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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 116

Mission No.6 Greed (10)

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“Valkier said he loved you and sat down.”

The caterpillar twitched an assumed position around her mouth and lifted its massive body – for a typical caterpillar.

Although gross, that appearance did not pose a threat to Shupea at all. After all, I know for sure that that is Adele.

But what bothers her is that her praying mantis form overlaps with her caterpillar, and now only her caterpillar remains.

Could the devil’s appearance be revealed like that? No, as if the evil spirit had driven out the owner before then, could it appear alone like that?

“Adele had no idea how she barbed, but you seem to be doing whatever you want?”

The caterpillar’s head turned towards the far place and returned to Shuk Spea. Although she was seriously eerie, she made up her mind and continued her words to Adele.

“Adele doesn’t know, so how would you know?”

As if talking to someone else, not Adele, Supea tilted her head and stared at the unknown being.

“What are you?”

It was a strange phenomenon for Shu Pea, her priest.

She had never heard of a demon possessing a person who could use magic or exert divine power through her own will, not through bodily movements.

It’s not even funny that it’s an evil spirit that uses barding.

Naturally, Supea had to lift her lips and paint her sneer-filled smile.

“It doesn’t look like a demon. It’s not even a psychic.”

One step further, Superea approached her caterpillar-shaped Adele, and she boldly opened her mouth.

“Even the shapes of the monsters seemed to overlap.”

The caterpillar’s head moved left and right. It’s like looking for a place to run away from.

However, Shupea pushed the protective shield in her hand to Adele.

It was not fast enough, but the shield that targeted Adele swallowed Adele.

She didn’t think of making a place to escape anywhere, but she didn’t have Shu Pea.

“The praying mantis, unable to use barding, only swung its forelimbs, but the caterpillar that appeared behind it even used her barding to make Uncle and Elif fight. In short, this is the story.”

Superea glared at Adele in front of her with keen eyes.


The caterpillar’s thick head pointed at Spea.

“Adele is right.”

Shupea’s lips moved slightly.

“A different Adele?”

* * *

“Eyes that see the truth?”

Lafon, who had a lethal dose of beer in his stomach, let out a smile with his eyes wide open, wondering what was good.

“It’s okay. You’re recruiting people right now, and Yiseo is also seen as a demon.”

Usbel frowned slightly, but she had heard of the Eye that Sees the Truth.

Eyes looking at the center in any illusions and alienations.

However, it is the first time I have heard that the eyes that see the truth do not refer to intuition, but to see things as they are.

And honestly, it was unexpected to Usbel that Lafon had that eye.

Was that why she was so calm even though I dragged her to grab her by the collar and showed her the image of her demon?

“That’s it, but that’s it?”

Lafon, her tongue twisted, eagerly turned her top hat and met Usbel’s gaze.

“Is there such a woman with droopy eyes? Yoroke, Yoroke.”

Lafon, who grabbed the corners of her eyes with her fingers and pulled them down excessively, tilted her head to the side while laughinghehehe.

Usbel let out a laugh at her creeping intoxication and brought her beer to her mouth.

“Why Mandragora?”

“That guy, two?”


Lafon nodded her head.

“Dew dog.”

Usbel tilted her head at Lafon’s sudden talk.

“There are things that aren’t souls, but there are two anyway, two.”

Lafon, unable to control her head while laughing at her, slammed her head on the table and started snoring at her.

Usbel glanced down at Lafon with her jagged, drunken face, and put on an uneasy expression.


What did Lafon, who sees the truth, discover from Adele?

And why is she even bringing this up now?

However, she could hardly understand her Lafon’s story, so she jumped up like a ghost to Usbel, and Lafon, who had her bright smile on her face, pointed her finger at her.


* * *


Adele didn’t answer.

She had the appearance of a caterpillar, so I couldn’t even figure out what expression she was making.

She could only see her wriggling while surrounded by a golden shield.

It’s Ilunacon… It’s such a troublesome and irritating metal.

However, because it was within the range of effect of the Ilunacon, Adele was able to confirm that something else was overlaid on Adele, and tied the slime that was hanging on the floor with a rope.

Even though it looked like this, Shupea could sense that it was definitely an elf.

Meanwhile, Ewald, who had come to his senses, shook his head and bared his teeth.

“There are very special things.”

“I know yeah.”

The werewolf, who was crouching in front of Ebalt, was glaring at Ebalt, exposing his teeth as if he were about to growl.

Having tied up Elif tightly, Shupea wrapped a bandage around the part where the blood was seeping out, shaking off his hand and standing up.

“I don’t think he was hurt too badly.”

“… That’s fortunate.”

Ewald, who vividly recalled each and every battle with the elves, moved his gaze toward the werewolf with an expression of boredom.

Then, in a voice mixed with annoyance, he started talking to the werewolf.

“Is it a proper barding?”

Adele looked away from Ewald. But Ewald continued.

“Do you remember that time? When you first came to Kazelheim, you were spitting out something like barding. Back then, you forcibly stopped me from sticking a knife to my throat.”

“… It did.”

“I don’t remember anything about that time?”

Ewald scratched his head.

