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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 203

203. Red Night (3)

“…Was it windy, boss?”

“Shut up.”

Talker, Seonhwa-ryun giggled.

It’s been quite a while since he served the Precursor, but it’s the first time I’ve seen him pout like this.

Sitting in the room Daud left, resting his chin on his chin and staring at the door he left.

‘…This is the head of a cult of devils spread across the continent.’

Rather than that, it seems more appropriate to call it a pouty cat.

It was hard to see because the face was under the mask, but it seemed like it would suit him with his lips pouting out.

“You said that. I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to come over like that just because he’s flirting with me.”

“I told you to shut up.”

At the curt answer, Seonhwaryun pushed a burst of laughter into his mouth.

‘Oh, burn.’

Undoubtedly, this woman is a great human being.

To the extent that a man of that caliber would always call him Captain and respect him.

Shouldn’t it be shocking to be the only human who can achieve a variable with Dowd Campbell, the variable that made the whole world ‘twisted’?

While thinking about that, the Seer continued with a sullen voice.

“…That man will die sooner or later. Because of the devil.”

“You’re not sure it’s on the gray side, are you?”

“It’s true that the one with the highest probability is that one.”

When the Seoner said that in a low voice, Seonhwa-Ryun scratched her head.

It is true that this woman, ironically, has animosity towards demons as the head of the devil worshipers, but her animosity towards the gray devil is exceptional.

I’m not even sure, but is it normal to have this much intent to kill?

“I know the captain knows a lot about the knowledge of the ‘other world line’.”

My desire to kill demons, and especially my murderous intent against gray demons, probably stems from that.

Of the numerous world lines observed by the Seer, the one that killed Dowd Campbell ‘most’ must have been the gray devil.

“It didn’t always turn out the way you thought it would, did it? The same goes for the fact that the man carved the seal of Tacheon the other day.”

Upon hearing that, the Precursor clenched her fists tightly.

It’s as if just hearing those words conveys a hint of anger.

Like when you see a human being who should have been ‘one’s own’ was taken away by someone else.

“…You’ll need my help this time anyway, that human.”

Then she spoke in a low-pitched voice.

“The three-piece bowl changes the surrounding environment just by awakening. The lifeforms of Pandaemonium will be a bit difficult even for that man.”

I’m angry all the way, but I feel like I’m going to go to the middle of the day.

“It’s the same with the first hurdle you’ll encounter. The one behind it will be harsher. So definitely-”

But, even so.

There is always something to be said.

Shenhua Lun said that, wrapping her hands around her dharma tool.


He said as he put an instrument in her hand.

“Probably, I don’t think it will roll that easily.”

As a few words formed through mantras circled in the air, the tool began to project a transparent ‘window’.

A video of a battle taking place nearby was projected inside.

“…What is this?”

The Seer said that in a dumbfounded voice.

There was no doubt that the scene projected on the screen was something that would make those words flow out.

“Captain, you said that the devil’s vessels could not be of any decisive help to him, right?”

If you’re familiar with the details of the Devil’s Vessel, you know very well how absurd this is.

The vessel is affected by the main body of the demon, whether it likes it or not.

It is said that most of them are influenced by demons with whom they do not get along well, and most of them are not on good terms with each other.

White devil and gray devil, blue devil and purple devil, red devil and brown devil…

The relationship between the conflicts entangled with each other is a historical flow of antagonism that can be said to be almost the same as the history of Pandaemonium.

By the way.

“…Looking at this, I don’t think that’s the case, right?”

To the sight of the Pandemonium gate opened by the red devil’s awakening, open everywhere.

A sword attack containing gray energy rages. On the surface, it is a very simple sword attack, but what is contained within it is none other than the energy of ‘erosion’.

Construction freezes. The movement of things inside is extremely slow.

Elnor, who drew the sword with a graceful movement, soon prepared for the next move. He struggled to deal with things slowed down by being caught in range.


The intervening ‘blue energy’ annihilates the slow sweepers in one fell swoop.

“5 Points! Thank you!”

As Li Lu winked, she spat out those words.

Then it blows away like throwing itself into a group of other sweepers.

“…That thief.”

As El Nore muttered, squinting her eyes, the screen returned.

It seems that he hasn’t fully gotten used to the devil’s energy yet, so he didn’t pull out the purple devil, but he was fighting naked with daggers in both hands.

If earlier Elnor was smashing the sweepers with graceful movements that almost looked like a dance, the battles here are all made up of efficient movements without any superfluities.

Every time a hand goes out, one life goes out. Even if it doesn’t completely kill it, it makes it laughable to the minimum level of incapacitation.

Instead of not thinking about distance and retreat, it would be safe to say that the power of one blow best reveals the unimaginable fighting style of an assassin.

It’s possible because it’s Grand Assassin to stick to this way even though they’re all different creatures from Pandaemonium, from the location of their internal organs, the way their muscles work, and their vital points and weaknesses.

Of course, like the previous one, hunting was not so easy.

