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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 138

138. accident (2)


Seras managed to suppress the yawn that was about to burst out.

It is impossible not to take classes at all once you have infiltrated Elfante as a student, so it is essential to pick up a few lectures that are suitable for you. It is in this context that she is forced to sit in the classroom and listen to these useless explanations.

‘This is the best educational institution in the empire?’

When I entered the lecture because it was an advanced level, the professor in front of me was talking about the basic level of the operation of divine power.

Of course, compared to Seonghwang-guk, the hometown of dealing with such abilities, that is too harsh, but isn’t this level too disappointing nonetheless?

Lectures of this magnitude are almost a waste of time at her level, but there is only one reason why she is attached to this academy.

After all, it’s because of a certain human being.

“-Through this, the divine power is subdivided into several grades, starting with the basic protection and miracles above it, and among them, the highest level is none other than the protection of an angel-”


Angel’s blessing.

Seras expressionlessly lowered his head slightly, thinking about the words that slipped from the professor’s mouth.

It happened that I had just recently encountered something related to it.


A deep sigh flowed from within.

At first, the only thought was to deal with the man casually and return to the emperor immediately, but things became more complicated.

Starting with the unknown ‘pulse’ he felt, the man went as far as casually hanging out with an angel who was considered an apostle of God in the church.


And, as long as there is no manipulation or deception involved in that appearance.

She shouldn’t hurt the man.

According to the doctrine, those who can contact angels are those who have sincere faith.

However, in that case, an error was made by the Emperor himself who ordered the man to be harmed.

‘…how something is rolling.’

She rubbed her temples on her throbbing hair.

Anyway, the more I look at that man, like a human who is a nuisance to the emperor, the more bizarre things are—


Seras’ eyes widened slightly at the sudden sensation. It is a feeling that comes from close to the chest.

Recently, it’s strangely frequent.

This heartbeat, which I felt when I was near the man before, now rises from my body just by thinking about him.

Especially, whenever I deliberately try to ‘cut down’ that man in my head, that feeling comes through.

I don’t know what the heck.

“You can’t do that,” as if something inside her body was forcibly warning her.

Don’t criticize the man.

If you do, you will surely regret it.

It’s very similar to the sensation of trying to insert a knife before and forcing her to stop.

‘…Do not be ridiculous.’

She frowned and twisted her body slightly.

It was a gesture that came out because I had a strong repulsion without knowing it.

The feeling of being forced to manipulate her will was disgusting.

‘The doctrine of the Seonghwangguk is perfect. Same with His Holiness the Beop. That man can’t even compare.’

That is the reason why she fell in love with him after meeting the emperor for the first time and receiving his ideology preached to her.

The world that the emperor dreamed of was, to her, a true and true paradise itself.

An ideal world where no one is discriminated against.

A world where everyone can enjoy equal happiness without being saved by origin, race, or innate barriers.

Compared to the emperor who has such ideals, that man is nothing more than a brute who drags women around on a leash…


She twisted again.

Her thumping chest was now giving her pain like being stabbed with a knife.

It’s like getting angry when you hear that.

To the extent that I would have screamed involuntarily if it were not for a job she was very accustomed to enduring pain with.

‘…Did you hear an evil spirit? What the hell.’

At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal because I just wanted to be in bad shape, but now it’s really weird.

As soon as class is over, I should go to Vizsla and receive an exorcism.

While she clutched her chest and thought about that, the professor continued to explain in front of her.

“-So there are even some scholars who interpret the birth of the first human beings as the actions of beings in the other world.”

At that, she smiled slightly.

cancer. That’s right.

And the Seonghwangguk, which has the closest exchange with the beings of the other side, must be the top of the continental hegemony.

‘Why does he sound normal for a human in the Empire?’

Seras thought that while looking at the professor in front of him.

“However, it seems that there are a lot of mistakes that are not like them.”

The words that came out of her mouth were sentences that made her expression harden.

“Crude, repulsive, demi-human species that dare to be treated as human beings like us. If there are guys who meet angels, would you mind asking me why you made them?”


While the sound of laughter spreads lightly to the students around.

Seras desperately managed to escape through his expression.

Memories that have been buried for a long time come up from the other side of my head.

