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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 97

97. Skirmish

“Are you just catching a few cannibals and asking me to score them?”

At Hatan’s cold words, the face of the student who was laying out the demons he had caught in the boat turned pale.

Man-eating fish are quite high among the monsters that can be caught from the nearby sea.

Still, this is the reaction.

“It’s a hunter’s night. hunter night. The time when all kinds of monsters come out from all directions. When I was you, I beat you with my bare hands. understand?”


Have you seen this crazy old man?

Such an expression appeared on all of the students’ faces, but unfortunately, Hatan was a person with the skills to justify such an old joke.

It’s not for nothing that he was the only hunter of all time to successfully hunt a large demon by himself.

‘…They are all below the standard.’

Hatan brushed his wet, drooping hair and clicked his tongue once.

During the Hunter’s Night, I thought there would be a few guys who would still deliver remarkable results. only like this

‘…Is there really no one to look forward to?’

He didn’t even want to hunt a large monster like himself.

Still, shouldn’t I have to adjust to the level of doing chin-ups?

“Joe, Chief. Hattan Chief!”

Even, it was a situation where a guy like this came out.

Hatan barely calmed the bloody veins rising up on his forehead and turned his head toward him.


The son of Belua Ger-do, who always got on Hatan’s nerves by showing arrogance at the Chiefs’ Meeting.

“…He must be the dean here, right?”

It can’t be said that such a background didn’t have any effect, since he shot it so terrifyingly that he couldn’t even think he was dealing with a student.

In fact, Kroon, who had been approaching furiously, froze for a moment when he saw that sign.

‘A pitiful fellow.’

Hatan, swallowing those words, said in a voice mixed with annoyance.

“What is it, Kroon? If it’s not the same thing, it’s gone quickly.”

“Cha, there were people who were violent towards me, the next chieftain.”

Hattan shook his head.

It was because I was suffering from an intolerable migraine.

“so. whatever?”

“…what did you say?”

After answering that, Kroon flinched and took a step back.

It was because life was pouring from Hatan’s eyes.

“Hey, the next chieftain of the Blue Boar Tribe.”

he continued in a growling voice.

“If you get hit, think of revenge yourself. Think about solving it yourself by rolling the drugs or gangs that your tribe is so proud of. Don’t open your hands here ugly.”


Seeing Kroon’s face starting to turn dark beyond the deep blue, Hattan snorted and bit that side.

It’s obvious what happened when you think about this guy’s usual behavior.

I must have abandoned my old habits and started a fight with the Garda clan.

He didn’t know that he would be beaten up and kicked out by those who had no support base, but he didn’t want to be involved in it anyway.

His job is to encourage dirty, nasty banging and f*cking with each other. There are definitely cases where we grow in such a fight.

‘…was he stuck there.’

He frowned slightly and recalled his memory.

Dowd Campbell. Among the people on the Imperial side he looked down on most, he stood out especially.

‘I’m going to have a hard time, that bastard.’

Kroon is the second most messy guy.

If you’re entangled in that way, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer quite a bit during Hunter’s Night.

But, what.

He didn’t seem like a guy who couldn’t get through that much.

“The last boat is returning!”

“last? Who are the passengers?”

“Lilou Garda, Talion Armand, and Dowd Campbell!”

I heard that even a tiger will come when I say it.

Hattan smiled bitterly and turned his body toward it.

Soon, though, his expression softened slightly.

‘Why is the atmosphere like that?’

Daoud is sweating cold and his face is slightly tired. Riru Garda frowned, and Talion Armand holding the steering wheel with a dazed expression on her face, as if having had some bizarre experience.

“…Go back and tell the chief priest.”

He sighed and said to the assistant standing next to him.

According to Hatan’s guess, Riru Garda would definitely be hoping for the ‘Eupsowon’ to meet the warchief.

“This time, no one will go see the warchief in person.”

I’m sure he’ll be happy with it.

I was always trying my best not to come into contact with the warchief and others.

It was a trick that was almost laughed at by Hatan, who was almost certain that Tatiana had done something to Warchief Alan’s head.

‘…The more I run into other guys, the more everyone will notice that the warchief isn’t normal.’

