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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 141

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (13)

“You mean that one of the two creatures that offered that sacrifice was a demon?”

Ewald opened his mouth as if gnashing his teeth as he recalled the worst.

And Theron’s head, which I hoped he wouldn’t affirm, moved up and down lightly.

“I’m sure. It was a demon.”

“… I will be thrilled.”

The atmosphere changed rapidly.

The moment the word demon came out of Theron’s mouth, her vaguely calm tea party was over.

It was clear that the demons had offered Capoteron a living sacrifice, stirred up Capoteron, and moved Capoteron in some unknown way.

‘Why did only the capo disappear? No, who the hell is the demon that came before?’

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When he thought that Carl Capoteron behind his back and Theron, who was giving him strange eyes, were still here, Ewald could feel that even if something went wrong, it had gone wrong for a long time.

However, there was no way for Ewald to know at all what was twisted from where to where and how.

Then, Theron, who was slowly stroking Usbel on her lap, whether or not she knew Balt’s feelings, was quietly looking at Ewald.

Ewald cautiously opened his mouth.

“Do you have any idea what happened to the capo?”

“I don’t know anything.”

After neatly crushing Ewald’s question, Theron scratched Usbel’s neck with her fingers.

Usbel, possessed by the ghost of her cat, lifted her chin in her drowsy expression, then she met Ewald’s terrifying eyes and shook her neck.

“It just flashed, then it went dark, and when I woke up, I was thrown out of the knife.”

“… Does it bounce?”

Theron nodded her head.

“It looks like you can come and go as you please. I can’t seem to get far from home, but I think I can get about five kilometers away.”

Theron, who described Capoteron as “Home,” Fixed her gaze on Ewald while scratching every nook and cranny of Usbel.

“By the way, is there any connection between the mad tribe and the disappearance of the capo?”

“… There is.”

Theron tilted his head, not knowing what was going on.

“Has the situation become dangerous now?”

“It has definitely become dangerous.”

Ewald hurriedly rose from his seat. At the same time, Shupea and Ekrin also rose from their seats.


Theron’s tilt flew at Ewald, who was making a serious face.

“Is it very serious?”


Ewald put on his backpack.

“A new demon king must have appeared.”

* * *

“That would be very difficult.”

New demon king.

Even after hearing the story of the demon king, who was highly likely to have descended to the Middle Earth by reviving a rare sword called Capoteron, Ebalt shook his head as he was seriously agonizing over whether he could remain calm like that.

“Thank you anyway. Thanks to you, I got quite a bit of information.”

Theron shook her head slightly.

“I am really grateful. Thank you for allowing me to have such a fun conversation with living things.”

He was indeed a polite devil.

Ewald sighed briefly, thinking that he might have been stained after living with an angel for almost a lifetime.

“Are you saying that a demon tribe has leveled up to become a demon lord?”

With Usbel still on her lap, Theron hit the spot.

“That’s right. It also absorbed the power of Capoteron as it was. He must be a great demon king.”

“But it is strange.”

Theron quickly tilted his head.

“Why did Grauspe’s illegitimate son take Capo?”

Ewald looked at Theron with his backpack wrapped around him.

In fact, Ewald was thinking about that part too.

“It’s not the capo that’s similar to the demons, it’s me.”

It was.

If the demon descends as a demon king, absorbing the demon with the right wavelength will give you more power.

Even so, it is Theron, not the capo, who remains here.

But Ewald also had other assumptions in mind.

Even if you can’t maximize the demon’s power, if you absorbed the angel’s power, you could present a nightmare of exerting magic and divine power at the same time.

In fact, whether the demon king who maximizes the power of the demons descends or the demon king who even displays divine power, it is the worst situation.

“I… Maybe.”

Ewald cautiously asked Theron a question, hopeful that he might not know.

“Can you possibly feel or visit the angel called Capo?”

“I don’t have one.”

Did you have any expectations? Ewald gasped and licked his lips.

And Theron stood up from his seat while gently hugging Usbel,

“The capo will be able to find me instead.”

I threw hope at Ewald.

“Because that nasty b*tch will follow me and fight with me whether I’m in hell or heaven.”

Ebalt, who had been given hope by the devil, had a worried expression on what kind of expression he should make, but Theron stuck out his chin and pointed at Ebalt’s back, perhaps recognizing Ebalt’s true intentions.

“Take me.”

It would have been a very raunchy remark to a stranger, but Ewald looked at Theron with a face that didn’t make any sense what the devil was talking about.

Theron let out a short sigh as if that was frustrating, then raised his finger and pointed to Ebalt’s side.

“If you have that, you have me.”

Only then did Ewald look at what Theron was pointing at.

Blessed Magic Sword. The sword Capoteron, which contained both an angel and a demon, was placed in front of Ewald.

Of course, it’s a visual that won’t move even if it’s stuck in a rock, but Theron, who is both a sword and a demon at the same time, fixed his unique blank expression on Ewald.

“Are you telling me to take the capoteron?”

At once, Theron tilted her head.

“Shouldn’t you break it if you take it?”

It was.

