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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 119

Mission No.6 Greed (13)

“Are you okay?”

Ewald asked Adele several times. Not because she was old, but because she was worried about Adele, who had been fighting a fierce inner battle until just now, not knowing whether or not she would survive.

However, Adele repeated the same words several times in a flat tone.

“It’s okay, boss. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“… Aren’t you worried?”

“That’s it again.”

Even when he let out a sticky sigh, he felt his heart sink, but when the Adele he knew appeared, Ewald felt relieved.

Besides, I don’t know how he disappeared, but Balt was able to relax quite a bit thanks to his human form escaping from Ilunakon’s sphere of influence.

Although the fact that Elif slightly injured his shoulder was bothering him, even the fact that Elif was injured made Balt strangely excited.

Because he said that he faced his sword on an equal footing with himself and practiced sword fighting.

‘The taste was pretty good.’

Feeling her senses facing her and her sword, Ewald asked Elif to draw her sword, but still she freaked out and dropped her sword.

However, thinking that he wanted to give credit for pulling out her sword, Ebalt patted Elif on the shoulder to encourage her.

“Nice job, man.”

“Yes? Yes, yes?”

Ebalt suddenly became scared, but Ebalt tousled Elif’s hair and stroked his head.

The touch was somehow warm, so Elif had to smile involuntarily.

But it’s hot.

“It’s sticky.”

“Can we just go down one more day?”

Shupea looked at Ewald while fanning her face.

There was a slight delay, but if Lafon told you was correct, you could go down one more road.

“Walk a little longer and camp.”

“… I’m glad.”

“Ahhhhh, it’s hot.”

Adele, who had just come to her senses, agreed with Elif’s grunt.

“It is terribly hot.”

In the past, Ewald would have been startled by Adele’s flat tone, but Adele’s blank voice even gave him relief, so Ewald himself had to be surprised.

But hot is hot.

It was fortunate that Adele woke up and that he no longer needed to be carried on his back, but that did not cool Ewald’s body temperature.

“I wish I could at least take a bath.”

Ewald sighed at the thought of attaching the word ‘can’t’ to the bath rather than taking off his clothes and fanning it.

He’s in this basement he’s looking for the luxury of a bath now.

However, before I knew it, Ebalt was thinking about how it would be nice to take a cool bath.

That’s how hot he was.

“Oh, Valkier-nim, it’s getting hot!”

Even Shupea, who had been arguing that the priest’s uniform would block both heat and cold, was even praying for the heat beyond the capacity of the priest’s uniform.

“Let’s go a little longer and rest.”

“Ahhhhhke, hot spring water!”

It was to the point of wanting to lament when Valkierism had degenerated into a belief in blessings that closely adhered to the present life, but to be honest, Ebalt also thought that he would be very grateful if a hot spring broke out somewhere.

Thinking about how painful the dwarves were digging this passage, Ebalt sprayed some luminous magic on the ceiling to reveal the way forward.

However, a mirage flashed in Ewald’s eyes after completing the magic.

“… Uh?”

Without realizing it, Balt stuck his neck out towards something that reflected the magical light he had created.

The liquid reflecting the light was slickly slicking on the other side.

“Isn’t that water?”

A fairly large number shook at the location where everyone’s gaze ended.

Ebald, who had the sudden thought that he could not see a mirage in such a cave, ran without even looking back at his crew.

He jumped out in an instant, but Balt ran toward the light reflected in the water, ignoring the voices of the crew members calling him.

However, as the shimmering fragments of light approached, Ewald’s face turned into an absurd smile.

This is a real puddle.

“Uncle, go with me!”

Finally, Ewald reached a huge pool of water.

“… It’s amazing.”

Sliding beneath Ewald’s feet was a puddle of water reaching nearly 30 meters. Ewald looked at a puddle wide enough to swim to the end,

“Guys, sorry!”

He started to undress.

“Hey! Don’t take your clothes off!”

“What are you doing oh oh oh oh!”

“It’s petty!”

Each of the three women shouted out in their own unique way and attacked Ewald with their entire bodies.

* * *

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“Oh my God! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

The members feel strange listening to Adele’s voice, who expresses exclamations like that in a consistent pitch.

