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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 101

101. Warchief (2)

Anyone who knows a person named Yuria Greyhounder will first ask why this woman is always with someone around her.

The most accurate expression would be that it’s hard to watch someone alone.

But anyone who knows that she harbors two potentially cataclysmic beings will be horrified to find her out on her own.

A human named Yuria is a walking time bomb. She has two uncontrollable beings in her body.


Fenol Laipeck knew that better than anyone else.

If you are a magician belonging to the Heretic Inquisition, information about demons and their vessels is terribly publicized. It was only natural that he made it his lifelong goal to purify them from the world.

It is natural to be educated enough to engrave on the bones about their dangers and harms.

Especially in her case.

Even if you don’t have to be educated, you can ‘feel’ those things yourself.


Faynole closed her eyes and calmed the ‘energy’ that drifted within her heart.

Princess Tristan and Yuriana, though, still don’t know the clear existence of ‘this’, but I feel like I’m having a hard time.

She was very cleverly aware of its existence.

I knew it very, very well.

“You came to see me on purpose.”

She was looking at the other person with a single smile.

As Fainol rhymed, Yuria, who was across from her, nodded with a gloomy expression.

He had just confessed that he had secretly visited her without even passing through the saintess who acted as the guardian.

Why did you come to her, and even why?

“…I think Mr. Dowd is hating me.”

Then, a muffled voice came out that made my body sag just by listening to it.

If you’ve heard all of YuRia’s story in the meantime, it’s a reaction you can infer for granted.

This woman is very sensitive to the likes of others, especially because she has lived alone away from others for a long time.

It’s all the more because what he has inside his body is a ‘white devil’ that has a runaway trigger in that way.


Faynole silently raised the teacup she had brought out.

The man named Daud’s every move is literally laughable. From her point of view, it is nothing more and nothing less than a clown’s comedy.

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Just looking at what she did to YuRia right now, it sounds like nonsense to her. It’s just the commonplace excuse of a prostitute.


“sure. You will never regret it.”

Faynole could never let go of the man named Daud.

Even if it’s because of ‘this’ sleeping in your heart.

No matter how ridiculous these devil’s vessels are swayed around by such nonsense, you shouldn’t show off.

everything, anything. Even if you use it wherever you can.

I have to put that man in her ‘hands’.



All she has to do now is to use the pumpkins that have rolled into the vines as far as she can.

The very first step to do that.

“Shall we take off your clothes first?”


“yes. entire.”

YuRia’s expression twisted grotesquely.

If you think about it.

As long as I showed Elnor, the number of times Tatiana can stick her teeth at me is very limited.

It’s not intentional, but it’s like putting strong pressure on that side through that.

‘Thanks to that, I bought a lot of time.’

That’s why during Hunter’s Night, he went to the water dragon, then to the volcanic area, met other monsters, and then other monsters to engrave something.

Considering the main quests so far, it’s almost as fast as a slug crawling.

And, as always.

This goddamn world I inhabit is always eager to f*ck me.

There’s no way it’s acceptable to go so easily.

Right now, the warchief of the tribal union in front of me is proof of that.



That’s the first thought on my mind right now.

of course.

I think it’s a little strange. I did it when I came here.

“Why didn’t you bring Riru Garda and Casa Garda with you?”

“…Will you bring me, priest?”

That was the reaction I showed from the time I threw it to Elnor and came alone.

If Liru, who has a blue demon of rage, comes here, and gets caught up in this guy’s unknown machinations and runs out of control, it will be very difficult. So I left it with Elnor, who even Tatiana couldn’t touch, and came alone.

Even so.

“…Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s like my ‘hobby’, so to speak.”

The guy just shrugged and walked away.

As if that’s a good thing.

And, the process that followed was even more strange.

The process of having an audience with the warchief is a pretty grandiose event in itself.

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Just seeing that the biggest reward you can get after going through the hunter’s night, when the whole furnace of struggle is heating up right now, is being able to see the warchief in person and ask for what you want.

