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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 160

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (12)


“What kind of a mess is this!”

Along with Shupea’s voice, a golden protective shield floated right in front of Ewald.

All the shockwaves that came from the front were blocked by the shield and bounced off, but the ground-shaking power of the attack was falling like crazy in all directions.

The light of death pouring down from the sky. Shupea gnawed his teeth and concentrated all his energy on creating even one more shield, but the main gun fired by the weapon called Schheim swept the ground overwhelmingly to the point of futility.

Nine Schheims lined up on the Empire side, and the remaining nine Schheims on the Kur side, and poured out terrifying attacks toward the ground forces of each other’s camps.

It was hard to tell where the explosion was coming from, so the whole place was hell itself. Every time the main gun was fired, thousands of people were literally torn to pieces.

Screams, explosions, and the roar of crushing the ground filled Ewald’s surroundings. The main gun’s destructive power was not comparable to that of Dvahur, but the nine Schheim’s attacks were by no means formidable.

“Speah, can’t we spread the shield separately?”

“Can’t you see the shield is breaking?”

A dark blue light pierced the protective shield with a jing sound.

“Oh, that’s going crazy!”

Shupea, who created the shield that had disappeared on the spot, poured in his holy power while gritting his teeth, and the rays refracted by the shield soared to the side of Balt.

Ebalt, who turned his body back and let out the reflected main gun, looked at the situation from the start. At least I need to figure out which rank to attack.

But, to their horror, Schheim, scattered all over the place, was firing individually without forming formations. In that case, the power of a salvo could not be expected, but Ewald, who judged that it would not be destroyed by a single blow, gnashed his teeth.

‘Looks like they’re determined to make sure they’re destroyed as slowly as possible rather than concentrating their firepower!’

If they were standing in a line, they would have been able to take a big hit with the piercing magic, but the Schheims floating in the sky were arranged randomly.

And a tremendous main cannon was fired from the Schheims to the ground.

Quagga gag gag gag!

At this point, it is urgent to survive. Realizing that the thought of taking care of another soldier is an extravagance, Ewald grabbed Usbel by the shoulder and pulled him towards him.

“Hold on! After being hit directly by the main gun, move your seat so that the firepower is not concentrated! Got it?”

“Yes, yes!”

Ebalt completed his magic formula in an instant and put mana at the end of the starter word.

“Frjálslega fljúga!”

As soon as he rose from his seat, Balt soared into the sky. Schheim’s dark blue ray barely passed under Ewald’s feet.

Certainly, the power was worse than Dvahur’s main gun, but if you get hit, you die. Ewald desperately flew up.

Ewald, who approached the nearest imperial army’s Schheim, clung to the window near the cockpit.

“Hey! Hey!”

No reaction. There were obviously people inside, but they were either standing upright or staring straight ahead.

As if it had hardened.

Schheim, with Ewald clinging to him, fired his main gun again. Shuheim shook violently with a roar that seemed to tear the eardrums. Ewald bounced out of Schheim at the impact.

Shock absorption was removed at the design stage, and the part supporting the main gun began to rupture. But Schheim fired his main gun again.

This is crazy. Ewald twisted his body and soared high in the air, thinking that he had to somehow destroy the enemy Schheim.

Ewald, who flew much higher than the Schheims floated, twisted the course and flew towards Schheim on the Kur side.

Schheim on both sides was the same. Can’t be different

And surely these are the Schheims in the principality.

Thinking that far, Ebald turned his main gun around, penetrated Schheim’s side, and crashed into Schheim’s interior.


Schheim rattled. Ewald, who had penetrated Schheim, drew his sword, with his furniture and shrapnel flying in all directions.

And what appeared in front of Ewald’s eyes was devastating.

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“… What?”

Everyone was down

More than twenty people were lying dead on the ground, bleeding. But Schheim made a beeing sound and gathered mana.

The intention is to fire the main gun.

‘There are no wizards…’

Mana was swept from her corpse. Ebalt, who felt that her mana drained from his mana core, managed to hold on to the fading spirit, but Schheim, who had gathered enough mana, fired the main gun.


Schheim was twisted.

A grotesque sound of iron colliding with iron spread from all sides, and Shuheim, who was engulfed in vibrations strong enough to break his back at any moment, radiated the light of death toward the ground troops of the Imperial Army with only corpses burned.

Ewald gritted his teeth. This is why he poured his attacks on ground forces, completely ignoring the need to prioritize destroying the enemy’s most powerful firepower in battle.

Schheim was rampaging himself. The cursed Schheim, who restored the mana by sacrificing the lives of the passengers, poured the curse on the imperial army.

Ebalt loosened the power holding the mana core and extracted mana.

In an instant, the winds of mana that spewed out from Balt’s body gathered in Ebalt’s hands, and Ebalt raised his hands high above his head and recited his magic formula…

“… sh*t.”

In Ebalt’s field of vision, the imperial army’s Schheim was turning the main gun.

It was towards Schheim, where Ewald was riding.

Fierce rotation of light rushed into the main gun of the Imperial Army Shuheim. Ewald ran out of Schheim at that moment.

Quagga gag gag!

