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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 267

267. Omitted (2)

I know very well that the world doesn’t always go the way I plan.

The track I’ve taken so far proves it as it is, and in fact, out of countless cases, how many cases are there where the situation just hardens to the place I want?

In that sense.

The current situation is embarrassing.

< System Message >

[ Enter the ‘Skipped’ branch of Chapter 5. ]

[ If you choose the right option, you will skip the main quest, ‘The Great War of the Empire,’ and enter the boss battle right away! ]


I stare at the window in front of me with a bewildered expression.

I am brushing my teeth after waking up in the morning.

‘…What is it?’

Before I did anything happy, only the feeling of embarrassment dominated my head.

Because ‘happy miscalculation’ is the rarest variable I’ve ever experienced in my life.

No, what. In life, something like this can happen.

Isn’t the reward at stake too big?

Skip the main quest entirely?

So as not to suffer at all?

How is that possible?

< System Message >

[ Due to the influence of the target ‘Astrid Logos Campbell’, a great variable is detected in the progress of the scenario! ]


My eyes narrowed immediately at the window that floated in time.

[What’s wrong?]

“… It seems that the mother was playing tricks behind her back.”


“It’s helpful to me right away, but your image isn’t that good from my point of view.”

When I said that while rinsing my mouth, Caliban replied with a puzzled voice.

[Aside from how you knew that, shouldn’t it be discounted if it helped you in any way?]


“What is it?”

Let’s respond with a slightly prickly expression to Caliban, who speaks in a somewhat subtle voice.

[I’ve thought about it before, don’t you need to go that far?]

That word came from there in a cautious but firm tone.

[You, haven’t you talked to them?]


[From what I’ve seen, that’s not normal. No matter how bad the impression is, no matter what, blocking communication with such a desperate person. Not like the usual you. Even if you often hear garbage, aren’t you the one who abandoned humanity?]


[What should I say? It seems as if she is repulsed by the fact that she is a ‘mother’. Did anything bad happen in the past?]

With those words.


There are images that flash instantaneously.

Gunshots. Dead body. Crying sound. Blood. Hand on it. Sing.

And a broken heart.

“…Let go of the nonsense.”

He continued to say those words without expression.

Press your temples to shake off the old memories that pop up in your head.

It was before I even moved to Sera. There is no reason to bury yourself in these things now that there is so much to do.

“You can’t relax. It’s not like all my worries are gone.”

Skipping the Great War of the Empire means that the ‘war’ will not happen at all, as I originally intended. Good is good

The biggest problem is that it still remains.

‘…The thing that bothers me the most.’

Apart from skipping the main quest, the ‘boss battle’ remains the same.

The point is that not only Count Nicholas, who is annoying just thinking about it, but also the ‘final boss’ of this 5th chapter remain intact.

‘…The sooner the better to reconcile Seras and Victoria.’

Perhaps, when the work in the Earl of Revel is over, I should take care of it right away.

So whether I sow seeds or not…

[…Hey. Yamma.]


[Sowing the seeds, is that what I think?]

“…Is it right?”


“No, I can’t help this either-“

Before I could say that this was the best way to clear the chapter, Caliban’s voice saying that it was none of my business fell out.

[Do it yourself. No matter what I say, I want you to make up your mind.]


[However, what is that? When you do it for real, make sure to knock me out.]

A resigned voice continued as I was at a loss for words.

[I know that Victoria is an adult. Just looking at the body shape, that, the feeling of guilt is not normal-]

“…What are you talking about-“

“Dowd Campbell!”

Before she can finish her words, Victoria bursts open the door and enters, choking her breath.

Victoria looked at me with a puzzled look as she watched me vigorously spit up the toothpaste in her mouth.

“…What is it? Why?”

“…No. Nothing.”

If you recall what kind of topic was going on about you just a while ago, it wouldn’t be strange at all if this guy really tried to kill me with a knife.

This guy can’t be a nobleman.

“More than that, what is it? Early in the morning like this.”

“…I think you should go to Earl Revel right now.”

Victoria sighed in amazement and continued her words.

“I don’t know what happened because of you.”




What else?

“…How much will it be?”

Elnor said that with a very serious expression.

The target to listen is Paynol. A small horn sprouted from his forehead, and red flames were still gushing out from near his body.

