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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 136

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (8)

“… In the name of all the gods I know, cursed be this wicked man.”

The bloody Lindehorn lay on the bed and uttered vicious words at Ewald.

“What are you saying so viciously?”

Ewald, who didn’t think it would be such a hot fight, opened a potion and sprayed the whole thing on Lingehorn, laughing out loud.

“Oops, you’ve been badly hurt.”

“… You’re a human who wouldn’t mind being torn to death.”

“If you can, tear it apart.”

Grow up.

This time, Ewald, who turned to Lafon, opened a new potion and smiled sadly.

“… Miss Kitsuka.”

With a dying voice, Lafon struggled to wriggle her arms with his unfocused eyes directed into the air.

“Oops, you got hit hard here too.”

Lafon, who was wearing a bandage and couldn’t tell whether he was a dwarf or a mummy, was looking somewhere with a face that had lost his soul.

Of course, Ebalt, who sprayed potions on Lafon as well, started clapping for the heads of the two races who never feared dying.

“It was a really cool duel.”

It was a fight that lasted about 10 minutes, but three buildings collapsed as they fought with a world-destroying visual, Kamache’s back was broken, and Lingehorn’s mandible was split into three pieces.

Deeply impressed by the confrontation between Kamache, the essence of Dwarven science and technology, and Aglar Kar, the pinnacle of elven magic, Ewald let out a laugh with a thrilled face, then stopped clapping and put his hands behind his back.

“But what’s the point of a draw?”

Thanks to her potion, her mandible was cured, Lin Gehorn sharpened his teeth, and Lafon turned her neck, which did not turn well, and glared at her Lin Gehorn with her eyes.

“If only you gave me one more chance!”

“Exactly! Let us fight again!”

“Hey, I gave you one chance.”

Ebalt shrugged his shoulders and sat down on a low chair.

“Since I saw that fight for free, I’ll give you a significant discount.”

“… Reduction?”

Lingehorn’s eyes turned white. Of course, her heart wasn’t dwarfed enough to make her drowsy at those eyes, so Ebalt responded with a bright smile and opened her mouth to Lin Gehon.

“I speak to Aglar Kar.”

Suddenly, in a polite tone, Lingehorn, feeling uneasy for no reason, waited silently for Ewald’s words.

“I will entrust one of my crew.”


Ebalt nodded his head.

“I want that friend to have a look at the Sky Library, and I want Aglar Carr to direct me.”

Lingehorn looked at Ewald with a completely blank expression.

“The Sky Library?”


“Are you saying that the right to read the library in the sky should be given to that member?”

“That’s right.”

“Is that all your requirements are?”


With a face asking if he wanted to be taken away more, Ewald grinned.

But Lynn Gehorn tilted her head at her rather bewildered face and let out a deep sigh.

“You are a very simple person.”

“I hear that often.”

Ewald drew an inappropriate smile.

“Who is that person you want to entrust?”

“Well, I think it would be more fun to learn about it step by step, and I will give you one piece of information.”


With a grunt, Lingehorn turned his head to Ewald.

And Ewald opened his mouth with a somewhat proud face.

“That friend is Pertaidigger.”


Lynn Gehorn, who was trying to spring her from her seat with her handspring, let out a groan at the faint sound of her hips, then collapsed back onto her bed.

“Did you say it was Pertideiger?”

“It will be fun, right?”

Ewald answered quietly with a smile on his face.

“I would like to ask him for a map. I can’t teach him with my abilities.”

Lingehorn was speechless.

“I’d like to ask for one instead.”

Ebalt moved a serious eye at Lyn Gehon, who still lost her senses with a dumbfounded expression.

“Please don’t compare him to anyone.”

“… Comparison?”

“I just want you to compare the guy today with the guy tomorrow.”

Lynn Gehon, with her puzzled face, looked at Ebalt calmly.

“Isn’t that obvious?”

This time, Ewald put on a puzzled expression.

The head of the elves looked up at the ceiling with a calm expression and then quietly opened his mouth.

“You care about everything. Do you know that I am human?”

For a moment, Ewald put on a dejected expression.

I completely forgot that that person was an elf, not a human.

After finishing his business with the elf, Ewald pulled a chair and moved closer to Lafon.

His body was roughly restored, but Lafon, who was in a haggard state, was blinking at Balt while being possessed by the appearance of a sickly beautiful girl with a blank face.

“Is it my turn now?”

“Don’t be too nervous.”


“… Please don’t touch the warehouse.”

“Let’s touch it lightly.”

Ewald delivered a short request to Lafon, who was wondering if he was going to end the negotiations by going from taking everything away to giving it away.

“I want you to make armor for Adele.”

“… Yes?”

Blinking clear eyes, Lafon moved her face left and right in disbelief.

“Is that enough?”

“Everyone else is just enough to protect themselves, but Adele isn’t like that.”


Lafon’s lips parted slightly. However, Ewald’s additional requests poured in.

“I want it to be easy to carry, it pops out regardless of the user’s will, and I hope it doesn’t have any offensive ability. If possible, I would like it to be something that can stand by in another dimension and protrude like Kamache to protect it. And it has to be unconditionally light.”

“… Can I curse at you?”

“Put it in.”

Lafon poked out her lips poutingly and grumbled very cutely. However, since she was prepared to rob her warehouse, Lafon let out a long sigh of relief, judging that her demands were nothing.

