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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 276 – Emerald Pavilion (2)

Chapter 276: Emerald Pavilion (2)



January 6, 2083 was the day of Xu Jingming and his wife’s daughter’s one-month-old celebration.

The one-month-old celebration was generally held any day ten days after the first month. Typically, one had to choose an auspicious day.

“Baby Xu Lixing is one month old now!” Many family and friends surrounded the baby girl who could already run happily.

“She’s only one month old, and she can already run.” Tu Ling widened her eyes.


Tu Ling and Liu Hai had also moved to this district. Since they were neighbors, they naturally came to participate in the one-month-old celebration.

“The entire Earth has entered a new era.” Liu Hai smiled as he watched. “Jingming, did you and Miaomiao choose the name for your daughter?”

“Let’s not talk about it. My head is still swelling from coming up with a name,” Xu Jingming said helplessly. “After repeated selections, we decided on the name Xu Lixing.”

“Lixing… As in ‘dawn star?’” Tu Ling asked.

Xu Jingming smiled and nodded.

Yes, with their emerging civilization protection period’s expiry at hand, Xu Jingming—who was Earth’s most talented expert—naturally felt pressured. He also yearned for Earth’s civilization to welcome a new dawn.

But in reality, Earth’s civilization—which was at the bottom of countless cosmic civilizations—would have a tough future once the protection period ended.

“Master, Sister Tu Ling, I need your help with something,” Xu Jingming said.

“You need our help?” Liu Hai and Tu Ling looked at each other.

“Feel free to speak.”

“I’m so bored from having nothing to do.” Liu Hai and Tu Ling said.

In Pang Ze’s personal space.

“Right now, we are recruiting cosmic citizen experts through the Myriad Worlds Group,” Pang Ze said. “We should be able to gather everyone in three days! In these three days… Liu Hai, Tu Ling, you two have to work with Jingming and get all the groundwork done.”

“Things like preparing a residence, weapons, and equipment,” Xu Jingming explained. “I’m very familiar with the various factions in the capital. I’ll arrange everything, but it’s not suitable for me to show my face. I need the two of you to do it on my behalf.”

After all, he had been a Blood Rain Guard captain. Many forces in the capital recognized him.

“Alright.” Liu Hai and Tu Ling nodded.

“Then, let’s start preparing,” Pang Ze said.


Three days later, in Pang Ze’s personal space.

After hiding his true identity, Pang Ze invited all the cosmic citizens he had recruited to meet. In the huge hall of the ship, over 100 cosmic citizens gathered, all dressed differently.

At that moment, the hundred-plus people looked at Pang Ze, Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, and Tu Ling.

Xu Jingming was also observing these people.

Three of them are Lv. 8. Xu Jingming was rather curious. After all, it was very difficult for a basic cosmic civilization to produce a Lv. 8 lifeform. Be it physically or mentally, the requirements were extremely high.

Pang Ze said, “Everyone, although I’ve hired you for a month, you’ll only be required to enter Blood Rain World at critical moments in the next month. It won’t take more than ten days for everyone to take action, but once I give the order to gather, you have to be online in five minutes. The entire operation has to be recorded as well.”

“Alright, let’s split you guys into teams.” Pang Ze waved his hand, and the images of all the cosmic citizens appeared, naturally splitting them into teams.

Xu Jingming stood to the side and silently looked at the cosmic citizen players in front of him.

The 350 million they had invested was mostly spent on these people—this was the price of a month of employment.

For the three invited Lv. 8 lifeforms, every one of them had at least a 30× actual combat bonus! The cost of hiring them was 35 million cosmic dollars a month! To become a Lv. 8 lifeform, one’s mental strength must have reached a terrifying level. Such an expert was key to the plan.

Lv. 8 lifeforms can earn tens of millions of cosmic dollars every month. There’s really no comparison, Xu Jingming thought to himself. However, this is also a short-term contract. Moreover, Lv. 8 lifeforms have high expenses and high taxes… It’s not easy.

He also invited 60 first-rate experts whose actual combat bonus was at least 10×! The hiring price was 3 million cosmic dollars a month for each person. This took up a bulk of the hiring budget, and they were the main force of the operation.

