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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 232

232. Presentation (2)

Turn back time a bit.

Let’s go back a bit to when we were talking about the presentation.

The time when Walter and the emperor’s expressions both rotted at the same time as soon as they said they had tamed the devil.

“…A Dowd student.”

Dean Walter tilted his head and threw that sentence.

“What the hell does that mean?”

It was a slightly serious voice that did not give off the usual geeky look.

Like I really don’t understand what you’re talking about.


Uh huh.

Your concept is broken.

Where did the second grader’s speech and behavior go?

“…No, what.”

In other words, what I just said is so absurd that even Walter reacted like this.

Right now, they are betting on the name ‘exorcist’, but they wouldn’t have known that the topic of ‘devil’ would really come out in front of them.

It must be a sound that doesn’t make much sense to ‘tame’ it.

“Actually, that’s the literal meaning. The Exorcist will work on demonic powers and work on ways to ‘contain’ them.”


Dean Walter’s eyes narrowed rapidly.

“…Clarification please.”

“Rather than explaining, I think it would be easier to show you.”

With those words, he takes out the items he has prepared.

It is a wooden staff with a clumsy shape. It feels like the wood is not roughly trimmed, but only shaped.

Then, he dragged Riru’s wrists, which were crouching behind him, forward.

He showed a bit of hesitation, but when I twisted my eyebrows as if saying, “Are you not going to do it?”

“…Okay, dude.”

As Li Lu said, she took a deep breath and raised her spirits.

Blue Magi. The seal on my chest reacts, and the air around me vibrates slightly.

The two people in the audience probably knew what this was long ago.


While the emperor’s eyes widened, Dean Walter’s reaction became more violent.

Grabbing the dharma tool, he kicked off his seat and stood up. In an instant, divine power is operated in the surroundings, and several miracles and spells are written at the same time.

You’ve probably noticed that this is the ‘real exhaust’ demonic energy. It must be an attempt to suppress it even through the use of force.

Not to mention, the power of the blue devil is ‘crushing’, which destroys everything it touches. The moment the emperor gets hurt due to even the slightest mishandling, there will be a real uproar.

So, quickly move on to the next step before the situation turns nasty.

I ‘catch up’ the magi that blooms around me as if I were grabbing them with my ‘bare hands’.


While Dean Walter opened his eyes wide in astonishment, he kneaded the blue demoniac he held in his hands like he was making clay with his hands.

‘…After the seal has been strengthened, this much is just fine.’

It is a body that can be touched with the shape of the devil created by the sculptures. It’s just Maggie. Now, I don’t have to borrow your strength, I just do it with my bare hands.

With that thought in mind, I ‘condense’ the blue demon to the size of a baseball.

Eventually, the shape is made a little more specific. I made a handle to make it a little easier to hold, and I made a certain part a little bit sharp.


I pick it up and put it on the wood I just prepared.

Since it’s the blue devil’s magic, of course everything it touches will be shattered.

Since it is made in the form of a ‘tool’ like this, it is possible to precisely trim only the parts I want.

Clean up the stump. Make everything neat and smooth.


I could hear Dean Walter laughing.


The devil’s magic that crushes anything it touches.

At most, they were using unfinished wood for “Sanding.”

As if they were protesting that this was not a ‘harmful force’ at all.

“The Devil’s Magi.”

While doing such work, I make direct eye contact with Dean Walter and connect with him.

“In this way, it is possible to handle the aura ‘innocently’.”

With that said.

Even the emperor whose eyes are wide open stays that gaze for a while.

He stood stiff as if he was very shocked by what I said.


There is a high probability that this person does not yet know that he is a vessel of the devil.

But, I guess you feel it instinctively.

What I am saying is also related to you.

With those thoughts in mind, he calmly continues his conversation.

“Isn’t it a bit different from the conventional wisdom? Don’t you usually think you’re cursed just for coming into contact with demons?”


“The exorcist will study how to ‘beneficially’ research the power of demons in this way. Because there is a way to deal with all power.”

With a grin, he holds out a neatly manicured stick of wood in front of Walter.

Even though it touched demonic energy, it was just a staff with no energy.

It is an unbelievably ordinary object that is said to be an object entangled with the devil, one of the most vicious omens on the continent.

Even if an ordinary old man catches it, it can make his life a little better.

“…A Dowd student.”

Dean Walter opened his mouth in a slightly subdued voice.

“Are you aware of how sensitive the topic you are talking about is?”


He answered directly without the slightest delay and met Dean Walter’s eyes.

“Wouldn’t that be an interesting research topic?”


“I thought the dean would be interested, so I chose this topic.”

Not that it isn’t.

To dare to present a subject in front of this person that the heads of the entire continent would turn a blind eye to and rush at is also half of the purpose of ’embracing’ this person.

Dean Walter. Except for the emperor, the strongest priest you can encounter in Elfante.

He is also one of the most prestigious demonology researchers of his time.

This is the person who should act as an advisor to our club from now on. He is a person who will be of great help in my work, but if I cannot share even this much information, I will be in more trouble.

“Just now, you perfectly controlled the devil’s energy ‘in the direction you want’. This is unprecedented in history.”

Walter continued with his eyes widening.

“…If that’s the case, those who are trying to turn it into a ‘weapon’ will be frantic and try to target you. What you are talking about now is something that can spark a war that will set the entire continent ablaze.”

“I know, dean.”


“And, rather openly announce it like this so there can be no more fights.”


To Walter, who asks in an absurd voice, he just smiles without explaining further.

Well, wait and see.

You’ll know what I said later.

“Of course, if everything is revealed immediately, there will be an uproar. I believe that the president and the dean will make appropriate adjustments for external presentations.”

