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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 266

266. Omitted

Turn back time a bit.

The servants inside Elfante are the ones who encounter all kinds of people due to the nature of their jobs.

Because of the nature of their job, they are human beings who, regardless of whether they are members of the imperial family of any country or of a different race, encounter even beings from other worlds that have come out of other dimensions. Isn’t Elfante a treasure trove of all sorts of mysteries and unknowns?

But, even so.

There was no one who could deal with this situation ‘accustomedly’.


If you see the scene where the mechanical giant and the devil’s vessel are sitting around and having tea time, everyone will probably have a similar impression.



An awkward silence fell.

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It’s obvious that Professor Astrid isn’t friendly with them, and it’s also obvious that Daud isn’t friendly with the giant, which boils down to the fact that it’s very ambiguous what attitude to take between the two.

In a situation like that, all you can do is keep your mouth shut and look around.


Cutting through the silence, a synthesized mechanical sound fell.

“I’ll only show you for 3 seconds, so watch carefully.”

The tips of the slightly lifted fingers opened slightly, projecting some kind of image into the air. If Daud saw it, it was the first scene that would come to mind the word hologram.

Of course, if I were here, I would have suffered from a headache as soon as I saw what they were doing with such advanced technology.

“This is a picture of Dawood as a baby.”

With those words, I remembered a picture of baby Dowd sleeping with his eyes closed on top of a round table where everyone was sitting around.

It was really unexpected, but the response was truly dramatic.




The silence remained intact, but the exchange of glances that continued in the room was truly breathtaking.

Perhaps if there was physical force in people’s eyes, it wouldn’t have been strange if sparks flew in the room as they were.

In order to save even a little, even for a moment, the image in the eyeball, ‘observation’ continues at a terrifying speed…!

“Okay. So far.”


And at the sight of Professor Astrid, who really only showed 3 seconds and put it away, as he said, exclamations of regret erupted from those around him.

“…But why did you only show 3 seconds?”

Painol was the first to say that.

Perhaps it is because I physically ‘stored’ it in the space within my brain by using magic as soon as I saw it, so I can show it.

‘…Does it go that far?’

Elijah, who watched the process from the side, recalled that thought with a tired expression on her face.

“That’s because it’s a photo I cherish too.”


“Be grateful. It’s a picture I don’t want to show others even if I die.”

“…Thank you. Why did you show me then?”

…Thank you in the meantime.

While Elijah was looking at them with a sad expression, Professor Astrid casually continued her words.

“No, should I just call it light evidence submission?”

“Providing evidence…?”

“That I am carrying a lot of ‘information’ about that child that other people don’t know.”


As if they had a sense of how the story would flow, the expressions of the people present changed individually.

The impressions each of them had were soon embodied in Professor Astrid’s next impression.

“Because I don’t like you guys too much, and probably you guys don’t like me too much either. Let’s talk about ‘necessary things’ with each other. Got it?”

“…If it is necessary.”

And El Nore, who had been sitting quietly, opened her mouth in a serious voice.

She’s been the one who’s been staring at Dowd’s baby picture the most preyingly, but it’s clear that she’s also the one keeping her coolest, at least now.

“What are you talking about?”

“That kid, this time I’m thinking of going over it all by myself.”


In the sentence that followed, she immediately wiggled her eyebrows.

“As you all know if you’re a little crazy, there’s going to be a war soon. Daoud seems to be trying to stop that. But.”

Professor Astrid let out a deep sigh and continued.

“Because it seems there is no need to go through difficult things that can be done easily.”

“…If it’s the word. In other words?”

“Even if all the people here work together, we could just turn down a country. But do I really have to let Daoud suffer alone again?”


Lilu also crossed her arms and heard a word.

“Even when there was an accident in the past, he tried to do something again by himself. It looks like nothing has changed this time. That idiot.”

“Yes, yes. The warchief’s daughter knows something.”

Professor Astrid, who added some chuimsae to Riru’s words, looked around with a slightly laughing voice.

“Before that child dares to open his hand, let’s do something independently. Can you guys do that too?”

“And, that Earl of Rebel is definitely someone who will do something to harm Daud.”


At those words, the expressions of everyone present there became quite… “Serious.”

As Li Lu rested her chin on her chin and snorted at her, her fey play hid a piercing gleaming smile under her face, and Elijah also crossed her legs as if listening to the amusing sounds.

“…Be brave too.”

Fynol added those words in a cold voice, and Professor Astrid’s words continued after that.

“So, here is a suggestion. I will give a present to the child who helps him the most.”

“…If you said you would help?”

“To eradicate civil war from happening at all.”

Professor Astrid continued with a grin.

“Wouldn’t it be possible if you all came forward?”


Everyone was deep in thought.

It must have been an action that came out because I couldn’t figure out the intention of making such a proposal.

However, the sentence that follows.

“You guys, your eyes are all red because you want to peel him off, right? Yes?”

Perhaps everyone will testify.

From the back of the machine giant, who had no facial expression at all, the hallucination of a “Smiling face” Must have come to mind.

“…That’s kind of the case, though. Everyone is impatient to win the ‘race’.”

Elijah looked around at her with a wry smile on her face.

In fact, as soon as they heard that, wouldn’t everyone show their own ’embarrassment’ and avert their eyes?

Just one person.

