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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Curtain Call

Translator: CKtalon 

The moment Gao Chong disappeared, the rain in this ancient town suddenly stopped. The sun appeared in the sky, and its rays made the town appear beautiful after the rain.

Xu Jingming was the only person in the sunlit town.

I won. Xu Jingming was delighted from the bottom of his heart.

Three years after his retirement, he had a good fight after the virtual world’s launch. He defeated Wang Qiao, who was once world number two. He even managed to seize an opportunity to defeat Gao Chong, a former world champion, with great difficulty.


At this moment, the town collapsed in front of him, and Xu Jingming’s body turned ethereal as he returned to the combat space.

China’s first Divine battle had ended!

The team composed of Xu Jingming, Wang Yi, Zhang Qian, Dong Xu, and Wu Sai eventually won.

In China’s official livestream channel, the number of viewers had already exceeded 800 million during Xu Jingming and Gao Chong’s clash!

The virtual world had opened up for more than nine hours, so people were temporarily tired of the evolutionary methods and battles. They were more willing to watch a livestream. Moreover, the news spread like wildfire—it was the only pinned livestream. This resulted in such an astonishing number of viewers.

While Xu Jingming and Gao Chong were fighting, Huang Yong continued, “It’s quite a stalemate. Gao Chong’s Crushing Blow can’t do anything to Xu Jingming. Xu Jingming also encountered trouble; heavy armor is like a turtle shell in front of him. He has to attack Gao Chong’s head in order to kill him.”

“He can only wait. Once they exhaust their stamina, they will reveal a flaw,” Qin Yiwen said.

“This is how experts fight. I won’t give you a chance, and you won’t either. Typically, when one’s stamina declines and they are no longer in top form, it’s easier to deliver a one-hit kill,” Huang Yong said. “Everyone, enjoy this. This is a very exciting clash between experts. What—what? What happened?”

“What’s going on?” Qin Yiwen exclaimed.

“How did Xu Jingming pierce through Gao Chong’s heavy armor with one strike?” Liu Xin found it unbelievable. “Didn’t you say that it was impossible for the heavy armor to be penetrated by the spear?”


“Xu Jingming is impressive!”

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I didn’t see it clearly. How did he manage to stab through him?”

“Didn’t he barely manage to poke some holes in the heavy armor? How did he pierce through it?”

“How did Xu Jingming do it?”

Countless members of the audience had been mentally prepared and were patiently enjoying the high-level clash. Who would’ve thought that Gao Chong would die on the spot when he was stabbed through his chest that was laden with heavy armor without any warning?

Nobody had expected this outcome.

Countless audience members felt their hearts race and their scalps tingle.

“Beautiful!” Xu Hong and his wife were extremely excited in the stands.

“Jingming!” Li Miaomiao looked at Xu Jingming under the sun and couldn’t help but tear up. She had seen with her own eyes how her boyfriend practiced his spear every day without relaxing and how many sandbags he had destroyed. You’ve finally shown your strength. This is your true strength.

This was the uninjured Xu Jingming—the Xu Jingming who could completely demonstrate his strength.

Liu Hai, who was in the stands, also smiled. Not bad. You have a strong foundation and a firm stance. 

Liu Hai got up and disappeared from the livestream, having seen everything that he wanted to see.

The moment Xu Jingming stabbed Gao Chong’s chest, Liu Hai knew what was happening.

“Let’s see how Xu Jingming pierced through the heavy armor and killed Gao Chong.” Liu Xin waved her hand, and the combat space began to replay the battle scene from before—a super slow replay!

Gao Chong charged forward violently and ferociously before swinging his spear at Xu Jingming. The former thought nothing of Xu Jingming’s seemingly ordinary Forward Pierce. As long as it didn’t threaten his head, he didn’t have to worry about it.

He just needed to fight back!

“Look!” Huang Yong’s eyes lit up. “This strike of Xu Jingming’s is different from ordinary piercing strikes.”

