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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 99 – Seclusion

Chapter 99: Seclusion

Translator: CKtalon

The familiar environment made the memories from his possession clearer. At the same time, he reached out and tapped gently, choosing to record the entire process.

“Spear.” Xu Jingming got up and extended his hand, producing a spear. This was also a weapon that completely imitated Xuan. It was also completely black, and the spear was 3.2 meters long.



Xu Jingming frowned slightly when he simply pulled the spear with both hands. I’m slightly shorter than Xuan, and my strength control is inferior to his. A spear that’s 3.2 meters long is still a little too long for me. Shorter!

The spear began to shorten slowly. Xu Jingming also tried, but he eventually stopped at 2.86 meters.

This length was the most similar to the feeling of Xuan holding a spear in his memory.

Xuan practiced his spear three times.

Xu Jingming remembered that set of spear techniques very clearly. This set of spear techniques is completely different from his spearmanship in combat. It’s not fast, but it’s very calm. It feels more like a spear technique that nourishes life itself. It’s just that the interior is like a burning nirvana that constantly accumulates might for an eventual eruption.

The entire set of spear techniques had all kinds of spear moves. They were very restrained and calm, and they were constantly accumulating strength.

Because of his possession experience, Xu Jingming knew the essence of this set of spear techniques very well. He also began practicing each move. He also appeared calm and wasn’t fast, but he was also accumulating strength internally.

After practicing three times, Xu Jingming stopped.

Let’s see how the practice was. Xu Jingming started playing the recording from before and watched himself use his spear techniques—this scene made him frown.

When he possessed Xuan, his senses were extremely sharp. He could even accurately determine the self-rotation, orbital revolution, time flow, and spatial distance of the planet he was on. When he showcased his spearmanship, he clearly remembered the speed and height of each thrust, and even the degree of the spin.

Of course, he couldn’t precisely control his body after returning to his own body. He could only rely on video recordings to compare.

The force exerted by this move is too deliberate and not natural enough. The spinning of the spear is also too great. Xu Jingming watched carefully. After watching his three spearmanship demonstrations and carefully analyzing it, he immediately started practicing his spear.

He practiced it three more times!

Feeling that he had improved, Xu Jingming watched the recording again.

He practiced and watched the recordings of his spear practice before repeating the whole process…

Xu Jingming only stopped after the 9th cycle, for a total of 27 times.

It’s about there. Although it can’t reach the level I remember and feels like it’s lacking, this is the best I can do now. Xu Jingming looked at the video. I’ll save all the videos and record down all the problems that exist! I hope I can be enlightened when I watch them in the future.

Xu Jingming was quite satisfied. After practicing this set of spear techniques, he was already used to viewing them from a spatiotemporal perspective.

This set of spear techniques is very calm and reserved. It’s extremely gentle, but it’s constantly accumulating might and can erupt at any time, Xu Jingming thought. Since it’s very calm and isn’t fast, I’ll temporarily call this spearmanship Life-Nourishing Spear Technique.

Xu Jingming couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it and gave a simple name.

Next, I have to focus on my combat spearmanship. Xu Jingming started changing the martial arts arena.

It changed to the void of the universe with a tiny star in the distance. The planets had already vanished.

The scene completely simulated the edge of the stellar system.

In the silent and dark outer space, Xu Jingming stood there, and an opponent projection appeared in front of him—the armored man. Xu Jingming deepened his immersion from looking at the armored man.

Unfortunately, the opponent I virtualized is only an illusion, Xu Jingming thought.

The armored man held a shield in one hand and a hammer in the other—it was a projection. After all, no matter how he set the strength, it would destroy the feeling. It was better to set a projection.

Xu Jingming began to use his spearmanship.

“Die.” Xu Jingming wanted to stab out.

There’s no solid ground in the void to stand on, so it’s not easy to exert force. Xu Jingming immediately felt awkward.

To Xuan, the void was no different from land. Xuan’s foot could cause the void to tremble and distort. However, Xu Jingming couldn’t!

Forget it. I’ll create a huge asteroid. Xu Jingming could only continue virtualizing objects. Under his and the armored man’s feet, he virtualized an asteroid that spanned several kilometers. The surface of the asteroid was relatively flat.