Except for Elnor, who was silently looking down at the table with eyes deep in thought.

‘…What’s wrong?’

I thought that if it was a topic of this kind, this person would surely get very angry just hearing about it.

Dowd is mine. Don’t even think about eyeing it – while saying the same thing.

However, before he could even carry on with that thought, a sentence that he couldn’t quite hear fell from Astrid.

“Perhaps I know of a method that ‘must work’ for that child-?”


Still, there are many unbelievable things this man says.

I don’t even know the intention.




The hanging ‘rice cakes’ are so attractive…!

Perhaps, that was the beginning of everything.

The reason for making the most memorable catastrophic night of his life for Cistern, who is in charge of the military power of the Earl of Revel.

In summary.

The military power of the Earl of Revel was being destroyed by a few female students.

“Adjutant. Say it again. What?”

“We are f*cked.”


Occupying an important position in the county is not an easy task.

Calm judgment that never falters in front of his subordinates, intelligence that won’t be swept away by all kinds of slander, and excellent fighting skills.

It is more important than anything else to have these three basics, and to have absolute dignity so that subordinates do not strike the back of the head in any case.

With that in mind, Sistern was able to bring out the next sentence somehow while feigning composure.

I really wanted to scream in embarrassment.


He cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

“Adjutant. What am I doing wrong?”


Of course, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of composure from what he was saying.

“…For now, could you tell me what your Excellency is looking at?”

If you think about it in order, that would be correct.

Sis Turn nodded and opened his mouth.

“It seems that one dark-skinned woman is destroying all of her cavalry with her punches alone.”

“If that’s the case, I can definitely see it. Fortunately, His Excellency is not crazy.”


I’d rather say I’m crazy.

For the ‘Geosa’ that will decide the fate of the country that will soon happen, the soldiers of Count Rebel are training hard day and night.

As close as possible to actual combat, fully armed, ready to kill anyone in the way.

The cavalry with such a terrifying appearance was being crushed by a woman who was about half their age.

I couldn’t even imagine how heavy it was, and the sight of the horse and the knights riding on it flying through the air like feathers with each punch and kick made the sense of reality far away.

“Wait. I don’t remember that Count Revel did anything to incur a grudge against such a strong man. There may have been some misunderstanding-“


Sistern’s hopeful observations were shattered by the female warrior’s thunderclap.

It must have come with a very clear purpose.

“…No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like that.”


I know, you bastard.

Sistern continued his words, barely swallowing the urge to hit his lieutenant.

“Then let me ask you one more question.”

“Tell me.”

“It looks like the outer walls of the castle are being split with a few blades.”

A very famous architectural department and the finest materials,

Every time the two women swung their swords outside the castle walls, they were being cut down like a rotten old tree.

The defenses that could withstand being driven into the walls with battering rams are being destroyed every moment by the swords wielded by two women who are also less than half their age.

“…You are truly amazing, Yuria. I feel a little stronger than before.”

“Go, princess too…”

Isn’t it even possible to continue ‘work’ while leisurely sharing such words with each other?

Even a sand castle will be destroyed more easily than that…!

As I was thinking that, the adjutant next to me cut off his words coldly.

“Yes. You saw that too.”


Sis Turn stroked his chin a few times.

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It was an act to suppress passing out by covering her head and foaming while screaming like a little girl.

It was getting pretty tough though.

It wouldn’t be strange if the subordinates around him thought it strange that his legs were starting to tremble, but now was not the time to pay attention to such things.

“…Okay. Bring out all the equipment from the Mage Tower. If that’s all, the opponent will be able to somehow.”

Crazy things were happening all over the place, wondering how on earth such a thing could be possible, but the equipment brought from the Mage Tower remained intact.

If you mobilize all of those things, somehow…!

“Your Excellency! Look at the sky!”


The plague.

What else is this time?

When the sister turned his head away while stroking his chin almost to the point of tearing it off, there was.

The sky ‘staining red’ came into my eyes.

And the huge pillar of fire that is causing the phenomenon.

“…What the f*ck are those?!”

“Your Excellency. The dignity is breaking down in the way you speak.”

What can I say?

Am I in a situation to care about that?

I didn’t say it openly out of self-control at the end of the day, but I couldn’t help but let out a high voice while pointing in that direction with a blushing face.

“That’s… The Red Devil? Red night situation? Did you bring the devil’s vessel!”

Sister’s eyes went red.

“I don’t know who this is, but are you sane? If rumors spread that demonic powers are intertwined, the entire continent will be turned into enemies!”

“Your Excellency. Is this a pretentious statement?”

Beside the raging Sis turn, his lieutenant’s calm crest fell.

“If you completely destroy us right here and now, wouldn’t you think that there would be no need to deal with it?”


Is that how it works?

Sistern quickly bounced the abacus in his head while grinding his teeth softly.

“…Ask for help from other Presbyterian factions nearby. If it’s now, I’ll be able to get there by the last minute!”

Even if it rots, it is one of the best military institutions on the continent. If everything is available, even this ridiculous offensive can be suppressed somehow.

As it is a force that will plunge the empire into war, it is far out of the plan to use it in a place like this, but even so, if the situation is like this, there is no choice…

“Your Excellency! The appearance of a hero with a holy sword drawn is being observed from the front!”

Sister passed out.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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