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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 142

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (14)

A sword so beautiful that it takes away the soul is held in Ewald’s hand.

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It looked like a bastard sword at first glance because it was about an inch longer than a regular long sword, but the width and balance of the blade itself was definitely a long sword.

Capoteron, which lengthened the handle of the sword by an inch as much as it was extended forward, was a sword that could freely adjust the striking point from a two-handed sword to a long sword.

While staring blankly at the Capoteron, which had an appropriate weight, exquisite balance, and the ability to shift the balance at will, Balt admired his sword for a while in awe.

‘Excuse me… It’s embarrassing if you stare at it too closely.’

Thanks to this, Ewald returned to reality.

‘Should I move if I wake up?’

Theron’s voice came straight to Ewald’s brain. Ewald nodded lightly and turned around.

He looked at the capoteron in Walt’s hand in wonder and clapped his hands.

“Wow, wow! It looks like you spread cream on a cookie. It seems to have snowed on the rocks.”

Theron heard Usbel’s voice without a moment to be surprised by her novel and groundbreaking expressive power, and blew a deep voice to Ebalt.

‘… Can’t I just say something to him?’

“Let’s do it properly later.”

Ewald quickly looked around him.

Ewald’s vision was out of reach of Corinne’s prison, which was dark and spacious. Ewald, who had gone down the stairs without even examining it and went up and down the stairs for a full 24 hours, thought that he should start exploring at least now.

But Theron seems to have a different idea.

‘There will be nothing here.’

“… Why are you just reading her thoughts without speaking?”

‘How can I hear it?’

Theron, who spoke softly and logically, continued.

‘It looks like you went downstairs too, right?’

Dark memories came to Ewald.

“… It was.”

‘Why useless?’

“… Let’s talk about what’s necessary.”

Ewald just shook his head.

‘Perhaps the demon who absorbed the capo got out of this prison. As you can see, there is nothing in this cave.’

So that Ewald would not investigate, Theron leaked information about Corinne’s prison.

‘There are no more downstairs, though.’

“… Let’s stop talking downstairs, please.”

Although the potion relieved his muscle pain and fatigue, it was Ebalt that did not offset his mental shock.

“It’s a pity that you can’t feel the angel of capo.”

‘Because I don’t want to feel that way.’

Theron, who had been talking nonchalantly, quietly waited for Ewald’s words.

“So what do we do now?”


Theron made a ‘mmm’ sound and he spoke slowly.

‘Should I sing a song?’

“… Song?”

In an instant, the information Lingehorn had spoken about popped into Ewald’s mind.

As Ewald ruminated on the story that Capoteron was singing a terrifying song, he realized that it was Theron who had sung the song.

‘He’s not even considered the culprit.’

Theron let out a muffled voice.

“No, that’s not it. I’m just saying that even if you sing, the demons might come to visit you.”

‘Maybe he will come? Capo hates my songs like crazy. There’s a good chance they’ll come to silence me.’

Ewald knew that although the reliability was quite low, he was in a situation where he had to put his hopes on Theron for now.

I wanted to avoid a situation where I was followed by an unknown demon who had incarnated as the Demon King, walking around smashing and destroying something.

“Let’s get out of here first.”

Ewald, who thought it would be nice to have a scabbard, took a thick cloth from his backpack and wrapped the capoteron around it.

‘Hmm? Are you wrapping it around?’

“Because I think I’ll get hurt if I do.”

The fabric that touched the blade was cut without a sound. Ewald was horrified to see the blade of the capoteron, which had been stuck in the rock for over 200 years and had no dull spot.

How on earth do I have to forge a sword like this? Ewald, who is obsessed with his equipment, raised the corners of his mouth in satisfaction that seemed to fill his chest just by looking at it.

However, Theron destroyed Ewald’s sentiment.

‘Ah, it’s hot like this.’

Ewald wanted to get out of this crazy situation. Ewald, who hated Theron who said he was hot because he had wrapped a cloth around his sword and had to respond to Theron like this, sighed deeply and carried his sword on his back.

“Are you leaving?”

Shupea approached Ewald.

“Because Theron says she sings. I thought it would be better to dig a trap outside the dungeon and wait.”

“… You wouldn’t call me like Adele, would you?”

It is possible.

However, Ebalt shook his head.

“No way…”

“That’s it…”

Shupea licked his lips and glanced into Ewald’s eyes.

“Mister, do you think we should go somewhere empty and talk to Carl or Theron?”

“What? Why again?”

“Muttering to myself sounds like a complete madman.”

* * *

Mana flow.

Condensation of magical power.

Divine power flowing over it.

Two incompatible forces agitated the shadow in human form.

The shadow, which had covered its upper body with both hands while kneeling, began to tremble at the very bottom of the valley where only fog was cast over it.

Magical power and divine power fluctuated.

“Come with me.”

“Shut up!”

The voices of two women.

“I will give you this world.”

“I told you to shut up! Shut up!”

The shadow knelt down. At the same time, blade-like magical power shot up behind the shadow. The black blade that had risen through the misty mist let out a horrifying scream in all directions.

“My power is your power.”

“… Stop.”

“I am using you.”

The bright yellow eyes of the shadow opened wide.

“I will have the world.”

* * *

“Is this enough?”

‘Are you okay.’

