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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 233

233. Review

“…The establishment of the club has been approved.”

Inside the crumbling abandoned building, Elijah put the official letter sent here back into the envelope and said.



Unfortunately, even though the intended purpose was achieved, there was not a speck of joy in anyone’s sight.


Elijah timidly raised her hand and tried to congratulate herself, but she was immediately silenced by the terribly melancholic aura that radiated around her.

Actually, Li Lu and I are fine.

90% Of the reason why this atmosphere is being created is due to Seras staring into the sky as if his soul had escaped.

“…That, it could be, Mr. Seras. Because you’re my sister Since we’re family, can you understand that? Why?”

As Elijah tries to continue her words, he slaps her on the arm and shuts her mouth.

What this guy is about to touch is one of Seras’ greatest evils. The mention itself is a landmine.

Looking back on my memory, there was definitely something like this among the system windows that came to mind related to Seras.

< Quset Info >

< Special Quest: Ultimate Darkness! >

[ Quests related to ‘Seras Ebatrice’ are now open! ]

[ When cleared, the target obeys you! ]

[ Upon clearing, you will receive huge benefits in the main scenario! ]

[ Upon clearing, you will become the owner of the ‘Oath of the Crescent Moon’! ]

Obviously, this is the spear that came to my mind when I first contacted this guy through Vizsla, an exorcist I met while fighting Balcasus.

If you think back to what I said then…

-I know the whereabouts of the thing you’re looking for.

…Well, I remember saying something like that together.

The “Thing you are looking for” There is the Victoria you met before.

My younger brother who was separated from me 10 years ago. Seras’ only remaining blood relative.

Even though I just slipped the word that I knew roughly the whereabouts of this to Vizsla right away, I got cooperation at once.

Almost everyone around him knows how obsessed Seras is over there.

[…You know that the more you explain it like that, the more evil you become, right?]


[It’s not like I showed that way in front of such an important person.]

I don’t know what to say.

As I was clearing my throat awkwardly, Elijah suddenly clapped his hands and turned his attention away.

“Ooh, let’s not do this! Shall we meet again at this time tomorrow? After all, club activities will start tomorrow!”

Anyone can see that it was intended to just leave the place quickly, but it must have been a better option than sitting here and enjoying the melancholy together.

In the end, everyone reluctantly nodded.

While Lilu glanced at Seras, Seras still walked away from the building with the feeling that his soul had escaped.

“… Then.”

From noble mtl dot com

I tried to leave the club room after saying that, too.

Suddenly, Elijah hurriedly grabbed my arm.

“Hey, teacher, talk to me alone!”


As usual, I squinted my eyes and glared at him, wondering if it was strange again, but he seemed strangely urgent.

Compared to when they were sticking together as usual and sticky, they looked so different. In the end, they sighed and sat down again.

“…What is it?”

Scratching her head, she questioned Elijah, who opened her mouth with difficulty.

“…You know how important clubs are at Elfante, right?”

“Isn’t that why we made that mess?”

She replies as if she is saying something obvious.

That’s why it’s mandatory in the school rules. Form a good network in the academy and go out.

“…Yeah, by the way…”

Uncharacteristically for Elijah, sweating profusely, she struggled through her sentences.

“In relation to that, there is a function that is supported by Elfante itself…”


Looking at this guy, I can roughly guess what he will say.

“Let’s guess.”

I sighed and interrupted him in the middle of his speech.

“There are people who say they support you?”

Looking at Elijah’s wide-eyed look as if asking how he knew, she must have taken the picture well.

‘…It’s strange that he doesn’t come.’

Sponsoring a club is literally claiming to be a guardian. We will provide you with the resources you need for your activities, so later on, you guys should also share with us the ‘achievements’ you have created through your activities.

It’s hard to see it as a strange system because it’s not uncommon for clubs to find equipment or talent that can be used in actual combat when it comes to Elfante.

And this exorcist would be a pretty good place to target in that respect.

No matter how inconspicuous, the hero Elijah is included. Even if I don’t have that level of recognition, my presence isn’t so ignored.

Humans with bright ears and good eyes are everywhere. There is a high possibility that Elijah and I have spit on it since we were arguing about making something like this.

“Still, aren’t they just people who can get away with it? So that I can politely decline and send it back-“

“…Well, you know…”

Elijah held out something to me, sweating profusely.

“It was sent along with an official letter approving the establishment of the club. Ha, would you like to read it?”


I take the document he gave me and look through it.

This is a list of people who wish to be sponsors.

And suddenly, as soon as I received it, a window appeared in front of me.

< System Message >

[Confirm the creation of the ‘Club’! ]

[ I see a special level of attention going to that group! ]

[ Depending on how you run the club, the upcoming Main Quest – Chapter 5, ‘The Great War of the Empire’ will be decided! ]


What is it?

