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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 74 – Xu Jingming and Fang Yu

Chapter 74: Xu Jingming and Fang Yu

Xu Jingming and the others got up and accepted China’s official livestream invitation.


Xu Jingming felt the scene in front of him change, and he found himself on stage. Liu Xin was guiding him with a smile. “Six members of Team Pearwood, please have a seat.”

At this moment, the stands were filled with tsunami-like cheers. It surprised Xu Jingming.

“These cheers…” Yang Qingshuo, Heng Fang, Liu Chongyuan, and Li Miaomiao were equally surprised. This was because the cheers from before weren’t that loud.


Li Miaomiao whispered to her boyfriend, “Jingming, it looks like you’ve gained a lot of fans from the last battle.”

Xu Jingming could hear many people shouting his name.

“Xu Jingming!”

“Spear Demon Xu Jingming!”

“Shield Demon Xu Jingming!”

All kinds of cheers!

Although he had participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament, how big was the turnout? Such earth-shattering cheers still made Xu Jingming’s heart race.

“It looks like Team Pearwood is very popular.” Liu Xin was already used to it.

The six members of Team Pearwood sat down, and at this moment, the six members of Team Fang Yu arrived. Similarly, there were earth-shattering cheers. After all, with more than a billion viewers, the cheers were terrifying!

The livestream had already tried its best to reduce the impact of the sound so that the sounds were within tolerable standards.

“Both teams have many supporters.” Liu Xin smiled at Team Fang Yu’s oldest member, Grandpa Liu Jianfeng. “Hello, Senior Liu Jianfeng.”

“Hello.” Liu Jianfeng smiled amiably.

“I remember that you fought Xu Jingming in the first Divine battle,” Liu Xin said. “Fang Yu is your teammate this time. Can you comment on the two of them?”

Liu Jianfeng laughed and said, “In the first Divine battle, my first assassination attempt targeted Xu Jingming. This kid’s reaction was too fast, and he struck too quickly! I nearly failed to assassinate him and lost my life. This kid is very strong! I think… Xu Jingming should be able to withstand some attacks from Fang Yu’s City-Storming Halberd. However, our team will definitely win in the end.”

“Senior, you’re very confident.” Liu Xin looked at Wang Yi. “Wang Yi, you’re the only sharpshooter of the two teams. Are you confident in this match?”

“Fang Yu is very strong.” Wang Yi nodded. “But as long as his head isn’t defended in time, he will definitely die if an arrow hits him.”

Fang Yu frowned slightly as he sat there and looked up at Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming also sensed his gaze and looked over.

Their gazes met.

His body had also reached Advanced Evolution, and this resulted in an astonishing level when it came to life’s magnetic field. At this moment, when the two looked at each other, the hostility from life’s magnetic fields made everyone in the stands feel pressured.

“Captains…” Liu Xin also noticed this scene and said.

“Host, I want to ask Captain Xu Jingming something,” Fang Yu suddenly said.

Liu Xin was taken aback. As a host, it was rare for team members to snatch control from her.

“Alright. Of course, you can ask,” Liu Xin said.

Fang Yu was much more muscular than Xu Jingming, and his eyes were much more domineering. He looked at the latter and said, “Captain Xu Jingming, I admit that your team having Sharpshooter Wang Yi is an advantage in this battle. It would be a pity if you and I can’t unleash our full strength because of Sharpshooter Wang Yi…”

The arena fell silent.

Fang Yu continued, “Therefore, I hope that you and I… can have a fair one-on-one battle on the battlefield. No other teammates are to interfere!”

The moment that was said, the stands boiled over. “One-on-one! He wants a one-on-one!”

“Do you think Xu Jingming is stupid? He clearly has the advantage with a sharpshooter; would he want to fight you one-on-one?”

“Fang Yu is such an asshole. He’s trying to get the other party to give up his advantage.”

“I really want to see the two of them fight an earth-shattering battle one-on-one.”

Countless audience members discussed.