Anyone can see it clearly showing the demonic power open.

However, it was clear that he was clearly maintaining his ‘reason’ now, compared to before when he was in such a state, causing a pillar of fire and running out of control.

‘…Seems to be getting used to it.’

Elnor sighed inwardly as he recalled that thought.


The same goes for Yuria’s swordsmanship that we saw earlier. As well as Faynole becoming more and more adept at handling demonic powers.

It feels strange that the devil’s bowls near Dawood have accelerated their ‘growth’ these days.


She looked down at her own chest in silence.

To be precise, she had thought for a moment about the existence ‘inside’, but Fynol answered before she could dive into deep thought.

“Oops. Can’t you have the money?”


Elnor’s eyes furrowed rapidly. It was clear that he was displeased.

“…It’s not like you don’t believe in the wealth of the Tristan family.”

“Isn’t it the most prestigious family in the empire? Of course I believe.”

The thing that was being traded like that was probably something that Daoud could see.

Because it was a ‘print’ of the Fainol that Professor Astrid had shown him a baby picture the other day and stored it in his head.

Seeing that, Elnor’s eyes were slightly bloodshot.

Of course, as soon as I saw it, I shoved it into the deepest part of my memory, but it’s another matter to save it as a ‘thing’ like this…!

From noble mtl dot com

With plenty of feelings like a fan facing a famous celebrity, Elnor’s voice began to mix with desperation.

“…Then why are you refusing?”

“I want to set the fairest price. It’s a picture of Mr. Dowd. You can’t have money.”

Seeing Faynol talking seriously, Elnor’s expression began to become serious as well.

What the hell are you trying to ask for?

However, the sentence that followed was a really harsh answer worthy of such a build-up.

“The student president, too, right? Collection.”


Elnor immediately let out a sigh.

Beatrix’s ‘Does the rest of your family know that you do this?’

The President of Atalanta’s message, ‘There are reports that you are infiltrating somewhere at night! Do it in moderation!”

It is her own ‘Dowd Collection’, collected while enduring all the bullsh*t from Elijah from time to time like ‘If you have something good, share it’.

She has collected and stored only the most wonderful moments she wants to keep in her memory, her own treasure.

…Speaking of embellishment, it would be more accurate to say that it is a collection of voyeur pictures taken while stalking Dawood.

Every time you actually take a picture and collect it, a virtual mini Beatrix appears from the side of your ear and says, ‘That’s a crime! It’s a crime, you crazy b*tch!’, But Elnor was someone who could ruthlessly dismiss a sermon from such an imaginary being.

“…Nice. Pick one and send it.”

“Good. Deal made-“

Just as the two were about to reach a satisfactory agreement, a scream suddenly erupted from nearby.

“You guys! You know who I am-!”




There was also ‘something like that’.

As if Elnor and Feinall had recalled something like that at the same time, they looked at Earl Rebel, who was hanging upside down on the top of the castle wearing only one underwear.

“…Would you have done it a little worse? Seeing that he still has the energy to speak, he seems to have less reflection.”

Fay Nole said that with a snort at her.

The red eyes of her eyes seemed to really keep her word, but El Nore stopped her with a wry smile.

“Arthur. If that happened, the entire territory of the Earl of Revel would have been erased from the map.”

It’s not like it’s not true, the soldiers of the Earl of Rebel, who are all around them groaning and groaning, seem to flinch as soon as they hear those words.

Actually, seeing all sorts of bizarre scenes where the castle walls were cut down, the entire sky was burned, and iron was torn with bare hands, without time to use the equipment taken out of the mage tower, there would be no choice but to react that way.

The fact that they ‘infiltrated’ the county’s territory and turned the whole castle into a mess happened in less than half a day.

Aren’t they flirting with the man who is talking about Dowd and all?

‘…That, well.’

Perhaps someone has come up with that idea.

‘Should I say I’m envious…?’

What kind of life is the life of a man who has all these women at once?

Love is always a double-edged sword. As much as it is an opponent who has fallen deeply, the drop when disappointed is terrifying.

If I could ‘disappoint’ women of this size…


The person who came up with the idea trembled.

I don’t know, but I don’t want to be like that.

And while someone was thinking about it.

“…What the heck is this?”

The talkative human trudged into the Count’s castle.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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