It seemed like he was openly asking for information manipulation, but I don’t feel guilty.

I’ve been tangled up in the number of demons in the meantime, and I’ve been rolling around here and there, and the results have been terrifyingly raised.

Can I ask for this much?

“And one more thing.”

I continued to speak to Dean Walter, who now kept a sharp gaze almost as if he was staring at me.

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“If you have a high ‘cooperation’ among the demons, especially me, this is possible.”

With those words, I sent Riru away and grabbed Seras by the wrist and dragged him out.

He looked at me with his crazy spinning eyes. Seeing that gaze go round and round as if there was a whirlpool in his eyes, it looked like he was asking, ‘Are you really going to do this?’

“For example, like this.”

He smiles and continues talking nonchalantly.

We’ve already seen the agreement, haven’t we? In an atmosphere as if to say.

“…Uh, uh…”

With one snap of his fingers, Seras leaned over, placing his hands on his chest, closing his eyes tightly.

It’s nothing special. It’s just letting go of the energy you’ve always been ‘suppressing’ for a while.

Unlike Liru, this guy has had very little opportunity to get close to the demon inside her, so she may not be used to dealing with demons even if she pretends to.

It doesn’t matter. After all, he’s a guy who behaves as he pleases, regardless of his will.

[Owner, Niii!]

With those words, a purple aura came out of Seras’ body in a ‘form’.

Although it resembles Seras, it looks like a pet dog itself as it rushes at me with its eyes shining as if it has met an owner whom it has not seen for a long time.

[Did you call me? Did you call me?]

“…Yes, yes, dude.”

As I stroked the clingy guy’s hair, his eyes narrowed even more and he started rubbing his cheeks against me.

It must be a sign of intimacy.

“For now, I want you to go inside Seras’ body. Can I ask you a favor?”

[Yes! If you go in, will you compliment me more?]


As soon as he said that, he was quickly sucked into Seras’ body.

However, although he looks like Seras, his behavior is that of a purple demon.

“…Like this.”

I point to Seras, who is rubbing his head in my hand as if doing a charm, and continue talking to Walter, who has an expression that is beyond absurd.

Before, there wasn’t really anything like a performance using Riru.

The point is, this guy just ‘listened’ to what I said.

As if I were the master. Demons take orders from humans.

“Sometimes he himself follows human ‘control’.”

…Exactly, it’s something only I can do. Among them, it is also a function only available to purple demons with a high probability.

This is pretty trivial information, but it’s worth telling.

Due to the nature of Dean Walter, if you’ve shown me this far, it’s clear he’ll take care of things that will help me.

He will probably start frantically researching the phenomena I showed him from now on.

Sooner or later, I will bring you a bunch of information that will help me.


Dean Walter opened his mouth with a groan.

“What an absurd creature, Doud Campbell.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes. Isn’t this a perfected ability right now?”


“The seal on the chest that seems to respond to Magi. I guess that’s the point. Looking at the energy I can feel… I’m guessing we’re barely halfway there. But you already have this much control over demons?”

Look at the other person with a smile.

Look at this.

You haven’t been told much, but aren’t you already inferring advanced information?

It’s worth being ‘subsumed’.

Do you think so?

Suddenly, the auditorium door burst open.

“Excuse me-“

The person who entered while saying that was a very familiar looking person.

I’ve never seen a girl before.

Its appearance is almost identical to Seras.

Seras would look exactly like that if she cut her hair a little shorter and made her a few years younger.


Then, that voice fell from you.

As if he had suddenly come to his senses, the demonic energy surrounding Seras’ body instantly dispersed.


Seras, who had let go of those words in dismay, looked back and forth between his current self and Victoria.


Sooner or later.

Her face turns red. Even if you touch it lightly, the red juice leaks out.

It’s not just embarrassing, it’s an atmosphere where you can clearly see that your mental state has gone out.

Seras struggled to open his mouth, not even thinking about holding onto his pupils, which were shaking not to the extent of an earthquake, but to the level of a collapse.

“…Ah, no.”

At those words, Victoria involuntarily backtracked.

His eyes were full of contempt. It’s a face that looks like an insect.

“…Oh, no, wait, Victory, listen to me-“

“You misunderstood the person.”


“I don’t know anyone like you. Please don’t talk to me.”

At the same time that a tear of shame condensed in Seras’ eyes, Victoria slammed the auditorium door and left.



A ruinous silence fell.

It is terrifyingly quiet. Everyone is just dumbfounded by the situation.

“…Hey. Are you okay?”

Surprisingly, Seras and Riru, who are usually the most dog friendly, spoke first.

He cautiously looked at his eyes and brought out such words as he approached Seras.

Seras didn’t look very good right now, enough to make this person worry.

“…Who is that guy? Do you know me?”


Hearing that, Seras covered his mouth with both of his hands.

His body trembled. A drop of tear trickles down from your eye.

“…My, my…”

Seras said in a weeping voice.

He brings out the following sentences with a voice full of self-doubt that he would have vehemently dug into if there was a mouse hole to crawl into.

“My, my little sister… We broke up when we were young…”


“I haven’t seen him for ten… ten years… The first time I saw him… This… This…”



With Seras unable to speak, another long silence ensued.

This is, so.



This is her first appearance in front of her sister, whom she hasn’t seen in nearly ten years.


Even with my moral consciousness that has already gone by the time I go, I start to think that maybe I did too much.

[It’s also Dowd Campbell.]




[He is the best bastard I know. I don’t think my skills will be very low, it’s just.]


At least this time, it was clear that I had nothing to say.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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