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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 120

Mission No.6 Greed (14)

In response to the excruciating pain in his lower back, Ewald checked his entire body by moving each movable joint. However, the vision is dark and the area around the legs feels floating.

I don’t know what it is, but it looks like something huge is biting itself.

‘… Driving me crazy.’

The smell of rotting meat stung Ewald’s nose. At the same time, I could clearly feel the strong wind hitting my legs.

The bastard he was biting himself was apparently flying.

‘Ah, I can’t really stir this up.’

While trying to collect a little mana, Balt soon gave up his mind.

I don’t know what this monster is, but even if he could kill it, he didn’t want to fall, with no idea how high he was flying.

He was flying at high speed from a place that was not very high for no reason, and this guy George fell, and he wanted to avoid getting caught in a tree right away.

As he groped around his waist, Balt let out a sigh of relief at the fact that the monster’s teeth weren’t that big.

‘What kind of bird-type monsters have teeth on their beaks?’

Even in this situation, Balt immediately frowned as he recalled the monster encyclopedia in his head and searched for a strategy.

‘My breath smells terrible.’

The rotten smell that stung the lungs was unbearably repulsive.

At that time, the beak of the guy holding Ebalt opened wide. Ewald narrowed his eyes at the sudden rush of fresh air and surveyed the situation.

Ewald thought it was for obvious reasons that the creature bit him, but didn’t swallow him right away, even though he actually hunted him.

‘I’m sure you want to give it to my babies.’

Sure enough, Ewald’s eyes caught sight of baby birds the size of a man on the floor, almost three meters below, waiting for him to fall with their menacing bills open.

The mother bird, who opened her beak wide, shook her beak, shaking off the Ewald caught in her chin.

Ewald, whose beak was only a few meters tall, couldn’t do anything about it.

The baby birds, which didn’t make the characteristic cheep-cheep of a baby bird, but let out a scream like that of a pterosaur, ferociously opened their beaks, which even sprouted teeth, and tried to bite Ewald’s flesh.

However, Ewald, who forcibly carries the peace and existence of the continent all over his body – Beelzedeus – has the snout of a baby bird fearlessly opening its beak towards him.

“Did it turn, this?”

Turned it back



There were times when the prey went wild, but the seven siblings of the birds, who glanced at the brother who had fallen out in one room, screamed madly and rushed at Ebalt.

Ewald smiled bitterly and clenched his fists.


One for each fist. After receiving the world-shaking shock around the snout and brain, the baby birds collapsed like drunken people.

At that moment, a tremendous scream was heard right above Ewald’s head.

Of course, there’s no way parents can sit still while their children are beaten.

From noble mtl dot com

“Is it you this time?”

Ebalt took exactly one step to avoid the mother bird’s beak as it swung down on him, then bounced back.

But he had no intention of running away.

Ewald, who was still standing still and didn’t know what to do, grabbed the baby bird by the collar, dragged it as it was, and stretched out his hand holding the baby bird off the cliff.

Ewald gave the mother bird a terrifyingly evil grin and shook the chick in her hand.

He’s all about dropping it.

The mother bird let out a sound close to a scream and opened her beak wide at Ebalt.

I don’t know what the heck he’s threatening a beast that can’t speak, but he must have been bitten hard enough to tear his stomach.

“Uh huh? Uh huh?”

Words wouldn’t work anyway, so this was enough.

Ewald, who had been rocking the baby bird up and down, gripping it tightly by the collar, pointed his finger at the base of the precipice, which was dizzying enough to turn into a piece of meat if it fell.

Ewald had the ability to turn all of them into chicken if he wanted to, but the crazy hostage situation created by Ewald’s consideration, which was concerned that his dream would be disturbed due to the murder of his family, unfolded toward the tide.

However, Ebalt’s intention seemed to have been worked out, and the mother bird did not attack Ebalt any more, but moved her body backwards while looking at her young.


He got it right

With that wicked grin, Ewald sent a tremendous glance at the mother bird and pulled the baby bird in her hand toward the nest.

The baby bird screamed to die, but Ewald moved the baby bird to a safe place without taking his eyes off the mother bird.

With his left hand, which was not holding the baby bird, Ewald, who spread his palm and made a downward gesture, secured an escape route and positioned the baby bird in front of the mother bird.

Right now, he won’t attack because of the young, but it’s certain that he will attack Ebalt with that hideous beak the moment he releases the lifeline in his hand.

Still, to at least buy some time, Ewald took a slow step back.

When he reached the edge of a towering pillar on the cliff, Ebald glanced back and checked his position.

I thought that I could jump down without difficulty to the pillars rising one after another below.

He decided

Ewald strongly pushed forward the baby bird he was holding in his hand.

Staggering free from Ewald, the baby bird sprinted toward the mother bird, and as soon as the chick reached under her wings, the mother bird let out a mad roar and stomped her huge paws down at Ewald.

And, of course, Ewald put a sneer-filled smile on his lips.

