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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 131

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (3)

“… What did you say now?”

As he slowly grabbed Usbel by the waist and pulled her away from himself, Balt turned her completely frozen face toward Usbel.

Usbel, who was crying a lot, glanced at Balt’s face as it turned ferocious and drew in her breath with a completely frightened expression.

“Well, we also don’t have a good time in the middle of the night. I’m not sending you.”

Ewald vigorously shook Usbel, who let out a creeping voice.

“Could it be that we are demons?”

“Is there anything else besides that? Wouldn’t there be?”


Ewald growled ferociously. Usbel stings in tears, and she opens her mouth to Ewald with a frightened look.

“Su, sorcery, sorcery. If you use magic to kill it, the soul cannot go to the nether world, but goes to infinity. Indiscriminately.”

How to drink?

Ewald’s head was confused by the completely new information.

“As you know, Master, there are many similarities between demons and Rauspe, the lord of hell. So, when Rauspe cursed and blessed the demons, I gave them the power to keep the souls killed by the demons from being sent to the underworld.”

“… Why?”

Ewald’s head tilted to the side. But Usbel shook her head.

“Yeah, I don’t know. Was Rauspe playing a joke or something?”

Usbel, who had been whimpering, shrugged her shoulders.

“It hurts, Master.”


Only then did Ewald loosen the grip on Usbel. Usbel let out her short sigh and toddled back with her face still whimpering, then slumped back into her chair.

“I’m just… The owner is not hurt… I just like it…”

“… Sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Usbel, who had been pouring out sad tears for nearly five minutes, suddenly jumped up and thrust her tear-stained face at Ewald, who was at a loss for what to do.

“Hug me.”

Wiping away the tears with the back of her hand, Usbel whined to Ewald, who was shaking her shoulders.

Ewald sighed deeply because of his sins and stretched out his arms to Usbel.


Ewald looked bitterly at Usbel as he burrowed into his arms so violently that it made him gasp. Ewald carefully stroked Usbel’s head.

This child sacrificed his severed arm for himself.

Ewald, whose regret occupied a large part of his chest, patted Usbel on the back, licking his lips.

“… Sorry.”


I really didn’t expect to cry with my mouth saying Hueng. Even while making a ridiculous expression, Ewald did not stop patting Usbel’s back with a subtle smile.

“The items you prepared are a little lacking…”

The door opened without knocking, and Ekryn appeared with sharp eyes.

It was Ebalt who did not commit any crime, but Ebalt trembled and stopped his hand,

“Yeah two years!”

He could witness Ekryn pulling Zweihender back.

“Wait a minute! Wait for a sec!”

Ewald stood up from his seat, but Usbel, who began to smile evilly while holding Ewald’s neck tightly, sent his thin gaze to Ecrin and slightly stuck his tongue out of his lips.

Thanks to that, Ekryn’s eyes turned upside down.

“Is it good to be young after all, Mr. Seo!”

Ekryn, who had already lifted the Zweihender above her head with only the whites of her eyes left, began the sword dance.


* * *

“… I know what’s going on.”

Taking a sip of the warm tea to her lips, Ekryn swallowed it nervously.

A similar sound came out of Ewald’s throat.

But Usbel went behind Ewald’s back and clung to Ewald’s back, emitting a heheheh sound like a child carrying her father on her back.

The teacup crumbled in Ekryn’s hand.

“I want you to look at this. First of all, it is also a lifesaver, isn’t it basically a demon?”

The teacup fell and Ekryn, who was holding on to the handle, blew cold eyes at Ewald and Usbel alternately, then lowered her gaze quietly.

“If the West says so, I will bear with it.”

“Master, Master, he says he will endure it, he will endure it.”

Ekryn’s ice-encrusted eyes flew towards Usbel. Even though he wasn’t even looking at him, Ewald, who felt cold for no reason, coughed for no reason and pulled Usbel’s arm around his neck and yanked it forward.

“What items are you missing?”

“Garreung, Garreung.”

Usu Bell, who jumped on Balt’s thighs even though he had pulled out of the way, began to play a jumping cat with his body crouched down.

Usbel made a cat mouth by moving her lips as if she was going to solve everything here and now that she hadn’t seen for 40 days.

Toward her, her ecrin spurted life into her face, which was not angry with her.

Exciting. Ewald pondered for a long time on what kind of expression he should make before creating a soulless smile.

Ekryn quietly opened her mouth.

“I don’t have enough sunstones.”

It’s a sunstone… Ewald nodded his head.

“But… Because it’s underground They say you can’t even save Dvahur?”

Ewald turned a slightly stiff face to Ekryn.

Eccrine nodded slowly, keeping her eyes fixed on Uth Bell as if she would crush a person to death.

“I’ve never seen a sunstone before.”

Although it is for emergencies, Ebalt scratched his head as if he was embarrassed, thinking that there is a lot of difference between having a sunstone and not having one.

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“Then I’ll have to find something to use as a replacement.”

With those words, Balt lowered his hand that had been scratching his head.

“Gareung, Garreung.”

“Other than that everything is fine…”

Eccrine’s axe-like gaze, which had been fixed on Usbel, flew to Ewald.

Ebalt, who involuntarily stopped talking, looked at Ekryn very carefully.

However, Ekrin looked at Ewald and Usbel in turn, then slowly looked at Ewald’s arm, then turned the end of her gaze to Ewald.

“What the hell are you doing, Mr. Seo?”

“… Yes?”

Ewald glanced down.

Usbel, who was purring like a cat, and her own hand caressing the back of Usbel, who was like a cat, came into view.


Eccrine drew a smile on her lips that made the air freeze.

“Do you have anything to say?”


