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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Firestarter Cup

Translator: CKtalon 

“I’ve always felt that the grooming project is unfair to many female contestants and ordinary contestants who are ten or a hundred times greater in number!” Liu Hai said. “Life Evolution is targeted at all citizens.”

“Since you want to groom them, you have to nurture the most outstanding and talented people in China.” Liu Hai looked at the five leaders. “I’ve only cultivated a few more decades than them and am temporarily in the lead. In terms of talent, it’s entirely possible that there are people in China who are better than me. From the point of view of ’employing limited resources where they are needed most,’ you should use it on those with higher talent.”

“These are some of my suggestions,” Liu Hai said. “Of course, I might not have the necessary foresight. I just hope to give you some ideas.”

The five leaders looked at each other and smiled.


“Let me explain.” Director Zhou smiled and said, “There were many problems with coming up with the list using results solely, but we also did it in a bid of fairness by putting an end to favors or biases.”

“As for the unfairness to female contestants and the broader general population of civilian contestants, this is indeed the case,” Director Zhou said. “After all, before Life Evolution, women were indeed weaker than men in terms of physique. There were also fewer female contestants and fewer female professional gladiators. It was impossible to tell who was better among the civilian contestants. These are all circumstances based in reality.”

“For a country to groom the selected few, it requires utmost caution,” Director Zhou said. “For example, the ‘Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique’ you chose was developed by the virtual world’s mainframe based on your personal shield and saber techniques. It takes five minutes at maximum power to deduce the shield saber technique that suits you best. The virtual world mainframe was a discovery on Mars; the Earth Alliance treats it as a treasure. China needed to pay a certain price to let it operate at full power for five minutes…”

“There’s definitely no way of providing such grooming to the masses,” another elder said. “These are limited by the existing conditions.”

“In terms of talent… I believe that with more than a billion people in the country, there are plenty who are better than the 20 people on the list. However, it will also take time to unearth geniuses from a billion people,” Director Zhou said. “As for the 20 people on the list, they are also considered firestarters.”

“Firestarters?” Liu Hai’s heart stirred.

“For example, your ‘Lv. 5 Shield Saber Technique’ and Gao Chong’s ‘Lv. 5 Spear Technique’ were all deduced by the virtual world’s mainframe based on your combat techniques, so they are most suitable for you,” Director Zhou said. “During your growth, your combat videos will also be on the spectator platform for countless people to watch. They will also learn from the combat techniques of the strongest experts like you.”

Liu Hai listened.

Ordinary citizens couldn’t catch up to the groomed via videos.

“Firestarters like you are only the first batch to be groomed,” Director Zhou said. “Based on people’s subsequent performance, we will continue grooming others! It’s just that the name list will change! Whoever performs better and is more talented will receive greater grooming.”

“Subsequent grooming?” Liu Hai asked. “When?”

The elegant man smiled and said, “We have already decided that a ‘Firestarter Cup’ competition will be held on September 1, more than a month after the virtual world’s launch. According to the combat strength rankings displayed in this national competition, a batch of people will be groomed.”

“1st of September, Firestarter Cup?” Liu Hai said. “Won’t the previous 20 people have a huge advantage? Most of them will definitely take up the first few positions of the combat strength ranking.”

“Those who previously received the resources will be excluded from the second batch unless they perform exceptionally well! For example, Coach Liu Hai, you’re already the world champion, so we naturally have to put in more effort to groom you.” The elegant man smiled. “Of the 20 groomed, it would be impressive if two or three can receive additional grooming. The main focus is on the new experts.”

Liu Hai nodded.

“Do you need any more resources?” Director Zhou asked. “I believe the USA will focus on nurturing that old boxing champion.”

“Can I reserve this opportunity for the future?” Liu Hai said. “I want to make the request after the Firestarter Cup. After all, I’ve only trained for ten days in the virtual world.”

“Alright, we’ll reserve it for now.” Director Zhou nodded. “I do need your help though.”

“Please speak, Director,” Liu Hai said.

