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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 207

207. Aid

The crisis of death has been passed countless times.

Considering that, it’s normal to pass it on casually, honestly.



It hurts so much.

Exhale and look down at your body.

My whole body was hacked to pieces, almost like being chopped into small pieces. This is the result of ‘sending’ Elijah in front of me and trying to endure by myself.

[I wonder if I have to be foolish like this.]


He sighs without answering.

No, I can’t help it.

Anyway, it’s impossible for me or Elijah to win against that one, and it’s more likely that I’ll send him away first and then negotiate.

In that respect, I have to make the most of my time while Elijah is negotiating with Faynol from the front…



“How many minutes has passed?”

[2 Minutes.]


Is that all that has passed?

It seems like we fought for quite a while, but the past is only a good amount of time, even if you call it an instant.

As I knew in advance, the Hell Guard is a very strong opponent.

Even in Pandemonium, it’s an opponent that is almost unmatched in close combat at close range.


Again, the match is exchanged.

I sent the holy sword to Elijah, so all I have left is the sword I had as a spare and the Infinity Gauntlet that the tribal union made earlier.


The sword held by Helguard slipped on the outside of the gauntlet he was wearing.

It’s an item that boasts near-all-purpose performance, and it’s equipped with all sorts of special effects, but it’s not very useful against this guy.

Because the strength of the Hell Guard can be summarized in one thing.

It is an advantage that is so simple to be ignorant, but it is an element that can be confronted head-on with all the means I have.

Transcendent specifications.

Fast, strong, hard.

To the extent that I can only keep up with myself even in my condition where I am receiving an EX-level desperate situation.



The body that was thrown off by the blow rolls on the floor again. It was a common aspect for the other person who was in a desperate situation to end up like this, but I can’t really communicate with this guy.

I learned magic and raised my stats, so even though my specs have improved tremendously compared to before, I can’t compete with them. It’s like hitting a rock with an egg.

Most of the guys who have been killed by me in the meantime must have felt this way. Is this the reverse?

Even if you fight with a healthy body, let alone win, you can’t even survive an opponent, and continuing the battle in this state is itself a penance.

“…Ha ha.”

Refresh your body with a sigh.


It hurts.

It hurts.

I’ve suffered countless times, but in this worldview, I’ve abused the holy relic that’s one of my fingers in a way that’s close to expedient. The load can’t be light.

After fighting for a long time while facing such an enemy in that state, there is no way my body will be healthy.

But, still.

Not yet.

Because there is still work to be done.

[…I agree that there is still work to be done.]

In Soul Linker, those words suddenly came flying.

[By the way, can we continue in this state? I don’t think I can do it alone.]


Still, I have to do it alone.

I can’t ask anyone for help.

[Can anyone help? Really?]

What, who?

Devil’s bowls?

I can’t ask for help from you.

I don’t know what kind of unexpected variable will happen again if I risk it to that side right here. I have to deal with it so I can do it all-

[Call by name.]


[You, from a certain moment on, you just called that side by tying it up as a vessel of the devil.]


[Princess Tristan, the daughter of the warchief, the assassin of the Holy Empire, a homunculus lacking in social skills… All of them are human beings with personalities. They are not ‘objects’ that you have to protect.]


[If you forget the essence of that side because you think you have to protect it, that’s a betrayal of the main guest. Know?]

I blankly stare at the Soul Linker.

[Do you know what I suffered the most when I went up to the position of managing all the guardians?]


As I was blankly questioning the sudden voice, Caliban smiled and continued.

[They often make a mistake when they select only talented people with a straight mind for the grandiose goal of fighting for justice.]

“What are you saying all of a sudden…”

[He recognizes all the guys around him as targets he needs to protect.]

Caliban smiled and said.

[But that sounds so damn cheeky. You’re looking down on all the people around you as being below you.]


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

At that thought, I stared blankly at the Soul Linker.

[Don’t try to do anything alone, stupid. Because people aren’t all idiots playing on your palm.]


[As much as you want to protect that side, it’s clear that that side values you as well.]

Soon, at the same time as Caliban said so.

“…You mean.”

In front of your eyes.

A familiar ‘energy’ rises.

“Have you been doing this alone again?”

Surely, it was a voice I never expected to hear here.

Not many people know its name, even in Pandaemonium.

