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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 159

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (11)

“… It cut six hours.”

The sun rose over the Chirac Mountains in the distance.

They thought they would arrive at noon, but they were forced to move by Ewald’s threat that they had come last, and that they would move when the day broke.

Smoke from cooking rice was rising from far away.

Ewald, who confirmed that the smoke rising through the somewhat chilly morning air was rising straight toward the sky, had a hunch that the Imperial Army’s outpost was there.

It’s all here, now.

“Hey, everything is here. Just a little bit…”

Woo woo woo woo.

The air vibrated. A low vibration sound followed soon after, reaching Ewald. Ewald blew away all weariness from this familiar vibration and kicked his horse hard in the side.

“Hiya! Under!”

Something was happening. At the flow of mana felt at the end of this vibrating sound, Balt drove his horse without being able to suppress his anxiety.

As far as Ewald knew, there was only one thing that could use this amount of mana and make such a sound.

It’s Schheim.

“… Crazy.”

Something huge began to rise from the other side.

The gigantic objects emitting pale blue light rose in a row into the air. I could feel the air quivering here, almost two kilometers away.

The giant Schheims began to slowly turn their noses. Ewald’s plan, which he was trying to reach before he could maneuver somehow, was shattered in front of his eyes.

‘Crazy Kasper bird X, for real!’

The Schheims, floating high in the sky, all headed toward the southeast.

It was truly spectacular to see the huge torso twisting and embroidering the air. But Ewald had to grit his teeth.

At that moment, the Schheims began to fly away. A belated popping sound ripped through the air and flew towards Ewald’s place.

The horses, startled by the sound, stopped in place with a tremor, and Ewald glared at the place where Schheim had flown with a completely distorted face. But there was no time for this.

Where Schheim was, there must be Kasper.

Ewald jumped off the stumbling horse. At the same time, Ebalt, who cast a direct flight magic, soared through the air pushing away the wind.

Ewald, which flew quickly at a low altitude, climbed even higher.

While checking the structure of the former grassland lined with identical tents, Balt fixed his gaze on one spot.

Anyone can see the splendid tent came into view.

There was nothing to see. Ewald twisted his body and plunged him to the floor at breakneck speed.


Dust rose from the back of the Imperials who were preparing a meal. When something surprising happened right in front of the emperor’s residence, first of all, soldiers with weapons rushed in, including food.

“Protect Your Majesty!”

Slammed right in front of the Emperor’s tent, Ewald rushed into the tent, shaking himself wildly.

“Hey, you crazy Casper bird!”

“Oh, surprise!”

Before Ewald’s roar, equivalent to that of a lion’s roar, hadn’t finished, Kasper jumped up from his seat.

“Some guy…”

“Who is it?”

“… Ewald?”

As soon as Ebalt appeared in front of him, knowing that he had gone to the principality, Kasper spread his arms out to the sides and ran out to Ebalt with a hearty laugh.

“Welcome, hero of the Empire and my friend forever!”

I guess I’m crazy

No, are you using dragons to get even less hit?

Ewald involuntarily took a step back from Kasper’s insane behavior. However, Kasper ran up to Ewald in one step and hugged Ewald roughly and patted Ewald on the back.

“Thank you! Thank you, friend! I will never forget this gift of mine! Not only me, but the whole empire will praise your name…”

“Shut up before I rip your sphincter!”

It’s cold.

Kasper, who was holding Ewald tightly, relaxed his arms at Ewald’s strange reaction and took a step back.

Only then did Kasper discover that Balt’s eyes were entwined with all sorts of bad emotions, and he tilted his head while furrowing his brow.

“Hey, maybe…”


“Are you saying you didn’t give me a ride to Schheim?”

“… Are you crazy?”

Kasper made a smirk and nodded his head as if he understood.

“First of all, if you wipe out the Kurs, I will give you the right to manage the Schheim unit, so bear with me this time.”

“Don’t split the room. Before pulling out the head.”


Contemplating whether he had ever seen Ewald with such an angry face, Kasper still had a strange expression on his face.

Of course, it had been about 5 seconds since he smiled at the word pulling out his hair.

“Hey, why are you doing this, Ewald? Obviously you…”


From noble mtl dot com

“Didn’t you give me Schheim as a gift?”

I don’t know what bullsh*t this is.

However, Ewald, who had calmed down his excitement, stared at Kasper with a stiff face.

“… Did I present Schheim to you?”

Ewald’s face went cold. And Casper, of course, nodded his head.

“The principality was secretly manufacturing Shuheim based on Dvahur, and you who confiscated it placed Shuheim here. Don’t you remember?”

Ewald wasn’t even angry. Instead, he quietly opened his mouth with a frosty face.

“… Casper.”

“Let’s talk.”

“I never sent Schheim to you.”

“… What?”

What are you talking about? A look came to Kasper’s face.

“I’m sure you are Schheim…”

“I never sent it.”

Casper’s eyes widened.

“What are you talking about? You didn’t send Schheim?”

Things were going right.

Kasper, who had been amused so far, was speechless, not knowing what to do with his face full of bewilderment and bewilderment.

“Well, then who the hell sent Schheim to me?”

“The person who stole it must have sent it to you.”

Ewald wasn’t even sarcastic.

“Huh, did you steal it?”