“But I remember all the fighting with Elif a little while ago.”

However, as he scratched his head, Balt’s face was completely sh*t-chewed.

“Barding is not manipulating people. You push yourself on the back to do that.”

“What do you want to say?”

With a clean and clear tone, but a harsh voice that anyone could hear, Adele turned her sharp eyes to Ewald.

“What is it? What are you asking?”

“How do you see me?”

Adele pursed her lips with her face somewhere sarcastic.

“Adele looks like Adele. Not the Adele we knew.”

While scratching his head as if the hair roots were about to be pulled out, Balt threw out a possibility while frowning.

“Are you multipersonal?”

At Ewald’s words, Shupea frowned.

“Does that make sense?”

“I’ve seen it once.”

Supea made a similar expression to Ewald as she brought her cigarette to her mouth.

“You know that Ilunacon twists the target’s perception to make them look like monsters, right?”


“But isn’t it strange that Adele looked like two monsters?”

“… It’s strange, but I don’t know what’s strange, man.”

Ewald nodded and continued his speech.

“And the funny thing is, when you pass out, you see two, but when you wake up, you see one. It’s like…”

Adele’s eyes twitched.

“Like one hid.”


Superea squatted in front of Adele, puffing out the smoke from her cigarette.

Adele moved her legs as if she was trying to get away from her.

“If it is visible with a demon or psychic body overlaid, it is correct that the monster should continue to appear as two. If you hadn’t run away. But, no matter who sees it, this is Adele who even uses proper ‘barding’. It is not a demon or psychic.”

“… I understood that far.”

“Then there is only one conclusion.”

Ewald smiled slightly mockingly.

“This guy is another personality of Adele.”

* * *

“It’s possible, this.”

“Isn’t it because humans are so erratic?”


At once, Adele made that noise.

Overturning her conclusions so far, she turned to Ewald with a sarcasm in her eyes.

But Ewald rummaged through his backpack.

“Hey, if a person wants to claim something, shouldn’t he make the claim while providing some evidence for it? Who will believe me if I say that it is nonsense without end?”

“It’s not that I’m hiding, that stupid b*tch is hiding!”

Ewald slightly turned his head towards Adele.

“Who? Adele?”

“I am Adele!”

“… They’re both Adele.”

“I am the real Adele!”


Ewald, who thought he was being pushy, took his eyes off Adele and continued to rummage through something in the bottom of his backpack.

“You deserve to be called the real Adele.”

Back and forth.

“I wish I had presented evidence and talked like that.”

Adele shuts his mouth.

However, Ewald started taking out her luggage one by one, as if she couldn’t find what she wanted in her backpack.

Then, naturally, Ewald asked a question.

“You, when did you meet me?”

“We met at Zendwig Toum.”

“… You got it wrong from the first question.”

“Oh no, it was your office.”

“Oh, it went a little further back there.”

Ewald nodded his head.

“You two don’t seem to be very close?”

“What are you going to do with a b*tch like that!”

“That is none of my business.”

All sorts of things are sticking out of my backpack.

With clothes, dry food, various weapons and items. Thinking that he should use this opportunity to organize the tangled backpack, Ewald turned the backpack inside out and dusted it off.

From noble mtl dot com

“It’s only been about six months since I met you.”

Tal tal tal tal.

“If you are Adele and he is Adele, then I like him more than you.”

“Shut up!”


Ewald, who had carefully spread out the bottom of the backpack, began putting the items back into the backpack one by one.

“Adele knows how to write barding but doesn’t have a proper memory of Adele, but lacks logic to claim that he is the real Adele.”

Ewald started scratching Adele properly.

“I once went down a dungeon with a colleague and got stabbed in my sleep. But the guy who stabbed me has almost the same symptoms as you.”


Ewald took something between his clothes with his fingers and nodded.

“I thought he was crazy, but he wasn’t crazy. I know how you met me, how you crawled down the dungeon, and what you’re looking for. Clearly. However.”

Now that you’ve found your stuff, all you have to do is put it all in. Ewald put the strewn items into his backpack one by one.

“You don’t recognize your own brother who came in with him?”

But still, Ewald wasn’t looking at Adele.

“It was the first time I saw that person use magic. Although brutal. He was the one who started the adventure together because he was called a swordsman, and he used 4th class attack magic. Even her younger brother is cold.”

Ewald’s old story continued.

“I felt sorry for him to see him grinding his teeth after somehow suppressing him. But he’s the guy I used to travel with.”

Neither Adele nor Speaa said anything and just looked at Ewald.

“But when his younger brother hit the mark, he went on a rampage like crazy and then returned to his original self?”

Adele’s eyes widened in an instant.

While intentionally avoiding her gaze, Balt meticulously organized his backpack.

“I don’t even know what multiple personalities are, and I don’t even know if you are the real Adele or what it is. Instead of.”

A strange feeling made Adele twist her body.

But when she finished tidying up her backpack, Balt raised her body with a grunt.

“I did the same to the guy who stabbed me, but I also want to stab him to see if he’s on the right track or something.”

Finally, Ewald glanced down at the object in her hand and smiled wickedly at Adele.

“One of them will stay.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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