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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 96

96. Gaslighting (2)

Looking back on her memories, Daud was always like a sunshine to YuRia.

From the first time I saw her, even though I almost got hurt by her, I didn’t particularly avoid her, rather, the person who approached me first.

Aside from her sister, the only person in the world who reached out to her even after knowing her condition.

The only person who built a bridge for her to live with people like she is now.

The sunlight that enveloped her dark and damp world with warmth.


such a person now.

“For the first time, I was disappointed in you.”

He said that with an ice-cold expression.

The sentence flew into my chest and stuck.

As if she had really been hit, Yuria backed up a few times.

Unknowingly, I hug my chest wide.


It hurt.

At first, I obviously came here to be angry.

Until I came to this place, ‘voices’ kept ringing in my head telling me what to do with this man who kept seeing other women.


It’s not that important.

My hands are shaking. It looks like water will collect in your eyes. Legs lose strength. I feel a chill go through my whole body.


anyhow, anyhow, anyhow.

this man

If you’re disappointed in yourself now and never look back at her again.


It’s not quite confirmed yet. Even so.

However, just by opening an ‘opportunity’ that could happen.

I can’t stand it.


He opened his mouth with difficulty and let out the words in a trembling voice.

You have to make excuses, even excuses.

“I-I didn’t mean to…”

He opens his mouth in a trembling voice.

With the hope that this man would relieve his anger even a little.

But, before I even finished that sentence.

“I didn’t say this to hear an excuse.”

A frosty voice cut her off.

It made her flinch as if an electric current had passed through her body.

He barely raises his head and meets Daud’s eyes.

The warmth that was usually contained there is nowhere to be found. As if looking at an enemy, only the gaze filled with anger is felt. Even beyond the mask for sure.

As soon as I saw that, there were words that came out reflexively.


YuRia answered with a whimper.

Because of his completely weak legs, he slumps down on the spot.

“I, I didn’t mean to, really, I, I, I mean-”

He never meant to harm this man.

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Just, just.

I was just trying to be a little greedy.

love only me You said I was the most precious.

Even cheating on other women, you said that your relationship with yourself is the most sincere.

So, prove it.

tell me i’m the most precious

That wish is all I projected onto this man.

“From now on, I won’t do that in the future, I, really, sorry, sorry, so, please-”

Please don’t look at me with those eyes

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Just like before, treat me warmly.


please don’t leave me I’ll do anything.

I am without you

That I can’t live.

“…Then, can you promise me?”

And those words fell on her head.

Unlike before, at least it wasn’t a voice that felt cold.

“I don’t think you did it on purpose.”


“However, since something like this could happen in the future, I hope you keep your distance for a while.”


YuRia’s expression showed urgency.

No, but if it did.

I feel anxious. Like this, you and this man could get away from each other-


before even thinking about it.

Daoud’s hand touched the leash she always wore.

To be precise, the handkerchief with the Viscount Campbell’s seal on it was tied there.

It was a gift he had previously given her as a ‘token of promise’.

warmth is transmitted

Yuria instinctively grabbed Dawood’s hand, which had reached it with both hands.

It felt like if I didn’t do that, this little warmth would disappear any moment.

“Ha, but, but-”

“I promise you too.”

Daoud’s voice covered her sobbing sentences.

“If you do that, I will never let you down.”






“Can you believe me?”


“Look this way.”

Yuria barely looked up at Dawood’s face.

It’s the usual color.

I think I’m a bit of an idiot.

She was always gentle, trustworthy, and always warmly illuminated her gloomy world.

A man like sunshine.



As for her, she had no choice but to answer.


The man’s expression that he was seeing right now.

It was a treasure she could never lose.

“…are you okay?”

When I threw those words at Elijah, he looked at Yuria with a puzzled expression.

He is on top of the boat with a distraught expression.

I just asked this guy to get him safely into the Forge of Strife.

“…but it’s fine.”

He looked at me and Yuria in turn.

On the face, what should I say?

An unconcealed curiosity was revealed.

“…just now, sir, you seemed like a completely different person.”


“I mean, it’s strange. Originally, like before… I’m not the kind of person who would ‘deliberately’ try to boil someone else.”


The boy’s eyes brightened in an instant.

“I wonder if there was a reason why I had to do that.”

A chill creeps up your spine.

Certainly, you might think that from my attitude just now.

If this guy gets into a situation where he brags about it to someone else, it’s like an express train to hell-

“But, is there a reason for that?”


The guy winked at me and said that.

While I was at a loss for words, I took YuRia and went back to my original boat with an expression that I knew everything.


Thank you, that guy.

I didn’t know it would be so helpful.



“Why didn’t you say anything this time?”


Surprisingly, even though I spilled this topic, a hint of pity flowed from within the amulet.

What’s wrong with the nobleman who, as usual, would have been criticizing trash and all that.

[…it has to be moderate to taste like teasing.]

Caliban replied with a wry smile.

[Rather, now that it’s at this point, I’m starting to look forward to it.]


[What rubbish you’re going to do next, it’s getting interesting. Because it has never let me down every time.]


