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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 138

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (10)

“Follow me carefully.”

As he led the way down the muddy stream of blood, Balt frowned at the smell of blood stinging his nose.

Judging from the fact that the viscosity has not yet increased to the point where it cannot flow, this blood appears to be fairly fresh.

In the end, the story is that this bloody creature was alive and alive until a while ago.

It bothered Ewald that he had not been able to find a single corpse so far, even though so much blood had flowed down to him.

And above all,

“Crazy! Do you know that you’ve only been down the stairs for over an hour now, mister?”

It’s crazy to think that these crazy stairs are going down endlessly.

Thinking that the guy who designed this should have his spine pulled out and thrown away, Balt started to feel the strain on his thighs.

“… In a way, this could be the ultimate defense system.”

Ewald let out a self-deprecating voice.

“What kind of defense are you going to use the stairs for!”

Ewald’s face, drenched in sweat, returned to Shupea, who was full of irritation.

“Think about it. If we had to go down like this for another six hours, would you guys go down?”

Naturally, the blood was removed from Shupea’s face.

“… No go! Do I do such crazy things to enjoy wealth and glory?”

“But what if you really have to walk six hours?”

Even Ewald got goosebumps.

After walking down for six hours like this, he goes out on his knees. His cartilage melts.

However, Ewald’s family became a reality and hit the four people like a nightmare.

* * *

“… Mister, I filled his knee with water.”

“… So do i.”

Struggling with his creaking knees, Ewald slumped at the end of this f*cking long stairway.


Usubel sighed that he would rather drag him along, and as he dragged his slender left arm down, Balt lowered his steaming back while clutching his swollen knee.

“… Is this why you said dwarves and elves won’t come?”

Only then did Ewald agree. Of course, the crazy length of the stairs wasn’t the whole reason, but Ewald groaned at the judgment that more than 90% of the stairs wouldn’t have come down because of this.

He walked down exactly ten hours.

In the second half, the party, whose exhausted bodies almost rolled down, are the faces that will shed tears of emotion after confirming that the cursed stairs no longer lead.

“Aww! Master, Master, that spine is out, it’s out. I don’t think I’ll be back today. It’s a big deal.”

Usbel, who was lying on the floor and out of breath, looked at Ewald with dark circles in her eyes.

Even Usbel, who was second only to Ewald in terms of physical strength, was helpless in front of such insanely long stairs.

Besides, I don’t know what crazy guy designed it, but the stairs were cut in a spiral shape like drawing a big circle to make it a little less difficult, so the party who watched the same scenery for 10 hours was ready to go crazy at any moment.

“I feel like my muscles are bursting!”

“… Originally, I exercised while going up the stairs.”

After letting out a long sigh, Ewald found Eccrine crouching on his side as if he had passed out.

You shouldn’t be doing that.



Eccrine’s wide eyes turned to Ewald. Those eyes, which had been erased from life, looked like dead animals, but Ewald struggled to raise his hand and wave it sideways.

“Lie down.”


At Ewald’s words, Ekryn collapsed on her side and began to catch her breath. However, with the thought of going to muscle, Ewald stumbled closer to Eccrine.

Struggling over to her Eccrine, Balt quickly laid her on her back and spread her legs on her steps.

Feeling the blood draining from her legs in an instant, Eccrine let out a strange moan at the refreshing feeling that came down from her toes.

Of course, Ewald was quite envious of that.


I can’t stand it. Ewald also lay flat next to Ekryn and propped up his legs on the stair structure.

Of course, Ewald groaned out of his mind at the refreshing energy that Ekryn felt.

“Me too, I want to lie down next to my master. I will lie down.”

Far below Ewald with a fluttering sound, Usbel put her short legs on the wall.


An exclamation close to joy erupted from Usbel. At this point, Shupea also lay down on the floor and put his trembling legs on the wall.

“What would be better… Haaang!”

“… Moan gently.”

“aaa! My God, what is this, mister?”

“It’s draining blood from your leg.”

Eccrine, Ewald, Usbel, and Spea, in that order, were lying on the floor and leaning their legs against the wall.

Groans were heard from here and there, but for now everyone had a smile of rest on their faces.

“If anyone sees it, it will be very funny, this.”

“Right, right? If you look at it from above, it will look like a person in bloom, right? Yes?”

Just like that, the four-petalled human flower bloomed around the stairs.

How much time has passed Ewald suddenly hesitated and opened his mouth.

“Is there anyone who will wake up first?”

Ewald, unable to bring himself to say that he would get up first, glanced left and right. However, everyone avoided Ewald’s gaze without even replying.

Indeed, even Ewald was in a state of wanting to move, whether to split or break the Capoteron after waking up from a sound sleep like this.

“Ha ha, but it’s nice that there’s no more bloody smell. Great.”

Usbel threw her words without much thought.

“… For a moment.”

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And it started scratching Ewald’s planting.

“Come to think of it, since when was there no blood on the stairs?”

“… Did you?”

