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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 247

247. Blue Taste (3)

Let’s start with the positive side.

In the first place, the reason I do things like winning a game is to charge the seals with demonic energy.

In that sense, it’s a good thing that Riru is now running towards me with demonic energy. Anyway, even while the battle continued like this, the seal was filled with blue demonic energy in real time.

As for the downside.

“Why are you so serious?!”

…The point is that if you do something really wrong, you could die.

The flagship is barely avoiding the hook that flies fiercely to the side by a piece of paper.

The power of the blue devil is ‘crushing’, which allows you to grind opponents with even the tip of a hair touching them.

Of course, I have resistance with the King of Pandemonium skill, and the other person knows that, so I’m sure I can wield it without hesitation. It’s clear that even I could get hurt pretty messed up the moment I touched it!

But Li Lu, who heard me, opened her mouth in a quiet voice.


The series of attacks that raged like a storm was still intact.

…It was a bit scary to see him open his mouth with his eyes closed in such a situation.


“You patted that Seras on the head before.”


“Even if you pet him, he just can’t come to his senses. They said they would give you all the liver and gallbladder, turning over on your feet as if you were a pet dog.”


I did demonstrate that in front of Professor Walter.

But why did that story come out all of a sudden?

“And you said you were kissing Fenol all the time?”


“You don’t have to make a face asking how you know. Because he wanted to show off somehow whenever he had a chance.”


‘I heard that the ax that believes in you will get your feet stamped on…!’

I don’t know what the hell he’s doing behind the scenes with such a calm face…!

“And then, one more drink.”

Li Lu continued her words with an almost dreadful chill dripping through her eyes now.

“What did you do to the saintess and her sister?”


“The guy behind my back gave me a rough idea-“

“…Look at that.”

Stop it.


If I say that here, my social reputation really crosses a river of no return…!


“Really, wow…”

Isn’t the gaze of the students who were already listening to it in the audience gradually changing to the gaze of seeing something indescribable beyond trash?

Why is this person doing this all of a sudden…!

“You know what?”

As I was thinking about that, Liru continued with her eyes still dripping cold.

“Everyone else has one of those things.”


“Only me, what is missing?”


“Only me, really, is there anything so sticky and dense?”



I wouldn’t be envious of things like going for a walk with a leash on or running at me in front of other people, forgetting their face.

“I want something like that, so I want to be hurt by you.”



What the hell are you talking about?

“-No, wait a minute, Liru, calm down-“

“Does it look real? Do you know the misery of being sticky with you every day, only in dreams, you!”


What kind of situation is it that you have dreams like that every day?

And what kind of heart is it to confess all that in front of everyone? Are you a prostitute?

However, it was clear that there was no situation to point out such a thing.

The more I spoke, the more Li Lu’s attacks got stronger.

“Then don’t say things like this! I am really desperate too!”

You don’t have to tell me that you’re doing that.

From noble mtl dot com

Compared to the previous ‘warm-up’, the movements are obviously fast, but they are also movements.




It is the appearance of a human whose face is bluish from the by-products of the collision that are gradually flying to that side from the audience.

My bones resonate every time I exchange 1-1-1-1. I can definitely feel the creaking of not only my bones, but the entire building.


‘…Still, this long sword is worth it.’

It’s fierce, but at this level, you can get away with it all.

To the extent that the other side, which was the original goal, was able to ‘quit because I was tired of myself’.

[…I’m sorry during the fight, is there a reason?]


[It’s Dalian. No one would say anything even if I did a little bit of an attack?]

‘…That’s right.’

However, I instinctively feel reluctance.

To ‘attack’ the people around you.


At least, for me.

Even if I die.

I don’t want to be the kind of person who raises his hand at people around him.

I was thinking about that.

Even before the blue flames in Riru’s eyes.

“-They just accept it until the end.”

That sentence flowed out with a snort.

“Then, I will do it to the end too?”

Following those words.

I look at her energy wrapped around Li Lu’s fist.

A blue magi. But it’s not just that.


And as soon as I saw that, an incomparable sense of alertness ran down my spine.

If that’s what I’m thinking…!

‘Balcassus, come out immediately!’

[Uh, what, something?]

As if it had been suddenly summoned from sleep, an embarrassing voice came from inside the Soul Linker.

‘Bring all the things that can be used for forbidden liquor, right now! For defense!’

Even though I spit out those words, I also take out all the things I need to prepare in an instant.

I check all of the divine protective shield created in Ultrama, the nullification spell that can be used with the stroke of the golden skill contained in my body, and even the durability that has been blown up with iron man characteristics and desperate.

In between.

Li Lu raises her fist.

In this momentary lull that suddenly came between the hectic workshops, I can hear the audience murmur.

“…Uh, what?”

“They both suddenly stopped-“

But before the words had even flowed out of the crowd.

Li Lu stretched out her arm.

A blow close to a flash of light even in my state of seeing the world infinitely slowly under the influence of the skill.





Tear apart.

The scenery, the phenomena, everything that is located between Li Lu’s punch and me is thoroughly ‘crushed’ at the end.

‘…Dog, b*tch-!’

It is obvious at a glance that it is the power that makes me sick to my stomach.

