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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 102

102. Incarnation

First, organize what needs to be done.

Only 20 hours left. Within it, the means to endure the boss fight comparable to Elnor’s rampage.


If you look at the proposition alone, it’s insanely vague.

How do you do that?

‘…I have to start with what I can.’

From what is at hand, one by one, step by step.

I felt it when I fought against Balkasus before.

Being flustered or panicked didn’t help.

According to my experience, which I have done countless times so far, it is definitely so.


As I was thinking about that, Caliban laughed and threw out those words from within the Soul Linker.

[I don’t think it’s a problem that can be explained simply with such a thing.]


[I knew from before that you had a strong heart, but even taking that into account, your current condition is definitely strange.]

Those words continued.

[No matter how thick-hearted a guy is, he has at least a minimal survival instinct that comes out when he feels a threat to his life.]

In particular, if you are the one who was hit by a single shot while not even half prepared for what you were preparing for, you must at least have a ‘reaction’.

Having said that, Caliban was silent for a moment.

[Right now, when I faced the boy king sleeping in the room next to me, it was completely different from now.]

“…what do you want to say?”

Caliban is basically just a bystander who cooperates only when necessary next to me and teases or watches the rest, but sometimes he gets really serious with me.

Mainly because my life looks really in danger.

It’s like when I get swept up in something ‘evil’ related.

[I wonder if something has changed.]

A cold voice came out.

[Because of that thing engraved on your chest.]

At Caliban’s words, I look down at the Seal of Fallen engraved on my chest.

If you open the system window, you must have come up with these words.

< System Log >

[The 1st stage restriction of ‘Seal of the Fallen’ is lifted. ]

[Your attribute is gradually changed from ‘human’ to ‘· ̎̃̏̃̎̚ ͅ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ̃̕̚͘͜͟͝͞͞ ͅ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̷̥͉̞͎̯̥̫̳̻͆͊̉̀̾͘͞ ̴̵̢̢̥̱̝̘̟͎̯̥̟͖̞͊͐͌̿̎̋̔’. ]

[The closer you are to the ‘devil’, the faster the property change. ]


I’ve had a very close relationship with demons lately.

As Caliban said, the point at which something will begin to change is clear.


There is silence for a moment at the voice mixed with half disgust.

He is a human who died along with his colleagues after being put in to deal with the red devil’s vessel that ran out of control. There can be no good feelings.

[Everything related to the devil has a bad ending. I hope it’s not like you.]

Caliban continued with a hard voice.

[If you are involved, there is a high probability that Elijah will also be caught up in it.]

“Me and Elijah don’t have that special relationship, Caliban.”

[Right now.]


[As an older brother, I could understand it just by looking at it from the side. Since he’s already captured by your demons, it’s not a good idea to escape on his own. If you didn’t openly push me away, I wouldn’t be able to come to my senses until the end…]

Caliban was silent for a moment, then smiled.

[You don’t want to let go, do you?]

“…not in the sense you think.”

[With or without romantic feelings. You’re thinking of keeping Elijah by your side until the end. I don’t know about something as deep as the deep memories you hide, but I can share the intentions and emotions that you think of.]


[Honestly, I don’t care how many people cling to you. Because he seems to be worth that much. But still, whether later or not, be sure to treat Elijah properly-]

“I’m busy, so let’s talk nonsense later.”

What are you talking about to your brother?

“…Because from now on, you have to meet someone you absolutely hate.”

There must be many reasons why I don’t like the human named Faynol.

That it’s the final boss of Chapter 4 right now, and that it’s one of the devil’s vessels.

But the biggest reason of all.

Because it has all the elements that will come back to Caliban and me later as bombs.

Especially in the case of this person.

“Caliban. Please make me one promise.”


“Never, never. Don’t be silly. Did you know?”

[…I don’t know what it is, but I get it. It’s a big deal that you make me do that.]

Hearing Caliban say that, he stopped in front of Faynol’s lodging, which had hurriedly walked.

< System Log >

[! warning !]

[This is an important subject. Scenarios may fluctuate if contacted in advance. ]

[If you come into contact with the target, the ‘Heretic Inquisition – Special Interaction’ received as the clearing privilege of ‘Boss: The Boy King’ will be unlocked immediately! ]

[ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ cannot be applied to the target! ]


It’s a message I’ve seen before, but I feel a little pressure to meet this guy in person.

Especially if you remember what happened when you were reminded of the ‘scenario change’ blah message before.

It was around that time that the central axis of the ‘flow’ of the worldview shifted from Elijah to me, and it was around that time that Elnor fell in love with me and started chasing after me.

And, if I’m right.

Encountering this guy in itself would have similar consequences.

‘…and the fact that Yuria is involved right now.’

