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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 98 – Legend among Cosmic Humans

Chapter 98: Legend among Cosmic Humans

Translator: CKtalon

In the void at the edge of the lonely and dark solar system, a battle was underway.

Xuan was bathed in flames like a god of fire. The spear in his hand turned into dazzling beams of light that occasionally shot out, tearing through the void for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Every time the huge shield in the armored man’s hand blocked, it was as if it was suppressing space. No matter how terrifying the spear beam’s penetrative force was, it was blocked by the huge shield! The sledgehammer in his hand distorted space with every strike, and the distance between them changed. The flow of time changed as well, and the sledgehammer even had the advantage during the collision with the spear beam.



The spear beam was too fast!

In the blink of an eye, thousands of spear beams appeared! If one attack failed, there were still ten, a hundred, or even more attacks. The armored man needed the combination of shield and sledgehammer to mount a defense.



Every clash between the two weapons caused a small area of space to be obliterated. The aftershocks spread out, causing fluctuations even hundreds of millions of kilometers away. However, the might was negligible after being transmitted so far.

Xu Jingming wouldn’t have been able to understand a battle at this level at all, but after he possessed Xuan, he sensed whatever Xuan sensed. He could clearly sense the exquisiteness of every spear technique. There was no spear technique that remained concealed from him, and everything was crystal-clear. He could even sense the enemy’s shield and hammer techniques.

Of course, what he gathered about the shield techniques and hammer techniques was only superficial. He didn’t know much about the profundities within.

It was unlike the spearmanship, which was executed by Xuan personally. There were no secrets after his possession.

Even if there are no secrets and every spear technique is right before me, I… can’t understand it! Xu Jingming felt that he was a first-year primary school student who had just learned addition and subtraction. A PhD student in physics was explaining the questions in front of him, explaining every segment of the questions clearly. However, Xu Jingming’s intelligence found it incomprehensible.

What should I do?

A battle of this level… Even if I can sense it through possession, the difference is too great, Xu Jingming thought anxiously.

Then, I’ll act on instinct. Xu Jingming didn’t dare to hesitate. He didn’t know how long this battle would last; he couldn’t afford to waste his precious time. After all, he had a vague understanding that China had used its status as a member of the Earth civilization to connect to the virtual world and had paid a huge price to obtain this possession experience.

He had to seize every moment.

Since I don’t understand, I should remember this feeling. Xu Jingming didn’t think too much about it and completely immersed himself in this battle. His consciousness completely fused with Xuan as the latter fought the armored man.




Xuan’s moves were all attacks, and they were all the same type—Thrust! However, his strikes gathered the strength of his body and the vast power in the surroundings. He even used his mind and will as a guide! His mind and will carried this strike as if they wanted to tear through space!

The spear was extremely fast.

He thrust out his spear! The spear beam was only the eruption of the spear tip’s might. When the armored man blocked it, he spun his spear and stabbed out again! It was as if he didn’t need any buffer time, and he instantly delivered more than 10,000 stabs!

Xuan’s entire body was like a star that emitted millions of spear beams. Flames rose as he unleashed his spear beams wantonly.

The two parties fought for only three minutes and 20 seconds, but Xu Jingming felt that they had been fighting for a long time. This was because they had exchanged millions of blows, and he could clearly sense every move.

Xu Jingming could sense that as the battle progressed, Xuan’s mind and will became more and more frenzied as if he were consuming himself in flames and burning away the little bit of potential his body had left.

Xuan always had a voice in his heart: Become light! Become light! Become light!!

Xu Jingming could hear his inner voice and sense that Xuan didn’t have any other distracting thoughts. He only had one thought—turn himself into light!


At the 200-second mark, a dazzling light lit up. At this moment, it was much more dazzling than the distant star, and it instantly penetrated the armored man’s body.

This beam of light stopped in the void and turned into Xuan’s figure.

The left half of the armored man’s body was destroyed, and the right half rapidly grew. He barely recovered his body, but most of his armor was destroyed.

“You broke through?” The armored man ignored his losses and took a step to Xuan’s side, extremely excited.