Someone ‘walks in’ between the incapacitated sweepers.

And with that alone, all the sweepers in range were neatly ground up.

As if it were fruit that had been shoved into a blender.



Seras stared at the other blankly.

It was like a child who had all the snacks he had planned to save for later.

“…What are you doing?”

“Three points.”

“No, I saved them to catch them all at once…!”

Yuria, who turned her head away without pretending to listen to her, immediately moved on with her trudge without a word.

Sweepers who came within the range of those three steps are crushed by mere movement.

It was quite terrifying to see such a slaughter continued with open eyes, without a word, and with an atmosphere like a severely depressed patient.

“…What kind of geeks are there?”

Unknowingly overwhelmed by that sight, Seras grumbled and swung his dagger.

Even in that state, there was a certain amount of absurdity in his movements that came from the fact that he was participating in this competition because he did not want to pass on his ‘first night’.

“…You know, Talker.”

From noble mtl dot com

Like that.

The lifeforms that popped out of the gate were slaughtered without a proper reaction.

The Seer who saw this opened his mouth and brushed his hair.


“Isn’t that a creature from Pandaemonium?”

“Isn’t it?”

“…If only a few dozen are released, disasters will occur in the material world, right?”



Those things are being massacred without even resisting.

On the contrary, to the point where I felt pity.

At the sight of the pioneer staring at him at a loss for words, Seonhwaryun smiled and continued.

“You know. Of all the ‘world lines’ you saw, has there ever been one like this?”


“The devil’s bowls ‘cooperate’ with each other. For one guy.”

If you take each bowl apart, it doesn’t seem like they get along well. Even with such a large number of people gathered, the feeling of each battle is very strong.

Rather than that, it would be more correct to say that the feeling of stabbing each other in the back is perfect.



This itself is a process far beyond common sense.

A being that stands alongside the archangels at the top of all rulers of all dimensions, all phases.


Things like that.

No matter how much the ‘real personality’ is not revealed, the vessels are only using that power slightly.


Power out.

Only for one man.

“Anyway, thanks to you, I think the first hurdle will pass easily, right?”



It was a theory that could not even be refuted.



It’s urgent but awkward.

That thought came to Elijah Krissanax when he saw Daud running alongside her.

Originally, in an urgent crisis situation like this, it would be normal to have a conversation that would strengthen friendship, but now they are just running without talking to each other.

She is told that she and Daoud must arrive at the Fei-Nol together, while the other demonic vessels stop the creatures from popping out of the gate.

-You are the most important in this situation.

Did you say that?

I wouldn’t have known what to do with joy normally, but things are a little different now.

This awkwardness from earlier is proof of that.


No, to be precise, there is not much difference there, but Elijah himself is reluctant.

The gaze continued to go to the amulet hanging from Daud’s wrist.

I didn’t bother to look carefully before, but if you look at it with the eyes of truth activated, you will definitely feel a ‘familiar’ presence.

She’s been looking for that.

Even once

And, up until now, I’ve been in denial. The moment you see it with your own eyes, it becomes even clearer.

Her brother is already dead.

As a form of soul, it is ‘stored’ within it.


My hands were shaking.

A sudden late night situation. Her biggest trauma.

Her self The death of her brother, her self, which she saw with her own eyes.

And, of course, Daud, whom she hadn’t revealed to her until now, although she was clearly aware of it.

From one to ten, these are the elements that I can’t keep my mind on. I want to hug my head and sit down right now.

What the hell, how is it going?

“The Holy Sword.”

Suddenly, Dawood, who was running next to her, said that.


It’s important, Go.

I told you before.

Perhaps, she is more important than herself, but as ‘Elijah who was chosen by the holy sword’.

Suddenly, with such a feeling, Elijah answered with a sullen expression without even realizing it.

“…I brought it.”

At that voice, Dawood nodded his head.


After a while there was silence again.

Only footsteps can be heard as they run. Quiet.

“You know.”

Amidst the silence, Daud’s voice dropped.

“…There are many things you want to ask.”


As if I read her mind

“I promise. I’ll explain everything when I’m done, so bear with me for now.”



Elijah thought of that.

You really are infinitely weak towards people you like.

As soon as I hear these words, it is just like seeing the emotions that have been entangled in me.

How many times do I have to be rude to this person, even though it looks like this, I just bow my head and nod slightly without realizing it.


“…That’s okay.”

To Daud, who was trying to say something, Elijah answered in a mumbling voice.

“The teacher must have done it because he had a reason. As long as you can explain it straight, that’s fine.”

“…Is that so? Thanks. Still, this is a must-“

“No. It’s really fine.”

Elijah said with a grin.

“…Honestly, there was a story I wanted to hear even from a few teachers! Still! I’ll forgive you everything!”


To Elijah, who had a bright smile, Dawood held out her hand and said,

The expression was slightly frowning.

What are you talking about? It was the face.

“I was trying to tell you to hand over the holy sword to me now.”


“I’ll return it later.”


Should I just grab it now?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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