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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 41 – Liu Hai’s Video

Chapter 41: Liu Hai’s Video

“You’ll receive prize money as long as you reach the finals,” Li Miaomiao exclaimed in surprise as she looked at the prizes. “The champion team will receive 500 million, while the runner-up team will receive 200 million. Third place and fourth place will each receive 100 million. The official organizations have really invested a lot in this competition.”

“That’s really quite a lot.” Xu Jingming nodded as he watched.

The teams ranked fifth to eighth received 30 million. Rewards for ninth to sixteenth also reached 20 million. Rewards for 17th to 32nd were 10 million.

Li Miaomiao sighed with emotion. “After the preliminaries, a total of 32 teams will enter the finals. Every team has at least six people, which means that at least 192 people can receive the prize money. Many people will participate just for the prize money.”

“This kind of competition is also the best chance to test.” Xu Jingming’s heart burned with passion. I can fight with my master—Liu Hai—Senior Lei Yunfang, and the other experts with my full strength. All kinds of experts from all across the country will appear.


Just the thought of it made his blood pump with zeal and ardor! Bring it on.

The more experts there are, the more interesting it will be. Xu Jingming looked forward to it.

Meanwhile, Li Miaomiao tapped open the spectator platform to take a look at everyone’s comments on the competition. Suddenly, she exclaimed in surprise, “Jingming, your master is live-streaming.”

“Master Dai?” Xu Jingming asked casually.

“It’s Master Liu Hai!” Li Miaomiao said.

“Impossible!” Xu Jingming didn’t believe it and tapped at it.

At this moment, a livestream’s popularity rapidly increased; it was second on the entire spectator platform, just behind China’s official livestream channel. It was his master, Liu Hai’s livestream.

Why would Master do a livestream? Xu Jingming was surprised. Master is a person who doesn’t like trouble.

He knew his master’s temper very well; he was an absolute maniac when it came to martial arts! He was in his seventies, and he spent half a year in seclusion every year to study martial arts. He didn’t like media interviews or livestreams. He didn’t even see his relatives when he was in seclusion.

A person like that could do a livestream?

“Jingming, your master is live-streaming, but you haven’t live-streamed even once to this day,” Li Miaomiao said. Although some of his Divine matches were made public—they were all official livestreams or livestreams from other teammates—Xu Jingming had never live-streamed himself.

“Master doesn’t seem like someone who would livestream.” Xu Jingming entered his master’s livestream.

The number of viewers in Liu Hai’s livestream was rapidly rising—standing at more than 50 million viewers and rising.

After all, Liu Hai had become very popular in the past three days. It was a hot topic for discussion among everyone!


Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao sat in the stands and looked over.

It’s playing a video? Xu Jingming could tell at a glance that it was a video of the battle on the Cosmos Tower’s second floor. At the top of the video was the recording time—August 1, 21:05:37.

This video was fully virtualized, immersing one into it completely.

It was true Liu Hai didn’t like livestreams. Therefore, even if it was a request from the Life Evolution Bureau’s higher-ups, he only uploaded a video to allow everyone to study them.

“The five bears on the Cosmos Tower’s second floor are gone; there’s only the bear king left.” Li Miaomiao watched carefully. “Let’s see how Master Liu Hai deals with this bear king.”

“The bear king is quite a handful,” Xu Jingming said. He fought it for a long period, eventually bleeding the bear king to death.

In the battle scene.

The massive bear king roared and charged at Liu Hai angrily, kicking up snow everywhere.

Liu Hai was tall and stout; he held a shield in one hand and a saber in the other as he stood still. He waited for the bear king to come close before taking a step forward and blocking its mighty pounce with his shield!


The bear king’s huge bear paws slammed into the shield, but its massive body slumped to the side and crashed into a tree.

“Baby bear, again.” Liu Hai looked at the bear king with interest and taunted it.

The bear king got up, roared, and charged over again. It charged into the shield, and for some baffling reason, it was thrown back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In half a minute, this bear king fell three times, causing its face to swell and bleed. It also started to cower. After all, its most ferocious attacks couldn’t threaten the humanoid creature in front of it at all.

One can be that impressive simply by deflecting forces? Xu Jingming watched carefully. Master’s shield techniques are even better than when he was teaching me.

Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up, and he thought, I’m also practicing my shield techniques, but I can’t compare to Master. I have to download this video and repeatedly watch it for research.

The bear king took a step back from Liu Hai.