“I did break through my limits with the last strike and reached light speed.” Xuan had a complicated expression as he nodded. “If I had another 10,000 to 20,000 years, I would’ve been able to perfect my spearmanship and reach the Paramount realm. However, I don’t have that much time… This breakthrough allowed me to gain minute control over my body. I should be able to live for another 300 years.”


“Light speed?” The armored man sighed. “For your spearmanship to reach this level, you will forever be a legend in the Cosmic Human Alliance.”

“A legend?” Xuan nodded.

“I have to thank you for showing mercy in the end,” the armored man said with a smile. “If you hadn’t restrained your strength at the critical moment, I would’ve been wiped out.”

“I’m already very grateful that you’re willing to fight me. How can I really kill you?” Xuan said.

“Your spearmanship has reached the speed of light, making you a legend among Cosmic Humans. The Human Alliance will definitely invite you to brand your spiritual imprint of this battle in the virtual world so that future generations can comprehend it,” the armored man said.

“Then, do it I shall,” Xuan said.

At this moment, Xu Jingming’s consciousness began to leave Xuan’s body. Xuan turned his head and looked in the former’s direction. If anyone can reach the speed of light with their spearmanship and perfect themselves, they can step into the Paragon realm.

These words seemed to be directed at the armored man and also Xu Jingming.

The entire world collapsed.

Xuan, the armored man, and endless outer space crumbled. Xu Jingming’s consciousness was repelled.

Xu Jingming opened his eyes—he was inside the huge sphere.

The door to the sphere had opened, and Xu Jingming walked to the door and down the stairs. After walking down, the stairs retracted, and the sphere door closed again.


The door in front of him opened, and Director Zhou walked in.

“How do you feel?” Director Zhou looked at Xu Jingming in anticipation. He only had some information, but he didn’t know much about the legendary cosmic expert possession.

“I need to return.” Xu Jingming was a little dazed as he said, “I can’t be disturbed by anyone. I need to comprehend it carefully.”

There were too many things he needed to carefully analyze from this possession.

“Alright, I’ll send you back now.” Director Zhou nodded. “Your possession lasted more than a day, so you should be hungry. Grab something to eat on the way back.”

In just a moment, the large flying transport arrived above Xu Jingming’s house in Mingyue City. The stairs it lowered led straight into the courtyard.

“Jingming, you’re back?” Li Miaomiao immediately ran to the courtyard and saw her boyfriend walking down the stairs.

The large aircraft retracted the stairs, closed the hatch, and flew away.

“Jingming.” Li Miaomiao immediately walked over. “Are you hungry?”

“I ate in the flying transport.” Xu Jingming looked at his girlfriend and forced a smile.

“What’s wrong?” Li Miaomiao felt that her boyfriend wasn’t in the right state. He was in a daze and couldn’t focus on his words.

“I’m entering the virtual world now, Miaomiao. From now on, you don’t have to care or worry about me. I’m very good! When I’m starving, I’ll wake up on my own,” Xu Jingming said before walking into the house.

He spent more than a day in Binhai City and wants to enter the virtual world the moment he returns? He even wants me to ignore him? Li Miaomiao was a little puzzled and had some guesses.

After all, Mr. Zhou had personally picked Xu Jingming up. It had to be a matter of national importance.

Meanwhile, Jingming had already put on his VR headset and entered the virtual world.

In his personal space, in the martial arts arena.

“Set up a scene.” Xu Jingming changed the scene of the martial arts arena and set it to a lush, endless forest. A mountain stood tall, and the top of the mountain was sliced off, becoming smooth and flat.

As Xu Jingming had set up the scene too large, he was charged a fee for it in the virtual world. Of course, Xu Jingming didn’t mind and immediately paid for it.

He completely replicated the scene from the planet Xuan was on when he possessed the latter.

Xu Jingming sat on the ground and also sat on the platform, allowing his mental state to be compatible with the Xuan in his memory.. He had to make the best use of his time to study and comprehend it! This was because a person’s memory would slowly turn into a blur with time.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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