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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 204

204. Red Night (4)

“…A bad night.”

Talion Armand muttered as she narrowed her eyes.

Originally, it is a normal time to celebrate the birth of a new warrior and toast with Elijah. The reason I came all the way here is to support them.

By the way, I don’t know what it was from yesterday evening. Time dragged on without announcing who won the ordeal.

As of now.

Everyone rolled their eyes and attacked each other.

He took a deep breath and retrieved his spear.

In the vicinity, the humans he had beaten were lined up.

They are all ordinary people. Magical power, holy power, ordinary people who have not trained anything.

In an instant, he lost his reason and began to express extreme violence. As if he had been brainwashed by something.

Maybe that’s why.

When I glanced away, even though it was quite a distance away, a pillar of fire was rising magnificently with the hot heat flying all the way.

It is a spectacle that no citizen of the Empire would be unaware of.

Red night avalanche.

The worst catastrophe in which several cities were burned down in one night.

Perfectly the same as back then.

‘…To think that the number of people of this size would go crazy just by looking at it.’

“…The workmanship is amazing.”

Hearing those words flying from his side, he turned his head with the spear on his shoulder.

Warrior Luca. Wizard Falco. Shooter grid. Priest Trisha.

These are familiar faces. Elijah’s close friends, called the ‘Heroes’ Party’ in Korea.

“Did you subdue these numbers by yourself?”


“…I readily agree.”

Falco raised his glasses and looked around in amazement.

At least there are dozens of humans scattered around.

No matter how much they say that they are ordinary people who have not trained their superpowers, they are now people who have gone mad because of the demonic energy that is thickly emanating from nearby.

Your physical ability must have been amplified to several times the usual level, but you managed to subdue this number by yourself?

“…Because I’ve been through a lot of things that are more absurd than this.”

Talion replied with a wry smile.

To be honest, I watched all sorts of things, including demons and ancient gods, while sticking with him.

Even if a second midnight incident occurs now, it would be natural to think about how to deal with it before panicking.

“Thanks to you, we also found a way. I should thank you.”

“Looking for a way?”

At the words of the warrior Luca, Talion tilted his head.

“How to resist Magi. Are you still wearing it around your body?”


Undoubtedly, Daoud once told me that ‘someday I’ll be able to use it’.

You copied it as soon as you saw it and applied it to yourself?

“…You guys aren’t normal monsters either.”

I think I can understand why Daud always keeps an eye on this side along with Elijah.

The power of its body is still not great, but its potential is worthy of careful consideration even by Daud.

Of course. Still.

“No, to be called that…”

Falco’s gaze glided back to the distance.

It was a place where the ‘dimensional door’ was opened under the influence of demonic energy.

It’s the most demonic, and I don’t know what it is, but it’s observed from afar that sinister creatures are pouring in from the inside.

“…I wonder if that way would be more suitable.”


Such, there are people who are leisurely blocking the number that can be called a military force with a handful of numbers.

Actually, should I say that I’m blocking it? I’m not even sure if that’s the right expression.

It’s almost to the point of feeling pity when you see something coming out of the dimensional door and being crushed and turned into powder.

“What the hell are these people doing? Are you a student like us?”



“Students are right. I’m not sure if it’s human.”



Actually, it’s a bit harsh, but I think you can understand it if you look at what’s happening over there.

‘…That’s why there are only people like that around you.’

I feel it all over again, but I feel like I won’t be able to survive for even a month if I go into that position.

If people like that were clinging only to themselves, honestly, how many people wouldn’t be weighed down by that burden?

“But, thanks to that, didn’t it sink to some extent?”

Grid, who always maintains a languid eye, said that.

From noble mtl dot com

“…The grid. Stop the ominous lines. Please.”

“No, but the feeling that the demonic energy is actually decreasing-“





Before Grid could finish his words, the pillar of fire grew in size as if it were screaming.

Everyone squinted their eyes and glared at the grid.

“…So I told you to stop.”

Falco touched his head and heard those words.

In the meantime, the red pillar expands its momentum even more fiercely. Magi spewing bright red like blood covered the sky.

Talion, who saw that, let out a voice that sounded like a moan.


A curse-filled, incomprehensible, and terrible energy flowed out of it so far that it felt like a prank.

Night, increasingly.

It was dyed red like blood.

Looks like it’s just the beginning.




Seras and Lilu exchanged such questions and answers while facing each other.

Creating such a friendly atmosphere now isn’t because we’ve become close.

The number of ‘enemies’ coming out of the surroundings was frightening enough that I had to do this at least.

“…I’m asking again.”

Li Lu said, stroking her shoulder, which was starting to throb.

I don’t even know how much I’ve changed. It is only natural that she would get tired after fighting this much, even if her body had been terribly trained like hers.

Having a friendly conversation with this woman who had been risking her life half the other day, there must be such an impact.

