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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 275 – Emerald Pavilion (1)

Chapter 275: Emerald Pavilion (1)


Blood Rain World, Imperial Capital, B South Principales Office.

“Strip off your uniform and boots and hand over your token.” The Blood Rain Guards looked at Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming didn’t say a word and immediately took off his uniform and boots, leaving only his undergarments. At the same time, he took out his identity token and placed it on the table.

“Jingming, from today onward, you will be an ordinary Blood Rain Guard in the South Wing HQ’s Procuratorate!” Centurion Qian—who was in charge of this matter—frowned and urged, “Make haste and take up your post at the Procuratorate.”

Xu Jingming changed into an ordinary Blood Rain Guard’s black uniform and an ordinary black waist token. He then carried his spear holster and left.


Walking along the corridor, he suddenly heard voices outside.

“I sure was unlucky to meet that idiot Zhang Ke! He clearly knew that he was committing suicide, but he still attempted to assassinate the Prince of Yan on the streets… He might have a death wish, but he shouldn’t have implicated others.” In the courtyard of the Principales Office, the former centurion, Zhao Defang, drank and cursed in front of his subordinates with a flushed face. “I only became a centurion after being a Blood Rain Guard for 25 years! It’s because of this idiot that I was demoted to deputy captain.”

Xu Jingming walked out and pretended not to see Zhao Defang.

“He’s also an idiot!” Zhao Defang pointed at Xu Jingming. “He didn’t manage his subordinate Zhang Ke well and implicated me.”

“Shut up.” Xu Jingming glanced at him.

“You, you, you…” Zhao Defang was instantly enraged. He wanted to attack, but he was a little afraid.

Although he was also a first-rate expert, as Xu Jingming’s former superior, he knew that three first-rate experts and six second-rate experts had failed to assassinate Xu Jingming. He knew very well that Xu Jingming was much stronger than him.

“Blood Rain Guard Jingming, do you have any sense of seniority?” Zhao Defang was furious.

“You?” Xu Jingming scoffed and walked out the door.

Zhao Defang seethed in rage as he threw the wine flask to the ground, but there was nothing he could do.

He was only a deputy captain after being demoted! Although Xu Jingming had been demoted to the lowest level—an ordinary Blood Rain Guard—he was a Blood Rain Guard of the Procuratorate. He wasn’t under Zhao Defang.

As the largest military camp in the capital’s south wing, the South Wing HQ was like a small city with tens of thousands of people residing.

Xu Jingming arrived at the Procuratorate.

“Greetings, Lord Niu.” Xu Jingming paid his respects to Judge Niu, the official in charge of the Procuratorate.

Judge Niu was a tall fatty. He looked languid as though he hadn’t woken up, but Xu Jingming knew that the number one expert of the South Wing’s Blood Rain Guard was Judge Niu!

Judge Niu was also a super expert, and he was much stronger than Wang Jiuyan, the wing envoy. He was also Wang Jiuyan’s absolute trusted aide and controlled a key department like the Procuratorate.

“Jingming,” said Judge Niu with a chuckle. “Commander-in-chief Fei and Lord Wang have mentioned you to me. They think highly of you. You were implicated… Bear with it for the time being and work as an ordinary Blood Rain Guard.”

Xu Jingming was surprised.

Even Envoy Wang thought highly of him?

“Bear with it under me for a few months,” said Judge Niu. “If there’s no special mission for you, you can patrol the imperial capital’s southern city and track down wanted criminals! You can also sleep at home without anyone caring about you. A few months later, you will naturally be promoted and placed in an important position.”

“Thank you, sir.” Xu Jingming immediately felt the benefits of having a backer.

Fei Qing and Wang Jiuyan were from the same faction. He was indeed taken care of in every aspect in the South Wing.

“Qi,” instructed Judge Niu, “let Jingming read the dossiers and understand the wanted criminals in the capital.”

“Yes, sir!” Qi immediately led Xu Jingming to a hall where dossiers were stored. The hall was filled with dense bookshelves that contained countless dossiers.

“In the present situation, there are too many wanted criminals in the capital,” Old Qi said casually as he limped. “Many of the wanted criminals have joined some wealthy families or even the king’s residence. How can ordinary Blood Rain Guards like us storm the mansions of wealthy families?”

Xu Jingming read the countless dossiers.

“King of Yan’s Estate, King Liang’s residence, King Qi’s residence…”

“Bloodcloth Tower, Beggar Sect, Nine Seals Ancient City, Courtesan Belle Palace, Yellow Spring Sect…”

“Black Lotus Sect, Red Lotus Sect…”

“Shengong clan, Fengyu clan, Xiahou clan…”

Xu Jingming swept his gaze.

“Most of the wanted criminals are related to these factions,” Qi explained. “Those wanted criminals without any background or backing don’t dare stay in the capital. They have long fled the capital. Therefore, we need ample evidence and the right opportunity to arrest someone! Furthermore, sometimes… we have to consider if it’s worth rushing over to arrest someone.”

“Thank you, Brother Qi,” Xu Jingming said.

“What are you thanking me for? Take your time reading.” Old Qi turned around and left.

Several Blood Rain Guards were also checking out the information in the hall. Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up as he stared at the information pertaining to King of Yan’s Estate. I made the right choice coming to the Procuratorate! Let’s see how different the information gathered by the Blood Rain Guard is from the information I bought on the virtual world.

The biggest difference was that the information in the virtual world required money! Just the detailed information of a prince, Cheng Yanran, cost 100,000 cosmic dollars! And there was too much information in the capital. If one bought everything, the cost would be terrifying.

“Very good.” Pang Ze nodded. “It’s a good thing that you entered the Procuratorate. Record the information on King of Yan’s Estate, Emerald Pavilion, and Yellow Springs Sect.”

“Okay.” Xu Jingming nodded.

As a player, he could record everything that happened in the virtual world to video.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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