However, Elif, who was pouring hot spring water at just the right temperature on his head, was stretched out enough to greet the end of the world with an expression like “Oh, welcome.”

Finally, Supea poured out all the prayers of thanks for this year to Val Kier, spread his arms out to the sides and leaned his back against the wall.

“Oh, Valkier-nim, I have nothing to say even if I die now.”

“… Aren’t you trying to die too cheaply?”

The three women, who united to stop Balt from taking off her clothes and jumping in, gave Balt an open-air bath pass only after tying Balt’s head tightly with a bandage so that he couldn’t even untie it.

As he took a seat in a corner of him and faced the hot spring water with his whole body, Balt let out a long moaning voice that he didn’t even know he had, and began to let out all the tiredness he had stored deep in his heart.

However, feeling that something was unbalanced in a hot spring at a hot temperature, Balt scratched his head once and turned his head towards the place where he could hear the sound of water.

“Hey, everyone, close your eyes and bow your head.”

The members of the crew, who were staring at Balt at what he was suddenly saying, tilted their heads.

However, Ebalt, who already had nothing to see, stood up from his seat, wrapping mana in both hands as much as he could.

From Ewald’s fingertips to his elbows, pure white frost clung to them.

“Ís stormur.”

The moment a light starter word came out of Ewald’s mouth, the frost wrapped around Ewald’s fingertips shattered with a sharp sound.

At the same time, Ebalt stretched out his arms left and right and spewed out an ice storm congealed in his mana in all directions.

“What, what are you doing!”

The magic of the cold was whipped up. Ebalt converted all of the mana in his hands into cold air, and the chill that would freeze everything around him flew to the walls around him.

The sound of ice being driven into Ewald’s ear pierced.

And lastly, Ebalt’s mana spewed out.

“Kalt veður.”

All the air froze in place.

Each moisture in the air made a sharp sound and stopped in place, but then they clumped together and fell from the sky.

In an instant, the hot spring covered in snow in midwinter unfolded in front of the members of the crew.


Elif gaped his mouth as he stared blankly at the frozen white all around.

“It’s snowing indoors.”

Adele looked at the steaming hot spring and reached for the ice flakes that began to fall from above her head.

“I love you, mister!”

Shupea looked at Balt while covering his bare chest with his hand.

Ebalt, who finally decided that he had cooled down a little, pushed his body into the Juseom Juseom hot spring water.

However, the eyes of the three women were pierced by Ewald’s sturdy body, which was only outlined in the mist of steam.

As Ewald sat down, the sound of the water rippling through the quiet cave. The three women gulped and could hardly take their eyes off Ewald.

And Ewald growled with his eyes closed in a relaxed manner.

“Cut your eyes. Before pulling it out.”

* * *

Enjoyed a relaxing hot spring bath. Elif, who was excited about the pleasant rest to the point where his nose went cold, smiled and said to Balt.

“Captain, I’m really sorry, but can you use that ice attack magic every time you walk away?

“… What air conditioner do you see me as?”

Elif, who had shrunk his neck as if he had been caught in the act, bowed his shoulders in front of Ebalt without making a sound any more.

However, Adele and Shupea, who caught a proper cold due to the rapid temperature change, sneezed tirelessly.

After leaving the hot spring area covered with frost, the party quickly lost their minds at the feast of sultry humidity that wet their flesh at once.

“I just need to walk for half a day more.”

“I will die in half a day.”

He was saying that, but Ebalt also desperately wanted to freeze space with attack magic right away.

However, the mana core that was consumed by freezing the hot springs all night came as quite a burden.

In addition, even if it was Ebalt who could control the mana core, it was a situation where he did not know how quickly Benyadium would suck up the living mana, so he had to keep some extra.

In the end, Ewald and the three women, embracing the heat intact, were making sweaty steps like soaked cotton.

“Quickly pick it up and let’s go back.”

Ewald was so tired of this space that he didn’t even want to imagine how much mental and physical stress he had accumulated after coming down here.

However, Ewald was able to move like this in the hope that he could acquire the position of the newest Schheim and Capoteron.


Something crumbled under Ewald’s feet.