Anyway, when we fight together, it’s a way to hate each other.

“You mean there are 244 ‘newly created’ portals, other than the monsters that popped out of them?”

“Yes, even this brain is a muscle b*tch.”



I feel like I won’t be able to stay close to this girl until the end.

“Hey, can’t we just sweep this away and go?”

As Li Lu brushed off the black pieces of meat on her hands, she said those words.

The sticky feeling was not very pleasant. Not all living things in Pandaemonium can be hit easily, and they don’t die easily, so they have to be completely crushed to stop their movement.

If you exhale all the energy of the ‘blue thing’ in your body, you can grind it all out.

From a while ago, if you try to radiate the color inside your body, there are people who will stop you like a knife.

“Honestly, it’s getting out of hand! I’m following your command, even if it’s a ragtag, but I can’t stand it like this!”

When Li Lu demanded that from El Norre as if she was screaming at her, El Norre sighed quietly and ran a hand through her hair.

Then, the words flowed out in a quiet voice.

“…You mean.”

El Nore sharpened her eyes. The red eyes glow terrifyingly.

“Did you come out with makeup on?”


“Are you wearing makeup? I feel like her face is a little brighter than usual.”


No matter how you look at it, it’s probably not a question that suits the place.

However, upon hearing that, Li Lu’s face heated up like crazy.

She looks like she’s been stabbed to the core.

“That, that, what does it matter right now…!”

“…No, wait a minute. Did you really come out with makeup on?”

Even Seras turned to her with a look of absurdity at El Nore’s question.

“Really? Really? A warrior of the Tribal Union? To a fight?”


“Aren’t you crazy…?”

Oh my God.

A female warrior of the Tribal Union goes into battle with a cute makeup on her face.

It is very unusual for a person from a neighborhood who regards fighting as almost a religious ritual to come out doing something like this.

It’s like expressing your intention that you were more interested in the ‘other side’ rather than combat from the beginning.

“You seem to be expressing your excitement with your whole body. I confess that my purpose was not to fight, but as soon as I received the first night ticket, I just wanted to lose and stir-fry against Dawood tonight.”


Li Lu pursed her lips and trembled her body.

Seeing her blush that went all the way to the tips of her ears and her eyes filled with tears of shame running back and forth, I couldn’t bear to deny it.

“Be honest. Didn’t he say it because he wanted to go ahead by himself, not against his strength?”


“When you think about it, you must be carrying a secret weapon. Great, yes.”


“In the first place.”

Elnor sighed and continued.

“It’s not entirely our battlefield right now.”


“I heard about it from the ghost. It would be dangerous if we used this… ‘Power’ frequently around here. That man would never like it.”

At those words, Seras, who had been listening quietly, sighed as he brushed his hair.

“…If I don’t use it, my life will be in danger?”

“Of course.”


Seras stuck out his tongue with an expression of boredom at the answer that came out without a second’s hesitation.

The blind ‘possessive desire’ that this man has over there is frightening.

Sometimes it feels like it’s twisted.

‘…Well, I’m not that free as of now.’

Seras himself has feelings for that man, but it’s not a clear crush.

At least, it was enough to make him feel embarrassed when another woman took away his ‘first night rights’ and all that-

“For saying that, you look like you came out wearing pretty impressive underwear.”


“In frills, lace, there, hmm. It seems like an embarrassing design to put into words.”


“I’m not in a position to tell anyone about the warchief’s daughter. What kind of sinister thoughts did you come out wearing like that?”

Seras’s mouth was also shut.

Right away, a blush fills her face.


I caught this.

With that thought in mind, she stammered out her words.

“That, that too! I didn’t come here just to help that man with pure intentions…!”

“Yes. No.”


“I came out with my makeup on and finished, and my underwear was dressed up as my match underwear. I don’t want to ruin the decoration, so I’m taking care of the enemy by moving as concisely as possible.”


“To be honest, I came here with the intention of sucking everything out of him today.”


A crazy person.

Crazy pervert would be more appropriate.

While Seras and Liru looked at Elnor in awe at the same time,


‘I’m begging you as soon as possible, Daud.’

Elnor muttered to himself as he fixed his sword.

‘It’s clear he won’t last that long.’

Right now, we are casually exchanging jokes.

The number of dimensional gates opening around you is unusual. It is clear that more and more powerful creatures will be summoned in the future.

Perhaps, if Daoud and Elijah dragged on for a long time.


The ‘this’ inside her body.

You should also think about writing.

Any cost.

While thinking so.



From a place not too far away, a bright white ‘glow’ soared up.

It was not too far from the pillar of fire that was coloring the sky red.

“… Huh?”


Between the voices of surprise and amazement, El Nore squinted her eyes and whispered a whisper.

“A holy sword?”


I was chosen as the owner of the holy sword.

Undoubtedly, it was a phenomenon that proved that.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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