So, it was clear that he would try to get rid of the opportunity to meet with the tradition, unless he made a huge contribution in this Hunter’s Night event.

If it was the prey that the guys who came back with that kind of atmosphere would have caught, it couldn’t have been anything special.

“hey. What do you think?”


“It’s a witch. How much do you think you’ll have to bring in before they’ll allow it?”

“…Maybe if you don’t catch even a medium-sized beast alone like the chief, you won’t cut it out as there’s no justification.”

Hatan snorted at the assistant’s answer.

Obviously, that was a record he set as a student. never been broken.

“well. Considering their attitude, even if I were to form a formation, they would barely listen to me.”

“…I hope so. Hasn’t there been a single student since the dean who has succeeded in hunting a medium-sized monster?”

It’s been that way for decades.

So, they probably won’t even have a chance.

He thought so too until he heard the report from Dowd Campbell, who had a gloomy expression on his face.

“…what did you catch?”

Hatan questioned blankly, not even thinking about wiping the water from his eyes.

The teaching assistant next to him opened his mouth wide and couldn’t even think of closing it.

That’s it, the magic beast that this guy has been hunting.

“A water dragon.”


Why are you reporting something like that in such a gloomy tone?

In the first place, it seems that there is no such thing as a problem.

Hattan looked at the massive piece of the beast’s body, so large that the entire boat was tilted to one side, and at Daud, who said so with a gloomy expression.

“A water dragon?”


“That, a dragon?”

“Strictly speaking, they are not dragons. Doesn’t the chief know?”


But even if he wasn’t a Balaur, he knew that at the student level, he would never be able to catch him.

Not as a student, but even if he was Hatan himself, he would definitely risk his life if he tried to hunt once.

“…they killed him.”

“I couldn’t kill him.”


“He ran away. So I cut off one arm.”


that’s even weirder

Witchbeasts are creatures that feel anger more than they feel fear. structurally yes.

If that kind of monster made him run away, it’s only a story that he poured ‘overwhelming power’ in an instant to calm his anger.

Against the mighty water dragon that even Hatan himself could not injure.



While all the humans around them opened their mouths wide in amazement, Hatan hesitated and approached the body fragment of the Witchbeast covered by the tent.

When I removed it, there was something that immediately caught my eye.

One gigantic ‘foreleg’ that must have been attached to a beast that could undoubtedly be called a water dragon.

To the extent that I don’t know how

And the characteristic of the Balaur, the scales that contain magical power.


Hatan silently swiped his hand across the scale.

It is genuine.

It is, without a doubt, the scales of a dragon.


Hatan opened his mouth in a hard voice to the assistant who was wide open next to him.

“Go and tell the chief priest.”

However, there was a smile on his mouth mixed with a torrent of emotions that even he, as a hunter, could not hide.


“…for the first time since the founding of the furnace of struggle.”

The pure admiration you feel when looking at those who have accomplished ridiculous and impossible feats.

“For the first time, students who succeeded in ‘dragon hunting’ came out.”

A startled silence spread around.

< System Message >

[ You have done very well in the first phase of the hunter’s night! ]

[ In return, you will receive a one-time pass to the ‘Hall of Flames’! ]

[ You have met 35% of the conditions for the ‘Duel’ event! ]


While rolling the card he received from Hatan in his hand, he glared at the system window that popped up in front of him.

I saw the water dragon’s forepaw and got it from there.

Aside from the right to appeal to the warchief, it’s a reward he gives himself.

It seems that he is really happy to see that he burst into a hearty laugh saying that he has never seen such an excellent resource recently.


To be honest, compared to reacting like that, I’m not very impressed.

When Yuria chased after me to kill me, she picked up the torn pieces and ate me.

Speaking of the Hall of Flame, I mean the workshop inside the furnace of strife.

I was aiming for it in the first place. There is a special equipment that can only be made here.

‘Finally I can write.’

I’ve gathered a lot of materials.

The remaining ectoplasm from making the soul linker, the leftover iron from making YuRia’s circlet, the beast’s adaptive leather and intermediate artifacts picked up during vacation.

In order to kill Alan and Tatiana, you can’t just raise your specs.

It was the same with Tatiana, who commanded all kinds of magical beasts in the sea, but Alan, the warchief who was summoned here with a hidden card, was also a problem.