“Are you scared?” Liu Hai suddenly charged forward.

The bear king was so frightened that it didn’t even have the time to retreat before Liu Hai arrived in front of it with a flash of his saber!

The bear king failed to block the strike with its large paws. The saber beam penetrated the bear king’s skull before its body turned ethereal.

“One strike!” Li Miaomiao exclaimed in surprise. “And the bear king is dead?”

This is Master’s strength. Xu Jingming watched silently. When Master sparred with me, he reduced his physique to match mine. And after his evolutionary method reached Advanced, his body far exceeded mine. Coupled with Master’s terrifying combat techniques, he is able to kill the bear king with one strike despite its tough skull.

The battle scene switched to the Cosmos Tower’s third floor.

Liu Hai held a shield in one hand and a saber in the other as he watched the large tiger appear in the distance. He then walked over step by step.

Roar! The enraged tiger pounced over.

Liu Hai watched calmly.


The tiger lunged forward, and its pair of tiger claws tore through the air like sharp blades.

Liu Hai blocked it with his shield, and the tiger’s body tilted before falling into the vines and grass by the side.

“Your strength is slightly inferior to the bear king, but your claws are quite sharp.” Liu Hai took a step forward, and just as the tiger flipped to its feet, a saber flashed past the tiger’s neck, causing it to turn ethereal and dissipate.

After killing one tiger, tiger after tiger appeared in all directions. The streak of tigers—dozens of them—approached in a threatening manner. Among them, the tiger king’s eyes were cold.

“Finally, something interesting.” Liu Hai finally became vigilant.

One human against a streak of tigers!

Faced with the encirclement of the tigers, Liu Hai held a shield and shuttled through the tigers—a tiger died every time the saber flashed.

After killing several tigers, the furious tiger king finally charged at Liu Hai.

“The tiger king is really impressive.” Xu Jingming could tell. “Its strength far exceeds that of the other tigers.”

Liu Hai knew how powerful the tiger king was after a single clash. He immediately avoided the latter and used the tigers as obstacles to impede the tiger king as he killed the weaker tigers.

“It’s clearly a gank, but those weaker tigers ended up aiding Master Liu Hai,” Li Miaomiao exclaimed in surprise. “How strange.”

“This is control,” Xu Jingming said. “Turning the enemy into your pawn.”

This was a combat technique that one could learn after becoming water. Now, his master was displaying it in its full splendor! The ordinary tigers were completely under Liu Hai’s control.

“But Master is also very careful. The tiger king is too terrifying; just a moment of carelessness will result in Master failing,” Xu Jingming said.

The melee battle lasted for more than ten minutes, and there were fewer than ten tigers left.


The tiger king finally roared, and the remaining eight tigers retreated. Only the tiger king and Liu Hai were left—a one-on-one battle!

The battle between the tiger king and Liu Hai was even more brutal.

What an amazing tiger king. It’s too agile and reacts too quickly; it actually blocked Master’s strike. Xu Jingming could tell that the tiger king surpassed Liu Hai in terms of strength, speed, and agility. However, Liu Hai’s combat techniques were much more brilliant.

The combination of shield and saber was like Taiji—one yin and one yang. His defense was watertight, and his attacks were terrifyingly sharp.

Liu Hai gave up on attacking the vital spots in order to leave wounds on the tiger king, causing it to bleed continuously… This continued for more than ten minutes. Only after the tiger king’s strength, speed, and agility decreased did Master Liu Hai slice his blade across the tiger king’s neck!

He killed the tiger king!

The time shown on the video was August 1, 21:38:21.

“Master Liu Hai cleared the Cosmos Tower in 38 minutes,” Li Miaomiao said. “He cleared it in one go!”

“I need to improve in every aspect to clear Cosmos Tower’s third level.” Xu Jingming came to a full realization of how far away he was from clearing the third level.

He also downloaded the video. The video was very precious; his master’s shield techniques were worth watching over and over again.

Two hours after Liu Hai released the video of him clearing Cosmos Tower, USA’s old boxing champion, Tiger Fussen, also released his video.

Although countries had yet to unify their servers in the virtual world, China’s official livestream also broadcasted the old boxing champion’s video.

The old boxing champion perfectly fused his past boxing techniques into his two axes. Although it was quite a thrilling battle with the tigers and he only managed to kill the tiger king after suffering serious injuries, it still left Xu Jingming in amazement and admiration.

Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen’s videos spread across the globe, also making experts around the world watch and study them carefully.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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