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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 73 – Mars

Chapter 73: Mars

Amidst everyone’s anticipation, the third round of the competition was about to begin. Half an hour before the competition, there were already many viewers on China’s official livestream channel.

In the stands, Team Pearwood’s six members were sitting together.

“Captain,” Wang Yi said with a smile. “In all the programs these days, you and Fang Yu are the two most talented geniuses in China. This is because you and Fang Yu are the youngest among the top experts in China. You’re 29, and he’s 20.”

Heng Fang also said, “All kinds of programs say that the winner of this match can be considered China’s number one genius.”

“He’s younger than me.” Xu Jingming shook his head. “I’ve been a professional warrior for many years, while he’s a civilian warrior. Even if I win… it only proves that I’m stronger than him. I’m not qualified to be considered the number one genius.”


“Fang Yu also practiced martial arts from a young age. He has a solid foundation,” Yang Qingshuo said. “The virtual world was launched more than a month ago, so it’s comparable to experiencing professional martial arts for several years. You can’t say that he’s inexperienced.”

“There’s no need to talk about potential or geniuses.” Xu Jingming stated, “Those are nothing. I only believe in the strength one shows. For example, my master, Liu Hai, is now world champion! Perhaps he will still be world champion in half a year.”

“In terms of strength, I’m still a distance away from Master and Senior Lei Yunfang,” Xu Jingming remarked calmly.

In the stands, the six members of Team Fang Yu were also there.

“The weakness of our team is that we don’t have a sharpshooter,” a middle-aged man said. “The other party has a sharpshooter like Wang Yi. We have to think of a way to reduce the other party’s advantage; otherwise, Yu’er wouldn’t have the chance to fight Xu Jingming fair and square.”

“Being constantly watched by Wang Yi, Little Fang Yu can only use 70% of his strength when fighting Xu Jingming.” Liu Jianfeng nodded. “The few of us have to think of a way to finish Wang Yi off even if it costs us our lives. The remaining warriors are no threat to Little Fang Yu.”

“Dad, Uncle, Uncle-Master, Grandmaster,” Fang Yu said. “Don’t worry. I had a breakthrough in my evolutionary method. Even if I wear heavy armor, I can run faster than Wang Yi! Killing Wang Yi isn’t difficult.”

“Listen to your grandmaster.” Fang Yu’s father glared.

“I’ll challenge Xu Jingming one-on-one later and see if he has the guts to accept,” Fang Yu said directly.

“This punk…” Liu Jianfeng smiled. He still liked Fang Yu despite the fact that they were two generations apart.

Fang Yu’s father said, “Yu’er, our branch is considered the strongest in the country for Xingyi. Countless people in the industry are watching us, so we have to create conditions for you so that you can at least fight Xu Jingming fairly and showcase our Xingyi’s strength.”

“What era is it now? It’s all about incorporating the good from every school! Don’t keep harping about Xingyi,” Fang Yu retorted his father. “Xu Jingming also has the Eight Extremities and Poking Foot. He even learned Taiji from Senior Liu Hai.”

“You…” Fang Yu’s father glared, but he didn’t have a retort.

“Alright, alright. Little Fang Yu is right—don’t worry too much about Xingyi,” Liu Jianfeng said with a smile. “That’s the good thing about Liu Hai. As long as it’s useful, he draws upon it. Little Fang Yu, just focus on fighting and unleash your full strength.”

“Yes,” Fang Yu replied.

He deferred to his grandmaster the most!


On Mars.

This was a planet where Earthlings had discovered a large number of alien ruins. Dozens of spaceships hovered over Mars like a space fleet, and every spaceship had the Earth Alliance flag printed on it.

One of the spaceships had the Earth Alliance flag and China’s flag printed on it.

In the ship.

A middle-aged man walked in the corridor.


“Professor.” The other researchers in the corridor all respected this middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked at the display in the corridor—it was showing a program on Earth.

“Little Wu,” the middle-aged man said.

“Professor.” The young researcher immediately stepped forward and listened obediently.

“I’ve heard the names ‘Xu Jingming’ and ‘Fang Yu’ a few times today. They’re the two most famous geniuses in the country?” the middle-aged man asked.

The young researcher nodded. “Yes. Both of them are very strong, and they are the youngest of the strongest few. One is 29, and the other is only 20. They have unlimited potential.”

“Unlimited potential?” The middle-aged man nodded slightly and continued walking.

They walked along the corridor, passing through one zone after another. Soon, they arrived at his private area.

A huge spherical object appeared in front of him.

The middle-aged man walked to the floating spherical object, and it opened a door. The middle-aged man then stepped in, and the door closed.

Inside the sphere.

The middle-aged man stood in the center of the sphere spanning ten meters as beams of light appeared.

“Connect,” the middle-aged man ordered.


The middle-aged man’s consciousness rapidly sank, and he arrived in front of a huge network structure.

“Enter Earth’s virtual world,” the middle-aged man ordered.


His consciousness quickly plummeted to the virtual world that represented Earth.

“Welcome home, Professor Wang.” The virtual world didn’t stop him.

After entering the virtual world, Professor Wang was very familiar with the spectator platform and came to China’s official livestream channel.

In the livestream stands.

