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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 135

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (7)

Ebalt, who had officially declared that he would plunder the dwarves and elves, savagely pushed Lafon and Lingehorn away by the crotch of his trousers before entering his room.

However, Lafon and Lingehorn, who followed Ewald’s room, are desperate.

“Look, man, the magic swordsman of destruction. What kind of pillar roots are you trying to pull out?”

“Kitsuka-sama, Kitsuka-sama, please give me a word! What pillar do you mean, from where to how far?”

“People you know. Let’s not make a fuss and live quietly.”

Ewald, who lazily sat down on the bed, lay flat with a grunt.


But Ewald, who jumped off the bed because he felt something soft behind him, quickly checked the bed.

On the bed, Usbel was lying face down in the shape of a properly battered frog.

Come to think of it, less than ten hours had passed since the birthday party the night before.

Less than three hours had passed since the elves came in and attended the banquet of pretense before declaring the robbery of the dwarves and elves. Stroked

“Whoah, master, master.”

Usu Bell, who was drawing her satisfied expression as he licked her lips wildly, took her hand to her mouth and tossed and turned so cutely that she couldn’t be more cute.

But her concern for her Usbel touched her heart more than her cuteness, and Balt felt a bitter taste in her mouth.

‘I guess I’ll have to leave him?’

Objectively or subjectively, except for Bonaewald, Usbel boasts the most powerful firepower in her unit, but this girl is also a demon in essence.

She was an Ewald who absolutely trusted Uth-Bell, but she knew exactly that Uth-Bell would be her most dangerous existence if anything went wrong.

So, thinking that it would be difficult to watch her performance again this time, Balt patted Usbel’s head for a while while smiling for some reason.

“… What are these?”

From the door, I heard Shupea’s ridiculous voice. There was a sound of something happening, and then Shupea opened the door and appeared, slumped into a chair with a cigarette in her mouth.

“Aside from the little ones, what is that old elf?”

Ewald, who glanced at Lafon and Lingehorn, who lingered in front of the door like puppies kicked out of the house, turned his attention to Speaa and scolded him.

“… What are you?”

Of course, Shupea grinned and lit a cigarette.

“My name is Supera Geresbek, mister.”

“… Do you have something to do?”

Shupea nodded her head.



Shupea slightly shook the backpack she was holding in her hand. The rucksack, which was so full that I couldn’t even close the lid, rang out clearly.

The thing that seemed to be stacked up was a bright red potion in a water bottle.

Putting down a pile of well over 50 potions on the table, Shupea sat down on a chair and lit a cigarette.

“Where did you come from?”

“I heard that the magic master or someone gave it to Pionir? What was the name Fre?”

“Are you Ricky?”

Hearing that Frederike had come to Kazelheim, Ewald tilted his head.

Of course, if you track the magic wavelength of Pionir, you can open the warp gate, but honestly, it was surprising to hear that the magic leader moved directly to deliver that potion.

“It looks like the high priest just asked for the potion, and they said he went after talking with Pioneer for a while.”

“Did Ricky talk to Fionair?”

Did you visit Kaselheim yourself?

It was quite a surprise to Ewald, who was familiar with Frederike’s personality.

Of course, since Frederique was Pionir’s teacher, he could visit for a while, but it was a surprise nonetheless.

“Oh, I wish I could rest for a few days.”



“Gather the kids.”

Supea, who had been inhaling the smoke from his cigarette, turned to Ebalt with a distorted face and started growling.

“… Didn’t you just say let’s rest?”

“Get some rest later.”

Ewald, who smiled brightly while stroking Usbel’s head, proudly proclaimed:

“Capoteron George, let’s go grabbing money from dwarves and elves.”

* * *

“Capo… Did you say Theron, Captain?”

As soon as the briefing was over, Pioneer was the first to speak.

Of course, it was Shupea who grumbled first.

“What didn’t you do to get a dead ghost attached to you? That we came back yesterday Can’t we just take a day off out of etiquette?”

Supea, who growled violently with his chin resting on his table, put on a tired look. However, Ewald opened his mouth as if he had waited.

“Eccrine, Spea, Fiornir. It just moves like this.”

“Yes? Yes yes?”

Staring at Ewald with wide eyes, Usbel put on an expression of disbelief.

“Master, Master, has Usbel done anything wrong to you? Do you have? No? I don’t remember?!”

“Oh, that’s not it…”

Usbel, who had grown grim and rigid with a look almost crying, opened his mouth with a sniffle.

“Then why do you keep leaving? Why?”

“… It’s a capoteron, so you’re having a hard time.”

It was for this reason that Ewald petted Usbel for a long time.

“Besides, I’m afraid to go with that tall female, I’m going to die, I’m going to die.”


“… Put the knife in, Ekryn.”


Pushing her sword back, Eccrine twisted her long legs up and crossed her arms.

“Captain, am I not going too?”

“This time, we need fearless guys. You are excluded this time too.”

After briefly dismissing Elif’s words, Ewald shifted his gaze to Fionir.

“And Fionir goes with him… It doesn’t go all the way to Corinne’s prison. I have to go on a dispatch in the middle, so pack your things separately.”


Fionir, who had an uneasy expression on his face, slightly frowned.

“… Are you dispatched?”


After casually nodding his head, Balt finally called out the sortie personnel.