“Shuheim, where the principality was located, the demons stole all of them right in front of my eyes.”

A shadow fell over Kasper’s face.

“Em, demon?”



At that name, Kasper started backing away with a shocked look on his face.

“Who is the one who reported to you? The bastard I said I brought Schheim.”

“That, that…”

Seriously bewildered, Kasper stuttered his words.

However, Ewald did not even urge such Kasper and kept his icy face still fixed on Kasper.

“… I don’t remember.”

Ewald’s eyes only blinked at the voice that sounded so empty. It made no sense, but Ewald had to accept it.

The important thing now is that the demons don’t know what the dangerous Schheim might have done, and that Schheim is flying to the battlefield.

“… Is the place Schheim flew to the frontline area?”

“That, yes. It will arrive soon.”

Damn. Ewald showed his teeth and turned away.

“Hey, hold on! Is there anyone there? No one said anything! Bring the wizard right now!”

“… Should I wait?”

Ewald’s cold voice struck Kasper.

His voice was devoid of emotion, but feeling guilty that the rebuke was flying toward him, Kasper bowed to him and shouted at the fast-paced wizard.

“Contact Commander Massenia right now! Bring back all Schheim!”

Was there any communication magic? Ewald slightly turned his head to Kasper.

The sorcerer, who took Kasper’s threats, quickly memorized the magic formula and cast communication magic.

“Commander Massenia, Commander Massenia, this is a message from His Majesty the Emperor. It is an order to turn Schheim and return to the outpost. Repeat. Turn Schheim to the outpost…”

The wizard’s words stopped.

“Commander Massenia, Commander Massenia?”

The wizard, who had been talking into the crystal ball, turned a puzzled face to Kasper.

“I can’t reach you.”

“What do you mean? Right back…”

“Give up.”

Ewald quickly turned around.

“Even if I were Jasquia, I would have blocked the communication.”

* * *

“We will arrive on site soon.”

His man Marco Massenia, who was wearing imperial armor, nodded his head at the wizard’s words.

Marco, who looked down on the battlefield at a glance from Schheim flying through the sky at tremendous speed, calculated Schheim’s movement.

Schheim, who quickly rushed into the front at about 50 meters, slowly slowed his pace.

The Imperial army lined up on the ground and the Kurs forming formations in the east.

The Imperial army raised their weapons at the unknown Shuheim that appeared above his head.

That’s an ally

“Fix guns on the Kurs. I am Schheim, wait for the signal.”

Even at this height, Marco could feel the agitation of the Kurs.

He was shocked when he first saw this Shuheim, but Marco, who thought that the Kur people who had to deal with this Shuheim as an enemy, would of course be embarrassed, and looked at the enemy in silence.

“There is no response from the other Schheims. It’s like a temporary loss of communication.”

At the wizard’s report, Marco nodded his head.

Marco raised his hand, judging that there would be no problem since the Schheims lined up on the left and right of the Schheim he was riding were visually confirmed.

When his own Schheim launches an attack, Schheim’s main guns will pour into the Kur tribe’s ground forces as planned.



Schheim on the left vomited a blue ray of light. Marco lost his balance and fell to the ground as the thud shook all of Schheim.

At the same time, a tremendous flash of light poured through Schheim’s window.

“5, 5 Schheim fired the main gun!

Are you going to hit the ball first? As soon as Marco confirmed that the beam fired from Schheim was engulfing the Kurs, he exclaimed loudly.



A recoil erupted in Schheim.

Schheim, who created a shock that shook his whole body, threw a beam of light toward the ground. The beam exploded everything on the ground and created a great fire.


All Schheims in the Empire fired their main guns at the Kurs.

The imperial army, who watched as the Shu Haim floating above his head inflicted punishment on his enemies, let out a shout.

Fearful, but nothing set them on fire more than seeing that powerful object unleash a barrage of attacks with the Imperial Army’s insignia thrown out.

The battlefield turned into a mayhem with the beams emitted by Schheim.

Shuheim’s attack was devouring the Kurs so that nothing could be seen due to the flames.

* * *

“You should be able to move right away.”

“I hope so.”

Ewald checked the late arrivals and put on his backpack. The wizard turned his back in front of Ebalt and quickly memorized the magic formula.

The wizard who set the last coordinates vomited out a short magic word, and at that moment, a warp gate of considerable size appeared in front of Ewald.

“Have a good trip…”

Ewald jumped straight into the warp gate. After that, the crew lined up and disappeared into the warp gate.

Ebalt, who was the first to pass through the gate, sat on his seat, bending his knees. At the same time, a tremendous shock shook the earth.

East of Ewald was full of fire and dust. Blocking the strong wind with his arm, Ebalt looked up from the sky.

Shuheim, proudly displaying the Imperial Army insignia, floated above Ewald’s head.

But something was strange about him.

Nine Schheims wear imperial army insignia…


An explosion occurred north of Ewald.

As soon as the eerie dark blue rays hit the ground, they caused a terrible explosion and swept away the Imperial army. It was obviously not fired by Imperial Army Schheim. You cannot fire your main gun towards the ground directly below you.

Seized by an inconceivable foreboding, Ewald turned his head towards where he could feel the flow of mana going against his nerves.

“… Damn it.”

In the eastern sky, nine Schheims with their backs to the sun began to move their main guns towards the Imperial Army.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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