Liu Xin also felt that something was amiss and immediately said, “The rules of the competition are a battle between the two teams! Sharpshooters are also Team Pearwood’s advantage, so how can…”

“I can admit defeat,” said Fang Yu coldly.

Liu Xin was a little stunned. Admit defeat?

The six members of Team Pearwood glanced at Fang Yu.

The other five members of Team Urim also stared at Fang Yu. Although they were a little puzzled, nobody refuted him.

“I can admit defeat in this match, but there’s only one condition.” Fang Yu looked at Xu Jingming. “Xu Jingming, have a fair one-on-one battle with me! After the outcome is determined, our side will admit defeat.”

“Yu’er, what are you up to?” Fang Yu’s father asked through the team chat. “How can you admit defeat on a whim?”

“Grandmaster, Uncle-Master, Uncle, Dad,” Fang Yu said in the team chat. “I’ve never cared about winning or losing a competition. I’ve always pursued being the world’s strongest! With more than a billion people watching, I’m looking forward to a life-and-death battle with Xu Jingming that nobody will interfere in! I think this battle will be of great help to me. Even if I lose the competition, I want to carry out this battle.”

“Seniors Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang have long cleared the Cosmos Tower’s third level. I’m still not their match. Xu Jingming is the most suitable opponent for me at this stage,” Fang Yu said in the team chat. “I need a life-and-death battle that will stir my heart.”

The others in Team Urim looked at each other and nodded slightly.

“We are also doing this to nurture Yu’er. Since Yu’er needs this battle, let’s heed his request,” Liu Jianfeng said in the team chat.

Their lineage had spared no expense at grooming Fang Yu. They had discovered Fang Yu’s talent when he was young! They had groomed him with all their might and didn’t even want him to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament early to prevent his future from being ruined by the world’s top experts before he reached his peak at such a young age.

The appearance of the virtual world allowed Fang Yu to grow rapidly in terms of experience, reaching an astonishing level.

On stage, Liu Xin immediately said, “The competition doesn’t allow admitting defeat.”

“This is my agreement with Xu Jingming. Xu Jingming, let’s have a life-and-death battle that won’t be affected by anything. After the battle, Team Urim will give up on this match.” Fang Yu looked at Xu Jingming. “I’m looking forward to fighting you.”

“Captain…” Wang Yi, Heng Fang, Yang Qingshuo, and Liu Chongyuan looked at their captain.

Li Miaomiao also looked at her boyfriend.

“I don’t need you to admit defeat.” Xu Jingming looked at Fang Yu and smiled. “Because we will defeat you and win this battle on our own accord.”

“As for a one-on-one life-and-death battle that won’t be disturbed?” Xu Jingming stared at Fang Yu. “I’m looking forward to it too!”

Fang Yu’s eyes lit up.

“We’ll let the other teammates fight to their hearts’ content. We’ll fight after the battle,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright.” Fang Yu smiled excitedly.

Liu Xin looked at the notification and immediately said, “Please get ready. The battle between the two teams will begin.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two teams disappeared and headed for the combat space’s preparation area.

Both parties chose their weapons and equipment.

Xu Jingming still wore light armor and held a spear and dual shields, but his equipment had undergone changes after his evolutionary method reached Advanced.

For example, although the style of light armor and combat boots remained the same, their weight had increased to 150 kilograms. In a situation where the appearance remained the same, the increase in weight meant an increase in density, and the armor’s defense would also increase greatly.

Only such light armor could block an ordinary arrow from an Advanced archer.

The weight of the weapons and shields increased correspondingly; otherwise, they would feel too light.

With physical evolution, my bone density and muscle density have all increased significantly. Xu Jingming selected his equipment and thought to himself, I didn’t grow fat at all, but my weight is more than three times that of before I cultivated the evolutionary method.

His bones were harder than metal alloys, and his muscles were tougher than steel wires. This was why he could exert such terrifying strength, so his weight was naturally high.