No matter how weak the authority of the three hegemony is, meeting the leader who rules the entire country is such a serious matter.


With all those steps omitted.

I was facing Allan Bar-Thor in the ‘Thousand Room’. There were no other chieftains around, not even a single attendant.

I knew why as soon as I saw the other person.

Tatiana probably did not want to show this to anyone.

It’s probably not because he doesn’t want to let people know that he’s been brainwashing this side. that’s just a small part

What is Alan’s condition now?

Because it was far more horrifying than that.


The original Alan Bar-Thor.

From the beginning, she appears as brainwashed by Tatiana by the effect of the artifact, but if you clear Tatiana easily, you will be able to face her true self.

A big-hearted man, you would have to say.

hot-blooded. gaiety. Simple ignorant, but fair and square. A man who knows how to be loyal, is braver than anyone else on the battlefield, and usually exudes the atmosphere of a friendly neighborhood brother.

But, now it’s like this.

It’s not something that can be called that.

I’m not in a state where I can come back like that in the future.


I looked at the monster sitting on the throne in front of me.

Muttering disgust inwardly, he looked at the monster in front of his eyes and at the black armor covering his whole body.

On the surface, it will just look like a very elaborate armor.

He probably would have agreed even if all kinds of ‘curses’ were being injected through the test tubes and injections connected to the armor.

Alan’s expression buried under the armor was not visible. I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead.


The sticky ‘something’ wrapped around his whole body, which did not move like that, could be seen from the inside of the armor.

Tentacles that can only be found on marine creatures.

Starting with the face, it sprouts all over the body. It does not stop at sprouting, but adheres to the shape of the body and changes into a bizarre form.

Like a human-shaped meat doll clumped together with under-minced meat pieces.

It’s a form I know.

“…the incarnation of reverse tone.”

He spits out such words like a moan.

Reverse tide Marshallon. overturned tidal wave.

Trigger triggering game over in Chapter 4.

It is no exaggeration to say that the moment it wakes up, the entire furnace of struggle is submerged into the sea.

And now Alan.

It was about to become a medium to ‘call’ such a cursed existence.

This is an enemy that only exists as dummy data in the original game. I heard that it was scrapped because the difficulty would be too high.

It deserves it.

Even if the incarnated being calls even one Tatiana, it will summon ‘several’ beings that it must risk its own life to summon.

Then, its destructive power can be said to be that the two-piece Elnorre is chasing down the chin of the reckless thing.


‘…This is already the final stage of mutation.’

At this level, this is the stage where Tatiana can summon Yeokjo whenever she wants.

It’s not even at the level that I can do anything to stop it now.

That’s enough to be confident enough to approach me first, even considering Elnor’s existence.

I must have brought an existence that was not inferior to that.

“As expected, you notice everything as soon as you see it, don’t you? It’s just as you said.”

With me in front of me, Tatiana shrugged and said,

“As you say, the warchief has been favored by him to become a glorious embodiment.”

His face was still wearing a light smile.

“Sooner or later, the overturning tidal waves will reveal themselves to this world through this person’s body.”

Even when bringing up the following topic.

“I wish Riru Garda and Casa Garda would have seen this.”

With those words, the armor that wrapped around Allan opened. And, between the tentacles covering the whole body, you can see ‘things’ embedded in the gaps.


and as soon as you see it

I immediately realize why this guy asked me to bring Riru and Casa as well.

“…a crazy bitch.”

He suppresses his vomit and spits out those words.

Things that are absorbed into Alan’s body and used as ‘power’.

I can see why you did something about your hobby earlier. This idiot with bad taste would do it.

I don’t know Casa.

Riru must never be allowed to see ‘that’.

If it’s a vessel that harbors a demon of rage, it’ll go berserk as soon as it sees it.

“…Is this what the Seer told you to do?”

“no. This is what I did in my judgment.”

It seemed so.

If nothing else, Alan isn’t meant to be… ‘wasted’ this way.