He is a martial artist who can compete with Marquis Kendride in terms of his own ability, but unless he personally brings Casa to the level of his heyday, there is no one who can properly guarantee victory.

And there’s no way to just send a human with that spec.

It’s probably sent with a high probability of attaching artifacts that will increase combat power, but it’s impossible for this side to produce items to counter those things as well.

As long as it’s not about making a thing that’s no different from the final boss in terms of ‘hand-to-hand combat’.

“…Hey, Lilu.”

That’s why this person’s role becomes important.

Are you going to share that equipment with this person and me?

So please.

“I am going to the Hall of Flames from now on. Would you like to come with me?”

Don’t make an accident in my absence…!

Thinking that way, when I said that, Li Lu avoided my gaze and murmured hesitantly.


Considering the attitude of this person who usually speaks confidently and grandiosely about anything, it doesn’t suit him at all.

As if you were ashamed to look at me.

“Hey, go first. Because I have other things to do.”


So what is it to do?

I don’t think about showing, and I don’t even think about talking.


< Notification of gift-related person >

▼ Riru Garda

[ 3 levels of interest ]

[1.5H until related event occurs]

It’s not like I didn’t think it would go away.

“What, what are you doing? Are you going soon?”

They even try to let me go more radically than before.

As if he had something to do without me.

“…I guess so, then.”

So, there is a way to do this too.

Seeing Li Lu whose expression brightened when he said that, he muttered those words to himself.


After confirming that the distance between Riru and him has increased to a certain extent, he says so to the Soul Linker.


“Shouldn’t you follow me too?”


“That is the most reasonable. Yes?”

[…It seems like this bastard’s brain is getting more and more delicious as he goes on?]


I wish I could tell you that I am adapting to survive.

“-So now I’m on pretty good terms with Daoud. I guess you could say it was thanks to your advice.”

“…that’s a relief.”

Veil answered that while breaking out in a cold sweat.

Perhaps it should be said that it was a natural reaction, since Elnor was holding a steel ingot that weighed 5 kg right in front of him with a few fingers.

These days, proper exercise doesn’t even come, and he’s doing crazy things like that to improve his grip.

This woman’s post-human power show, seen every time she makes occasional ‘regular contact’, has become more bizarre as time goes by, but I think it’s too much to do.

“If you’re going to do something that intense to me… I’m sure you’ll be able to tolerate a little bit of hanging out with another woman.”

Elnor knew that Riru Garda and Daud were hanging out.

However, he is a man who recently did something like that to himself… How could a human go that far and seriously go out with him to harass others, unless he is a trashy man whose bottom is unknown?

As Elnor blushed slightly and covered his mouth, Veil swallowed dry saliva and opened his mouth.

“And, the work of the wanderer you asked for… ‘extortion’ is almost finished.”

“That’s fine.”

Elnor answered by rolling the ingot into a ball.

“It will make a good coma for Daoud.”

“…really serious? You’re going to use an organization this size just for that purpose?”


Elnor smiled and turned his head in that direction.

When I lightly applied strength to my hand, the steel ingot was torn like paper.

“Are there any complaints?”


can there be

As Veil kept his mouth shut, Elnor suddenly stood up with a frown.

It was because I could feel the popularity outside the private room.

“…a guest? Call me back later.”

Having said that, Elnor ended the video call.

When I opened the door leading out of the hallway, there was an unexpected person there.

“…Lilu Garda?”

Elnorr tilted his head at the unexpected person line and said.

Because he couldn’t come up with a reason why this human would come to him all of a sudden.


Li Lu sighed and said.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

“…what do you mean?”

“Grandma did that. It is said that people become stronger the fastest when they fight for their lives and when they struggle for what they want to achieve.”


What is this woman talking about?

Seeing that Elnor had his eyes wide open with such emotion, Riru clenched his fists and continued.

“And, I think. I think there is one way to satisfy both of them through you.”

“What are you talking about-”


Then, Li Lu cracked her neck and said.

“Let’s open it once.”


in a very natural way.

As if there is no other way than this.

“Let’s kill each other. Bet that Daoud.”

Elnor’s face began to fill with life rapidly.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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