The 800 million viewers in the livestream were listening. More than 99% of them didn’t know what the difference was. How did it pierce through the heavy armor?

“Gao Chong cultivates Giant Bear Evolution. With his height and weight, together with his heavy armor that weighs 300 kilograms, he should weigh more than 500 kilograms,” Huang Yong said. “He charged forward like a high-speed car. A normal pierce involves retracting the spear after thrusting it out. If he didn’t retract his spear… it would be sent flying by Gao Chong’s impact.”

“But Xu Jingming didn’t! On the surface, this pierce appears to be a pierce. Strictly speaking… it’s more like a barricade stance!” Huang Yong pointed at Xu Jingming’s posture as he stabbed. “When he held the spear, it was as if he was one with the spear. His entire posture was in the form of the barricade stance! Gao Chong’s charge crashed into a barricade.”

“For this strike, 30% of it comes from Xu Jingming’s strength, and 70% of it comes from Gao Chong’s charge,” Huang Yong said. “Most importantly, Xu Jingming’s frame! He stood there, and even upon impact, it only sank his feet into the ground. He remained rooted to the ground, and he also held his spear tightly with both hands! Even if the might of this collision could injure his hands, he still did his best to stabilize his frame.”

“As such, it didn’t reduce the might of the collision! It made Gao Chong completely withstand the impact. The spear tip—which carried this impact—managed to pierce through the heavy armor,” Huang Yong praised.

“This is a little like a counter punch, but the technique is higher. The requirement for the frame while holding the spear is also very high.” Qin Yiwen also understood what was happening and sighed in amazement.

With the professional commentary, many audience members were enlightened.

“Right, it’s like a counter punch in a boxing match. No matter how strong the boxer is, being hit by a counter punch can easily result in a KO if one isn’t careful! This is because a counter punch doesn’t just contain the force of one’s punch but also the force of the opponent’s charge.”

“Xu Jingming is awesome!”

“How impressive!”

“This is much harder than a counter punch. After all, Gao Chong’s heavy armor charge usually knocks the opponent’s weapon flying!”

Xu Jingming’s feet sank into the ground from the impact, and his hands were bleeding, but he managed to stabilize himself. This body frame of his… was like the stable frame of a building. It could withstand weight stably. From a mechanical point of view, this body frame…

“Xu Jingming is impressive!”


All kinds of comments kept pouring in.

Many audience members also tipped the contestants they loved and admired in excitement. Of the ten contestants in this match, Xu Jingming’s tips had already exceeded that of Gao Chong and reached first place!

“This is China’s first Divine battle. There were many unforgettable clashes in this battle,” Liu Xin said with a sigh. “For example, Grandpa Liu Jianfeng’s assassination. Be it the first time he attacked Xu Jingming—the clash between the two—or the assassination of Sharpshooter Wang Yi and the subsequent kill of Dong Xu, it left us in shock.”

“There’s also Sharpshooter Wang Yi. Don’t give her a chance. As long as she has a chance, you won’t be able to escape! Lian Shuang was killed by a sudden arrow from her. Goddess of War Sun Yuting was also killed after being sent flying by Xu Jingming.”

“Of course, the most dazzling ones are Xu Jingming and Gao Chong.”

“Gao Chong killed Boxer King Wu Sai and Panda Zhang Qian in succession! Then, he attacked Xu Jingming head-on,” the host said. “Xu Jingming first cooperated with his teammates to kill Sun Yuting; then, he killed Wang Qiao in a one-on-one battle before fighting Gao Chong in the final battle.”

“The clash between the two was also the most thrilling battle in this match. The final fatal strike… also left us confounded,” Liu Xin said.

“Other than Wu Sai, who suffered from his lack of weaponry experience, the others are very experienced,” Huang Yong said. “This battle is definitely worthy of a second watch!”

With the conclusion of this Divine battle, the people in the stands gradually began to leave.

The number of viewers plummeted from 800 million to 700 million to 600 million…

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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