Professor Wang appeared and looked at the host on stage. He also saw countless audience members—they were all from his hometown.

How lively. Professor Wang smiled as he watched.

“Huh?” Elsewhere in the stands, Director Zhou was sitting with Pang Yun’s father. With his high clearance, he immediately saw Professor Wang—who was enveloped by a purple glow.

“Little Pang, let’s go. I’ll bring you to meet someone.” Director Zhou got up.

“Oh?” Pang Ze got up curiously.

The two arrived close to Professor Wang.

When Professor Wang saw who it was, he immediately got up. “Director Zhou.”

“Let me introduce you; this is Pang Ze,” Director Zhou said with a smile. “He’s China’s hero. Little Pang, this is China’s overall-in-charge on Mars, Professor Wang Qi.”

“Professor Wang, I’ve finally gotten to meet you. You live on Mars all year round, so it must’ve been tough on you,” Pang Ze immediately said. “I’ve always admired scientists like you.”

“It’s much better now. The living environments and experimental environments are much better. Moreover, I can occasionally contact my family through the virtual world.” Professor Wang looked at Pang Ze curiously. “I’ve long heard of you, Pang Ze. Impressive. Although we are on different fronts, we are all contributing to the country.”

Pang Ze nodded.

“It’s rare for you to come to Earth to watch the Firestarter Cup,” Director Zhou said with a smile.

“After all, this is Life Evolution and the future of humans.” Professor Wang gazed at the commentary platform. “Moreover, I heard that two extremely talented youngsters will be fighting today?”

“Yes, according to the virtual world’s calculations, they are now China’s number one talent and number two talent in terms of potential.” Director Zhou nodded. “Fang Yu cultivates Ferocious Tiger Evolution, and his compatibility is the only one in the country that exceeds 100%—reaching 103%!”

“Over 100%?” Professor Wang was surprised. “The evolutionary method’s compatibility typically maxes out at 100%; exceeding 100% means that it exceeds the evolutionary method itself.”

“Xu Jingming improved very quickly in terms of combat techniques,” Director Zhou said. “His spearmanship broke through Lv. 3 30% in just a few days.”

“One is extremely talented in physique, while the other is extremely talented in combat techniques?” Professor Wang smiled. “This match is interesting.”

Pang Ze said, “Back then, I watched Xu Jingming’s competitions in reality and felt that there was something special about his spearmanship. I even got my son to be his disciple and learn spearmanship from him for three years.”

“Mr. Pang, you have extraordinary acumen,” Professor Wang said. “How’s your son’s strength now?”

“Haha…” Pang Ze laughed. “The captain of Team Happy—which came last in the preliminaries of the Firestarter Cup—is my son.”

“Team Happy?” Professor Wang smiled and nodded. “To be able to participate in the Firestarter Cup means that they have reached Divine. They can be considered an early batch of Divine experts from China. Not bad. If they continue growing, I believe they will have a chance of breaking through that level.”

“I hope so too, but this path is too difficult.” Pang Ze sighed. “Xu Jingming and Fang Yu are the best, so I believe it won’t be a problem for them to break through that level. However, I’m already thankful if my son can break through in 50 years.”

“Don’t underestimate your son,” Director Zhou said.

The three of them chatted and laughed as they watched the livestream.

The competition began!

Countless people were watching the competition. Be it the country’s higher-ups, ordinary citizens, or experts like Xu Jingming, they all watched the competition carefully. This was a battle between the top teams in China.

In the first match, Liu Hai’s Elderly Team vs. Team Heavenly Note.

Although Team Heavenly Note had sharpshooter Zhuang Ziyu, Yu Cheng, Wu Sai, Zhang Qian, and other experts, the battle was one-sided when they forced Liu Hai, the captain of Liu Hai’s Elderly Team, to make a move.

Liu Hai’s Elderly Team won and became the first team to advance to the top four.

In the second match, Team Lei Yunfang vs. Team Cloud Mountain.

Although Team Cloud Mountain was very outstanding and Huo Qingshan and Chang Qingpeng’s teamwork was excellent, experts who had yet to break through to Lv. 3 were dispatched by Senior Lei Yunfang with a single strike.

Team Lei Yunfang became the second team to advance to the top four.

“Everything happened as expected. The two seniors’ teams easily won,” Yang Qingshuo praised.

“None of their opponents have broken through to Lv. 3,” Xu Jingming said as he watched the competition. “They naturally pose no threat to the two seniors’ teams.”

In the third match, Team Fairydance vs. Team Shield and Ax.

Xiong Tianshan of Team Shield and Ax had indeed broken through to Lv. 3, but it only happened recently. His evolutionary method had yet to break through to Advanced! Therefore, when facing Team Fairydance, it was similarly one-sided—Team Shield and Ax were swept away by Zhang Qing’s two swords.

“There’s still the last match in the third round.” Li Miaomiao was a little nervous. “Our team vs. Team Fang Yu.”

“Let’s do this!” Yang Qingshuo gritted his teeth.

“Finish them off,” Liu Chongyuan said.

Wang Yi fell silent; she had already attuned herself to optimal state and was ready to unleash a massacre at any moment.

“Get ready.” Xu Jingming saw the system notification and immediately got up.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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