However, Theron, who lives in a knife and rents a knife at the same time, opened his mouth with a face that said he didn’t care whether he broke himself or not.

“On the way to break it, I also beat that demon who caught and ate the capo.”

Theron nodded his head with a face that had no sense of reality.

Apparently Ewald said he would get rid of Capoteron, but Theron doesn’t seem to mind that much.

“… Are you okay?”

“There is nothing particularly bad about it, right?”

It was hard to tell if he was optimistic or thoughtless, but Ewald slowly nodded his head towards Theron.

It was then.

“Ah, there… By the way, Mr. Ewald.”

Theron, clumsily holding Us Bell behind her, opened her mouth to Ebalt with her rather sorrowful face.

“Can you give me this?”

“No no! I’m the master! It’s yours!”

Usu Bell, who started wiggling her arms, was cute even in the middle of it.

“This is what it means to be alive. Are there many things like this in the world?”

“I don’t know, but…”

It’s a world full of usbels… Ewald, who doesn’t really want to live in such a place, smiled and shook his head.

“I can’t give you Usbel.”

“… That’s too bad.”

Theron gave up cleanly.

He gave up so quickly that Ewald had to unknowingly paint a smile on his lips.

“Then please wait a moment.”

With that, Theron pushed Us Bell out of her arms. At that moment, a black mist swallowed Theron’s entire body as he spread his hands out to the side.

Before people had time to panic, Theron disappeared into the fog. The mist that swallowed her Theron quickly rose and drew towards Capoteron.

Twisting his body as the trail of smoke brushed his shoulder and fell, Bald watched the smoke being sucked into his capoteron.

Theron, who returned home to Capoteron while everyone watched, disappeared.

However, Capoteron’s blade began to hum.

‘Pick it.’

Theron spoke to Ewald. Ewald quickly looked around, but recognizing that it was Theron’s voice he had been hearing, he looked at Capoteron in disbelief.

And Theron was furious.

‘Pick it up!’

“… I knew.”

The crew looked worried when Ewald suddenly spoke to himself.

Furthermore, as he walked towards Capoteron as if possessed by something, Speaa reached out his hand.

“Uncle, are you okay?”

“Well, first of all…”

His expression was the same as usual.

Still, unable to hide her anxiety, Shupea watched Ewald with a face full of sh*t.

“Are you wearing a shield?”

“I don’t think there will be a need for that.”

Anyway, all or nothing.

Ewald stood firm in front of Capo Theron’s long blade and slowly reached his hand toward the Capo Theron’s handle.

It’s a nice looking knife.

I was distracted by Theron and couldn’t observe it properly, but Capoteron exuded an amazing balance and revealed all of his body to Ewald, to the extent that the saying that the dwarves made it for 50 years is not absurd.

The handle was long enough to be held short or long, and thin metal was delicately placed in the middle of the sword for weight distribution.

What kind of metal is the black and pure white metal? The wriggling of intangible energy was captured by Ebalt’s senses.

It was warm yet cold, strong and soft, swirling and sinking fiercely and docilely.

Although Ewald did not know what kind of interaction the two completely opposite energies were causing, Ewald gave in to the soul-sucking attraction and grabbed the handle of the capoteron.

Warmth and chills, love and murderousness, peace and chaos all mixed together and shook Ewald’s head.

Ewald didn’t even notice what kind of emotions were running through his head.

But Ewald could clearly sense one thing.

He was held in Balt’s grasp by a pure and enormous power he had never felt before.

Ewald’s whole body was caressed with soft sharpness. He wanted to shout out to one of the two, but a primordial power enough to completely crush all his senses began to dominate everything in Ebalt.

Pleasure and pain came at the same time. Ewald gnashed his teeth involuntarily, and fluffy mana and wind swarmed around him.

The energy that rushed in violently began to rotate fiercely around Ebalt.

Ewald concentrated all his strength on his legs and raised mana to his arms. Managa, which creaked and rubbed against her air, aroused her frenzy, reflecting Balt’s will as it was.


The power that started from Capoteron extended to every corner of Ewald’s body, enough to feel the composition of each and every blood vessel that ran through his own body.

Finally, the force surged towards Ewald’s head.

Ewald wasn’t pulling the capoteron.

Capoteron was pulling Ewald out.

It was then.

‘Ah, when you pull it out, please kindly pull it out.’

Ewald’s spirit, which had been occupied by Capoteron, suddenly fell into reality.

With his vision widened, Balt let out a laugh, revealing his teeth at Theron’s bizarre story.

“What are you talking about?”

Theron’s voice flew into Ewald’s head again, revealing an evil-looking smile on his lips.

‘It’s been a long time. It was a gag that worked 300 years ago…’

“Is that so.”

It seemed like I could hear all the giggles.

However, Ewald, who was obviously about to be possessed by the capoteron, smiled uncontrollably and pulled the capoteron up.

Mana exploded around Ebalt.

Capoteron, whose perfect sword body was radiant, displayed fearsome power in Ewald’s hand. But Balt finally put all his power under his hand,

‘Shall we play?’

“So be it.”

He let out a mad laugh.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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