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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 139

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (11)


“Here it is.”

Immediately following Ewald, Shupea forced her trembling legs to hand over the potion to Ewald.

“What is he, Mister?”

After taking a few sips of the potion, Ewald passed the potion to Supea and turned to the strange girl without answering.

The girl, now in her late teens, was squatting in her chair and picking up something.

‘What are you doing?’

However, Ewald’s eyes only showed the action of picking up something, so he couldn’t confirm what he was picking up.

The girl, with her sleeveless black dress, completely black hair that reached the floor, and skin so pale that the veins were showing, kept her head fixed on the floor, silently repeating her movements.

But nothing was in her girl’s hand.

“Hey, lady.”

No answer.

“It is dangerous here. I like to go back quickly.”

Ewald spoke to the girl with genuine concern.

Only then did the girl’s gaze move away from her floor and back to Ebalt.

The girl with her pretty face, clear features and dark eyes stared at Ebalt with her blank face and tilted her head slightly.

“What is dangerous?”

Ewald pulled out an answer to the girl’s question with a face filled with resentment.


With a very serious face, Ewald continued his warning.

“Those stairs are the most dangerous.”

The girl’s eyes moved to the doorway of the stairs Ewald and his party climbed up.

However, no matter how much she looked at it, the girl who took her eyes off the building, where she couldn’t find any sense of danger, tilted her head even more.

“Do you look more dangerous?”

“No. Those stairs, that’s a ghost.”

Shupea gave strength to Ewald’s remarks. As a result, the girl tilted her head further, almost breaking her neck.

However, the moment a word fell from the girl’s mouth as she was looking at Shupea,

“Then why is Valkier’s daughter here?”

Everyone hardened.

* * *

The girl slowly rose from her seat and straightened her body.

“There is also Rauspe’s illegitimate son.”

The girl looked straight at Usbel’s face and threw out another cold word. In an instant, Ewald took her hand to the knife slung around her waist.

However, his hand, which stopped at the edge of his sword handle, slowly drooped down.

I didn’t feel any malice or murderous intent from that girl now.

The identity of the girl who could see through the identities of Shu Pea and Usbel with just one glance was quite disturbing, and Baldt slowly moved her steps with tension all over her body.

“Everyone drink potions.”

Clap clack.

“Kyaa, this tastes better than last time, master. Are you a god? Did you develop a product?”

Usbel, who had been standing next to Balt who couldn’t even reply and spat out such a thing carelessly, looked at the girl with a smile on his face, wondering what was good.

“Hi. My name is Usbel.”


The girl lifted her pure white right hand and moved it lightly to the left and right of her. Usbel, of course, showed her friendliness by waving her arms over her head.

Unsure of what kind of friendship it was, Ewald looked at Usbel with her bewildered face.

But still, Usbel let out her laugh and waved her arm.

And before her doubts had dissipated, she opened her lips to Usbel, the girl in front of her.

“But why is the devil here?”


Ewald almost drew his sword and raised it. However, at the last moment, Ewald, who roughly shoved Pommel through the scabbard, let out a gasp.

Usbel obviously called that girl a devil. That too, with a very friendly and bright expression.

‘Usbel seemed to know… Is it because it’s a demon?’

No matter how much Usubel is a demon who lives in a rough world, she quickly judged that she is a guy who can distinguish between dangerous and non-dangerous, so Balt thought that he shouldn’t poke her beehive for nothing.

However, at the thought of whether there really was a safe devil, he opened his mouth to the girl with a confused expression.

“My name is Ewald Kitska. Who are you?”

The girl’s gaze moved away from Usbel and moved to Ewald.

Then she said quietly, with her face not showing any emotion.

“Strangely, humans give their own names first and then ask for the other person’s name.”

Ebalt’s hand moved back to the hilt of his sword, with no emotion but a terrifyingly cool feeling. However, the girl has a calm face, as if she doesn’t care about Ewald’s behavior at all.

“You could just ask.”

The girl turned her body completely to Ebalt, and she lowered her head sullenly.

“Hello, Mr. Ewald Kitska? First of all, I’m a demon…”

Her bright red tongue moved between her pale girlish lips.

“My name is Theron.”

“… Theron?”

Ewald tilted her head.

Hopefully not.

Ewald scratched her head, as if he had no idea what he was thinking.

“That’s funny. Like talking to the devil in honorific terms, and the name Theron.”

A mischievous laugh escaped Ewald. After that laugh, Ewald’s clumsy joke followed.

“Your name is Theron, so is your friend’s name Capo?”

From noble mtl dot com

In an instant, the face of the demon who named Theron darkened.

“… I never thought of them as friends.”

* * *

“… Driving me crazy.”

Ewald retrieved his smile from his face.

This is Capoteron. That’s evil too

Could it be that the angel’s name is Capo and the devil’s name is Theron, so it’s Capoteron?

“Really just in case, are you the devil in the capoteron?”


Without question, Theron nodded her head.