“Yes, that’s how it’s a beast.”

As soon as those words were finished, a black energy surged from Ebalt’s back.

The energy that rose like smoke wrapped around Ebalt’s upper body and grew bigger and bigger.

The mother bird tilted her upper body backwards without realizing it. It was almost instinctive.

However, a black devil jumped out in front of the mother bird who was backing away.

An empty void settled where the eyes would be, and the demon climbed Ewald’s back.

The mother bird screamed in terror, but Balt twisted her lips, fixing her black eyes and bright yellow eyes on the mother bird.

Ewald’s murderous energy and the demon’s aura of death were intertwined and spewed towards the mother bird.

At that moment, the screaming mother bird closed her hideous beak.

If you move, you die.

Frustration born from that primal fear enveloped the mother bird.

The baby birds were already lying flat on their seats, shaking like aspen trees.

Ewald turned his bright yellow eyes to look behind him.

The trajectory of that pupil was soon washed away by the original pupil, but Ewald, who was emitting the fear of hell, threw himself down the cliff without waiting any longer.

* * *


Having run to the end of the cave, Adele stopped and grabbed the wall. Because the ground disappeared before her feet where she stopped.

“What is this…”

Adele staggered back as the precipice that stretched from her very toes appeared giddy.

There was a forest that stretched so thick that there was no end in sight.

It was as dark as a cloudy day, but Adele saw light falling from above.

“… What is this?”

Supea, who arrived later, glared at the unbelievable scenery with an expression similar to Adele’s.

A completely different world spread underground.

It was obviously yellowish, but the sky existed. However, the sky was shallow enough to not look very high.

Beneath that pale yellow sky was a magnificent forest that felt huge even at this height.

“… Does this make sense?”

Like a tropical jungle, when trees and plants I had never seen in my life intertwined with each other to create a grotesque appearance, Shupea also started to backtrack without realizing it.

The different world that appeared below the three of them gave off a scene that seemed to be wriggling in a different form.

“Um, is that the horizon?”

Elif, who arrived late, pointed his finger at the other side of the forest and made a foolish noise.

However, where Adele and Speaa were looking, the horizon was clearly stretched out.

This wasn’t underground, it was definitely a different space.

It was then.

“Excuse me!”

Adele screamed hastily and stretched out her hand towards somewhere.

Elif and Shupea cast their eyes to the direction Adele had pointed out.

“I am the captain.”

I could see six towering pillars in the distance.

Its huge pillars, entwined with vines and plants, were cut flat at the top, and a bird big enough to be seen from this distance fluttered.

It must be the owner of the beak that disappeared after biting Ewald.

“I jumped!”

Can you see it? Elif and Shupea looked around the pillar with frowning eyes.

However, it was not possible to find Ewald, who was presumed to have already disappeared from sight.

“Sir, are you dead?”

“No. I don’t think that’s the case, and you jumped over to a slightly lower pillar over there.”

That’s what it looks like. Shupea nodded, glanced down at the vertical cliff that looked over 300 meters, and took a step back.

This was not a height I could handle.

However, Adele opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“We have to go down.”

“… By what means?”

“We should find out now.”

“… How are you?”

Supea, who only slightly turned her head and looked down at the dizzying cliff that made her hamstrings tingle and her legs weak, shook her head with a white face.

“How can we get this down!”

“There will be a way. You just have to find it.”

Shupea, who made an expression that she didn’t know if there were all such irresponsibly positive girls, showed her teeth and growled.

“Almost square. I can not see?”

“I know that much.”

Adele pulled Shupea, who was standing on the edge of the cliff, into the cave and looked down the cliff.

But it’s a really unanswerable height.

In frustration, Shupea turned to Adele and tried to be sarcastic, but then shut him up.

Looking down at the cliff, Adele’s whole body was trembling.

Even though she was scared like that, she couldn’t bear to say anything harsh to this lady who was staring at the bottom of the cliff and the pillar Ewald had jumped from.

“Ha ha, I’m going crazy.”

Gearco Speaa revealed her teeth and opened her mouth to Adele.

“Hey, Adele.”

“… Please speak.”

Her voice trembled at how frightening it was, but Adele didn’t stop looking down at the cliff.

“Think about what you will do when you get down from here.”

“I have to get down here first…”

“A little! I’ll do my best to go down!”

Shupea, who inhaled the cigarette smoke roughly, turned to Elif and fired the cigarette he was holding into the cave wall.

“You also.”

“Me too?”

Shupea, who glanced at the only swordsman among the members except for Ewald, put on a face that seemed obvious.

“Wouldn’t there be a lot of work for you to do?”

“Ooh, I got it first.”

“Then that’s it…”

The thought that he really had to do this shook Supea’s brain intensely.

However, after recalling once again that there was no other way to descend this cliff, Shupea made a firm decision and quickly opened her mouth to Adele.


“… Yes?”


Shupea pushed Adele off the cliff with an evil smile.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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