The map is the ancient battlefield? Xu Jingming looked at the small map and then at Fang Yu.

Fang Yu also looked at him.

Ten streams of light plummeted to the map.

Liu Xin looked at the ten people choosing weapons and equipment and introduced, “Let me share some general knowledge with everyone. After your body reaches Advanced, the weight of the weapons and equipment one chooses will increase greatly. The light armor used is usually between 120 kilograms to 200 kilograms. Heavy armor will also exceed 600 kilograms. Otherwise, one’s defense against an expert at the same level will be considered weak if it’s too light.”

“How ridiculous.”

“With my Silver Moon strength, I won’t be able to walk if I were to wear 600 kilograms of heavy armor.”

“Not many Divine experts dare to wear such heavy armor either. Didn’t you hear? They have to reach Advanced.”

“When can I become so strong? To travel at 100 kilometers per hour while wearing heavy armor weighing 600 kilograms?”

Countless people exclaimed in surprise.


In the ancient battlefield.

Ten streams of light landed and scattered everywhere.

The buildings here only had dilapidated ancient city walls. Outside the ancient city wall was a dark-red land that didn’t provide any cover as if it was dyed red by blood. After Xu Jingming and Fang Yu landed, they stood about 200 meters away from each other and stared at each other from afar.

“Let’s fight first and leave the final battlefield to Captain and the others,” Wang Yi said in the team chat.

They also knew that the gap between them and their captain was too great! They were on completely different levels; there was no need for them to join forces.


“Block them.”

“Watch out for the sharpshooter.”

The battle between the two teams erupted. However, both parties simultaneously avoided the two team leaders!

Xu Jingming and Fang Yu looked at each other and observed each other.

“We have to kill the opposing sharpshooter.” Liu Jianfeng and the others charged at the archer without any regard for anything.

This was the ancient battlefield, and they could see everyone’s location at a glance. There was no cover, so it was relatively simple to kill the archer.

“Protect Sister Yi.” Yang Qingshuo, Liu Chongyuan, and Heng Fang wanted to block the other party.

The battle began.

One side wanted to put up an obstruction, while the other wanted to assassinate them.

As long as they could intercept the other party, Wang Yi’s arrows would find a suitable opportunity to strike. However, it was very difficult for Yang Qingshuo and the others to stop the four fearless experts who only wanted to assassinate Wang Yi.

Pfft. Pfft.

Members from both teams collapsed one after another in battle.

Wang Yi eventually died from Liu Jianfeng and Fang Yu’s uncle-master’s joint attack, but with the help of her teammates, she killed three people in succession!


The seriously injured Heng Fang and Yang Qingshuo were still standing, but their four opponents had been wiped out.

Xu Jingming and Fang Yu heard the sounds of their teammates fighting and saw the battle scene, but they didn’t interfere. They waited until all four members of Team Urim were wiped out, leaving Heng Fang and Yang Qingshuo in Team Pearwood.

“As expected—having a sharpshooter gives you an advantage,” Fang Yu said softly. “It’s our turn now, right?”

“Please.” Xu Jingming held his dual shields and looked at his opponent.

Fang Yu’s eyes turned cold as he held the thick City-Storming Halberd and immediately charged over, sending tremors through the ground! The heavy armor Fang Yu wore was currently the heaviest in China—it reached an astonishing 800 kilograms!

As an outstanding talent who had a compatibility score of 103% with Ferocious Tiger Evolution, he felt that 800 kilograms of armor was suitable for him due to his extraordinary strength! Including his 300 kilograms of body weight and the weight of the City-Storming Halberd in his hand… he had already exceeded a ton in total weight. The might from moving at such a terrifying speed was obvious.

In the blink of an eye, he covered more than half the 200-meter distance.

Xu Jingming saw the other party approach, and he moved his feet.

Boom! Boom!

His feet kicked the ground like lightning and fire erupting, and his eruption speed was much faster than Fang Yu’s. His entire body instantly turned dark red as he charged forward!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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