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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 208

208. Quick Attack

From inside the image world, Balkasus was looking outside with a look of concern.

“…Is it really okay?”

“What is it?”


Balcasus’s eyes narrowed when he saw Caliban sitting next to him, fully prepared to watch.

The one who made this situation happen in the first place, but the person himself has a laid-back attitude.

“…Isn’t that what that man was so worried about? The reason why those women are now gathering in one place like this.”

With such a mess, it was clear that Doud Campbell intended to make all the Devil’s Vessel as untangled as possible in this situation.

Even in the midst of escalating the situation, he never tried to let him get close to the center, where the vessel of the red devil exists.

“…Magi and Magi react very violently.”

Valcassus said so in a slightly subdued voice.

It doesn’t matter too much if the two abilities simply collide. However, it is a very big problem for the two ‘Magi’ to collide.

The conflict between the rulers is enough to cause waves throughout the area.

“If they fight the red devil here and the demonic energy collides with them, it means that the barrier of the angel that is spread nearby could be broken.”

He sighed and continued.

Before, when the Precursor used an artifact to create a very small ‘rift’ in the Archangel’s barrier.

How things inside the void reacted

“Then it means that the demon’s vessels and the main body can come into direct contact.”

And that.

It is not strange even if it is directly connected to the end-of-the-world scenario as it is.

That man knew that too, so he must have tried so desperately to stop it.

“Here, what are you doing…!”

It’s just the look of Dawood, who brings out such words in a timid voice right away.

You shouldn’t be here. It has that kind of color.

It was an extremely rare voice for this man, almost frightened.

As if he was madly worried about getting hurt by mistake.


“As I said before, you don’t live alone in the world.”

Caliban smiled and answered casually.

“What do you use that good hair for? You don’t even know what’s around you.”


“While he got stronger, the rest of us wouldn’t have stayed still sucking our fingers.”

While talking like that, Elnor, who was at the forefront of the group, approached Daud.



I violently punched him in the head.

The action was to hit lightly, as if admonishing a child, but the force of Daud’s head hitting the floor was enormous.


Of course, like a man whose abilities are inflated in every crisis, he kept his head up even after being hit.

His eyes were full of confusion. He probably didn’t even imagine that he would be hit by this side in any way.

“I was just telling you to come to your senses. I’m so frustrated these days.”

Elnor continued with an expressionless expression.

“How many times have I told you to stop suffering alone like this? It must have been about time you realized it.”

Unusually, the frown on his face was really angry.

“…And, above all.”

I can’t believe Dawood is staring blankly at it.

After saying that, Elnor’s eyes turned to the Hel Guard.

“If you’re going to mess with this ‘easy’ guy, don’t even start doing that in the first place.”



The opponent is a hell guard.

No matter how you look at it, it’s probably not an opponent that you can attach such words to.

It was the same just by looking at what followed.



It stopped moving for a moment, as if shocked by the sight of them appearing just before, and soon red demonic energy was emanating from its entire body.

Seeing her, El Nore let out a shallow breath and inserted her sword.

She would probably say that to a normal person, this would be a declaration that she would give up her battle, but it has a slightly different meaning to her.

Because it means drawing out a means of combat other than the ‘sword’.

A gray aura rose from her body.

“Wait, can’t you…!”

Seeing that, Daud opened his mouth in awe.

If that demonic energy collides like this, in one way or another, a situation close to a disaster will happen. It was such a warning voice.

Soon, his eyes widened again.



Even though Magi and Magi collided.

There is no ‘resonance phenomenon’ that should exist anywhere.


A very flustered voice came from Daud’s mouth.

Once upon a time, energy of other colors was placed on top of the gray one by one. Yuria’s white color, Riru’s blue color, and even Seras, who was very awkwardly emitting demonic energy because he didn’t know how to use it.

Grey. White. Purple. Blue. The four demonic spirits ‘merge’ together, suppressing the red demonic energy emitted by the Hell Guard.

In the first place, no matter how much they are called Hell Guards, the basis of Pandaemonium’s existence is nothing more than being led by the Red Devil and endowed with its energy. If you compete with the mixed energy of the four demons, you will be crushed.

Because the red demonic energy he sweated completely hardened near his body before it could spread out properly, and it soon hardened to a point where he couldn’t even move.



It was clear that this had never happened, at least to the extent of his ‘knowledge’.

It must be a clear atmosphere that this is something that has never been experienced before.

“I trained.”

Elnor, who had been quietly watching the scene, calmly responded.



At the same time, those words came out of the mouths of Balkasus and Daud, who were watching this in the world of images.


Elnor continued, ‘controlling’ the aura of the various colors.

“Even if it seems like nonsense, in fact, in most cases, it can be done somehow.”


“Such… When colored energies collide, a resonance phenomenon occurs. And when it goes wrong in a crisis, it’s very dangerous. I thought you would definitely be wary of that.”

