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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 270

270. Imperial Palace

There was a very awkward silence in my private room.


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It must have been the silence that arose because it caused such a torrent of emotion to tens of thousands of humans on that plain, and immediately returned to the portal as if it were running away.

“Uh… That.”

Even Victoria, who has always maintained a calm expression, opened her mouth with a look of amazement.

“Is it okay if I don’t do something more…?”

“No. That’s it.”

However, I cut off his words with a shrug.

Really, that’s what I just did.

Because there is clear evidence right in front of you.

< System Message >

[ You’ve neutralized most of the military power of the ‘Council of Elders’! ]

[ Most of the belonging nobles are in a state of confusion. Confusion reigns in the opposing faction! ]

[ Those who have lost the will to fight appear one after another! ]

Actually, speaking of what I did, it’s nothing big, as the reactions around me show. He sang and touched people very deeply.

However, if you look at the situation alone.

Against personnel with clearly hostile intentions.

Three unarmed personnel incapacitated all of them without any hostile action.

Even if you ask the people present there why it happened, you’ll probably get a bizarre answer saying that you couldn’t fight at all.

In that case.

The method is shrouded in the unknown, but it’s like I’ve made it clear to everyone that I have the means to neutralize a ‘massive force’.

[-I also massaged my chest.]


[Wouldn’t it spread how much you are a brute to all continents now?]


[Great! Dowd Campbell! ]

Let’s not worry about useless parts.

Anyway, it’s obvious that all sorts of ghost stories and martial arts stories about me will be expanded and reproduced. It is only natural that the elders’ movement is tied up.

“Teacher. I know you have some big plans in your head.”

And as I was continuing my thoughts, Elijah, who was in charge of opening the portal that allowed me to travel between this side and the other side, broke my thoughts and came in.

“…Could you explain what it is?”

With those words, where Elijah pointed with her finger.

There were still fragments of the purple demon protruding from Seras’ body and floating in the air.

It clings to my back like a fisherman. After singing that song a while ago, it must have been that he used a lot of energy, so the color is clearly pale compared to before.

It must have been on the verge of disappearing.

“…It’s a demon.”


I explained it simply, and Elijah glared at me as if he were joking.

The eyes asked why something like that was sticking out like this and flirting with me.

“…It just worked out somehow.”

How would you explain Nandle?

I am also in a position to open and examine the ‘effects’ of the Seal of Fallen one by one. I don’t even know the principle.

“No, did the teacher call that?”

“Is that so…is…?”

For that part, I can give a vaguely positive answer.


And as soon as I heard the answer.

Elijah’s eyes narrowed sharply.

As if I had heard something bad.



While Elijah quietly muttered those words, Victoria, who was sitting next to her, brusquely opened her mouth.

“…I hope I don’t see it in the future. The fact that he was born in the first place resembles Seras-“

[You know.]

And, as soon as I heard that.

So far, the purple devil, who had been silently opening his eyes and sitting on top of me, said so.

The sentence was uttered without warning, to the point that even Victoria, who opened her mouth, seemed a bit surprised.

[Sometimes, isn’t it better to be a little honest?]


Victoria let out a panicked voice, and the purple devil continued with a calm voice.

Rarely, it’s not the usual arrogant voice, but it’s serious enough to look almost like an adult.

[It’s not that you’re tickling so much because you really hate our Seras, aren’t you just being disingenuous?]


[This sister can see everything in her eyes~]

With those words, as if the time to materialize had run out, he quickly swung away and disappeared.

Before she could refute anything, Victoria’s face filled with even more absurdity as she watched her disappearing opponent.

If earlier he hadn’t imagined that this side would talk to him without hesitation and showed a bewildered reaction, now he seems to have gone crazy at the absurdity of the real content.


It seems like he is often swayed by people around him.

“…Well, anyway.”

Cough clearing your attention.

“It’s good that the Council of Elders prevented the military from starting in earnest, but you can’t relax just yet.”

Among the troops gathered in the plains, the most important guys and related personnel were nowhere to be seen.

The Marquis Bogart or the Marquis Nicholas.

The biggest stumbling block in this chapter is the behavior of the two guys.

“…Come to think of it.”

At this, Elijah added her words as if he had suddenly thought of them.

“There is definitely something odd about the Marquis of Bogut lately.”


“No news.”

Elijah brought out those words, squinting her eyes slightly.


What are you talking about?

