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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 272 – Killing Intent (4)

Chapter 272: Killing Intent (4)

If Xu Jingming hadn’t escaped and was surrounded by Yellow Springs Sect’s bandits, he would’ve probably lost his life.

“What about the auxiliary guards’ losses?” Xu Jingming asked.

“Dozens are dead,” Zhao Defang said coldly. “Even the Principales and the wing envoy are aware of this matter. As the captain, you can’t escape from the charge of ‘incompetence.’ Start thinking of your plea to the Principales.”

Xu Jingming silently turned around and left when he suddenly saw a wet figure running over—it was Zhang Ke.

“Captain.” Zhang Ke, who was completely drenched, said in surprise and joy, “You’re fine?”


“I happened to be out of the jurisdiction area and escaped a calamity,” Xu Jingming replied. Thankfully, one more member of his team survived.

“I had just left the brothel and was about to return home when I was attacked on the way. I jumped into the river and luckily escaped with my life,” recounted Zhang Ke. “I wonder where these vile criminals came from. They were so brutal.”

“I heard from the auxiliary guards that they are from the Yellow Springs Sect,” Xu Jingming said.

There were many auxiliary guards in the district, and almost all of them were qualified experts. They were also extremely fast at escaping. It was they who saw the numerous murderers and even recognized some wanted criminals.

“How many brothers died?” Zhang Ke asked.

“Apart from you and me, only three brothers are still alive.” Xu Jingming’s expression turned nasty. “Yellow Springs Sect has even attacked many of our brothers at their homes, not even letting their families off.”

“Homes?” Zhang Ke’s expression changed. “My home…”

Zhang Ke turned and ran.

“Zhang Ke, get your ass over here!” Zhao Defang rode over and shouted angrily from afar. He wanted to question Deputy Captain Zhang Ke as well. He couldn’t control Captain Jingming—who had a strong backer—but he could definitely control Zhang Ke.

However, Deputy Captain Zhang Ke didn’t even turn his head and ran away.

Xu Jingming also realized the problem and rushed over.

“B*stard!” Zhao Defang was furious. A mere Zhang Ke dared to ignore me?

Zhang Ke finally arrived home.

The door was wide open.

He stood in front of the door and looked inside. The blood that stained the paper windows and the corpses lying in the distance made his expression change.

Zhang Ke charged in like a madman.

Corpses appeared one after another.

His stubborn old father—who had once been a Blood Rain Guard—had a warped expression as he held a single saber and was impaled to the wall by a spear! The spear wasn’t even taken away.

It was obvious how much hatred the enemy had. This old fellow had killed two Yellow Spring Sect experts.

The others in the residence didn’t have the strength to resist, so they had all fallen one after another.

“Dad, Mom, Ah Pu…” Zhang Ke’s mind went completely blank. In the end, he hugged his three children’s corpses dazedly.

Zhang Ke’s father had taught him martial arts since he was a child. He then entered the imperial capital’s Blood Rain Guard step by step and married a virtuous wife.

His wife also gave him three children. He led a carefree life every day as he spent time drunk in a brothel with his friends.

“My children…” Zhang Ke hugged his children and sat there without moving. He was like a dead tree.

Xu Jingming felt terrible when he saw this. Even though he had experienced a lot in Blood Rain World, he still found it unbearable.

It is a virtual world!

This is the virtual world!

Everything… is virtual! If they die, they will come back to life in reality! 

It is all virtual! Xu Jingming repeatedly attempted to convince himself.

Cheng Yanran, you lunatic! You lunatic! Xu Jingming couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. What do you take these people for? Ants? Pigs and dogs? Fine! This is the first time I’ve wanted to kill someone in Blood Rain World!

Xu Jingming’s killing intent reached its peak.

The next morning.

Fei Qing had already entered the palace to meet the emperor.

“Your Majesty.” Fei Qing kneeled respectfully and handed over the dossier.

“Get up,” said the emperor with a warm smile.

Only then did Fei Qing get up. The attendant received the dossier and respectfully placed it in front of the emperor.

Only then did the emperor look at the dossier and say solemnly, “What? Criminals and bandits dare attack my Blood Rain Guard in the capital? A Blood Rain Guard team was almost wiped out?”

“The murderers are from the Yellow Springs Sect. Many auxiliary guards recognized some of the wanted criminals,” Fei Qing said. “And the night before yesterday, the King of Yan’s son—Cheng Yanran—sent men to attack Luo Baichuan and Jingming. Because these two were my sister’s best friends, Cheng Yanran went mad from failing to assassinate Jingming. He instructed the Yellow Springs Sect to kill the entire team under Jingming.”

“Do you have evidence?” The emperor looked at Fei Qing.

“Yellow Springs Sect is based north,” Fei Qing replied. “And the strongest faction in the north is the King of Yan! Without the King of Yan’s permission, can the Yellow Springs Sect prosper?”

The emperor frowned and shook his head gently. “Fei Qing, do you wish for me to punish Yanran?”

“Your Majesty, Cheng Yanran has a foul personality,” Fei Qing said. “If we indulge him like this, he might cause trouble. We have to let him know fear!”

“Alright!” The emperor shot him a cold gaze. “Let me ask you again: Do you have any evidence?”

Fei Qing was slightly taken aback and lowered his head. “No.”

“Since you’ve confirmed that it was done by the Yellow Springs Sect, arrest them with a warrant and avenge the Blood Rain Guard.” The emperor’s voice was cold. “As for Yanran… Fei Qing, you have to remember not to touch him without evidence.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Fei Qing could only accept the decree with a bow.

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