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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 139

139. accident (3)

< System Message >

[You haven’t accumulated enough demon energy for ‘transformation’. ]

[· ̶̛͈̪͚̹̺͖͉̪ ̎̃̏̃̎̚ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ · ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ cannot be fully! ]

[ Incompletely duplicates the target’s power! ]

Actually, the first thought that comes to my mind is that I did a good job of relieving YuRia’s mood before and extracting her demonic energy.

Actually, using it here wasn’t in my plan, though.

‘…I shouldn’t be using this already.’

Originally, I was saving it to use on Faynol, but in an emergency like now, I can’t help it.

At least discarding your hand is better than having purple demons running rampant right now.

Magiya, you can put on a leash with Yuria again and go out for a walk with the angels.

[…don’t you feel guilty anymore?]


No, but no matter how you wrap it up, how do you know that the essence is that? It is also something that needs to be done anyway.

Doesn’t it matter if I don’t enjoy it?

[…that’s wrong. My mental state has already crossed the river of no return.]


[I don’t think this is affected by your race or anything like that. Isn’t your personality just getting shattered?]


Hearing Caliban’s words in one ear and letting them out in the other, he strides into the classroom.

[But, after all, a devil is a devil. Is this an imperfect energy?]

Those sentences flowed from inside the amulet.

It was probably the words he brought out after seeing the scenery unfolding around him.

The white energy flowing from my chest fills the entire space. And the pupils of the students affected by it all went blank.

At least dozens of people stood tall all at once, as if they had fainted while standing.

The students here are all human beings who hope to become priests due to the nature of the undergraduate school. In fact, compared to other faculties, there are definitely some guys who are quite resistant to this kind of mental interference.

But, even those guys are all out of their minds.

‘Enchantment’, the power of the white devil, is the ability to exercise control over the mind of the target.

Not to mention a high priest or a high-ranking priest who specialized in mental training, but at the student level, it is inevitable to be captivated just by showing off an imperfect magic.

No matter what I ask for here and now, these guys will do just that.

“Now, pay attention.”

I clap my hands and draw attention to me.

Dumb eyes are all at me.

“Let’s all forget what we saw here. Got it?”

with those words.

A white energy welled up in everyone’s eyes for a moment, then rose and then subsided.

It recognized my ‘command’.

“great. Everyone quietly disperse.”

After saying that, everyone goes out of the classroom in an orderly manner.

as if nothing had happened.

[Is this all? Are you okay?]


Then what’s not okay

[It’s about erasing the amnesia. If you try to restore it later, it will come back. If you’re a priest, you’re probably familiar with purification ceremonies, so the risk isn’t that high-]



We exchange such questions with each other.

Something feels out of sync with each other.

“Why is it sticking out now? Is it the power of the devil?”

[No, I’ve seen quite a few guys who use this ability. Did everything get destroyed easily?]




This person seems to be thinking of normal brainwashing or hypnosis. Certainly, if you look at the way you use your abilities now, it doesn’t seem that much different from that.

It’s definitely easier to break than I thought, so the risk is high.

However, although this is imperfect, it is the power of the devil.

“It’s not brainwashing or hypnosis, they just listen to me because they like me.”

The name of the ability is ‘Enchantment’.

I still have the memories, but ‘I love you so much’ is what I say, so you just follow me.

Maybe it doesn’t end at the level of simply forgetting this, but because I ‘want’ to forget this, I ask for it accordingly.

while they are not even aware of it.

[…What are you talking about, that’s it.]

“It means you don’t have to worry about taking care of yourself.”

It doesn’t end in their memories, but they will voluntarily cover up the evidence so that rumors don’t spread, and if they know anyone, they’ll keep their mouth shut, and even if someone tortures them, they won’t answer until they die.

It means that I will do my best to achieve the ‘results I want’ rather than simply listen to them.

“I will listen to anything I say here. Except for one.”

I won’t listen to orders to harm me.

[Why don’t you listen to that?]

“How can you hurt someone you love?”

He answers with a wry smile.

“If you asked me for that, I would rather take my own life. I’d rather die.”


Caliban, who had been silent for a long time, barely answered.

[Is that an imperfect ability?]


The white demons, equipped with a main body, exercise these abilities in units of ‘continents’.

All the intelligent beings in the world are attracted to themselves.

[…What kind of idiot-like ability is that?]

Caliban said in a dejected voice.

I smile bitterly in the sense that I agree.

Devils are always like that. If you try to understand, you lose.

Anyway, with this, it can be said that the requirement for Seras to go crazy again and make a sudden start has been eliminated.

Now, if you don’t treat him quickly, he’ll die.

Thinking so, I looked at the male student who was lying on the floor and wriggling.


He sighs and pulls out a case from within.

It is an emergency potion set. I always carry it with me in case I get hurt.