After escaping from Corin’s prison, Ewald walked a long distance until he came to a somewhat flat land.

An open space where you can quickly notice an enemy appearing from any direction. It was safe to say that here, at least, there was little danger of an ambush.

He fights an opponent who may have become a demon king, but Ewald, who doesn’t want to be surprised, takes a good look around and secures an advantageous position.

Also, Theron said that this kind of space is advantageous for the sound to spread well, so it is a place where the interests of both sides are well aligned.

“Are you ready?”

Ewald undid the cloth wrapped around the capoteron and looked around.

Because it was completely covered in fog, the visibility was short, but at least 100 meters or more could be seen with the naked eye.

You won’t be able to break through this distance at once, so this would be the right place.

As soon as the black and white blade of Capoteron appeared, Ewald slammed Capoteron into the ground. The blade was so sharp that even with a light stab, almost half of the sword’s body sank into the rocky floor with a creaking sound.

At the same time, the capoteron vibrated twice briefly, and black smoke spewed out.

The smoke staggered once, and then clung to the seat next to Ewald.

“Getting out of the sword, this unexpectedly consumes a lot of mana.”

Theron appeared in a black sleeveless dress, shaking his shoulders. Balt couldn’t agree with her words at all because he couldn’t even guess how powerful her demon’s magical power would be.

Instead, he asked her what she was curious about.

“So how does the operation…”

Theron’s blank eyes turned to Ewald.

“It’s simple.”

Taking a step towards Capoteron, Theron calmly raised her hand and placed her hand on top of her Capoteron’s pommel.

Her white skin, in stark contrast to her black clothes, glistens in her haze.

“I will sing until you come.”

“… Is that all?”


Simple, it was like not having a plan.

But now, rather than chasing the unknown demon king, he had no choice but to hope that Capo, who had been absorbed by the demon king, would come to this place agitated by Theron’s voice.

“I will begin.”

Ewald swallowed and nodded his head.


A clear voice echoed from Theron. It wasn’t as pure and beautiful as Adele’s voice, but Ewald’s expression was quite surprised by Theron’s surprisingly clean voice.


But there are no lyrics.


Theron was simply letting out a clear voice that was the easiest to resonate with.

It’s normal enough that I wonder if this could be called a scary song, but it’s a beautiful voice.


But at that moment, the melody twisted.

Theron’s voice, which jumped up several octaves in an instant, spread out in all directions as if dispelling her fog. Ewald covered his ears at the unexpected high-pitched sound.


Theron’s voice rose to a higher pitch again. Even for an instant, Ewald’s brain shook violently.

This is a song that is as terrifying as Adele’s. Theron, who calmly flows a high-pitched melody that even an instrument cannot follow, took a short breath and cut the melody at a frantic pace.


I can’t stand it. Ewald leaned forward on his back, plugged his ears and hit him backwards. Unknowingly, Ewald, who grieved at his teeth, stepped back even further, frowning as he did.

“What is he doing now?”

It seems that Shupea is shouting fiercely.

However, all those shouts were swallowed up by Theron’s voice. Ewald couldn’t understand what Shupea, who was shouting right next to him, said.

It just started tearing everything apart with super-high-pitched screams at an incredibly fast tempo.

If this is a song, I admit it. Awesome song is right. However, he decided that he might die first before the demon king came, so Ebalt distanced himself from Theron as much as possible.

But the voice followed Ewald.

The crew members, who made similar judgments to Ewald, distanced themselves from Theron for a long time, but still couldn’t get away from Theron’s voice tearing up their eardrums.

“Master, Master, Usbel is going to die! I’m dying!”


“I thought I was going to die! I think I will die!”


Ewald couldn’t understand Usbel’s words, as if the crowd had gone to the eardrum.

“Master, you sh*t idiot! Chewing and spitting cockroaches!”

“I can hear that!”


From noble mtl dot com

As her fists left her ears for a moment as she hit Us Bell, Ewald heard the sound of a slight tear in her eardrum.

Usbel tried to raise his hands to her head, but in a panic he covered her ears.

I’d rather be in pain, I don’t like having my eardrum torn.

This is why Lindehorn called it a scary song.

It was then.

“You’d better bring Adele!”


A protective shield spread from Shupea’s chest, who couldn’t stand it. The rapidly growing protective shield hugged the members and formed a thin golden film.

“Wow! Wow!”

Everything became cool

I don’t know what kind of power is contained in Theron’s voice, but that power doesn’t seem to be able to pierce Spea’s shield. The voice that pierced my ears was still there, but my ears didn’t hurt anymore.

It was a strange thing.

“… Supera.”


Supea, who was bowing down with a haggard face, raised her head and looked at Ewald, and Ewald, who had a somewhat thrilled expression, put his hand on Supea’s shoulder and opened his mouth firmly.

“Bringing you to this unit feels like the best choice of my life.”

“… Go away.”

Ewald, who blew a chuckle at Shupea, turned to Theron.

Theron’s voice was so high-pitched that the more I listened to it, the more strange it felt, but as long as the pain was gone, I was able to endure it. With such judgment, Ewald twitched his chin at his crew.

Ewald, who quickly led the crew and approached Theron again, looked at Theron here and there,

“Hey, Mr. Theron, I’m sorry to say this.”

He opened his mouth with a tired face.

“Wake me up when the demon king comes.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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