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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 117

Mission No.6 Greed (11)

“What, what are you trying to do!”

“Oh, well, it’s okay, it’s okay. I will not die.”

Ebalt rolled what was in his hand with his fingers. Thanks to that, he took a round shape, turned it to his left and right, and nodded his head.

Something like a pill…

“This should be enough.”

He slowly brought her hand to Adele’s mouth, who was in the form of a werewolf. He was grinning, but with a slightly tense expression on his face, he calmly opened his mouth.

“Porridge… I haven’t seen the silver guy yet. So it will be fine.”

Weird. Adele struggled even more at his tone, which she was not confident about.

However, Ewald’s physical strength was not at the level Adele could handle.

“Uh, go out, go out.”

After sitting on her legs, Balt turned his head and chined Shu Pea.

“Hold on.”

Supera quickly came back behind Adele, grabbed hold of what was roughly assumed to be Adele’s shoulder, and pulled her behind her.

The feeling of the caterpillar in her hand gave her goosebumps, but after repeating to herself countless times that this was Adele, Supea closed her eyes tightly.

“Ahh, even this feeling is strange!”

Ewald, of course, cared more about Adele than Spear, and brought the pill right in front of her face.

“Ah, do it. Ahhh.”

“My life is beautiful!”

Barding came out of Adele’s mouth and stopped. Already holding her chin tightly, with a long smile on her lips, Walt brought her face in front of Adele.

“It’s over if you block magic, barding, or casting, so what?”

Adele squeezed his neck to shake his head.

However, Ewald, who has the most ignorant power on the continent in this way, clicked his tongue and tightened his hand holding Adele’s chin.

Adele’s mouth began to open wide with a groan.

“Right, right.”


Ewald, who was holding something round and tan, brought it to Adele’s mouth, who stumbled into tears.

“Cadet! What smell is this?”

Supea frowned at the repulsive smell that could be felt even from a distance, but Adele, who was immediately struck by the repulsive smell right in front of her nose, literally twisted her whole body.

But Ewald looked down at the pill in his hand for a moment, not paying attention to the smell.


Ebalt hesitated, stopping his hand just once, but there was no other way. He quickly shoved what was in his hand into Adele’s mouth.

Adele’s tongue pressed against Ewald’s hand.

But Ewald, who cleverly twisted it again, rubbed what was in his hand on Adele’s tongue with his index and middle fingers.

A bitter taste, no, a taste so intense that bitterness could not be described spread on her tongue. In an instant, the smell rising from her mouth enveloped Adele’s brain.

A scream of disgust erupted from Adele, but as soon as Ewald made sure there was nothing left of her hand, he removed it from Adele’s mouth.

“It’s okay once you get used to it. Let’s eat, eat.”

Ewald grabbed Adele’s chin with both hands and forced her up and down. Ewald’s nose also smelled strongly of the drug he had pushed.

But as if that wasn’t enough, Ewald moved his eyes to Shupea.

“Cover his nose.”

The problem is that Speaa does not know where the caterpillar’s nostrils are.

“… I can’t see his features?”

“… Here, here.”

Ewald, who roughly pointed to that part, opened and closed the werewolf’s jaw nonstop, repeatedly crushing the drug he had administered.

Finally, as soon as Supera grabbed Adele’s nose, Balt pressed down hard on Adele’s chest and let the air out of her lungs.

Dissolved medicine mixed with saliva spewed out of Adele’s mouth, but Ewald grabbed Adele’s mouth as he checked his slim upper body.

Now I have no choice but to inhale.

Adele’s breathing was rough because she had been struggling so hard to resist. He begged him to breathe in if he didn’t want to die, and Ewald released Adele’s mouth.


His ribcage widened rapidly, and a large amount of air entered Adele’s lungs with the sound of a draft.

That’s it. Ewald nodded his head.

Even if he didn’t take drugs anyway, it was enough for him to inhale such strong medicine.

“Hold your breath and get out!”

You shouldn’t smell this.

After Ewald said that to Shu Pea, he himself quickly backed off as well. Shupea also jumped backwards, feeling relieved that she no longer had to hold onto this procrastinating caterpillar.


And the werewolf let out a scream in a pitiful female voice.

Adele fell to the floor with her hands on her neck.

The pain was so great that she let out a high-pitched scream as she twisted and rolled across her floor.

“… One performance is really excellent.”

“By the way, uncle.”

Supea, her caterpillar taking her eyes away from her squirming, unwanted scene, pointed her finger at Adele and opened her mouth.

“What did you eat?”

“A hallucinogen for torture.”

Shupea frowned at once.

“… Are you crazy?”

“Are you not crazy?”

Ewald, who grinned at Supea’s venomous remarks, took a seat far away from Adele and sat down.

How many times Adele had chewed, the crushed tips of her fingers were now throbbing.

“Are you trying to torture me for making me?”

“It’s not torture, it’s made so the two of you can talk.”

Ewald let out a sigh and looked at his wounded finger.