A first-rate expert could easily deal with three to five second-rate experts. If ten first-rate experts joined forces, they could easily slaughter more than a hundred second-rate experts. A formation formed by second-rate experts would be easily destroyed.

He also hired 100 second-rate experts whose actual combat bonus was at least 5×. This was very common—after all, Lv. 6 lifeforms generally had such strength. The hiring price was 25 cosmic dollars per person a month.

Of course, they also had to pay the Myriad Worlds Group’s intermediary fee. At the same time, they had to buy information, weapons, and equipment with the remaining money.

In a place like the capital, it’s too easy for variables to appear if there are too few experts, Xu Jingming thought to himself. It’s only with so many experts that the deterrence is strong! It’s just that… the price of hiring them is astonishing.

If he hired them, he had to ensure that he earned at least 500 million in a month to ensure that he didn’t suffer a loss because he had to pay taxes every year.

Every income in the virtual world had to be paid with taxes! There was no way to evade taxes due to the virtual world’s records, so the pressure from employment was naturally great.

Blood Rain World, Imperial City.

In the evening, lanterns hung high in Emerald Pavilion, illuminating the area around it as a city that never slept. A large number of luxurious carriages and guards were outside Emerald Pavilion.

Scions, merchants, and officials entered Emerald Pavilion.

What a nice restaurant. Pang Ze fanned himself and looked at the paradise-like Emerald Pavilion in front of him. As expected of one of the top three places in the capital for pleasure. It’s a first-rate money-squandering den, and it’s also the biggest source of income for King of Yan’s Estate in the capital!

Emerald Pavilion occupied a large area, and the architecture was beautiful. Under the light, it looked like an immortal residence.

There were many black-shirted guards guarding the periphery of Emerald Pavilion. There were also some cyan-shirted guards in inconspicuous corners to ensure the safety of the entire building.

“Sir, please come on in.”

Pang Ze came alone and was warmly welcomed.

The guards of Emerald Pavilion glanced at Pang Ze and didn’t stop him.

According to Emerald Pavilion’s rules, all guests aren’t allowed to carry weapons when they enter. Pang Ze glanced over and came to a realization. However, this rule isn’t too strict. It’s fine as long as there’s no open carry. They won’t search for hidden daggers and other concealed weapons.

Pang Ze also noticed the guests strolling in the corridor.

Emerald Pavilion has 500 black-shirted guards on the surface, 100 cyan-shirted guards, and 50 secret guards. It’s said that the weakest are second-rate experts. As expected of the number one source of wealth in the capital of King of Yan’s Estate—these guards are strong.

With so many guards, the annual hiring fee is at least 300,000 taels of silver. Although Pang Ze had long acquired the intelligence, he felt it even more strongly after exploring it personally. He observed the internal structure of Emerald Pavilion and made subtle adjustments to his plan.

While Pang Ze was investigating Emerald Pavilion, Xu Jingming arrived at a branch of Seven Kills Building.

In a secluded inn.

Xu Jingming—who was wearing a bamboo hat and mask—looked at the shopkeeper and showed his token before being brought into the inn’s secret hall.

There were also several guests hiding their identities in the secret hall.

“I’ll accept this mission.” Xu Jingming opened the thick book and pointed at a mission on one page. It was the bounty for the Prince of Yan, Cheng Yanran. The mission reward was 32,600 taels.

“The mission deadline is half a month,” the Seven Kills Building staff said. “Moreover, his left ear or head is needed for verification.”

Xu Jingming handed over his token.

The Seven Kills Building staff immediately recorded it and returned the assassin token to Xu Jingming.

32,600 taels. Xu Jingming looked at the bounty. As long as I get the bounty, it won’t be a terrible loss.

Another person is about to assassinate the Prince of Yan. Wealth is indeed tempting. The Seven Kills Building staff watched Xu Jingming leave and shook his head slightly. Nobody has completed the bounty worth tens of thousands of taels. It’s not that easy.

Xu Jingming walked out of the inn and looked at the night sky.

The operation begins tomorrow. Xu Jingming’s heart burned.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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