Ewald quickly stopped his feet, judging that due to the nature of the space, there could be no object lying around that made such a breaking sound.

She had stopped abruptly, so she bumped her face against the backpack of Super Gaebalt, who was following her, and pressed down her nose with her hand.

“Ah, what if it suddenly stops, mister!”

“… Wen.”

However, Ebalt just stares at something broken under his feet, even in the face of Shu Pea.

“The bones…”

“Bone oh oh oh?”

Ewald lifted his foot slightly.

A bone the length of a human leg was roaming around at the edge of Ewald’s line of sight, exactly split in two.

Thinking that such a big bone would just break if he stepped on it, Balt bent his knee and lifted the bone fragment.

However, even though his horse was a piece of bone, even if it was broken in two, Balt began to observe the bone with a serious expression as he lifted a bone the length of a human forearm.

‘Why are these bones in such a place…’

I don’t know what kind of bone it is, but Ewald tilted his head severely at the thought that there are few monsters with a skeleton of this size.

“What bone is so big?”

Suddenly, Shupea, who came to Balt’s side, looked at the bone that looked like his weapon and stuck out her tongue.

However, Ewald suddenly opened his mouth to another question.

“Isn’t it more amazing that something like this breaks if you step on it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Did someone step on your thigh and break your femur?”

“… Is it?”

No matter how dry they are, bones are still bones.

In addition, bone tissue will not become sloppy in such a hot and humid environment.

If you hit a person with this, it’s the size that will make a billion noise and die, but it’s broken just because you stepped on it?

But Ewald was more concerned with other things.

“Is there room for an animal this big to move?”

Even assuming that the bone of this length is the longest femur or thigh bone, assuming the length from the hips to the toes, it would be well over 2 meters.

Thinking that there are few monsters like that, Balt looked around him.

In this aisle that is less than 3 meters from the ceiling at most, there was a monster whose legs alone were over 2 meters long?

Ewald, recalling that the height had never exceeded 4 meters despite the width, was staring at the bone of an impossibly large size for a long time.

“It’s a really nasty big bone.”

“I don’t know what kind of monster it is…”

Ebalt shook his bones lightly and opened his mouth.

“Leg only 2 meters. If it had a tail, it would be roughly 7 or 8 meters long.”


Elif shrunk his body as if his hamstrings tingled at the mere imagining of his size.

“But it’s too soft to be a femur.”

The bone, which had been decaying for a long time, fell to the ground as Ebalt swung it a few times, and the part that received power broke at once.

Ewald examined the bones with a puzzled face once again.

“Besides, it’s empty inside.”

“Please explain so I can understand what you are talking about.”

Examining the bones here and there, Ewald lightly threw them away.

“Hollow bones are only found in birds.”


Ebalt, who put both of his hands on his shoulders and lightly patted Shupea’s head, nodded his head.

“At least he must be flying in the sky.”

The crew watched as Ewald’s face became gripped with great doubt.

When I conceded a hundred times and assumed that the bone was some kind of bird femur, it was a very large bird with legs over 2 meters, but it was hard to imagine that such a very large bird would be in such a narrow cave.

“How did you end up eating here?”

I thought it would be over if I picked up a few benyadium and handed them over, but it’s getting worse and worse.

“Quitting aside, have you ever heard of birds living underground?”

He had no one to answer.

However, since he didn’t bring it up to hear an answer, Balt moved his body to the other side of the cave as he licked his lips and looked around.

It was then.

He took a few more steps before Balt felt something cool pass the tip of his nose.

It was definitely the wind.

It was not a mixture of sweltering heat, but a refreshing, dry wind.

There was only a hot cave open so far, but it was unbelievable that such a cool breeze was blowing.

But soon after, the wind pierced his chest and entwined Balt.

Ewald smiled at this absurd phenomenon, but the cool breeze in his chest suddenly made him feel better.

He’s still very dark. Ewald threw out his body in the direction of the wind and created a magical light.

With his eyes slightly frowned in the suddenly brightened space, Balt looked back at him and opened his mouth.

“What does it look like over here?”

And at that very moment, the huge bird’s beak collapsed the cave and swallowed Ewald’s upper body.



“I’m the captain!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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