Let’s begin. With his feet on the asteroid, Xu Jingming’s force delivery became smoother, and he began stabbing at the projection in front of him.


This stab made Xu Jingming shake his head slightly before stabbing again!

Xuan only had one move in his combat spearmanship—Thrust!

And in combat, Xuan had used this move more than ten million times! Xu Jingming had a deep impression of it. The same move that had been used more than ten million times constantly imprinted itself into his mind; he would still have a deep impression of this move even after centuries or even millennia.

No matter what move the enemy uses, it will always be this thrust.

This move is both offensive and defensive. This is because the move is too fast. Even if the enemy attacks, he can strike first and attack the enemy’s openings… Naturally, he can parry the other party’s attack. Xu Jingming knew very well how powerful this move was.

It was both offense and defense.

Similarly, this move is also a movement technique. Xu Jingming knew this very well. It appears to be executed with a spear, but it’s actually like the sharp claws of a tiger or the horns of an ox! The spear is only a part of Xuan’s body. In the end, his entire body turned into a beam of light, and the spear was only a part of it. His entire body reached the speed of light.

Just this thrust was offensive, defensive, a movement technique, and even Xuan’s mind and will!

Xu Jingming still clearly remembered that the other party seemed to have consumed his life in the end with flames. He only had one thought—become light!

Become light! Xu Jingming also tried his best to repeat this thought to himself. Although it was difficult, he repeated it in his heart and executed his spear techniques repeatedly.

Forward Thrust! Backward Thrust!

His figure was like fire, and he was as fast as lightning as he thrust out his spear.

10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times, 10,000 times…

Xu Jingming was immersed.

Even if he was tired in the virtual world, he could recover to optimal state with a light tap. As for his mind? He was extremely excited and didn’t feel tired at all.

After stabbing out tens of thousands of times, he felt mentally exhausted.

On the asteroid in the void of space, Xu Jingming advanced, retreated, and dodged left and right. He moved extremely quickly in all directions, and his entire body naturally carried the concept of a spear. It was as if his body had turned into a spear, and every movement he made had the concept of a spear thrust—it was fast and fierce!

In the past, Xu Jingming’s movement technique was like the eruption of lightning and fire, ferocious and fierce. But now, his movement technique was fast and sharp! It was even more straightforward.

As he moved, his spear would also thrust out! His footwork and spear stabbed out in perfect sync. Every strike carried the force of his entire body’s momentum, and its might exceeded his former ultimate move—Mountain Shattering.

I’m really a little tired.

I’ve practiced this thrust for 16 hours? Xu Jingming looked at the time and was a little surprised. Thankfully, the timer restarts after midnight. I can still stay online for another 15 hours or so.

As for hunger, not eating or drinking for two days after his body evolved was a trivial matter.

This thrust might seem like a move, but it’s actually all-encompassing and can make one a legend in the cosmos. I’ll temporarily call it… Beam Transformation Spear Technique. Xu Jingming also gave a simple name.

Then, Xu Jingming tapped gently and adjusted the scene, returning to the forest planet scene from before.

Xu Jingming sat on the mesa in the lush forest.

During the day I possessed him, the practice of Life-Nourishing Spear Technique and the fighting lasted only an hour. The rest of the time, I was practically in a state of relaxation. Xu Jingming still clearly remembered that state.

His entire body didn’t have any fluctuations of thought, and he was as silent as a celestial body or a star. He naturally emitted mental fluctuations.

Xu Jingming imitated that state.

Now that he was mentally exhausted, it was better for him to empty himself.



His body was as silent as the stars in the sky. It was as if he could remain motionless for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

Xu Jingming guided his body and tried his best to get closer to Xuan’s state back then. Although he was far from reaching that level, Xu Jingming felt his mind become more emptied as he tried. His mind also became quieter, and he really felt like a star was spinning in silence.

Xu Jingming had never felt so calm in all these years.

This wasn’t losing consciousness; it was empty and void.

He could still sense his surroundings naturally, and he knew everything around him, but he didn’t have a single thought.

Time passed…

Huh? Xu Jingming suddenly jolted awake and immediately looked at the time. It was already 8:22 a.m.

I sat there for eight hours? Xu Jingming was a little surprised.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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