I haven’t checked what’s written yet, but it’s full of ominous messages.

There is a special level of interest, and the way the 5th chapter progresses depends on how it is operated.


I can’t tell just by thinking about it.

Let’s check it out.

With that thought in mind, I read through the documents Elijah held out to me.

“…There’s nowhere to fall for this guy.”

While muttering that, I removed the document with the imperial family stamp on the top page.

No wonder. Because the emperor was the one who was in the front row in the club presentation right away.

Fortunately, this is something that can be persuaded and adjusted somehow. Hey, anyway, I’m pretty cooperative.

And then…

“…What are these humans doing here?”

Duke Tristan. Marquee Kendride.

Up to this point… Though it’s a bit excessive. It’s not on a very incomprehensible level.

Aren’t they all close friends? This is also a level that can be solved with words somehow.

However, the things that follow this.

“The Chiefs of the Tribal Alliance… ?”


I don’t know if it was sent by Casa, but rather it was sent by the chiefs who are quiet over there and I don’t know much about them.

As if they wanted to get acquainted with us personally.

The level of suggestions there is…

“…Will you share all of the research results of the last two years?”


Elijah answered with a slightly distraught expression.

“In the past, even when I bet an entire territory in the Empire and asked for it, it was ignored.”


“They said they would just hand it over to the club for donations…”

By the time he said his last words, his voice had almost changed to crying, and it was clear that it was a situation I could fully relate to.

At this point, it is obviously strange to anyone.

No matter how much I have achieved monstrous achievements here and there, and even if I have Elijah among my club members, it is absolutely not to the extent that these giants are so ardently charged.

To put it bluntly, no one has yet announced the name of the club, its purpose, or what results it will achieve. There is no reason for this, even if you think about it common sense.

And that doubt turned into certainty in the next chapter.


As I looked at Elijah, asking if this was real, he nodded at her, still looking teary-eyed.

“…The emperor?”


“…The Emperor of the Sacred Kingdom?”



What are you really doing here, you bastard?

Why are you sponsoring me?

Her head starts pounding. It feels like your temples are compressed.

It doesn’t end there either. As soon as I see the name of the group written on the next page, even my face begins to distort horribly.


I barely open my mouth with a trembling voice.

“Is that what I’m looking at?”



I feel dizzy.

“When was the last time the Mage Tower had contact with an outside group?”

Looking at the seal of the magic tower stamped on the document, he murmured as if moaning.

As a single force, this world view is the strongest, worst, and worst group.

The headquarters of this world’s technology that even the tribal union cannot rub against.

All other countries are playing in the middle ages and modern times, but it is not an exaggeration to say that this side is filming sci-fi alone.

‘…It looks like the information has been leaked outside.’

Other than that, there’s no reason these crazy claustrophobes are sending us stuff like this.

If it is the ‘authority’ to freely change the power related to the ‘devil’, as Dean Walter said, it is an ability that all groups on the continent will salivate.

I don’t know if the information flowed to exactly that extent, but if the information leaked that it was only a tiny bit related to you, this kind of interest could be poured out.

“…They said they would put it on hold. Let’s buy some time.”

I grabbed my throbbing head and said that for now.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the only solution right now. This is not a level to give up just because of a verbal rejection, but there is too little information right now to make a clear choice.

A window popped up saying that it is linked to the main quest. You can’t decide arbitrarily.

“That’s right, I can definately put the sponsorship request on hold as the teacher said…”

“…What else?”

Now, to Elijah, who brings out such words while her body trembles, she replies in a panicked voice.

“…That, all clubs must recruit members. The club president and secretary are obliged to screen students who wish to enter…”

Elijah closed her eyes tightly and recited the contents of her school rules.

“…That’s natural. But why is that-“

As she was about to speak, she shut her mouth at the horror that suddenly ran down her spine.

If I remember correctly.

Right now, I am the manager of this club, and Elijah is the secretary.

That means that he and I have to evaluate the guys who want to join our club.


Let’s make a simple reasoning.

Just a while ago, these enormous titans risked their lives just for ‘sponsoring’.

By the way.

In the case of ‘members’ who can directly contact the inside, how far did they go?

“…Because something like this came.”

Elijah held out something to me with her trembling hands.


She takes a deep breath while looking at the thick paper bundle to the point where her head feels dizzy just by looking at it.

No, should I say a wad of paper?

It is clearly visible that it has been compressed through several layers of techniques. If you actually take it out, it wouldn’t be strange if this space was filled with a bunch of papers.

“…How many?”


“It shouldn’t be written on the first page. How many people have applied for admission? How much?”

Elijah covered her face with her hands, her face flushed, and murmured like a moan.

“…10,000, A little, more than…”


“I, we, all, those people, have to judge…”


Only the number is 10,000.

It’s hard to even imagine how many ‘big guns’ among them can’t understand why this human is here.




It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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