Of course, the incarnation of Yeokjo itself would have required a strong host just for its effect. If he wasn’t a warrior of Alan’s level, he wouldn’t have even met the conditions.

still. even taking that into account.

This human’s current position is ‘Chief’.

Although he rose to the position due to all sorts of unsavory things, he is still the head of the tribal union. Even if this situation subsides safely, there will be a huge aftermath.

There will be a crazy backwind to the devil worshipers, including the seers.


“But he only told me to ‘do my best’. Kill you at all costs.”


Tatiana said, still smiling lightly.

“So, I just did it. Do your best. In a way that will surely kill you.”

Now this crazy bitch.

Because that kind of thing is good.

It would be nice if the head of the hegemon was thrown out and the aftermath that could turn the entire continent upside down was okay.

I’m saying it doesn’t matter as long as you kill me.


As if it was natural since the pioneer ordered it.

‘…a crazy bitch.’

Although I recognized him from the time he rushed at me, ignoring even his own life.

he’s a crazy bitch

There is no other way to explain it.


Cold sweat runs down the inside.

To be honest, this is f*cked up.

Because the premise itself of the boss battles I’ve been working on so far is a super-large variable at the level of being distorted.

I’ve been preparing up until now on the premise of fighting Tatiana and Alan.

It’s not about fighting against Tatiana and the many ancient monsters in the deep sea!

Since Elnoya is somehow related to me, I could have calmed the rampage even by throwing my body, considering that an existence with such power was flying with only intent to kill me…


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Just imagining it is terrifying. that’s just dying

But, nonetheless.

If I don’t give up on life right away and commit suicide, maybe it’s because of the tolerance I developed after going through this countless times.

It’s because there is a ‘hanging point’ at the end.

I barely hold onto my hair, which is about to turn white, and open my mouth.

“…Then let me ask you one last question.”

I didn’t expect the other person to answer meekly, but honestly, I’m half-sure, so I’m asking this question to confirm.

“Why are you showing me this beforehand?”


“As long as you do your best to kill me as you say, there is no reason to show this in advance. There’s no reason to overlook the fact that you didn’t bring Riru and Casa. is not it?”

To be honest, just summoning that thing right here is game over.

In other words, this guy called me because he had a ‘different intention’.

That’s why I’m still keeping my composure.

“…He is.”

Tatiana continued in a low voice.

As long as I say this.

It feels like that unfunny smile and voice that I usually wear have been washed away.


It feels mixed with jealousy that I took what should have been returned to me.

“Because he cares about you very much.”


“He also told me not to bring about a disaster that would crush you beyond resistance. Because he told me to do my best to the point of struggling. so.”


“It’s a day, Doud Campbell. It’s a grace period he gave you by me.”



Within a day, you have to find a way to beat the monsters comparable to Elnor’s rampage.

That’s right.


that’s for sure.

“Struggling. try to survive There is nowhere to run, and the only way left is to fight back.”

It was given in a very flat tone.

“From the overturning tidal wave that will soon overtake you.”

It was a death sentence.


With Tatiana and Alan behind her back, as soon as she left the ‘thousand room’, such disgust automatically came out.

In fact, my situation right now is pretty desperate.

I’ve never received such a short preparation period against a boss that has grown so rapidly while working on a scenario.


I feel my mouth burning and rub my face.

day. It’s a day. 24 hours from now.

In it, no matter how much I organize the things I have to do in my head.

There is no option for manpower that is ‘available to me now’.

Then there is only one way left.

As usual, I had no choice but to borrow the hand of the guy who tried not to get involved no matter what.

< Notification of gift-related person >

▼ Phenol Laipek

[No preference level]

[D-1 until related event occurs]

It means that I have to finally meet the person I didn’t want to meet even if I died.

faster than expected.

Are you pondering that thought?

A window suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[This action increases the chance of triggering a special interaction with ‘Yuria’! ]

[It is recommended to equip the title of ‘Rampant’ in advance! ]


No, the title is fixed anyway, so I don’t have anything other than equipping it.

What are you two doing now?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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