As she looked at her guy with that expression, Elijah shrugged her shoulders and continued her words.

“Since Sensei invaded the Rebel Earldom, there has been a series of incidents, so I have to make a statement or take some action. Really… Not doing anything. That human The author who claims to be the head of the Council of Elders.”


That’s… Sure strange.

I also had some predictions about how they would move, but I’d never thought of doing nothing at all to this extent.

While thinking that, I was patting my chin when someone suddenly opened the door and came in.

As always, Elnor was expressionless.

“…Uh, Elnor?”

Even before I could say what’s going on-, Elnor’s urgent sentence came crashing in.

“Daud. I have to go out right now. It’s Chancellor Sullivan’s call.”


Who is that? Now?

What happened all of a sudden?

“It’s information that the Marquis Bogart is heading to the imperial palace.”

As soon as I heard that.

A wry smile appeared on Elijah’s face, and my eyes narrowed.

“There is something I must say to you about it.”

Ah, yes.

It was somehow quiet.

“…Chief Angel.”

Elijah left Daoud’s private room behind and looked at her holy sword, and she opened her mouth in a low voice.

“Did you see that too?”

I’m usually an angel like Wensu who doesn’t come out no matter how much I call, but now I was sure that he would answer me.

That would be too.

Didn’t you just watch ‘That’ together?

[Ah, did he use other demons freely?]


Elijah stopped moving at the angel’s voice that clearly summarized the ‘anxiety’ she was vaguely feeling.

“…I would like to hear the opinion of the angel.”

[You already know what an opinion is, right? I’ve seen it before at that school festival or something, and it just became more clear with that.]

With a yawn, a languid voice came out. It looked like he was deliberately scratching Elijah’s insides.

[He’s already gone beyond human. I can’t even come back.]

As Elijah clenched his teeth, her sentence fell one after another.

[Regarding the devil… Maybe he’s transforming into the devil himself. And one thing is for sure, even compared to other demons, their ‘class’ is definitely high. ]


That would be nonsense.

It is already known that demons occupy the highest position in all dimensions.


Making the pieces of the purple devil materialize is the same as being able to ‘interfere’ with the devil’s power in any way.

[It’s not quite like that yet, but seeing how influential it is, it’ll definitely be like that when it’s all grown up. Do you want to become the king of demons?]


[And at that point, you know.]

To Elijah, who kept her mouth shut, her angel continued to speak in a voice that still hung.

However, the emotion hidden under the sentence was forged to be extremely sharp.

[Are the angels from the other side trying to kill him?]


[The existence of a hero is originally to subdue the devil. Do you know?]

“…Still, Sensei hasn’t completely turned into a demon.”

[I told you. Has he already escaped being human? Never come back-]

“Chief Angel.”

Elijah replied with a grin.


No matter what the other person thinks, he must be expressing his intention that he, too, has no intention of backing down.

“But you haven’t become a complete demon yet, have you?”


“Just do it until you are sure.”

I’m keeping my manners, but in reality, I’m threatening not to cross the line.

The angel sighed and opened her mouth again.

[…Higo. I also died a lot. Because of one man, human warriors are fighting back.]

That’s true.

How many pods did you have on that person, how could you do such a great distance to the highest rank of angels?

“…Well, anyway.”

However, Elijah smiled again and replied to that grumbling.

“If that is a confirmed fact, I have my own thoughts.”


“We have to find a way to protect it.”

Whether he turns into ‘which one’.

What she has to do has been decided.

She only protects him.

Having made such a resolution, Elijah silently stroked the hilt of her holy sword.

[…All the angels from the underworld will rush to kill him. Are you going to protect it?]


[Are you going to fight all of that? Are you serious?]

The chiangel said in a dumbfounded voice.

The answer came back without the slightest hesitation.

“I love you. How to do?”


Let’s correct it.

At this level, at the level of being covered with bean pods, it can’t be covered.

The chiangel opened his mouth in a bewildered voice.

[…Hero. Are you really completely crazy?]

“People who love each other resemble each other, right? Teachers aren’t usually crazy, so I guess I was also affected.”

Isn’t it even casually spitting out these words?

As if it really is.

But this time, there was definitely something to dig into. Just looking at the sentence that the chiangel snorted and spit out, it was like that.

[Women rot around him. It’s not yet certain that he loves you-]

“Shut up your mouth.”


It was a sentence mixed with murderous words that would make even the chiangel shut up for a moment.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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