The answer was so succinct that it took Ewald a little while to understand what she was saying.

It is a story that Theron came out separately from Capoteron.

Ewald was seriously considering where on earth to start the story.

I entered Corin’s prison to break the ‘sword’ called Capoteron, but after going back and forth on the crazy stairs all day, I encountered the demon Theron.

In response to the false reality, Ebalt let out a mad laugh twice and distorted his face.

“You mean you’re the devil in that Capoteron and your name is Theron?”

“So what?”

What’s wrong?

Theron tilted her head with just that expression and brought her hands together slightly in front of her.

“No, so…”

I couldn’t ask him to prove anything, and Ewald didn’t feel this comedy-like situation at all.

It seemed that it would be much better for her mental health to just think that her lost girl was talking crap.

However, there was no way for Ewald to ignore the girl who had grasped the identities of Shupea and Usbel at a glance, and whom Usbel had directly approved as a demon.

In the end, Ewald had no choice but to open his mouth with a gloomy expression.

“Shall we talk for a minute?”

* * *

“Sit down wherever you are comfortable.”

The first floor of Corinne’s prison was so huge that it was embarrassing to compare it to the small space at the bottom of the stairs.

Ebalt and her party, who had been walking on an obscure road for almost 10 minutes, looked at where Theron had extended her hand.

There was a well-made tea table and chairs in an antique design.

There was nothing else.

Thinking there would be nothing to be surprised about now, Ewald was mesmerized as he watched Theron pull the kettle out of the air.

“There are jasmine and chrysanthemum, which one do you like better?”

Theron, who spoke in a more flatter and more rigid tone than Adele, skillfully lifted the kettle into the air.

“… Ordinarily, with jasmine.”

“Chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum! Make it thick and serve it cold, cold.”

Supea and Ekryn moved their chairs away from the table, making it clear that they did not want to participate in this crazy scene.

I never want to get involved

But Theron seems to be serving tea at all costs.

“Aren’t you two eating?”

Theron, who spoke as if some kind of doll was moving its mouth, was floating two fluffy tea cups in the air and letting them flow in front of Shupea and Eccrine.

“… Give me some green tea.”

As a priest, Speaa, who couldn’t even say honorifics to the devil, grabbed the handle of the teacup without even making eye contact with Theron.


Instead of answering, Theron nodded at Ekryn and skillfully prepared the tea and set it on the table.


Ewald, who was staring blankly to see if there was something mixed in the tea, only moved his eyes to Theron at Theron’s words.

“What should we talk about?”

“First of all, I will tell you what I know, so I would like you to explain Katabuta.”

Theron nodded.

“You told me directly that you are Theron, the demon who was sealed in Capoteron. Is that correct?”

“That’s right.”

That’s all the information I got from this demon named Theron. However, after confirming the fact once again, Ewald started pouring out questions with a short sigh.

“Where is the capoteron?”

“There behind your back.”

What? Ewald quickly turned his head and looked behind him.

And Ewald found a long sword embedded in a rock prepared like a small platform.

“… Ha ha.”

The knife, cut in half exactly lengthwise, black on one side and white on the other, lurked quietly in the darkness.

“Is that the capoteron?”

“Yes, it is. A sword made by sealing angels and demons. That is Capoteron.”

Ewald got goosebumps for a moment, but he turned his head to Theron, trying hard to maintain a nonchalant face.

“I’m not sure if I can say this to the person in question, but please don’t be shocked and listen.”

Ewald laid the groundwork like that and calmly opened his mouth.

“We are here to destroy Capoteron.”

Shupea and Ekrin froze while holding the teacups.

That Theron is a demon living inside Capoteron, and saying that he came to destroy Capoteron in front of that demon was no different from saying he came to kill you after all.

This is about fighting.

Thanks to this, Shupea and Eccrine got up from their chairs halfway and started preparing to bounce back at any moment.

“You must be suffering a lot.”

Theron praised Ewald for his hard work.

Even Ebalt was quite taken aback by the unexpected reaction, but Theron nodded to him and held his tea in his mouth. Right before drinking his tea, Ewald muttered, ‘Okay,’ and his head was a little dizzy.

As the delicate scent of flowers spread in his mouth, Theron, who showed an expression on her face for the first time, glanced at Ewald’s teacup and tilted her head.

“Would you like some more tea?”

It’s kind of like drinking. Ewald held out the teacup to Theron with a look that said something.

From the teapot floating in the air, a faint golden liquid dripped into the teacup.

“But how are you going to destroy that Capoteron?”

With a very curious face, Theron asked Ewald a question.

Ewald seriously pondered over whether he should take it as ‘how are you going to kill me?’

“You can throw it into a volcano, melt it in a furnace, or break it with powerful destructive magic.”

Ewald, who was explaining the details of the murder, noticed Theron’s expression suddenly changed.

Theron’s face had a chilling smile that would freeze all the air.

“Does it come first for me to die or for you to die first?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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