The discrimination, humiliation, persecution, and persecution that she, born in an empire, experienced until she moved to a prosperous country.

Even the most precious thing she ‘lost’.

‘…the vulgar bastards.’

She looked at the laughing humans around her with contempt.


Those who resemble humans but also have the characteristics of ‘another race’.

It is a term used for people who are generally referred to as bipeds.

The Empire thoroughly rejected and discriminated against those who were perfectly human except for the slightest difference in appearance.

Unlike the Seonghwangguk, they are like narrow-minded and disgusting people who treat only pure-blooded people as their own kind.

“Class is over now. Submit your assignments through your teaching assistant by next time.”

With those words, the students all stood up from their seats chattering loudly.

Meanwhile, Seras also sorted out his writing instruments and textbooks expressionlessly.

Unlike the others, she didn’t even have friends around her, but she didn’t have any special feelings for them.

After all, students are disguised. A status that would be thrown away as soon as the business related to Dowd Campbell was dealt with.

So, as usual, I’m going to organize it moderately, and I’m going to go collect information about the man again right away.

Normally, it would have been.


But today, there was a group of people talking to her out of the blue.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at the humans in front of her.

A skilled assassin’s gaze can glean a great deal of information from just a first impression of the other person. Especially if you are a human enough to be called Grand.

boy. A pendant bearing the family seal was worn very proudly around her neck.

With a well-trained body, there are no gaps in the entire behavior, as if he had learned the fighting skills diligently.

Seras looked over at him and nodded earnestly inwardly.

‘…I can ignore it.’

It’s been trained, but that’s about it.

It is a weed that can be killed with just one finger at her level, where regular knights cannot touch even a single hair.

“I have a business-”

“take no interest.”

Hearing the answer that jumped out before he finished speaking, the man frowned.

If it was normal, they would yell at me for being so rude, but this is Elfante. An educational institution of equality for all, where even members of the royal family cannot carelessly leave their offense if they enter as students.

The man held back his anger and opened his mouth again. He even had a friendly smile on his face.

“…I am Briggs Chester, the eldest son of the Earl of Chester. I came here because I have something to offer.”


If you hear the name of our family, you won’t be able to stop hearing the story, right? There is a lot of tea.

A list of names flashed through her mind.

One of the qualifications of an assassin, personal information about people from different countries, is skimmed through.

‘If you go to the Earl of Chester…’

It is a level vaguely straddled between the great nobility of the empire and the middle nobility, somewhere in between.

It’s a good level to have that kind of confidence against goofballs.


It is still a weed for the Grand Assassin.

One day is enough for her to destroy this family.

So let’s say it while showing that it’s annoying, and the other person’s expression contorts again.

Originally, if he had done this, he would probably withdraw or get angry on his own, but this time, he clears his throat again and continues the conversation.

“Aren’t you hiding your skills?”


“I mean, have you ever polished your fighting skills professionally?”


“Even if you try to hide your presence, you can’t hide the curves of your body. The degree, condition, and degree of development of muscles. It’s clear that all of them have been trained to the point of cutting bones and breaking flesh.”


I don’t think I’m going to let go easily.

While Seras thought so, he sighed inwardly.

“…I’ve learned the art of self-defense.”

“hey. Are you kidding me? As the eldest son of a count family, I’ve been wielding a sword since I was 7 years old. Let’s close our eyes and stop Aung.”

“what do you want?”


Hearing Seras’ slightly sharper voice, Briggs smiled lightly.

“…In the upcoming competency evaluation, there is a guy I want to deal with.”


“Let’s do one thing together. I will make the case thicker.”


I do not like it.

Only the emperor can hire her. These weed-like guys don’t even want to deal with them normally.

‘…wait for a sec. If it’s a count.’


Suddenly, she had an idea.

“…Do you know someone named Doud Campbell?”

If I knew anything useful about the man, I would take it over.

Anyway, this guy is a noble line with his own standing, and he’s been at this academy longer than her. Maybe she has some access to valuable information that she doesn’t even know about.


Upon hearing the name, Briggs’ face contorted terribly.

“That’s a coincidence.”

It was a voice choked with contempt and disgust.

“He is the person I want to deal with.”