“I will complete it until Kitsuka-sama gets rid of Capoteron.”

“Oh, and don’t call me Kitsuka-sama.”


“Shall we rob the warehouse?”

“I will do so, Mr. Ewald.”

Now you’ve seen everything. Ewald stood up and began walking slowly to the door.

“The magic swordsman of destruction.”

Lingehorn, who called out to Ewald with a voice similar to a groan, turned his deep eyes to Ewald for some reason.

“Are you trying to lighten the burden on my heart by having me and Ohisa-sama fight each other? If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have made our fight on purpose.”

Is it like that? Lafon also looked at Ewald with bright eyes.

Ewald, who had been staring at Lingehorn’s eyes, which were quite soft and benevolent, scratched the back of his head embarrassedly.

“I just put it on because I thought it would be fun.”

From noble mtl dot com

He cut off Lingehorn’s mental cord.

* * *

“Are you both okay?”

Ewald lightly nodded to Shu Pea, who was sitting on the table and dangling her legs.

“Let’s do our best.”

Ewald, who ran away from Lingehorn, who seemed to be suffocating Ewald at any moment, sat down with an evil smile on his face.

However, something strange was caught in Ewald’s field of vision.

It’s Usbel packing his things.

“… What are you doing?”

“Pack your bags, pack your bags.”

“Are you not going?”

“I’m not following my master, I’m not following you.”

Usbel, who was packing her rucksack with her mouth sticking out, was grumbling cutely with her face looking quite sulky to anyone’s eyes.

“I am going to play. I’m going on a picnic. I will go on an outing. Picnic!”

Ebalt, who was so cute that he almost stroked his head, quickly lowered his raised hand and scratched his cheek.

“Only a few days. I’ll be there soon. And I fully explained why I didn’t take you.”

“I know. I understood. But I was pissed off. I pout.”

Tool tool tool tool tool.

“I didn’t take you last time, and I won’t take you this time either.”

Ewald smiled troubledly, thinking that if he had a daughter like that, he would pull out his organs and give them to him.

“I’ll definitely take you next time.”

“I’m excited. It’s a tooth I’m sorry.”

Pouting like that, Usbel, carrying her rucksack, lifted her head sadly and let out a loud growl from the depths of her stomach.

At the same time, she slowly put the backpack she was carrying on the floor and she started laughing brightly.

“Uh… The sun has set, the animals have just come out and I’m scared, so I’ll go on a picnic tomorrow.”

When he wondered what kind of crazy beast would come to the dwarven underground city, Balt nodded as if he knew.

“… Yes.”

Ewald, who was pondering what kind of monster Uthbel was afraid of, eventually couldn’t stand it and stroked Usbel’s head, then met Eccrine’s sad eyes and spat out an ambiguous voice.

“Everyone, do you want to have dinner with me?”

* * *

“I will open the gate.”

Having received the grace of the potion, Rin Gehon, who quickly robbed her of her seat and stood up, said that and went to collect her mana.

Ewald, Spea, and Ekrin, who are scheduled to participate in this expedition. And Pionir, who was being sold to an elf village, was watching the breathing mana management of the only 9th class wizard on the continent.

Rin Gehon, who completed the magic formula in an instant and recited the coordinates at the end of the formula, spat out a short magic word and stretched out her hand.

Then, a dark blue portal nearly five meters in diameter appeared.

“… It is on a different level.”

Fiornir pulled out a voice that was creeping into the hopelessly obvious difference in skill, and Ewald coolly slapped Piornir on the back of the head.


“Don’t compare, man.”

Fionir stared blankly at the dimensional door of Lingehorn, not feeling any pain.

Pionir, who was heartbroken at how long he had to study magic to be able to use this kind of magic, put on a gloomy expression for no reason.

Ewald whispered into Pionir’s ear.

“Hey, but to be honest, you’re better at managing mana.”

“… I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you.”

Rin Gehon, an elf with a bad temper, glanced over at Ebalt and Fionir, then stretched out his hand toward the dimensional door.

“You can go in.”

Ewald scratched the back of his nose and looked behind him, thrilled that he didn’t have to walk all the way to Corinne’s prison.

Elif, Adele, and Lafon, who did not participate in the expedition, are quietly seeing off Ebalt.

But one is empty.

“Where did Usbel go?”

“You said you were going on a picnic. Wherever you go, you’ll be laughing like a light-year-old and running around with flowers in your hair.”

Ewald agreed.

“Then I will go.”

“Have a good trip.”


“Please preserve the prison body.”

It’s up to the point…

In any case, being sent off by the rest of the crew, Ewald jumped into the dimensional door first.

Space distortion unique to dimensional doors, a sense of concentration as if you were about to be sucked in.

As soon as the obscure power that couldn’t feel his gravity disappeared, Ebalt’s body was thrown into space.

“Ouch! What is so dizzy?”

After staggering once, Balt quickly stood up in his own way and looked around him.

The image of Hisnan, which means valley of mist in the Elvish language, spread out in front of Ebalt.


Shupea fell out of the dimensional door. Shupea, who had rolled several times on the ground, looked like he would vomit at any moment, but Ewald didn’t even think of helping such Shupea, and he was staring at something that had fallen in front of him.

“Oww! What is this?”

Shupea lifted his body, feeling a nauseous feeling.

In front of Shupea, the corpse of an elf was scattered all over the place.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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