[No, out of pity.]


[How often do you usually carry a set of things like this when you are threatened with splitting?]

There are times when you sympathize with me.

That would mean that my situation is difficult right now.

My Seller, My Seller

[Oh, but let me ask you one thing.]


[I know this control is great, but you said you were going to use it on the red devil? Does that dominion work against demons as well?]

“…Ah, that’s it.”

It’s a fairly simple method to use.

Of course it doesn’t work against demons.


Even those who are normally unable to ‘contact’ can use this ability to make them jump out of nowhere.

Even the red devils that my fatal charm skill doesn’t work with can be summoned with certainty by using this.

[…aha. Are you saying that you, who already look delicious to them, look even more delicious?]


The expression is a bit like that. That’s not wrong.

With that thought in mind, I looked at Seras, who was standing blankly like the others.

A purple aura kept rising in those eyes from before and then disappearing, repeating.


You should prepare slowly.

Because now it’s time for the effect to rise.

[Prepare for what?]

no, so

It is an ability that allows you to summon even the red devil, who may not interest you the most among demons, in a one-time operation.


What kind of effect will this have on a guy who acts like crazy even when I try not to pay attention to him?

< System Message >

[I can feel the energy of the ‘Purple Devil’! ]

[‘Seal of Fallen’ reacts! ]

With that message, Seras’ eyes were completely filled with ‘purple’.


“Owner, I’m—!!!”

Seras, who let out a high-pitched voice that didn’t suit her, hugged me as it was.

The body seems to be folded in half.

Hey, Grand Assassin. Of course, physical ability also ranks first. Just hugging is like getting hit by a truck.

As I let out an empty breath at the feeling of air rushing into my lungs, Seras continued to slap his face against my chest.

“Master, Master! I missed you!”

The boy threw out those words in a voice that couldn’t contain his joy.

The light flickers in the pupils as if stardust had fallen. If you think of this guy’s usual tendency, it’s an expression you can’t imagine.

It’s like a loyal large dog that has met its owner for the first time in years.

“Hey, hey, stop…!”

Of course, even so, I wonder what it would be like to stick out its tongue and run to lick my face like a real dog.

I sighed and pulled myself back, and Seras, who didn’t care, stretched out his legs and hugged me like an industrial vise.

Like a child clinging to an adult.

Like you never want to fall. As if you want to get a little closer to me.

Of course, my physical abilities aren’t good enough to support a full-weight woman running straight like this.

As soon as I stumbled and fell, Seras covered me from above, as if he had waited. While there is no place to retreat anymore, he licks my face without hesitation.


Certainly, it would be an almost terrifying sight to see the only top-notch assassin on the continent doing something like this, but it probably wasn’t his intention.

this, so

It must have been an action that greatly reflected the taste of the purple devil ‘himself’.

[…what. Doesn’t it look so dangerous at just this much because it’s runaway?]

While his face was drenched in saliva, such words came from Caliban.

‘It’s not out of control, this.’

I answered that, and activated one skill.

[ Use ‘search plan’. ]

[ Retrieve the information of the target. ]

[ A 24-hour cooldown is applied to the same target. ]

< Character Info >

[ Seras Ebatrice ]

[ Feature: Bowl – Purple Devil ]

[Status: I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you, Master-]


Go through this creepy window for now.

< Status Info >


Strength: A+

Agility: SSS

Duration: B

Luck: B

Power: A-


mana: A

Legal power: F

Divinity: A

< Misc. >

-Currently fused ‘Devil’s Pieces’: 1

-Step 1 fusion progress: 3%

– Corruption Progression: 1%

Look at this.

The fragment fusion progress is also at a minimum, and the corruption rate is still in the 1% range in the first place.

This is a phenomenon that can only be seen in purple demons.

Even if it’s not out of control, it’s just expressing one’s own ‘will’ through the ‘bowl’.


That’s scary when you think about it.

At least, even the white devil, nicknamed the demon of obsession, does not come out on his own until he completely crushes YuRia’s personality.

No matter how much it is a vessel, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to get entangled with the demon units in earnest. If you forcefully suppress the bowl like this and let only your own will come out, you can become a vegetable person who can’t even think about it.

And if the bowl becomes like that, of course it’s a huge loss for the devil, who can only exert influence on the material world through that side.


This guy doesn’t mind that kind of thing, and he makes a sudden jump without thinking at all.

With such a reckless tendency, it is truly terrifying when you think about the fact that he will consistently do something ‘for me’.



What I need to do here is also pretty clear.

You have to lay some groundwork to ‘control’ that tendency.

“Yes, Master! Anything, just say anything! give me orders! Just pamper me! I’ll do anything I can-!”

“It’s an order, don’t approach me within a 5m radius.”

Seras’ words cut off.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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