“That drug has a similar effect to that of the Great Kswice Forest.”

“… What?”

“Compared to Kswice, it is extremely weak and has a short duration.”

Ewald brushed off his hand.

“It makes me remember the things I hate the most.”

My fingers hurt quite a bit.

Supea opened her mouth with her unique sharp voice to Ewald, who wanted to struggle for a while when holding the sword because she was right handed.

“Isn’t there any other way?”

“That is all I can do now. Either the two of them fight so hard that one of them lives, or reconciles and shakes hands.”

I wondered if I was being too irresponsible, but Speaa couldn’t reprimand anymore at Ewald’s eyes looking at Adele with serious eyes.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“It will be dangerous.”

To that question, Ewald spewed out an answer in a mixed voice.

“For one or the other.”

* * *

“Let’s stop now.”

The well-dressed man spoke in a weary tone.

But Adele shook her head, putting her hands in her ears.

“Why are you doing that?”

Adele raised her tear-filled eyes to the man in front of her. But the man drew a smile that didn’t contain much emotion.

That smile cut Adele’s chest.

He’d rather be angry, irritated, and cry.

However, the man who put his hand on Adele’s shoulder held nothing but tenderness on his lips.


“… What do you know?”

Adele, who managed to say that in a voice full of sniffles, took a breath and looked up at the man.

Adele prayed inwardly, asking her to smile at herself once more like before.

And the man laughed once again.


Adele’s heart sank coldly.

It wasn’t that smile she wanted.

Just because she mechanically lifts her lips and narrows her eyes doesn’t make her laugh.

I didn’t want this kind of laughter. Adele bit her lip as she felt his chest crush.

She did not know that the smile of the person she liked so much would stab a knife into her heart like this.

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Adele finally let go of the cry she had been holding back.

“Oh dear.”

A troubled expression blended into the man’s smile. Justus, the man called Justi, wrapped his arms around Adele’s small shoulders and kissed Adele lightly on the head.


Adele’s arms wrapped around Justus’ back. Adele, who held Justus tightly to her chest with a momentum that would never be released, cried out sadly.

Justus, who had lightly caressed Adele’s back, sighed lightly and grabbed Adele’s shoulder.


“… Justi.”

Adele’s cries subsided. Justus put his hands on Adele’s shoulders and embraced them with a subtle smile at the thought that it was over.

Justus, holding her little Adele in her arms, once again left her short kiss on her head and slowly began to pull her out of her arms.

It was then.

‘What are you hesitating about?’

Someone whispered in Adele’s ear.

Adele, startled by the voice, couldn’t even lift her tear-stained face, and shrank her body.

But Adele felt the whisper again.

‘Make me your man.’

It’s a sweet whisper

A song can move people. If you put mana into a song, you can do the world your way. And you can be with this man who is about to leave you.

Adele shook her head vigorously at the whisper that was so sweet.

‘I can’t use it at will.’

“How are you.”

Justus stroked Adele’s round hair once and then slowly stepped back.

Captivated by the voice in her head and unable to utter a word, Adele stretched out her arm, but Justus had already retreated out of her reach.

‘Make me your man.’


Adele bent down and groaned. Justus smiled bitterly at her sudden action.

What more do you want?

“The longer it is, the harder it will be for each other.”

‘Are you going to let me leave?’


It looks like a child. Adele bowed her head, clenching her fists.

Justus, who was stepping back from her, put her head aside as if she didn’t want to see her like that.

And that scene caught Adele’s eyes as she raised her head.

The figure of Justus, who averted her gaze with her head turned away with her trembling expression.


Adele’s mind was completely confused about who she was thinking about and who she was thinking about.

She suffered further accidents as well.

Only the image of Justus, who had removed her gaze from her, was intensely imprinted on her retinas.

She sees the person she loves walking away.

She herself couldn’t turn that step.

Her Adele’s reason was cut off when she saw that love, which would be worth giving everything and receiving everything, turned its back on her.


“My song for you is.”

Another Adele,

“I still miss you.”

She carried a sweet voice into the air.

“You walking back.”

Sweet and sad, but sharp, the tone was carried by Adele’s clear and fine voice, which contained her mana.

“Why can’t I catch it?”

Adele’s song flowed into Justus’ ears as he gazed into the distance.

A child with an exceptionally beautiful voice.

She was a child who was happy every day just by hearing that voice.

As Justus was about to send the child away, memories of her past flooded his mind. Only small, small, happy, and sweet memories flowed down from somewhere like a calm stream.

Justus’ face slowly returned to Adele.

Adele’s eyes were completely reversed as she looked at Justus.

Justus ran towards Adele.


Justus hugged Adele roughly.

A keen memory of the first day she was held in this man’s arms gripped Adele’s body.

Yes, this is all you need.

Adele closed her eyes.

Justus’ hand wrapped around her back slowly crawled down Adele’s back to her swollen buttocks.

But Adele,


He started licking his red lips with his tongue in a smile full of vile lewdness.

“This is it.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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