That’s right, it was just a creature that existed at the very bottom of Pandaemonium before.

Filth and

Nevertheless, that small

‘Admiration’ for monarchs.

Seven Lords who rule Pandaemonium. The heavenly world on the other side, the mirror world inhabited by spirits, and the material world overflowing with traces of abundant life. Absolutes of all dimensions who do not dare to touch.

In the ‘solar eclipse’ that comes once every cycle in Pandaemonium, you can see the colors of all the monarchs spreading throughout Pandaemonium.

Even in an achromatic world where people die and kill each other, on that day, everyone looks at it in awe.

Among dogs.

There are bound to be low-level demons whose hearts and souls have been taken away by that appearance, and who are determined to get close to it.

Of course, most of them just end with a promise. Blocked by the wall of reality, it returns to nameless ashes and disappears from history.

But sometimes.

Breaking through those tiny odds.

Some individuals become abnormally strong.

Through a history of thorough predation.

Surviving like a tenacity, eating up, becoming stronger, and pushing yourself to the end to grow.

With such miraculous and miraculous possibilities overlapping, the final stage of evolution in which the humblest creature in Pandaemonium can become stronger is the creature called the Hell Guard.

The Hell’s ‘Guardian’ drew a breath mixed with sulfur and drew his sword.

In front of me, a man who had been slashed by his sword was breathing shallowly.


Actually, you could say I was kind of annoyed.

You dare.

To think that such a weak human being had the signs of monarchs to worship in his insignificant body.

The door to the material world opens out of nowhere,

This man wouldn’t even dare to know what kind of mortification he went through to reach that kind of energy.

From noble mtl dot com


I won’t kill you.

I’ll eat it and erase its very existence from this world.

I thought so.

Until someone gets in his way.

“Have you been doing this alone again?”

And, as soon as he saw who the opponent stood in his way.

Hell Guard was at a loss for words.



The strongest of all monarchs.

A woman with the presence of such a presence in her body was blocking the man who was running towards the man who had just fallen over there.

In the same little woman next to him, quietly glaring at him, the aura of the monarch is felt.

The White Lord.

Not only that.

There were also humans who ran after them.

“Hey, yumma! Are you okay! It turns into very muddy porridge…!”

“Senior! God, this needs to be treated quickly…!”

Blue, purple.

Two more signs of the monarch.

While the human with the energy of the blue lord glared at the human with the purple energy, the Hell Guard stumbled in shock.

“… Hey. Animal girl. What else is your senior? Are you joking on purpose?”

“Since it’s District 2, we just call it that. Do you have any complaints? Or well, because she’s a poor woman who lacks confidence in a relationship with the opposite s*x, she’s so concerned about everything related to her senior-“

I couldn’t pinpoint all the context in detail.

I know very well that the two monarchs over there are ‘concerned’ about the two fallen men over there, and that they are ‘checking’ each other.

As if, both of them. As if they were competing to ‘monopolize’ that man.

Like a very deep favor.


And as soon as I saw it.

The anger of the Hell Guard burned his mind white.


Myself, in order to receive the eyes of the other side at least once. I just want to stand near it. I want to serve them faithfully.

In that hell, I killed, ate, and walked through terrible battles and bloody roads to finally become strong.

That bastard, what the hell did he do to monopolize their favor as if he were just breathing…!


As he was trembling with furious rage that he had never experienced before in his life, someone walked right in front of him again.

“Are you the one who made Dawood like that?”

The Gray Lord.

The owner of the Pandaemonium Pantheon.

A woman with such a spirit said that in a low voice and drew her sword.

Beside him, the woman with the white monarch in her body was also doing the same thing quietly.

“What is it? Are you guys just having fun?”

“…Anyway, I’m afraid I’m not from a barbarian, so I’m shocked when someone shows an angle-“

“Shut up, beast girl.”

Next, purple is added to blue.

It seems that he is trying to take care of himself for injuring that man.


Hell Guard.

The Royal Guard of the Hell Lords. One of the most powerful beings in Pandaemonium.

A being who devoted himself to training himself for eons of near aeons just to reach them.

He now.

A man was wrongly touched once, and was about to be lynched directly by the beings he served.


Perhaps, if he could speak human language.

He must have mumbled a harsh curse word.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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