Shupea tilted her head as she lay down.

He couldn’t remember when the bloodstains had disappeared since he was so preoccupied with the damn long stairs. Because his head was full of thoughts of when the stairs would end.

But when I thought about it, I don’t know when, but it seems that the blood has disappeared.

Feeling something strange, Ewald groaned and stood up. He was moved by the end of the stairs, and it occurred to him that he had not looked around him properly.

“Margfeldi ljos.”

Ewald immediately summoned some lighting magic. In an instant, the light that spread from the center of Ebalt began to push away the darkness in space.

However, the darkness did not go far enough to reveal the wall.

“… To?”

I don’t know who he was talking to, but Ewald looked all around with his dazed face.

Even if something is narrow, it is too narrow. It seems that the vines, which are unknown how they grew in such a basement, completely cover the walls, so that the sound does not resonate, completely taking away the sense of space.

A space less than 50 meters in radius at most.

Of course, Ewald, who could see everything at a glance, jumped up from his seat. His thighs twitched violently, complaining of his pain, but that didn’t matter now.

“… Uncle, what is it?”

“Master, master, rest a little more and move on.”

The two girls, who were bothered by everything, were still sprawling on the floor, looking at Ewald and talking, but Ewald, looking completely bewildered, made a quick turn around the stairs.

Then, standing tall, he clenched his fists and began to tremble.

Eccrine, realizing that something was going wrong, threw her long leg over the wall down and stood up.

“West, what…”

“All weather.”

A low, sullen voice came from Ewald.

Sensing that something had happened, Shupea jumped up from her seat, and Usbel straightened her crumpled body.

“Should I use a protective shield?”

Shupea looked at Ewald with a tense face.

However, Ebalt, who had an expression dozens of times more nervous than Shu Pea, strode up the stairs, confirmed once again that there were no more downward stairs, and revealed it.



Ewald, whose face was haggard with tension, opened his mouth with an expression that he had lived through the world.

“Take out the potion.”

“… What?”

Only then did Shupea look around.

In a space where everything could be entered at a glance, a tower of stairs reaching from the ceiling to the floor soared.

There was nothing else.

Ewald put his hands on his sides, bowed his head, and let out a powerful sigh that made him shiver.

“Master, master, isn’t there a knife that’s supposed to be that capoteron or something?”

Uthbel, who belatedly comprehended the situation, circled around Ewald while struggling. Something indescribable anxiety hovered over Usbel’s face.

“Why is there nothing, Mr. West?”

The scene where only fragments of grass covering the walls, where it is impossible to guess how they grew in the empty space.

After pulling out all the plants on the wall just in case, Balt walked towards his crew after confirming several times that there was no passage to move to another space anywhere.

To the members who were looking at them with such serious expressions,

“I guess…”

Ewald opened his mouth in a strained voice.

“I don’t think this room is.”

* * *

“Uncle, please… !”

“No! No!”

“Are you saying let’s go up again, sir?”

This is a dead end room. Blowing magic several times to see if there was a hidden passage, Balt declared surrender in exactly 30 minutes, and he looked at the tower of the stairs with cursed eyes, which he did not even want to look at.

“… It must be this room.”

“It’s crazy! You’ve been walking down for over ten hours now, and you want to climb it again? It’s crazy?”

“… The dungeon keeps important items downstairs, so of course I thought it would be here.”

It was hard to imagine even dying that he would have created an empty space like this.

However, the crazy space spread out in front of the crew like a trap.

The anger of being ridiculed made her brain run wild, so Spear swears everywhere, Usbel sat down and let out a mad laugh, and Ekrin carefully wiped Zweihender with trembling hands.

Ewald began to seriously agonize over how to move his lips that could not bear to fall.

But he must have had something to say to Balt.

Eventually, Ewald spoke in a terrifying and desperate voice.

“… Let’s go up.”

* * *

“… I’m going to kill this stair builder.”

“… Let’s kill together, let’s kill together I’ll tear it lengthwise.”

“… I will tear it horizontally.”

I still have energy left to speak. Ewald struggled to find even the slightest bit of hope. However, no matter how you think about it, the person who made these stairs is either a madman or a genius who has mastered psychological warfare.

All of the underground dungeons that Ebalt had ventured through so far were at the lowest level, but monsters and treasures were concentrated in the lower level. That’s common sense It should be.

However, this dungeon, which consisted of the first floor, insanely long stairs, and the lowest floor, was not a dungeon made with sanity. It was clear that after going back and forth on these stairs, whether it was a treasure, an adventure, or a mess, I would just go home.

In the end, the guerrilla crew members, who had been walking with the feeling of returning to the guerrilla warfare twice, reached the edge of the first floor in exactly 13 hours.

“It’s over!”

Ewald put his foot out at the end of the stairs where the faint light came in. Ewald, who had consumed almost 24 hours only to and fro the stairs, shattered his weary expression and raised his weary face.

And in front of Ewald’s eyes, a small girl was eagerly picking up something.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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