[And I’m curious about when they’ll all be found out and the limbs will be torn. The biggest question is how many pieces will be disassembled-]

“…shut up, please.”

Then it is.

He frowns and looks at Elijah’s boat pulling away to the other side.

To be precise, it was Yuria who was sitting inside.

He hugs his knees on the boat seat and keeps sniffing while putting his face on it.

It’s to the point where Elijah, who must have been dragged by that side, continues to be embarrassed and soothes that side.




It’s not empty words, I’m really sorry…!

Thinking so, I looked at the window that appeared in front of me.

< System Message >

[The target ‘Yuria”s Corruption level is rapidly decreasing. ]

[ Conditions for creating emergency events are gone! ]

< System Message >

[ The ‘Anxiety’ status effect is applied to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ For the time being, I look at your eyes closely. I will never do anything except what you tell me to do! ]

First of all, the imminent threat to life has been resolved.

I’m going to suffer from extreme guilt for a while, but I managed to do it anyway.

Honestly, in the middle of my acting, I was worried that my throat would fly while saying why did you do something wrong first and then go crazy with me?

‘…This is more effective than I thought.’

And in the fact that such a thing was possible, this guy played a revolutionary role.

With that thought in mind, I looked at the title written on it as ‘playboy’.

I feel that the effect of the ‘correction’ received here was quite effective in the fact that Yuria couldn’t even refute my words.

Of course, since it’s automatic, you should always keep in mind the possibility that bizarre side effects may occur like when you first used it on Elnor, but you can’t deny the fact that it will be helpful when dealing with situations in the future.

‘…Well, anyway.’

At least for the duration of the chapter, I think it would be okay if we put aside our worries about Yuria coming back with a knife.

The problem is this.

< System Message >

[ A follow-up event is triggered because of the action taken on the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ An event related to the target ‘Fanol’ is created! ]

< Notification of gift-related person >

▼ Phenol Laipek

[No preference level]

[D-2 until related events occur]


Fortunately, it’s fortunate that it doesn’t seem to be a direct-to-death event like an 8-ton truck with brakes smashed by a side with a high affinity like Elnor or Yuria.

In the end, I was destined to run into this guy. I’ve been trying to avoid it as much as possible.

Phenol ‘Deathwish’ Laipek.

A key figure in Chapter 4, ‘The Red Night’.

1st place in the ‘character that crashes the game if you encounter it incorrectly’ by Sera users.

He has a lot in common with Yuria.

Also, among the characters, like YuRia, she is in charge of the ‘chapter final boss’.

It’s also one of the ‘Devil’s Bowls’ with a high probability.


In terms of simple risk, he far surpassed Yuria.

To the point where I have to worry about my life just by simply encountering it.

‘…in two days, surely…’

This is the timing at which the second phase of Hunter’s Night, ‘Volcanic Zone’, begins.

Similar to the water dragon that has been stamped with fear, there is also a beast that needs to be imprinted with a ‘mark’ to prepare for the chapter boss fight.

That’s where I met this guy.

‘…I’ll have to prepare for it.’

In fact, Fynol’s behavior is more predictable than expected.

For a demon vessel that reacts in all kinds of ways because of my constitution, I can roughly predict how it will react when it encounters me.


It’s a problem because I don’t know how to stop it.

To the extent that I didn’t just run away and avoid it.

As I was thinking about that, another window popped up in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[ A follow-up event is triggered because of the action taken on the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ An event related to the target ‘Liru’ is created! ]

< Notification of gift-related person >

▼ Riru Garda

[ 3 levels of interest ]

[3H until related event occurs]


what else is this

It doesn’t even have a grace period of a few days. This is what happens immediately after 3 hours.



When I spoke to them, Riru, who was looking at the forelimbs of the severed water dragon carried on the stern of the boat, answered with a sharp voice.

It’s been this way ever since.

Maybe it was because he was resentful that he hadn’t even thought of fighting the water dragon and was scared.

“…what are you thinking about?”


Silence returned for a moment.

“…No, just.”

Then Li Lu answered with a sigh.

“…You, you came here with the idea of catching this from the beginning, right?”

“…? You did?”

It’s not like he did it because he expected Yuria to come.

It was a bit of luck that the repairs went well.

“So, I had to emulate that.”


“I asked what you were thinking.”

Li Lu sighed and replied.

“Why couldn’t I be like you?


“I don’t think Grandma chose you for nothing. I think so. I shouldn’t have lived properly to become strong.”

Learning from the crap I just did?

is that right?

While I was staring blankly there, Li Lu scratched her head and continued.

“Hey. That guy named Elnor. Where are you now?”


I wonder why

why is that

“…No, just.”

Li Lu awkwardly scratched the back of her head and slurred her words.

“done. I don’t think it’s anything to tell you.”


At the vague answer, I turned my head again to look at the system window.

< Notification of gift-related person >

▼ Riru Garda

[ 3 levels of interest ]

[3H until related event occurs]

Right now, this person is looking for Elnor, but something happens in 3 hours.



I wish there were no stars.


It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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