“Eccrine, Shupea. There are actually three people, including me, going to Corinne’s prison. Any questions?”

“I’m going to play! I’m going to go play!”

When he put his hand on the whining Usbel’s head, Balt smiled and moved his hand.

“Come in until sunset.”

“But the green-haired kid isn’t going, mister?”

Lafon, who had been silently listening to the story, stopped at the seat of Odokani, stiffening her body at Shu Pea’s words.

Ewald kicked his tongue hard just once and scratched his head.

“Well, since you said you wouldn’t be able to enter Corin’s prison even if you died, I have no choice.”

Lafon’s knowledge and Kamache would be quite helpful, but since he had declared that he would rather peel and die, Ebalt was only thinking of pulling out the pillars.

“You must have a lot of money, what?”

“What are you talking about?”

Lafon, who turned his head with a rigid movement that made his neck creak, turned to Ebalt with a face that was indistinguishable from whether he was crying or not.

Ewald twitched his lips for no reason.

“If you want to root out the pillars, it won’t be enough to open a warehouse.”

Ewald nodded softly and threw a mean expression at Lafon for no reason.

“Well, Tosaf gave the magic mineral to me, not to the dwarf. It doesn’t matter if you shake everything off, well.”

Lafon flew up to Ewald.

“No! Not as much as that!”

Gently supporting Lafon’s forehead with his hand, Ebalt turned Lafon’s body round and kicked him into his side and sat down on his chair.

“Retrieve the blueprint that Tosaf gave you as a bonus.”

The sound of something cracking open exploded from Laphon’s head.

Worried that his grandson’s grandson and his grandson’s grandson would have to dig and collect even half of the ore that filled the warehouse, Lafon lowered his head,


Covering her face with her hands, she began to weep bitterly.

“Ahhhhh! Miss Kitsuka! aaang!”

Lafon, who was dangling from Ewald’s side, cried bitterly as if he had lost his country. Ewald, who was so cute that he unknowingly wondered whether to appease Lafon, quickly brushed off his thoughts and drew a strange smile.

“Too… You’re doing too much, Kitsuka-sama. aaang!”

“Then shall we take out the blueprint?”

This man is having fun.

Except for Lafon, all the members were thinking about that while watching that smirking Ewald.

“What would you do if you had the blueprints? Aang. If you bring all the ingredients, we will starve to death.”

“… Do you live on metal?”

“Even if you want to eat and die, you will not run out of metal to eat. Please forgive me.”

Lafon, still covering his face with both hands, sobbed, and shed tears like chicken droppings.

“Please be lenient, Miss Kitsuka.”

Even in this situation, after confirming once again that Corinne would not go to prison together, Balt scratched his head with a bitter smile.

“I will live as Kitsuka-sama’s maid for the rest of my life, so please don’t take away the future of the dwarves.”

Now that he is slowly becoming a bad guy, Ewald thought that he should finish it in moderation,

“That… Ah!”

He was struck by a sharp blow to the eye that passed through his mind.

Ewald, who suddenly had a bright expression, calmed down his emotions in an instant and opened his mouth in a low voice.

From noble mtl dot com

“That’s right, Ohisa-sama. You do it like this.”

Lafon, who suddenly turned his swollen eyes to Ebalt, opened his mouth with a sorrowful face.

“Am I really a maid?”

“… Then both of us are killed by Ekryn.”

Evalt, who lifted the armpit of her lapon hanging on her side, put her down in front of her face as if he were handling her child, and he made a somewhat sinister expression.

“Let’s drive it.”


At Lafon, who blinked with a blank expression, Ewald increased the intensity of his sinister smile.

“The side that wins against Lingehon will give the reward to the side that loses.”

“One round… Stick?”

Ewald raised his thumb.

“Would you like to?”

Sparks came out of Lafon’s eyes.

“I will rip that old elf limb from limb and offer it to Kitsuka-sama!”

* * *

Wow Jangchang!

“What kind of rudeness is this!”

“Shut up, you f*cking elf!”

Raffon, who broke into Lingehorn’s door, blew a murderous glance at Lingehorn.

Rin Gehorn, who put her fragrant tea in her mouth and spouted it out, wiped her mouth with her sleeve and glared at Lafon.

Lafon declared.

“In this place! The future of the dwarves and elves will be staked and you will fight the girl!”

“… Are you crazy?”

“Lady Ewald Kitska has sent down a ray of hope!”

“… You are crazy.”

“You said that you only need to pull out one root of the pillar!”

“… What and how?”

“He said he would only pull out the root of the pillar on the losing side!”

In Lindehorn’s field of vision, the figure of Ewald with his back to the door and his arms crossed came into sight.

Lynn Gehorn showed what the word tough meant to her face, revealing it.

“Let’s drive it to the losing side?”

Lafon, who stretched out her hand to Rin Gehon with a bold spirit, gathered all the spirit of her life with her face carrying all the sense of justice in the world and shouted loudly.

“So, I, Lafon Debau Dwarfel Rasmu, swear by the name of Ohisa, I will crush you right here!”

“Exactly what I wished for! I swear to Shatlomia that I will destroy you!”

Linge Horn also fluttered the hem of her clothes and turned her face, stained with confident cruelty, to Lafon, then raised her hand to gather her mana.

Ewald made his hand trumpet to announce his announcement.

“No killing!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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