“I hope you can release the video of you clearing Cosmos Tower’s third floor,” Director Zhou said. “I hope that the general public can take a look at your combat techniques so that they can watch and learn.”

“Alright.” Liu Hai nodded. “I’ll make it public today.”

“I realize that you rarely participate in Divine matches,” Director Zhou said. “It’s been ten days, but you’ve only participated in two. I know that Divine matches aren’t challenging at all for you, but participating in one every day takes you only a few minutes, right? Let the other Divine experts learn from you. Firestarters like you light up the way for others.”

“Alright,” Liu Hai immediately agreed.

After all, the requirements weren’t high. If he participated in a Divine battle, he would be carrying the team!

The match would end in a few minutes.

“Oh right! Leaders, when will the news of the Firestarter Cup be announced?” Liu Hai asked.

“Today!” Director Zhou said.


Li Miaomiao lay in Xu Jingming’s arms and whispered sweet nothings.

“Miaomiao, your stamina is much better than in the past,” Xu Jingming teased.

“That’s Life Evolution for you!” Li Miaomiao glared at Xu Jingming and snorted. “You’ll know how powerful I am when I completely evolve.”

“Okay,” Xu Jingming replied obediently. “I’ll definitely practice the evolutionary method diligently in reality and won’t let you down.”

“Tch!” Li Miaomiao decided not to compete with this man on how thick-skinned he was.

“I heard from China’s official livestream channel that they will be announcing something big at midnight,” Li Miaomiao said. “It’s almost time, right?”

Xu Jingming looked at the time on his bedside clock. “It’s already past midnight, but there’s no rush. Learning the news a little later than the release doesn’t matter.”

“It’s past midnight?” Li Miaomiao got up and crawled over her boyfriend’s body. She immediately picked up the VR headset on the dressing table and urged, “You have to keep abreast with the latest, most important news! Don’t be slow.”

It’s not like it’s official news released by the virtual world. Xu Jingming still liked the feeling of having warmth in his arms, but he could only sigh and pick up the virtual headset.

The two of them put on their VR headsets and entered the virtual world.


On the spectator platform, Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao arrived at China’s official livestream channel.

China’s official livestream had more than 200 million viewers!

After all, it was only an announcement; it wasn’t that attractive to ordinary citizens. Having more than 200 million viewers was already considered a lot.

“This national Firestarter Cup held officially by China will be open to all Chinese citizens,” Liu Xin explained. “As long as it’s a team composed of Divine experts, you can register and participate! The Firestarter Cup will officially begin on September 1st. The preliminaries and finals will last six days!”

“When the time comes, all the Divine teams will fight each other. The strong will enter the next round, and the weak will be eliminated… Our official livestream and many media outlets will cover everything,” Liu Xin said. “Moreover, we have received confirmed news that the world champion, Liu Hai, will choose four non-professional contestants as his teammates and will also participate in the National Firestarter Cup.”

The other male host, Jin Fan, smiled and said, “I really want to see Liu Hai’s strength now. Will he still be number one in the country with four other non-pro players?”

“It has only been ten days since the virtual world’s launch, but more than 1,000 Divine experts have appeared. The Firestarter Cup National Tournament will be held on September 1st. There’s still a month to go, so there will definitely be even more Divine experts when that happens,” Liu Xin said. “I believe this adds greater variability to the competition.”

“Yeah, good contestants these days might be overtaken by new experts,” Jin Fan said. “So, experts, work hard! Make yourself stronger. Duke it out with the strongest teams in the country on the 1st of September.”

“There will be many experts at this competition, and the prize money is very attractive.” Liu Xin waved her hand, and a large number of words appeared beside her. “The detailed rules of the Firestarter Cup National Tournament are written here.”

Countless audience members looked carefully.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao also read it carefully.

Registration time for the Firestarter Cup National Tournament: August 29, 12:00 a.m. – August 31, 10 p.m.

Tournament period: September 1 – September 6.

Requirements for registration: A team composed of five Divine gladiators with at least one reserve member (the reserve member has to be Radiant Sun at minimum).

Tournament prize money: …

Registration details: …

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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