That kind of explanation came out calmly.

“When I fought with that unfortunate woman before, I clearly remember your reaction of cowardice.”

When she tried to fight Chancellor Sullivan. When her golden and gray auras were about to collide.

I remember vividly that Daoud was flustered like never before and he tried to do something about it. As if these energies collided with one another that should never happen.


With other humans who can radiate this kind of energy, I somehow found a way to prevent ‘big things’ from happening even if I bumped into them. That’s all.


Daud’s mouth parted slightly.

Memorizing all those facts, and then ‘preparing’ this kind of technology for this kind of situation.

Because I was suggesting only one fact.


Even if he doesn’t bother to do anything.

These women were constantly working hard for him behind his back.

Like he’s trying to protect them. They want to protect him too.

“Why. It doesn’t matter that you try so hard to save us. Can’t we make an effort behind the scenes to be helpful to you?”

A teasing voice from Elnor fell to Daud, who couldn’t control his expression.

“Make sure you know one thing, Daud.”

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As Magi was crushed, Elnor moved slowly toward the Hel Guard, who couldn’t even stand properly.

Then, she hit the other side of the head.

Similar to the way she hit Daud on the head just now. Although the physical force contained inside was much more brutal.




At the blow that seemed to explode, the upper armor of the Hell Guard was crushed, and at the same time the body was slammed into the ground, its movement stopped in one fell swoop.

It looks like he lost his mind as soon as he got hit.

Like she said the other day, it’s ‘easy’.

An opponent that Daud alone would not be able to deal with, really.

With the way I prepared in advance, it’s not difficult.

“We are.”

Perfectly, without the human intervention of Dowd Campbell.

“This is not a piece of chess, dear. They are not dolls in a display case.”

At Dawood, who was staring blankly at him, Elnor approached.

“You will protect us? Alone? Covering everything, taking all the responsibility?”

Elnor grabbed Daud’s chin and lifted his head.

The eyes are aligned. The blindingly clear eyes, reminiscent of glass, peered into Daud’s eyes.

As if to listen carefully to what I am saying.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”


“We are not fools to the extent that we subordinate you to that extent. You have an obligation to be loved by us, to be cherished, and to lead a happy future.”

Daud’s eyes widened.

Seeing that, Elnor smiled and let go of his chin.

“…Don’t try to go far alone. You still have a lot left to receive.”


While Daoud, who was at a loss for words, kept silent.

A fierce cheer echoed in the world of images.

“Hey, princess, you are doing well. That’s the vibe that comes from the first person who fell—”


Caliban’s voice, which was trying to spread nonsense, was interrupted by Balcasus’ words full of confusion.

“How is it possible…?”

To manage the control of the demons, and even to ‘mix’ the operation of different demons.

How can this be done through training?

It sounds as strange as saying that things overcame falling from top to bottom through effort.

“Do you know what you and that guy have in common?”

Caliban smiled and opened her mouth.

“The more you know, the more scared you become. Actually, it’s a problem that can be done somehow.”


“So, I told you from the time I made the plan.”

Caliban opened her mouth, giggling.

“Can you do something?”


It was a scene that I could not refute.

She brushes her hair and sighs.


It feels like my head, which has been boiling violently lately, has calmed down for the first time.

“…Thanks, Elnor.”

He smiles bitterly and says so.

“Whenever I lose my mind, it always feels like you are helping me.”

Before, even when I was a boy king. Same this time too.

For this person, it is always a feeling of being helped when it is decisive.


With that said.

Elnor’s face instantly turned red.

Afterward, clearing coughs continued to flow.

He rubs her nose and presses on the uniform hat he always wears.

“…50 Points for this.”

My eyes narrowed as soon as I heard the words that flowed out.

“What score is that?”

“There is such a thing. The first person to be thanked by you is supposed to get the highest score-“

“…That’s done for now. I will hear the explanation later.”

I don’t want to hear that while the night is still in full swing.

Grabbing her throbbing head, she turned her words around.


“…Uh, yes? Me?”

“Yes, you.”

I sigh when I see Seras awkwardly raising her hand.

“Please put a contact in one place. I think you can do it the fastest.”

“…To where?”

“To the Archbishop of Luminol.”

Before coming here, she had a deal with you.

It’s time to use it.


This too, obviously.

He fidgets with the lion breastplate hidden in her arms.

Originally, I would have had to send Elijah there and twist her body with difficulty.

There must have been things I had to sacrifice ‘not to be able to pitch’.

Now, with the help of other utensils, I feel like I’ve got a clue to finish this ‘without hindsight’.


There is only one purpose.

You poured out everything you had.

“It’s over in one stroke.”

You must have gained unexpected and reliable reinforcements.

There is no reason not to finish quickly.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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