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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 47

Mission No.3 Little Devils (07)

Three hours after being caught in a storm from Ecrine, Ewald went out to the garrison plaza to calm down. It was a bold decision considering that he is a person who hates even going out to drink in the neighborhood.

The sun was almost on the horizon, and there was movement all around to close out the day.

Still worried about Elif and Adele’s injuries, Ebalt decides to stay in the garrison for a few more days, and plans to replenish his lost magic power yesterday.

‘I poured out too much mana all at once.’

It felt like the mana core near his navel had become empty, so he could guess how much mana was consumed by the improvised magic to prevent Shuheim from escaping.

There was also a way to accumulate mana by meditating, but Balt started acting alone for the first time since he was released from the dungeon because he did not have the confidence to meditate comfortably in a situation where Eccrine was aiming at him.

‘Well, there’s a field barracks in the capital too.’

A large-scale field barracks had been built in Rotume, the capital of the empire. If it was a capital, there would usually be a capital defense force or at least a regular garrison, but except for the minimum forces for defense, they would be flocking to the front.

And in the capital, recruits are trained and put into the battlefield. The training base was spread out in front of Ewald’s eyes.

The garrison was almost the size of a small city, with nearly 10,000 soldiers and knights, the warehouse facilities of the supply battalion that formed the backbone of supply, and the blacksmith facilities for producing weapons.

Excluding the troops, it is natural that the population is close to 20,000.

Ever since he woke up in the dungeon, he wondered if he had ever seen so many humans.

Originally, Ewald hated crowds, but now he wanted to blend in with the crowd where no one recognized him.

If it had been 27 years ago, before he sealed Beelzedeus, he would have been swept away by people and would not have been able to walk properly, but no one showed interest in Ebalt now.

I feel lighthearted.

Something caught on Ewald’s senses.

“… Uh?”

It is the flow of mana.

It wasn’t intense or destructive, but warm and gentle mana flowed with a gentler movement than the spring breeze. However, this mana transmitted through Ewald’s skin was moving with a clear goal.

It was also a flow of mana that was close to perfect, with no error.

“What is this?”

Ewald spat out the words involuntarily.

The axis was different from his own mana management. No, it was different from the normal mana management Usbel was talking about. It even felt as if a living being was moving naturally.

Even if Ebalt made up his mind and managed mana, this kind of movement would be impossible. It is an operation of mana that is impossible for Ewald, who has a very dirty temper and uses the mana accumulated in the body to push mana as if to fight.

Ebalt turned his body into a position where mana pulsated.

Entering an alley lined with barracks, Ewald followed the trail of mana.

It wasn’t far. Ebalt moved his body in the direction from which the sound of water was heard.

And an interesting scene unfolded in front of Ewald’s eyes.

Mana was dancing. The water fused with that mana also danced together. The gentle and kind movement was to the point where it could not be seen as magic that could be called forced movement of mana.

Mana flowed without any resistance.

And the water moved again.

The man standing in the center was moving his hand with a faint smile on his face.

That’s the guy

He was a man in his mid-thirties. A simple man with short black hair and no makeup. The young man, whose cheekbones protruded a little and gave the impression of an emaciated man, beckoned as if he were intoxicated by the sweet music.

The water danced along with the movement.

The tall, stout man stepped back. And water gushed out. The stream of water flew towards the objects surrounding the man and scattered into water droplets, emitting a cheerful sound.

It is such an elegant sight that one would believe that it is a water spirit.

However, Bald opened his mouth slightly after confirming the identity of the object floating around the man.

Those objects were tableware.

‘… Dish wash?’

There was no other way to describe this work. The task of washing a tableware with a lot of bubbles in the air using a magically moving stream of water is dishwashing to anyone.

However, it is just incredibly luxurious for washing dishes.

‘He’s doing the dishes with mana management like that?’

I was speechless. Anyone who can handle mana gracefully like that is one of the top five talents in the Magic Society. At least in terms of mana control, it was a skill that far surpassed Ebalt.

Ewald quickly fixed his gaze on his man. Sensing the accumulation of mana in him, he shook his head.

‘… At least 5 classes or higher.’

Magic is definitely not something that can be used by dogs or cows, and even if it can be used, you can’t expect it to be 10th class at all.

Class 7 wizards are also revered as sages, and wizards in class 8 are even given the title of grand wizard.

I wonder if it’s a dragon…

Considering that the average young wizard belonging to the magic group is about 3 classes, this man is a tremendously talented person.

However, Balt hid himself behind the wall as his focus was on mana control rather than his accumulated magical power.

‘Why is such a wizard washing dishes here…’

Even using magic.

‘Is it volunteer work?’

Rather than being used for chores like that, it would be much more useful for the magic team to be put into the battlefield where the lives of allies depended. Besides, there was no way to make fun of a wizard like that in the magic group, where the workers were running wild because it was at war.

Thinking there must be something wrong, Ewald quietly stepped back.

“Stjórna vindur.”

As if cumbersome, the man threw back his hood and opened his mouth lightly. At the same time, mana moved that was incomparably softer than before.

The tableware surrounding her man began to pile up in an orderly manner with the movement, and as soon as the magician’s hand moved the air, a gentle breeze began to clean the water droplets off the tableware.