Thanks to all the ‘air’ being pulverized through the space where Li Lu stretches out her fist, even a vacuum is created even though it is close to an instant.

And before I even finished taking one breath.

Her fist slammed into my face.




“Wow, waaagh!”

“What is this-!”

And in the aftermath of it colliding with the shield I created, the entire building shakes as if it had been hit by a bomb.

A cobweb-like incontinence runs across the walls and ceiling. Dirt and debris also fall down. The aftermath alone brought the entire building to the level of half-destruction.

And me too.

With her blank eyes, she looks at her fist stopped in front of her nose.


This is it.

It’s power that you just stood in place and quietly stretched out.

If, in a real situation.

If Lilu did his best to stick this into me somehow, it might really blow my head out.


Li Lu grinned and retrieved her fist.

“Looking at your expression, I’m still a bit proud. Surprised?”

It’s not that it’s not, it’s true.

“…Yes. I’m surprised.”

In the end, I drew all the skills that could be used for real.

A protective shield created through the divine power that has been corrected for the stats that have been blown up due to the desperate situation, a single stroke through magic, and even nullification through gold magic.

Even though I beat them all up, I could have been in real trouble if I made a mistake.

It is said that it is the authority of the blue devil that can crush anything it touches, but I didn’t know that it would erase ‘everything’ in space, including the air, and even create a vacuum.

A power that convinces even strong people who have risen to the position of saints that if they are beaten properly, they will be able to escape death.

“Did you mix Magi with magic?”

“Yes. You trained hard.”

Lilu smiled shyly instead of answering.

Do you know? It’s a look that seems to say

“…I tried, but you blocked me.”

That’s right, I’ve seen it once.

Casa Garda. The warchief of the tribal union and the saint of Kwon.

That human showed a similar appearance to this.

Because he twisted the phenomena that make up the world with just his fists mixed with magic power.

If that power had been refined, polished, and in some ways even noble, it would have been a blow.

Lilu’s blow is much more violent and simple, but.

Only that “Destructive power” Deserves to be put on the same line.

‘…Did they fill in the missing skills by using magic?’

Of course

She used the magi that only she could use at the right time, and somehow similarly ‘imitated’ it.

In your own way.

“…I’m learning, Liru. It’s amazing.”

In this way, ‘fusion’ of energy from completely different categories is an idea that I have never thought of.

From my point of view, who was trying to improve my specs, it was a great harvest to realize that this was possible.

Thanks to this guy showing me something like this, I also got a new weapon.

Being able to mix demonic energy with other energies is the same as being able to ‘collect’ all demonic energy, and the power I can use is infinite.

“…No more mouth-watering noises. Oh really. Can’t you win even if you bring this up?”

“You must have slowed down at the end.”


If this person hadn’t relaxed a little, I would have allowed the attack even with the defensive spells prepared.

I’m sure he didn’t die, but he must have been hurt.

“You idiot.”

As soon as he heard my words, Li Lu replied with a grin.

“Do you think I would like to see you get hurt?”


“You are not the only one who thinks of me that way. I think you are precious too.”


I don’t have anything to say, so I keep my mouth shut.

It feels like being stabbed in the chest.

This was more heartbreaking than that terrifying blow.

“I didn’t come here to win in the first place. There is nothing to regret.”


“I came here knowing I was going to lose, you idiot.”

Li Lu said with a transparent smile that made her eyes hurt.

In an instant, her breath stopped.

“…Just, you look strangely impatient. I felt like I was being chased by something.”


That’s right… I did.

It’s the same with Count Nicholas, and the gray devil asked me to be strong.

It is true that what will happen is fixed, so we tried to make the schedule as tight as possible.

But I don’t think it’s particularly obvious. How else did this person notice that?

“So, what is that…”

Said Li Lu, scratching her head with her flushed face.

“…You don’t have to worry alone, I’ve tried as hard as I can. That I can be your strength… Because I just wanted to show you that…”


“Because you, to me, are that kind of person, that…”

Lilu, who had been mumbling something, continued with a stutter.

“Joe, I like it. Why. I’m so… Good…”


“…Nothing! Any complaints!”

It was embarrassing, so at the end of the sentence, it changed as if he was talking with a trembling sound.

This time, not even my condition can point to that.

This person’s heart is conveyed so desperately that he can’t even smirk as usual.

I was just scratching my cheeks awkwardly when I heard a voice from inside the Soul Linker.

[Do you see the boy king? Now this bastard is ashamed…!]

[My God, did you still have a human heart…! This is amazing…!]

[You’re not completely insane yet! I have enough humanity left to be embarrassed by the warm kindness of others…!]


You guys, at this point, you’re just doing it for fun.

Are you teasing me because it’s fun?

I was staring at the Soul Linker with that thought in mind.

Suddenly, right in front of your eyes.

It reminded me of a window I haven’t seen in a long time.

From noble mtl dot com

< System Message >

[ Skill: A fatal attraction is activated! ]

[ The villain is very interested in you! ]

[ Subject ‘Nicholas Alte Graver’ just intuited Dalian! ]

[ The favorability of the target will be upgraded to ‘Interest Level 1’! ]

[ Rewards are added to the Gift tab! ]

[ An event related to the target will happen soon! ]



It seems that the person I most didn’t want to meet right now left a mark on me.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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