I felt a sting in my chest again.

Seras was taken aback for a moment, but managed to keep it from revealing it.


Again, this feeling.

Why do you say this when you talk about that guy?

“He is a beast-like bastard who insulted my father. Nasty, wormy, trash guy.”



heartbreaking. throbbing. In the end, it hurts like being stabbed with a knife.

Every time I hear him cursing, my heartbeat grows louder and louder.

“If you know that too, that’s great. Any student at this academy would know, even vaguely, how much of a b*tch he is.”

And, at the ‘urge’ that followed, Seras was surprised to himself and grabbed his chest.

My whole body seems to be screaming.

Take the dagger in your pocket right now and stab this man. to shut that mouth

breathing quickens My head is dizzy. Consciousness is slightly clouded, as if there is haze.

“…He didn’t seem like such a bad person.”

Isn’t it even spitting out these words.

‘What are you doing now, Seras?’

Why do you have a reason to side with that man?

Such a thought passed vaguely through the slowly fading reason.

However, even between those thoughts, anger as if her head was boiling was rising regardless of her consciousness.

this is like

What should I say?

It was almost the same kind of feeling as the Emperor felt when he was insulted.

The way she feels when those she ‘serves’ are insulted.

“what? Then you are being deceived. Because he is like a cunning snake.”


“So, you’d better think of yourself as serving justice.”

“…carrying out justice?”

at some point.

Her voice was cold, but Briggs, oblivious to Daud’s gossip, continued.

“okay. It’s teaching him a lesson that he shouldn’t mess with the Earl of Chester.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It is literally. Extreme accidents often occur in practical exams. It sounds like it’s easy to deal with.”


“I will kill him.”

as soon as i heard that

Her vision was dyed ‘purple’.



blood splatter

Screams echoed in all directions.


“Daddy, call someone quickly!”

At such a scream, the momentary consciousness returned.

Seras opened his eyes wide and let out a heavy breath.

‘…what am I doing…!’

It is a symptom that he has never experienced before ascending to the rank of Grand Assassin and creating a secret group called the Crescent Moon Vow.

It must be very similar to the previous attempt to harm Doud Campbell.

A situation where her body, beyond her will, moved at will.

As if someone had manipulated it instead.


Although the seriousness of the situation was much greater than then.


Seras looked at her hands in dismay.

bloody dagger. Briggs collapsed in front of him.

And, above all.

A gaze focused on oneself.


It’s a waste.

There is no such thing as a major accident.

With so many witnesses, suddenly stabbing the other person with a weapon.

cold sweat flows The back is cold. My head is dizzy.

I was good at killing my emotions, so I didn’t panic, but no matter how calm I was, it was next to impossible to come up with a good remedy to overcome the situation.



I don’t have one.

In her mind, a terrible but effective method came to mind.

If it were her usual, I would never have thought of it.

When you’re in a ‘weird’ state, like you are right now, the idea comes to you very seductively.

‘…Can’t we get rid of everything?’

I just need to slaughter all the humans here.

If all the witnesses are gone, you won’t even know who killed it in the first place.

And, as if supporting such an imagination.

A purple color flickered in his field of vision again.

‘…Anyway, they’re all just guys who aren’t helpful to that man, are they?’

what do you mean Why are you thinking of this sentence?

Though that thought passed through my head vaguely.

This time again, I am buried in an intense heartbeat that spreads like smoke rising in my head.

The weeds here, the rainbow worms.

It has no meaning, no value.

It doesn’t matter if you clean it up.

In the world, only what is helpful to the ‘Master’ should remain. These things are just cumbersome.


And then.

The door to the classroom opened hastily. Seras’ eyes also turned to that direction.


that’s the guy

Dowd Campbell.


Seras’ heart began to pound.

Oh yeah.


I need to do something helpful for that man.

‘…Please wait a moment.’

I’ll get rid of all the useless guys.

That’s obviously what that man wants too.

While she thought so, she raised the dagger again.

Daoud put on a puzzled expression, then grasped the situation.

“…Oh really.”

He sighs.

What follows is an expression that cannot be helped.


The ‘Seal’ on his chest began to glow.


With a white color that is ‘fascinating’ that catches everyone’s attention.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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