‘Do you dry the dishes after washing the dishes?’

No matter how much he thought about it, Ewald fell into confusion in an incomprehensible situation.

“Pionir, when you’re done, let’s have a drink!”


With a short answer, the man reaped mana. Just like when they were moving, the tableware returned to its place smoothly and was piled up in the storage room in a dry state.

It is as natural as breathing.

Ewald checked where her man had entered by robbing her of her clothes.

This is the back door of the restaurant.

* * *

“Beer. With a big one.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Ewald took a quick look around the building that appeared to be a restaurant/tavern, finished ordering, and sat down at the bar.

Come to think of it, is this the first drink you drink after waking up?

However, Ewald’s senses were focused on the man sitting behind him.

Did he say Pionir?

Her man, Pionir, sat at a small table, and bowed her head respectfully, accepting the glass of beer the restaurant owner had brought with both hands.

There was also a couple. Three men, including Pioneer, clinked beer glasses and shouted a toast.

“Great job.”

“It was nothing…”

Pioneer answered in a low voice. It was a somewhat intimidating voice, but not in an atmosphere that made you feel intimidated. Rather, a friendly atmosphere was being created around Pioneer.

But Pionir’s voice lacked confidence.

“Isn’t hyung going to the battlefield?”

“I know. I heard that the eastern front is a close battle.”

Ewald was also curious. But Pionir put off his answer for a moment and sipped his beer.

“There was nothing else to say about the magic team.”

The simple answer made Ewald lose heart. But at the same time, doubts grew.

In a fierce battle, it is nonsense to not deploy such talented people. Unless Frederick Henrich, the head of magic, is an idiot.

“And it’s actually more of a catch-and-run situation than a close fight.”

With that, Fionir’s lips opened.

“The Kur are traditionally good at local warfare. Formation is expected to still be clumsy, and the 9 knights currently deployed on the eastern front are building a strong formation, so neither side will be able to rush into it. But.”


“It must be a problem that they are showing a mismatched arrangement.”

After speaking calmly, Pionir tilted his beer glass. The story of the war that popped up out of nowhere caught Ewald’s ears.

“What are you talking about?”

“The Knights Commander Marlon and the Knights Commander Sebastion are good at attacking. The formation of the troops of the two knights is also focused on attack, not defense. Even cavalry included. But common sense builds up a defensive force and doesn’t put cavalry in the middle. Even if we were going to counterattack, it would be nonsense to deploy the cavalry in the center in plain sight.”

For a moment, Ewald recalled what he had heard about Marcus a while ago. That’s all he said, placing his cavalry in the middle of the defending force.

Ewald, who knew the reason for the deployment of troops, quietly listened to Pionir’s words.

“So you’re saying that the Templars are misaligning?”

“It is the wrong deployment as a defensive force.”

“As a defense force?”

“That’s right.”

Fionir nodded his head.

“So, are you saying that the Knights are building a ridiculous defense line?”

“As a defensive line, yes.”

Ewald licked his lips. It’s true, but it’s a statement that didn’t grasp Marcus’ intentions.

However, Pioneer spat out a short sentence.

“The Knights did not build a defensive line, but an offensive line.”

Ewald put down his beer mug.

“Attack line?”

“Yes. A wedge-shaped attack will be attempted, led by cavalry.”

Is it an intention to deceive and launch an attack?

“But can’t the infantry keep up with the speed of the cavalry?”

Another man objected. Fiornier calmly accepted the man’s words.

“The cavalry will be abandoned.”

“… Throw it away?”

Ewald almost looked back without realizing it. Unaware of the goose bumps on his arm, he listened to Pionir’s voice behind him.

“Because it is a terrain that has no choice but to be abandoned.”

“It’s the Chirak Mountains, so there’s no flat land.”

“So you think you’re going to drop your cavalry in the middle of enemy lines?”

“No. Morally and efficiently, it would be impossible to use the cavalry once and throw it away.”

That voice, so calm, made Ewald feel strange.

“The cavalry will break through the enemy lines in a heavily armed state and leave the battlefield as they are. Toward the Chirac Mountains.”

“You say you’re driving a horse and disappearing into the mountains?”

“This is nonsense. There must be Kurs behind the wires, but what are you going to do by breaking through there? If you go in, everyone will die.”

“The horse will die.”

Ewald quietly tapped his beer glass with his finger.

“But you can get to the Chirak Mountains.”

“Chirak Mountains?”

“A force of 3,000 cavalry would be able to break through enemy lines and reach the edge of the mountains. It will depend on the situation, but assuming a loss of 30% of the troops, about 2,000 troops will move along the mountain range.”

“If you try to move the Chirak Mountains, you won’t be able to do anything. The guys are concentrated in the north. It’s crazy to ride north through the Chirac Mountains.”

“It is madness to drive north through the mountains into enemy lines. Besides, you can’t do anything with just 2,000 troops.”

Pionir, who declared his own words madness, calmly continued his remarks.

“But if you cross the mountains to the east, you can reach the eastern shore.”

“East coast?”

“This is where the Kur tribe’s only floating port, the Seleko Port, is located.”

“Are you saying you want to cut off the naval force?”


Pioneer, who cut off his words with a single knife, gave the correct answer.

“Cut off the distribution of iron ore.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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