Schheim was crushed from the front. Shuheim, who had been crushed and eaten almost to the waist, exploded on the spot, emitting a tremendous light.


A blast blast sent Ewald flying. Ewald, who couldn’t even tell the difference between up and down, was just blown away by the wind, but desperately stopped in the air.

The Schheim he was riding a moment ago was falling to the ground, crushed into huge fragments. The fragments of Schheim fell to the ground and were shattered with a heavy sound.

Ewald jumped out of the position where Schheim was lined up and soared high into the sky.


“… Oh my god.”

All Schheims fired their main guns at each other.

The sky brightened.

The sun was rising, but a more intense light was emitted like crazy, and all Schheim exploded.

The weapons of destruction that had been crushing the ground were crushed like a heap of scrap metal and fell to the ground.

Ewald, who watched all of this from high in the sky, stood still in his seat and looked down at hell.

Everywhere you look, all you see are corpses and scrap metal. A land still engulfed in red flames. A rock that flows down like lava without losing its heat.

The roar of Schheim’s fall disappeared in an instant, leaving only the sound of the wind on the battlefield.

A creepily silent hell.

After shaking away all the heavy pressure, Balt moved his body downward.

The protective shield that Shupea spread was over there.

* * *

“… Is everyone okay?”

“I am not dead.”

Supea, who was sitting with an exhausted face running around and treating the still-breathing soldiers, opened a canteen and poured water over his head.

“Master, Master, are you okay?”

“Are you okay.”

There are no injuries. However, when he saw the corpses filling the field, Ewald had to feel empty.

From the moment he came here, there was nothing he could do. He just struggled to figure out the situation and survive.

He had gathered that Ewald was gathering the surviving soldiers on a wide-spread frontline, but he was far beyond what Ewald and his men could handle. Still, Ewald was saving all the soldiers he could find.

Everyone said nothing. It spreads out as wide as possible and collects the living, and Shupea only heals them.

However, those who realized the overwhelming proportion of corpses were completely exhausted.

There were too many corpses.

The firepower poured out by the 18th Schheim. The battlefield was devastating, as the destructive force swept through the ground. There were numerous corpses with only fragments remaining, and there were also those with only clothes left.

As luck would have it if the corpse could be identified at least, Hell, enveloped in silence, revealed its gruesome inner thoughts to Ebalt and his crew.

Entering the end of August, the sun rose high in the sky. Terrible heat oppressed everyone, and indescribable emotions seized the crew members who gathered the survivors on the searing earth.

The lucky ones who survived, the members who joined the ranks, and the countless people who died without leaving a name.

Survivors gathered. The completely exhausted crew collapsed into their seats, but Shupea staggered and stood up.

Ewald, who had brought in two wounded soldiers, set them down in front of Spea, gnashing his teeth.

“… Heal me.”

As the words of prayer flowed from the exhausted Shupea’s mouth, the wounded soldiers’ bodies shook in the light.

The wounded soldiers, who were freed from the terrible pain, lay down on Spea with expressions as if they were about to cry, but Spea, who did not look back at them, staggered back.

Ewald’s face was frowned with concern.


Shupea shook his head.

A cracked voice slowly leaked from Shupea’s lips, which seemed to collapse at any moment.

“My lord, my Valkier, and many gods I do not know.”


“O unnamed gods whom these people praised with their living lips, even though they did not seek you, they are the gods who look down on them.”


“Mourn for these countless souls.”

Shupea’s feet moved with difficulty.

“Comfort me with all your heart.”

Shupea’s parted lips spit out a desperate prayer again.

“Since they are your children, treat them one by one.”

Shupea’s sunken eyes searched everywhere.

“Let me rest by your side.”

To a space where only death flows everywhere,

“Now… Please let me rest.”

Shupea rang the prayer of requiem.

He was blown by the warm earth wind. Ewald held onto his cloak and wrapped his arms around Shu Pea’s shoulders.

Shupea collapsed into Ewald’s arms as it was.

* * *

“Ewald, you were alive… !”

“I’m sorry, Kasper. If you say one more word, I will tear you apart lengthwise and kill you, so shut up for a moment.”

Kasper had to stand tall at Ewald’s eerie story.


Sitting on a rock and facing the wind of the battlefield, Ewald’s eyes were shining bright red.

Kasper, who thought he had never seen eyes like that, clenched his teeth so hard that his jaw muscles twitched.

“Now… No one is alive anymore, Master.”

The red energy in Ewald’s eyes disappeared in an instant. Ewald, who drew a weak smile alongside him, stood up while gently stroking Usbel’s head.

“… Great job.”

But Usbel did not laugh. Instead, he lowered his head and looked at his toes.

“The other guys tell me to rest now. Everyone will be messed up.”

Ewald let go of his tired voice and pushed Usbel on the back. Usbel took a couple of steps forward, gave Dunierwald a look, then nodded and went back to his men.

Ebalt, who had been staring at Usbel’s petite back, very slowly turned his head toward Kasper.

“How many soldiers were deployed here on the battlefield, Kasper?”

“… About 32,000 of them.”

Her. Ewald let out a short sigh and opened his mouth, his face covered in blood, dirt and stains.

“… Casper.”


“Thirty thousand people died.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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