you need one or two classes.”

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Ewald laughed.

“From what I’ve seen, they’re at least 5th class or higher?”

Fredericke painted the corners of her mouth with her unintelligible sneer.

“Do you think there are still such talented people left in the yard where all the wizards who are adventuring are summoned and put into the battlefield?”



“… Who?”

Her face sank completely to the floor.

“I don’t know if it’s a first name or a last name, but Fior. Maybe a name?”

“Pionir Schwartz?”

Ewald put on a happy expression.

“Oh, does anyone know?”

Although she didn’t answer, he knew the name, so of course he must be. Ewald leaned back against the backrest with a proud face.

“If you don’t send such talented people to the battlefield, the magic team’s skills are pretty good, right?”

But with her utterly astonished face, Frederique opened her mouth.

“That pathetic… No, men are talented people?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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