The savior burst through the door and appeared. Ekrin, who was about to stand up, only turned her eyes to check the door, then let out a short sigh and put the Zweihender in her hand down on the floor.

Stuttering her words, Elif, who was emitting an appearance effect with a long tail, opened the door and entered the room.

After that, Shupea came in with her signature grin on her face, her cigarette in her mouth, and her hands full of something.

“What are you doing! Come in, come in!”

“Then excuse me.”

The owner of the room didn’t even allow it, but Adele, who said she would excuse herself, was holding something like Speaa.

“Excuse me… Then me too…”

Fiornier, who had been scratching the back of his head with an embarrassing face, revealed his lack of presence.

What day is it today?

“I am truly relieved to have such a happy day.”

Raffon came in.

Ewald, who was distracted and stroked Usbel’s back like a cat, once again caught Eccrine’s gaze.

But the men, who had nothing to do with that, dragged a long table through the door and set their hands on the table.

“Hey, what are you doing there?”


Usu Bell, who thoroughly believed she was a cat, shrieked, and Supea gulped at her.

“Is this crazy thing possessed by a cat ghost? Won’t you come down?”

Shupea, who grabbed Usu-Bell by the back of her back with a single click, set her struggling Usu-Bell down in front of her table and started setting the food on the table.

No matter how you look at it, this is banquet food.

After Usbel left and looked down at her empty lap, Balt scratched his head shyly and stood up.

“What, are you having a party?”

But no one seems to be listening to Ewald’s story.

“Let’s start with the tablecloth. It’s already spilling and messing around.”

“Bring some beer over there.”

“E-is this?”

“I think I can survive without drinking beer today.”

“… You shut up.”


“Hey, guys, I’m running out of glasses.”

“Drink in the palm of your hand, in the palm of your hand.”

“Hey, don’t get up on the table, you madman!”


A shadow approached Ewald, who was watching the mad scene from behind.

In that chill, Ebalt flinched, but Ecrin, who came right next to Ebalt, tiptoed over with his tall stature and whispered in Ebalt’s ear in a small voice.

“Happy birthday, sir.”


“… Ah!”

How are you not?

“Is it already July…”

Ewald, who had been silently watching the lavishly prepared birthday table, couldn’t figure out what kind of emotion this was.

For 27 years he was confined to a space with no one around.

And in 27 years, his birthday table was set in front of Balt.

The back of his nose was sore for no reason, so Balt unknowingly rubbed his nose with his finger and stared at his ceiling.

“Mister, what are you doing? Hurry over there and sit down.”

“Eat and die.”

Ewald smiled in his gratitude and walked to the seat reserved for him.

But when he found a cake with five long candles and six short candles, he had to let out a devastated laugh.

“What are you sad about? Uncle, you’re fifty-six now.”

“… Won’t you remind me?”

Standing in his seat, Balt raised his beer glass and toasted.

“Ruler! Bravo!”

Everyone was trying to shout a toast coolly, but everyone stiffened at Ewald’s slogan of a toast, which was close to antique.

Did I say bravo now?

Shupea, who looked at Elif with a rotten face, whispered.

“… Did you just say bravo?”

“I didn’t hear that wrong, did you? Did Mr. Shupea hear that too?”

“What about that antique nobleman…”

“… It must have been like that 27 years ago.”

“Mr. Ewald, 56 years old. You’re right. I was almost fooled when I saw your face.”

Adele, who was sitting next to Elif, who nodded her head vigorously, opened her mouth with a rare smile on her lips.

“That’s tacky, chief.”

Pioneer sighed, not knowing why he was ashamed, and began to laugh under his breath, covering up his empty laugh, while Lafon raised his glass of milk, not sure what was wrong.

Even Usbel, with a face that said he had seen something he couldn’t see, let out a grunt and sent a pitiful glance at Ewald.


“B, bravo.”

Eccrine, who was the only one who raised a beer mug and responded belatedly to Ewald, turned around with her red-hot face.

“Yes, it used to be like this!”

Ebalt made a desperate protest, but Shupea, who flung the peanut he was holding in his mouth to Ebalt, opened his mouth with a chuckle.

“Live in reality, reality. He lives alone 30 years ago.”


Ewald held out his beer mug with a red face and shouted harshly.

“Let’s eat and die!”

* * *

Ewald, who was afraid of what the drunken members would do, woke up in a place where no one could find him.

His head throbs from how much he drank last night.

I remembered that Lafon drank beer in one breath in the middle of the banquet and took off all his clothes because it was hot, and I remembered that Usbel, who shouted that he couldn’t lose, joined the battle.

I vaguely remember Elif ripping off his jacket as if he was laughing.

Thanks to that, Ewald, who decided to escape that battlefield-like place, blinked his eyes at the place where that mental power led.

Balt quietly looked around him as he stretched out on the roof of the warehouse where the ore was piled up.

Quiet and desolate Kaselheim. Ewald made an absurd expression at the strange sensation of feeling cozy in this dark dwarf fortress.

Ewald, who was sitting still and looking down, noticed something strange.

Walking from afar, they consisted of about fifty people, all pale as if lime powder had been applied to their faces.

All of them looked like parasitic brothers or radiated chiseled beauty and were equipped with pointy ears.

Ewald doubted his eyes for a long time, but no matter how he looked at it…


An elf in a dwarf’s lair?

Ewald, who suddenly came up with the proverb that elves and dwarves can’t forgive each other even if they can forgive their enemy, mercilessly frowned when he saw the elves marching in line with each other proudly.

Ending the accident in an instant, Ebalt slowly hardened his face.

Ewald’s conclusion was one.

“… Is it war?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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