In this room, Yuria and this guy are doing ‘something’.

I don’t know what it is, but in the original version, Faynol was… a very grotesquely twisted personality.

A genuine psychopath who doesn’t even treat people as human beings except for those he acknowledges.

Depending on how he ‘treats’ Yuria.

Perhaps, it could even spread to a combat situation.

With that in mind, let’s raise our hand to knock on the door.

YuRia’s voice came from inside.

“Poem, no, no matter how much, this, this-”

“oh. Didn’t you ask me for help?”

Then, even Faynol’s low voice, as if laughing.

“If you can’t be straight like this, you’ll be abandoned by that man, right?”

As soon as you hear such a voice, you immediately realize it.

This guy is using me as an excuse to ‘force’ Yuria to do something!

With that thought in mind, he violently opens the door and enters.

Then, inside.

“…This is the first time I’ve tried on clothes like this…”

“Then you should wear more! In order to win Dowd Campbell’s heart, you have to take care of yourself first!”


“Since ancient times, clothes are wings for women! Do you have the chin to feel the charm of wearing such a shabby thing every day!”

Wearing only one pair of underwear from top to bottom, holding a pair of feminine clothes in each hand. There was Yuria who was trembling with teary eyes.

Both are very revealing clothes. There are more places to put out than to cover the body.

Beside Fynol, who was glaring at his eyes, clothes of the same level as that were piled up like a mountain.


what is this

I was looking around at the two of them while thinking about that.

Realizing that I had finally opened the door and entered, YuRia and Fynol’s heads turned this way at the same time.



An awkward silence passed.

In the meantime, Yuria glanced down at herself with a blank gaze.

One thin bra. One pair of white polka-dot panties.

Other than that.

That’s all the clothes you’re wearing.

Overall, it is thin and airy, but it is a naked body that clearly asserts itself with graceful curves.

And that unfocused gaze slowly rises towards me.


I am also aware that I am staring at myself with a bewildered gaze.



Starting with YuRia’s face, her whole body turned red.

It was such a terrifying speed that I even thought it was miraculous while watching it.

Water welled up in YuRia’s eyes. its mouth is open Take in a lot of air.

[It’s also Daud.]


[Even if you just open the door and go in, this situation pops up. Can you really become the main character of a third-rate work?]

With Caliban’s voice mixed with laughter, a spear appeared in front of my eyes.

[The effect of ‘Title: Lover’ is in effect! ]

Oh, that’s right.

Is that why you told me to install it beforehand?

Please help me when I make excuses.

“…for a moment. Here’s the situation-“

Before I could finish my sentence, which I was about to come up with an excuse for, Yuria’s shrill scream resonated high and high around her.

one info.

It is clear that YuRia’s specifications have also improved considerably. I recognized it from the time I turned the water dragon into a mop with a few cuts before, but even though I swung the severer with the scabbard on, it almost turned me into porridge.

< System Log >

[ Despite being seriously injured, the battle continued successfully! ]

[The mastery of ‘Attribute: Iron Man’ increases. ]

If you’ve been poisoned, will this skill proficiency go up?


Still, once lived.

Tomorrow is a boss fight right now, and it means that he avoided the unsightly death of being decapitated by an ally before he could properly prepare for it.


Instead, Faynole, seeing me as half minced meat, looked down at me, stroking my chin.

“Are you alive, are you?”


The first thing that caught my eye was the room that was completely ruined by YuRia crying and running amok.

After that, ‘Mr. Dowd idiot-!’ Where did you run away like a shotgun while doing something?

I straightened up and sat down in front of the table, and Fynol served me a cup of tea with a very natural movement.

“Nice to meet you, Dowd Campbell.”

Faynole smiled broadly and offered to shake hands.


I stare at it blankly, and then hold hands.

and at the same time.


Inside Soul Linker, Caliban’s sense of astonishment is clearly conveyed.

If it’s enough to face the body, there’s no way I can’t feel the energy.

[…no no. Do not be ridiculous. Don’t be mean.]


you said

[This guy, I, obviously…!]

killed it

Faynol, as Caliban said, was a being who died once.

Caliban and the Guardians all risked their lives to do so once.

And, although it may be different from the appearance that this person remembers. It is the same existence as that.

The main culprit who created the ‘Red Night Incident’ that swept all of Elijah’s family.


Fynol ‘Deathwish’ Laipek.

The final boss of Chapter 4.

The first ‘completed’ vessel in the scenario that holds ‘all’ pieces of the ‘Red Devil’.

in other words.

“What business did I come for?”

Beyond the bowl that simply harbors the pieces of the devil.

The only being who has sublimated into an ‘incarnation’ with a ‘completed devil’.

smiled softly at me.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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